Police reprimands/cautions should be removed from Enhanced CRB checks when received as a minor after a short time say 2/3 yrs.When my daughter was just 13yrs old and,a mixed up teenager,she received a reprimand for shoplifting along with another girl.She was not charged or cautioned but merely reprimanded The police  assured us that this would be removed from their records after 5yrs as was the legislation at the time...Suitably chastened she buckled down and became a model student and got a place at medical school  having now completed her first year on the road to becoming a doctor.

However  during her first term she was summoned by the university medical school to be told that the reprimand had shown up on their enhanced CRB check.To their credit they had taken no notice of such a minor misdemeanor committed such along time ago but warned her that this may cause problems for her in the future.

We have been told  that the legislation has been changed so that any information such as this on the Police Computer must be made available for an enhanced CRB check.The Association of Chief Police Officers are not sympathetic and will not make any exceptions. 

Why is this idea important?

I feel that this is a very important issue of individual rights and freedoms so much of which has been eroded in recent years in so many ways.Since discussing this particular issue I am amazed how many people have been affected in exactly the same way.

It is manifestly unfair for a child or anyone in the same situation to be penalized for the rest of their lives for a minor mistake made when they where young .What possible point is there for such unjust regulations?.When will the authorities start using some common sense?

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  1. yes agree we all must take this up and save our job and life a single small mistake should not ruin life ,,,,,police should not harass us for life…for some mistake its not fair at any one to live with a caution for life…completely unfair and disgusting…all who got caution must get togather and appeal at court and ask them to remove after 2-3 years as it should not stick to whole life…thn it would be life time punishment for minor thing one has so suffer for life completely unfair and unhumintarian..lets get togather and fight back to live decent

    1. I have a criminal record and have not worked for 25 years because of it…..There is no forgiveness as far as the police are concerned….I have worked voluntarily for the last 3 years with people with substance problems ‘ but cannot get a full time job because of my record…All this after being encouraged to train…..I feel something needs sorting out as people do change as they get older…?? Or is it just easier to employ immigrants who seem to have no criminal records…?? They tell you that your criminal record don’t matter too much. In my twenty five years of job hunting and being put to one side in favour of overseas labour I say this is rubbish and very discriminating

      1. I agree with your comment 100%. However, the reason why I am replying to your comments is because I wanted you to see that the same CRB rules can be applied in different situations. I was 36yrs of age when I made the mistake of “shoplifting”, I was given a £50 Fine. This was back in 1994. I have turned my life around since that horrible day and became a “model” citizen. Since that day, my “shoplifting” offence was not disclosed on my CRB’s check, which meant that I could forget about the experience. To my dismay and confusion, after 18yrs, I was shocked, angry, confused etc to see my “shoplifting” offence discolsed on my CRB (2012). Needless to say I was dismissed from my job of eight years, as I did not disclose this information at my job interview. I have been un-employed since. Why after 18yrs was my “shoplifting” offence disclosed? Am I not allowed to turn my life around?

      2. I was homeless as a child and stole a few things as a child from a empty shop (just food) whilst in a group with some other lads and I did a bit of shoplifting to survive (Clothes) which I took back and tried to get a refund for so again I could buy food. I never did a serious crime and never hurt anyone. As soon as I could I went on the straight and narrow got a job a place to live went to University and got married gaining a really good profession. In 2010 the rules changed my once clean CRB now showed up these juvenile convictions and I lost my job because of it even though these things happened over 25 years ago. I did not even do one of them but there is no appeal system and I have been so ashamed to show this childhood CRB because I would have to explain everything and open up old wounds I try to forget I have not applied for a job since. Depressing but true

      3. hello. I am 17 years old and when I was 13 I attacked a young girl who was in my year at school which then got me arrested. I was put on bail for a month and then they put me on a reprimand for 5 years they said. I am now 17 and I have stayed out trouble ever since I got my criminal record. I applied for a college course to do health and social so I could work with old people but the college turned me down because of my criminal record. I also applied for a caring job and I admitted I do have a criminal conviction and I haven’t heard anything back. I have also applied for other jobs such as waitressing and cleaning ect and I am still getting no where. is it because of my criminal record because I have checked my cv and made sure its up to date and everything. I have been job hunting for a year and a half now and getting no where. I really do want to work and find something I do enjoy to do. could some body help me?

  2. I completely agree with this. My son at 15 was reprimanded for a shoplifting offence. We have been told that this will be on his record for life. He is now working so hard at school has done brilliantly in his GCSEs and is now doing his A Levels. He wishes to study medicine. I am so worried as a parent as to what the future has in store for him. Whether he will be able to fulfil his ambition of becoming a doctor. He is such a good boy and I am afraid that this mistake he made at 15 is going to ruin his life. I believe that they should remove or atleast not mention these minor offences in crb checks – particularly when the child has not re-offended and is working so hard to do well in life.

    1. I agree I feel victimised. I am a recent Graduate and have had the issue of avoiding employers who ask for a CRB check. When I was 15, my parents went through a nasty divorce, my mum suddenly left home and was replaced by an ‘evil’ stepmother soon after, I started hanging with wrong crowd which left me being reprimanded for shoplifting. I was assured at the time that when I turn 18 it will be removed from files and my name cleared. At the time I was told I would not have to disclose this on applications but now most employers are excempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exemptions) Order 1975. So I have to enclose it and be judged before my CV is even considered. I work very hard and have an ok job now but graduate jobs are a different ball game as they are so competitive that there seems to be no room to accommodate so called ‘criminals’. Unfair System!

  3. I am an newly qualified teacher and every school I work in I am completely humiliated because I have to tell them about the time when I was 16 riding in cars with boys and got caught smoking pot where I was given a reprimand for cannabis posession… I am a professional woman of 26, I hardly even drink and go to the gym everyday. Why do I have to tell my employers I smoked pot once when I was a teenager? It is unfair, I have worked so hard to get to the position I am in today and I just feel that all reprimand does is hinder the lives of the good people that are trying to better themselves. Why should I be penalised for the rest of my life! for a mistake I made as a child? It was not like it was a violent or sexual crime… I am so angry at the government and the police for allowing this.

    1. At least you managed to get a job as a teacher. My son was recently interviewed for, and got offered an apprenticeship as an ICT technician in a school. When it came to the CRB he was completely upfront with them and told them he had been given a juvenile reprimand for possessing a small amount of cannabis. It was a one off, he went off the rails a bit when he was 17 but since then has not touched the stuff. The school have now refused to take him on, he’s devasted, so am I. Why do stupid mistakes that have hurt nobody else have to remain on your record for life

    2. Wow, I so understand you…I practically done the same, infact round where I live it was either ride round and socialise with that kind of crowd and have an odd puff, or have no friends seriously…and that Always, and I mean Always means some kind of trouble is going to pop up at some point right?
      that leaves me with a few cautions for cannabis and of cause for legally shooting rabbits that were pestering the village allotments, I was arrested for a firearm because an old lady walking her dog panicked and said ‘man with sniper rifle’ so there we go that’s it being 26 and male I am stuffed. I want to get a decent career… no chance, anything worth doing more than menial ‘burger-flipping’ or cleaning so far is out because employers now think ‘oho lets look; male, drugs and guns…forget him’ its ridiculous

  4. I cannot agree anymore with you all, being a victim of a caution, I cannot pursue my perfect career because of a stupid mistake when 15 years old. Perfect career path for me would be training and qualifying as a social worker (I am adopted and have been on the other side so can relate and appreciate the help and care provided to myself) turning 21 next month, so limited to the jobs I can apply myself to where no CRB OR ECRB’s are done. I don’t have any violence or drug related issues on my record just a minor fraud reprimand. I am being penalized, I am honest to all jobs to where I apply myself but they just dont want to know. Honesty….where does it get us?? mistakes are made by most children and to shadow the victims and families until death is disgusting and disgraceful. So fully educated and achieving A*- C in all my subjects at GCSE AND A-level, is the plan to work in Mcdonalds forever??? waste my passion, my life and the chance to help others?

  5. When I was 16 I was given a reprimand for hitting a 21 y/o man who was going to take advantage of my extremely drunk friend after I asked him to stay away. He had already tried ‘getting with’ a 15 y/o the same night, as we were at a house party. When I was 14 and he was 18 he asked to date me.
    He now works with young people. And this really angers me.

    Im trying to do nursing and have been rejected by one uni already. I’ve worked hard for the past couple of years to do this, and I feel I’m being judged like I have done something much worse. I was told the reprimand would have been taken off 2 years after. The law changed and it now stays on for life. Im so angry and really upset about it all.
    I understand that I shouldn’t have acted in that way, but I was a kid trying to, what I thought at the time, protect my friend.

  6. Having just witnessed my 17 year old son being given a repimand for not leaving town when asked(as he was getting a lift from friend in said town)I feel this is
    particularly harsh treatment which will now stay on his record for life. My son did not physically or verbally abuse anyone, seems to me police picking on easy targets. As parents we implore the police to see reason when issuing these reprimands as they can have profound effects on peoples lives

  7. I’m 48 years old and in 1974 aged 11 I was caught stealing a pair of gloves. I was taken to a Juvenile Court and given a 12 months conditional discharge. Imagine my horror and embarrassment 37 years later to be summoned to the manager’s office to explain why this was on the enhanced ECRB. I thought this had been removed years ago. Apparently there is nothing I can do about it.

  8. Due to a recent change in UK Law on the conditions of Enhanced CRB checks I have recently discovered that a reprimand that I received at the age of 14 for a shoplifting incident involving my friends will be viewable until my 100th birthday. During my briefing for my statements for the police after the incident I was informed that the reprimand would simply stand as a ‘slapped wrist’ and would be expungd after 5 years. However, now that I am 18, I have found whilst applying for jobs that this will not be the case. I see this as an infringement of my human rights. I am a intelligent student and wish to study and further my education into the sector of law, but when investigating my case upon contact to the House of Commons Library I have discovered that positions such as a solicitor are included in examples of jobs for enhanced CRB checks meaning it is unlikely to pursue my chosen career within the UK. Also, it will be impossible to emigrate to my dream countries such as America and Australia due to a minor reprimand in a case that I was merely involved in.
    It upsets me that it is affecting so many young people, and older, within the UK. I feel that the sooner it is properly reviewed and changed as the new government wanted it to be, the better.

    1. Hi,

      I agree with the comments on here and the law needs to be changed to exclude minor crimes. The whole process of allowing employers access to criminal record information needs to be radically reviewed as there is no such thing as objectivity!

      I was in a situation where I came from a messed up home life and the problems from this continued into my adult life. I ended up with a caution and a conviction for theft. As a mature student I turned my life around and decided I wanted to be a doctor. I decided not to apply to medical schools in the UK because of the CRB situation but I got a place in Eastern Europe to study medicine in English (they don’t ask about criminal records in many overseas medical schools and ironically they have less problems with healthcare workers committing crimes and patient safety than we do here with all our checks!!!!). I graduated last year and returned to the UK. I managed to get registration with the GMC albeit after a much more lengthy process than other graduates. They reviewed all details of my conviction, had a panel hearing etc. After obtaining registration I was able to apply for jobs and was able to secure work was a doctor in the UK without too much problem. To be honest I didn’t find it that difficult In 1 interview I had the panel made it clear that they did not consider shoplifting, even a conviction for it, to be a massive deal. I think that the kind of people making the recruitment decisions for professionals are themselves more educated and broadminded people than those people who are making the recruitment decisions on more ordinary /blue collar type or admin/office jobs. Strangely I think it would be harder for me to find work as a secretary or a porter in a hospital than as a doctor as the people making the recruitment decisions on the interview panel are different.

      If you have a minor criminal record and want to study law or medicine or another healthcare related job – please don’t give up. Yes there maybe more barriers for you and yes you may have to fight harder when it comes to securing jobs and yes you will have to share the details of the crimes at every recruitment process. But the more of us there are succeeding in professions, the more we can fight for others in a similar situation, the more we can get the system changed.

      I would also not see it as completely negative regarding immigration. Certainly Australia say that only someone who has been sentenced to over 1 year in jail will have a problem obtaining permission to immigrate. Also the US has a system of criminal record expungement so it will be worthwhile discussing with the US embassy your options regarding immigration there. The situation is not as hopeless as you are thinking

      One last point is that people seem to be confused about what is the difference between a standard and an enhanced CRB check. All cautions, reprimands, convictions etc given at any age show up on BOTH a standard and an enhanced CRB check. What makes an enhanced check different is that it contains information such as unproven allegations, details of all charges made against a person even if they were found not guilty, details of all current investigations being made against a person. Furthermore the employer is not allowed to share this supplmentary information with you!!! So half the time you never know about it!!! Enhanced CRB checks are a violation of every freedom, every human right, basically everything that Britain is meant to stand for! Ironically I found Eastern Europe to be more free and liberal than the UK!! I recently heard the comment that when people have freedoms and they don’t use or regard those freedoms, then they lose them. That is exactly what has been happening in Britain!!

      1. Canada talks of human rights. Rubbish. they never give a second chance. Hypocrites.

    2. Don’t panic, solicitors and the SRA understand the reality of CRB checks much better than do ordinary employers.

  9. I agree with the idea that police reprimands and cautions should be deleted from your crb after substantial amount of time has past when the person in questionhas not commuted any other offence within that time. When I was 17 (now 22) I pushed a girl at a fair ground and hurt her, it was an isolated incident and she wasn’t exactly completely innocent herself, all the same I should not of done it I had no right to and I’m responsible for my own actions. When applying for jobs and uni courses now 5 years on a mother of a three year old much more responsible and lesson learnt, I find myself stuck unable to get onto courses, not considered for even voluntarily work in hospitals, or social care environments, I’m frustrated. It’s demoralizing explaining it to any (apparently not) potential future employers, I feel like I’m being treated like a criminal I’m not! I feel ashamed of the mistake I made and as a lone parent trying to better ones self for my sons sake I feel a failure, isolated from the world of employment and the daily commute if you like. I could make a thousand excuses for what happened but I didn’t then and I won’t now. Honestly though I have a levels work experience, and even had a job as a support worker for a year (my employer at the time accepted me on the basis of me disclosing the caution before the enhanced crb), but now the doors seem to be closed to me everywhere I go and I’m trying i really am not many people seem to look past it. My mother is dying of cancer, my x partner is in prison for assualt I was in a domestically violent relationship with him for 2 years ( I know what its like to be on the other end of it) I just want to live and be happy with my child and make my mum proud so she doesn’t worry about me after she is gone, but here I am alone and apparently undeserving of a job because…of this am i?

  10. I was given a 24 month conditional discharge and my career as a psychologist may be over for sgealing a sandwich from m & s. The system is flawed. Who ever allowed for minor stuff unrated to ones job to appear there is a fucking criminal.

    1. Clas – you received a 2 year conditional discharge for stealing a sandwich? When was this 1903?

  11. I agree with all the above. I have just spent 3 hours in the police station with my son after an alleged assault on the school bus with one of his year group. This lad tried to blame a broken hand on my son after he had hit a wall in anger after leaving the bus. The police initially were treating it as GBH but when we produced witnesses htis was commuted to an interview for common assault. The police wanted my son to take a reprimand but when I investigated the consequences I took legal advice and he is pleading self defence. There is no way I will let a school fight from which there were no injuries inflicted by my son jeopardise his future. We now await the outcome of further police enquiries and we will attend court if necessary. I had assumed the reprimand system was to save time when offences were admitted and that as such were time limited. They are spent under the Rehab of Offenders Act as soon as they are given but they remain currently for all time on your record. Surely very wrong,

    1. Im going through the same thing with my son. However police went into school yest and questioned him and then cautioned him and they told him they will be intouch with me for a formal interview. However, the police havent even contacted me to say there is an allegation of assult that happened on a bus!!! Itwas the school who phoned me to say police had been in an cautioned him. Doesnt sound like its being handled right yet this is going to stay on his record for rest of his life. My son is sayin he didnt hit the other child. Would be nce to know what the hell is going on! Before they ruin his life which may turn out he was innocent or it didnt happen quite how the police was told it did.!

  12. Hi all, there is an Epetition at the HM GOVERNMENT EPETITIONS to encourage the government to discuss about deleting cautions after a period of time but you have to sign the petitions. All you have to do is to type
    HM GOVERNMENT Epetition, and then type police cautions at the search box. Thanks lets do something about or forever live in this misery and humiliation.

  13. I completely agree, I think it is unacceptable that such minor offences when a child or young teenager can be stuck on someone’s criminal record for life, it is utterly unjustified over-punishment and a life-long branding of a child as ‘criminal’. It is indeed the cautioning system, including police reprimands, that are criminal. I agree with ‘Human’ above, go onto the HM E-petitions website to sign petitions:

    On here there are a few you can already sign. The main problem is that 100,000 people are needed to sign one. If you support the cause tell your friends and family to sign as well. Not enough people are affected by the issue and most of the want to keep quiet out of unjustified and unnecessary shame. Please go on the website and sign, lets stop this injustice.

  14. I totally agree with all the comments here. I am a nurse and got done for assault – completely not related to work several years ago. I have had a pristine carer and work history with excellent references. However, I am continuously punished when changing jobs, and have to go through a difficult and grilling time. Often, this will result in people making a judgement about me which is not true. The caution I received was a minor mistake, and have never been in trouble with the police before and after the caution. This is very unfair and I feel prevents people getting jobs, and if people have been given a more serious record, this may turn them back into crime, as they are not given a fair chance to work. Obviously, the enhanced child and adult registers need to be checked when working with vulnerable people, but, there should be a balance.


    In your search engine search:
    Overthrow the police caution e-petetion. It will appear under HM government and take only a minute or so.

    My story:
    Just to raise some hopes for you all. At the age of 14 I recieved a reprimand for getting into a group fight at a music event. I too was told it was a ‘slap on the wrist’ and that it would be removed after 5 years. 9 years later however it is still on my record and states ‘BATTERY’, which is enough to put off any employer.

    However there is hope as from the age of 18 I have been to college and university and had a range of health and social care jobs and placements. I have recently qualified as a social worker and found employment within four weeks.

    From personal experience of having over 10 CRBS within the space of 5 years I have found the best thing to do is be upfront with employers and explain before the CRB is sent off. Most employers understand and if they do not, then they are probably are not worth working for anyway.

    Do not forget to sign the e-petition!!!

  16. shocking that mistakes done in your youth can still affect you so many years later. i can understand them keeping records of convictions and offences which involve extreme violence or crimes of a sexual nature but, to be affected by petty little crimes done in youth or have records of offences which people were released without charge or found not guilty must be some sort of infringment on civil liberties!!!

  17. Totally agree with all comments and can only echoe others sentiments. To back up Tori however I got a reprimand for shoplifting aged 14 (parents getting a divorce, I stole from superdrug, mistake etc). This has always shown up on my CRB’s however 10 years on I am a qualified secondary school English teacher and got a job straight away. No problems. Yes it is embarrassing and annoying but nonone has been bothered at all in my experience. Just be honest. To those of you who are medics I really wouldn’t worry as I went on to do A-Levels, went to a top Russell group University and have had many CRB’s and now have a successful career. Also, in regard to going abroad the repimand for shoplifting doesn’t show up. So when you go to USA, OZ, NZ there is not need to declare it. If you decide that you would like to emigrate sometime in the future, as part of your visa application you will need to produce a Police Certificate, which is a copy of your criminal record. These Certificates are specifically for travelling purposes and are issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO) Criminal Records Office (ACRO). Unlike the CRB, ACRO still operate step-down procedures, so you should find that if you apply for a Police Certificate to emigrate that your reprimand is not on it.

  18. I just want to clarify to all the rightly concerned parents and students themselves that a caution does NOT stop you from doing the job you want to do.

    At the age of 16 I received a police caution for cannabis possession. It was dumb, but I have to accept it and move on. I matured a lot and I genuinely think it helped me from going down a worse path.

    I received offers from all the med schools I applied to and told them all about the caution immediately. Not one of them objected, and a couple applauded my transparency.

    Seven years on, I have been working as a doctor doing my dream job for a year now. Never assume that a stupid mistake many years ago will stand in the way of doing what you want.

    ps – to those who are saying that a caution can stop you from living in the US – as far as I know a caution is ok, but a conviction will stop you (and from even traveling there I believe)

    1. Hey just like to ask, did you tell the universities about your criminal record before or after the offer? I to am applying to uni but for dentistry and I will declare what I have done just I dont know when and how?

  19. I’m 14, but last year I received a reprimand for shoplifting an item from a store, I had been a victim of peer pressure and it was not my idea to do it, however I got caught and got the reprimand. However my grades and levels in school are high and I’m not stupid, I really do want to go far in life and I learnt my lesson from what I did and I want to go on and study to be a Paediatric nurse. But when I got my reprimand I was told it would come off when I was 18 which would give me time to rehabilitate and now not only am I finding out that was a lie, but I’m also finding out that it will effect me when I leave school and go on to study at uni. I am so scared that I have ruined my life for good, I think that they should really remove it after a period of time with no other incidents, I have done my research on this all and I am so shocked and embarrassed with myself that this could potentially stop me doing what I’ve wanted all my life. But what I have also come to realise is that the government are always telling people to go get a job and to do something with our lives but how is this possible for an intelligent person who received a reprimand for doing something stupid when they were young? They should really change the way this is being handled.

  20. My Daughter got a reprimand for throwing stones in an empty carpark (no damage caused) when she was 13. We were told this would not appear after she was 18. She is now training as a nuses and has to disclose it every time she applies for a job. Apparently they changed the law on disclosures after they had given her the reprimand and now it shows on her CRB.
    Is there an appeals procedure to have the reprimands reveiwed? It was back in 2006.

    1. Our son is in a similar situation. I have been informed by a soloicitor that the only thing you can try to get the reprimand removed from their record is write to the Data Protection Officer and or Chief Constable to see if they are prepared to get removed from CRB.

      1. Hi I was just wondering if you have tried this, was it a success? I am so desperate to be rid of the shame! I can’t count the hours I have spent in tears in the last 6 years since recieving a reprimand for shoplifting. I’ve had counselling for anxiety & depression because I couldnt cope with the thought my career in childcare was over (I know its not but that easy for other people to say) I’m working as a nanny now, only purely because the family hadn’t asked me for a CRB check. I’m 22 and I want to go to university and be a teacher, I’ll do anything to be free of such a horrid label 🙁

      2. hi Dave, was this person successful after contacting the data protection officer/did anything get done? if you’re reading this, an answer/reply would be HUGELY appreciated as I am currently in the same situation and wondering if writing a letter to get my juvenile reprimand removed from my enhanced CRB is worth even attempting? it’s ruined my life seriously. thanks Dave please let me know.

  21. I 100% agree with this!! Im 17 (female) and over one year ago I was caught for peer-pressured shoplifting and even though this is no an excuse for my behaviour I fear that this is going to ruin my dreams completly trying to become a primary school teacher 🙁 Ive been through a lot as a teenager; with my most of my family sufferng from cancer (including my mum). I hate that the police wont take your life situations into account! i used to think that that was what the police were there to do, obviously not 🙁 I dont know if i can even train to become a primary school teacher in my university because you need ecperience and im scared that it will show up on my ECRB check. Anyone have any advice on what to do?! Im a little lost in life because of this hiccup, thanks x

    1. we’re in the same position, i got a warning for shoplifting when i was 15, i’m now 18, have a place at uni for early childhood studies and today i got a letter in the post saying they have received my crb and they want to discuss it with me, i hope its nothing too serious. whatever you do just make sure you declare it when you apply because when it comes back and something comes up they can immediatley throw you off the course. but yeah im just gonna explain that i was young and dumb and its not in my character, as they can see i have not re-offended, hope that’ll be enough, wish me luck!

  22. ^^ oh and to add to that i had to pay a fine of £30 and told that this will only appear for 3 years on record .. but looking at other peoples responses I dont think that will happen? :/

  23. At the age of 17, i was charged with shoplifting. I was dealt with in juvenile court and fined. I was told because i was a juvenile it would be spent after 2 and a half years and removed after 10. However after changes in the law regarding enhanced CRB checks when working with vulnerable people, i was required to do one in my job. I was working in a school kitchen. I had been there from 1994 when in 2010 i was requested to do one. I wasnt worried because my conviction should have been wiped 15 years previously……WRONG! Nearly 30 years later i am still being judged on an isolated incident as a child. I am due to start university this october and have just had to have a meeting with the CRB panel. I was told it was ok for me to continue BUT only if i can produce ANOTHER 2 professional references! I feel very victimised. I have a friend doing the same course. She has a clear CRB but only because she has never been caught doing any wrong. I just feel judging me by this isolated incident is so wrong. I feel it infringes on my rights and makes my life even more difficult. These sort of offences that are obviously 1 off events should be removed.

  24. I am a qualified and registered Social Worker, 3 years ago my now ex- wife and I got into a dispute,this ended in a caution. which was silly at the time, We were told it will be removed within 6 month. we never thought it will be that bad until a year later i was asked to do some work with children by my employer, i needed to renew my CRB, the caution showed on it which was a shock for all of us. it’s criminalising, I stopped applying for jobs as a SW, We are now divorced , it ruined our children’s life.

  25. I have been a police community support officer for 4 years, I took this job in the hope of becoming a police officer. I always declared I was reprimanded when I was 14 (now 28) but it has never been a problem. Nearly 2 years ago I passed my exams to become a police officer and now after waiting and hoping for all this time to start my training I have been told I failed the vetting process because I declared that I was arrested as a minor. The saddest thing is, there is no record of my arrest but because I was honest I have failed. What is wrong with the world today? I’m being made to feel like I’m a criminal when I have worked in the police for almost 4 years. Penalised for being a decent, honest person.

  26. There should be a way to wipe all petty crimes from your record. police cautions for crimes like this are not much different to a conviction for these types of crimes. When people are young they are not as wise, a small mistake should not have to be declared on things like immigration applications for example i had to declare the following convictions:

    Caught as a minor in a supervised area ( under 20 in a pub)
    – drink driving (under the adult limit but over the youth limit)

    In the end you did commit a crime but things like this perhaps shouldnt carry criminal records!

  27. I totally agree,
    I have had this problem recently, applied for a job at a Care Home, Got the job basically it was just waiting the CBR and for something i did 4 years ago, Being with a friend a had pinched a bloody Air Freshener for a dare, and i also got done for it as caused them to not give me the job. I’d understand if there was something else afterwards but i haven’t done anything since that, i think its appalling! Everyone makes mistakes.

    1. oh well i have no hope ive been warned for two crimes

      one a assault which my sister commited but i got warned as i was there.

      and again my friend robbed make up out of spite

      all these done before i left school 🙁

  28. I agree with all sentiments regarding records being cleared on reaching adulthood (18). There is also the viewpoint that the knowledge that this will show on their records for the rest of their lives will most likely ensure that more youngsters will not admit a minor offence because of the stain it will leave on their record for ever more! So, they might be more likely to dispute the allegation and ask for a court hearing…..leading to higher costs for the justice system. How can this possibly be a good idea in these tough financial times?

  29. I have a similar problem I am currently in uni studying to become an ODP but now the uni have said that because something has come up on my crb from three years ago they need to put it through the panel to see if I’m fit to work on placement, the crazy thing is I’ve been working for the NhS for almost 3 years now and have had various crb checks done none of them hindering my jobs now I want to continue my training suddenly I’m being treated like a criminal because of a small public order act from 3 years ago which is when I said something to someone in the street and they didn’t like it basically so I got arrested and charged. I am not a criminal and I learned from opening my big mouth but still I feel very worried that now I may not be able to continue my training at uni and be left without a job coz I left that to start uni.

  30. In 1978 at the tender age of 16, I was wrongly arrested for shoplifting in superdrug. I put the lipstick back on the shelf before I left the shop but nevertheless I was charged and I went to court and paid 30 pounds but have never been in trouble since. I feel I was unfairly treated and now I am thinking about this a lot as I need a CRB enhanced check. I am applying for a job as a live in carer. I am very keen to get this job but feel that my chances of success are now thwarted by this past conviction. What do I do ??

  31. My daughter was giving a reprimand at the age of 13 for hitting another girl. The next day she apologised to the girl and they continued being friends. Unfortunately, the mother called the police. The result was a reprimand that we were told would be removed in 5 years. Now she is studying Health & Social and wishes to go on to University to study & become a Social Worker. However, we are now being warned that this may not be possible due to a mistake she made at the age of 13.

    How can they retro-actively change the law so that people who have had no problem before suddenly find that something they have put behind them is suddenly ruining their chance of bettering themselves

  32. I completely agree. I’m in a similar situation and got a reprimand for shoplifting with another girl at the age of 13. I didn’t take part in the actual shop lifting, but as I was with her and knew what was happening I was involved, so received the same. Now 22 and just received my enhanced CRB check back I have just realised it comes up, even though I was told it would be removed when I turned 16. I haven’t committed a crime since, it was just something stupid I did as a teenager (and learn’t my lesson!). I knew a lot of people at the time who did similar things and some much worse, but they didn’t receive a reprimand due to either not admitting to a crime, or just not getting caught. They now don’t have to face the embarrassment of a stupid mistake they made when they were a teenager and the chance of it going against them in their career choice. I now have a degree and hoping to study for another year to qualify as a teacher, as long as this ridiculous reprimand for a teenage mistake doesn’t stop me.

  33. I totally agree that all (except sexual offences)reprimands/warnings should be wiped from the database at the age of 18.my son is having the same problems as all of these comments. He has learned from his mistakes but they keep following him round, and then the goverment wonder why our 18 – 24 year old unenployment statistics are so high

  34. I agree, I am a hard working porson, paid my way through life working and my education for my degree. last year i lived with a friend who then passed away in our house whilst I was there. it was a traumatic time, i got drunk one night, getting trouble from a guy giving me the come on and i didnt want to know so he harrased me, i hit him back and I got threw out the venue and hit the 6ft tall stocky doorman (im only 5f 2 size 6). I got arressted and cautioned for assualt (one stupid little punch that would not even make him blink) now my new job is in depordy..i have had to reveal everything i went through to try defend myself. I have never been in a fight my whole life now one incident like this and it is taunting me. then you get murderes, rapists peodophiles on the street getting given new identity..it is awful the way it works. It should be wiped after a couple of years. I dont want to keep having to revisit that dark time in my life. that is even if i get offered an interview. lets face it no matter how many legislations you have for equlaity and diversity an employer is thrown straight off the scent when they see that on your application. it is shocking really is. all that hard work and money to be discriminated over something so minor and little. we need to do something about it.

  35. Dear all,
    I understand exactly how everyone in here feels and i have same problem. 5 years ago i ended up with a caution for shop lifting which i didn’t even commit but that day i was so scared and feeling so vulnerable at the police station i ended up accepting the caution which later i realised it was the biggest mistake i ever made in my life. I have a master degree in embryology and i can’t get a job or even a volunteer position since i graduated 3 years ago. because of this i had to lie and hide the fact i receive a caution in the past in order to just get a chance to start my dream career and when i did i got the job until later when my crb arrived i was dismissed. since then i just lost any interest and i am feeling so depressed and lost confidence. i think of this problem every single day of my life and it’s time we all have to stand up for ourselves and do something. i urge all of you here to organise ourselves and appeal in a court to have our minor offenses to be removed from our CRBs. please please i am begging everyone of you to join me and let’s sort our lives because i this is just unfair to pay for a mistake a one off offense or mistake or whatever it was to keep suffering because of it for the rest of our lives. I am so determined to do something about it and get our voices heard. we are paying for this while sex offenders or other serious offenders get the chance to get their identities hidden and change their names to help them rehabilitate what kind of law is that??? please get back to me and together we can do something about it. my email is haddi_2athotmail.com

  36. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to
    my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.

  37. I was cautioned for simply responding to harrasment by texting my ex to stop and I threatend him because I was exhausted and emotionally all over the place due to his abuse over 2 years. I admited to it within 10 seconds of being intervied. I WAS NOT sorry for texting him because I stood up for myself so I wont apologise for that. I got a caution titled : Harrasment Without Criminal Intent… So why did I get dealt with like a criminal, cautioned, finger printed, and a police record until I’m 100yrs old ?

  38. Is there a petition regarding this new policy? It is ludicrous and I think more people need to be made aware. It could be there child, niece, nephew or even themselves who suffer the wrath of this Ridiculous legislation. If anyone knows of a petition or a way to get ourselves heard, please, let us all know by posting it on here.

  39. I have created an e-petition regarding these issues. Please go to

    HM GOVERNMENT E-PETITIONS and search police cautions/reprimands. It should be available within the next 7 days.

    It requires 100,000 signatures so post it in Facebook, twitter, tell your friends to spread the word and let’s give some justice and human rights back to decent children and adults who should not be judged on a one time event as a juvenile.

    I truly think this countries government has gone mad. They complain and question why more people aged between 18-24 are unemployed. Honestly???!

    Lets make things right

    Thank you.

    1. I don’t think you go far enough if we are to give the chance for people to break free from a cycle of crime or re form you must include more than just cautions like you ask for.

      Minor offences (Not including sexual or violent acts)

      Minor crimes/juvenile should be included and taken off the PNC after a period of non offending….like they do in the states.

  40. the articles make very interesting
    reading, however being a victim of
    these practices and having false
    entries put on my records, you
    have my sympathy, unfortunately, I came to the conclusion those in government were insane due to in breading, but when I fould out what was going on uder their inernal disiplinary proceedings in the police and government jobs I changed my mind, I wonder why it
    so many people are being denied
    jobs when many government workers ar getting simply a warning for serious theft, fraud, sexual assualt, and GBH, the list is endless, I know people who were court martialed twice in the
    RAF and they are allowed to withold their records, a are the police and most other civil servants, they get no more than a
    warning, whilst you get debarred from a life of employment, for a minor matter in comparison with most of the cases delt with by internal disiplin, have you not thought of going to the ECHR there is a case, the government
    are stopping people from earning
    living, and whilst that point is well
    established, have you seem just how many middle class families are working in local government,
    there should be a banon these practices, the government appear
    to be opening jobs purely for one
    class of people, and when these
    people break the law, they do not suffer the same penalties as everybody else, there’s one motive for stopping you working.
    If you think I’m wrong just run a
    check on how many public authority employees have been delt with by internal disipline for
    potentially criminal matters, you’ll
    understand the need for Human Rights.

  41. so much has already been said here so all i’ll add is I have now found myself in the same position as all of you today. I am 18 years old and got a job as an au pair (nanny) for a year in the U.S. and today learnt I could not go and actually NEVER would be allowed to work in the U.S.
    Why you may ask? a minor reprimand that didn’t go to court or anything from when I was 12 years old (in 2006) when I accidentally broke someones window. nice. thanks for ruining my first shot at work and living abroad. Devastated and don’t know what to do with my life now (got A’s and B’s at Alevel and all good GCSE’s). I’ve been told to write to the data protection officer at Met Police which I will do but for now what I’d like to know is if anyone has ever been successful in removing cautions/reprimands/minor juvenile convictions from there CRB’s/disclosures and if so, how I may possibly achieve this? If you’ve taken the time to read this thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.

  42. I’d also like to add that I have been brought up as a child to know right from wrong and not lie so when I was told by the police that I should admit breaking the window (at 12 years old) and the reprimand/caution will be removed within 3-5 years by the time I’m 18 GUARANTEED, I did not hesitate to tell the truth and be an honest citizen even at the age of 12, oh how I regret being a decent person, if I lied (which I could have as there was no evidence at all against me) I wouldn’t be in the position I am today and would not have ultimately had my life RUINED. This country and its systems and procedures sickens and disappoints me to the highest level. Remember kids – always lie and never be an honest, good person in life, because you’ll only have it all thrown back in your face by the state! 🙂

  43. Everything witten above is totally true. I have Non-Payment of Railway Fare from when I was 18 on my CRB. Now I am not the first, nor will I be the last person to catch the train without paying a fare. I have never been inside a police station in my life and have no plans to but for something minor that happened 10 years ago I have a black mark on my CRB.

  44. I fully support this idea. I’m a student at university, 22 years old, studying English and History with dreams of becoming a Secondary School teacher. However a few weeks ago I went out with friends however I ended up worse for wear and was understandably denied entry into the nightclub. Unfortunately my friends entered the night club without me which left me stranded in the middle of the town centre with no way of getting back home. Unfortunately this angered me and I decided to lash out irrationally on the nearest thing to me which was a car wing mirror. I ended up taking this clean off, was arrested and cautioned for my offence. I immediately admitted my guilt for the offence, have offered to compensate the victim for the damages and have undertaken alcohol intervention classes. I am a good person and a hard-working student. However I feel that this one-off incident may have jeopardised any career plans that I may have. I have never committed an offence before nor do I intend to ever again but I feel that I have now been punished for this silly mistake for life.

    1. I’m sure you didn’t plan on knocking someone’s wing mirror off for no reason? But you did and you’re 22, not 13?

  45. I have found that with nearly 65 years of experience many of which was in the care system the only people that want to gain access to other peoples children are for wrongdoing North wales childrens homes survivor

  46. I recently started a course in september as a trainee teaching assistant and im doing so well with it. The only problem is im still waiting for my CRB to come back and im dreading it! Ive not got a very good past to be honest, bullied in school until i left in year 10, and then I got revenge on the girls when I grew a backbone and ended up getting a reprimand. That was when i was 17, im 23 now and worried this is going to show up on my CRB. Another issue is that last year i assulted a woman who refesued to leave my house, i called the police on her and ended up getting a caution myself, for defending myself and my property! The only question I was asked on the form was “Do you have any unspent convictions?” and I ticked NO, because ive never been convicted of anything, im certainly not a criminal! I did mention to the head teacher about the caution last year but thats it as i wasnt asked in the enhanced CRB form. Anyone else think my career is over before its even started??

  47. My daughter just been on the receiving end of this and the girl who provoked and started it is walking free as the supposed victim. I tell PC it will stay on record and would crop up. She says no only 5 years with a sarcastic “I do know my job” popped into the convo. I said I was cross and felt that I was being forced to sign the Reprimand as she said it would not got to CPS?! (Is that really true if I had not signed it). Anyway, only time will tell and if my daughter does not get a job then she will have to claim benefits for the rest of her life and we will tell the Job Centre that too – so clever government out there – sort it out!

  48. 8 years ago I was made homeless because I was working and getting min wage so I could not afford all the rent which made me intentionally homeless , which meant the council didn’t have to help me , cut a long story short I went to social services as I couldn’t raise a deposit, and basically got told if I cant put a roof over their heads they would take them, so I panicked and tried to get the money for a deposit I tried to cash a cheque but got caught and arrested on the spot, stupid I know but I would do anything for my kids like anyone else would, I told the police why I done what I did , any way they cautioned me and I asked them if it would go on a record or affect me , I was told no, the only way it would get used is if I committed another offense so I accepted the caution , Oh and with the dumb social worker who told me what she did , I done some research and found out they cant take your kids for that reason section 17 act 10 when I said that they got their asses into gear and housed me that night , it was only for 6 months till I could get a deposit but we had a roof over our heads so didn’t complain, anyway for 10 years all we have done is move from 1 house to a next 1 school to a next ,2 years ago I decided to go to college and try and change our circumstances so I done nursing and passed, then wanted to go uni but because we are in private the rent is far to high and wouldn’t be able to pay the rent so I said ok, I will try and get a job and work my way up, I sign on at the mo so depressing being spoken to like I want to sit on my bum for the rest of my life , I went to work before and where did it get me on the street and now a record. the high court ruled in oct 2009 that anything you have done will be put on your crb, can the government make it any harder to get a job wow 1 mistake and your life is over and they wounder why people don’t have a job, I had a job and was waiting for the crb to come through obviously didn’t mention the caution because I was told It wouldn’t be on a record so now the employer thinks I am a lier and I don’t blame them it doesn’t look good and the crb looks even worse , it says handling stolen goods so no one in their right mind would let me in their home to care for them and I would make a bloody good care worker and it’s all gone to waste , fuck the system because all the system does is fuck you up, looks to me like they are trying to encourage criminal behavior cause they sure as hell ain’t helping anyone, rant over lol

  49. It makes me extremely upset and angry that so many people have been affected by this. I had a reprimand given to me when I was 15 (am now 21) and like many others was told it was equivalent to a slap on the wrist and would be taken off my record when in 5 years. 5 years later I received a 1st Class degree in Psychology and decided to apply for a PGCE. I was extremely worried that the reprimand would be upset my chances of receiving a place. Luckily I got on the course but still find myself worrying about when it is going to affect my life again. When I apply for my first job I will have to embarrassingly disclose the fact that I was with a friend who stole a pair of shoes when I was 15. I find it ludicrous that this will continue to be the case every time I apply for a new job. There are so many people in the same situation. I really believe it is an injustice that so many citizens who made a mistake when they were juveniles have something haunt them for the rest of their lives. It is not right or fair that many of us were told when we accepted the reprimand that it would only be on our record for 5 years and then the law changes and contradicts this greatly by increasing it to 100 years. I see no sense in upsetting the lives of so many responsible citizens who happened to make a mistake when they were young. I really hope that this will be acknowledged soon.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. My girlfriend’s a teacher who gained a pgce after her BA in Psychology and there’s not a headteacher in their right mind who would turn down a 1st class applicant for a minor offence like shoplifting at 15 years old. Beyond more major offences like assault you’ll be fine.

  50. i got told when i was warned that i wouldnt need to disclose this as it would be taken off but now its showing up.

    my offences werent commited by me and got warned just because i was there.

    i just moved to swindon to become a care assistant from liverpool i hope this doesnt affect me ive given up alot and i am truly a nice person who would do anything to work in care as i love helping others in need. 🙁

  51. I received a juvenile reprimand for shoplifting when I was 17 (now 20). I too was told, when I was crying to the police officer asking if I could still pursue my dream to be a dance teacher, that it I should not worry, it was a ‘slap on the wrist’ and it would be wiped by the time I was 18. I am now halfway through my degree and am utterly terrified about leaving university as it seems very unlikely I will ever be able to teach or get very far in life.

    I have come across a charity that may be of help,


    I will be contacting this charity and also will be contacting the Data Protection Officer/Chief Constable as mentioned in this thread.

    I am distraught and appalled that the government see it as justifiable to discriminate us for our entire lives for a minor mistake made when we were young. I also find it insulting that the age we can be free from this discrimination is 100, it is as if they are taunting and laughing at us.

    I hope this charity helps others of you, and I wish you all the best of luck in perusing the careers you deserve.

    1. I think you will be ok, Emily. It was shoplifting and you were young – there are still some forgiving people in the world and as long as you are up-front and honest about what happened from day one then I am sure you will find a teaching job. I am a teacher – I too have a caution, although mine is for assault and I will certainly never be offered a post again, despite the fact that the teaching council said I was still allowed to work. Just make sure on your application forms that you glow in every other aspect – if a school or company doesn’t want to employ you because of one minor mistake, just ask yourself if those are really the kind of people you’d be happy working for and with. Good luck to you.

  52. I agree completly . I was 15 when I was in a situation with an older guy with smoked weed. I got repremanded unfairly as the guy had the weed not but they wanted to scare me. I have a good degree, I don’t drink don’t smoke and wanted to go in to teaching. Now I feel my life is pointless as I won’t get a job because of my bad situation when I was 15. This is so sad, and the system actually let me down, instead of saving me from that man , the police ruined my life.

  53. I certainly agree. I also had a juvenile reprimand when I was 17 and now I am 23. I have never been a bad person. I was actually shy when I was a teenager.
    I never had detention from my teachers and never fight with people. I would say I was just in a wrong place at a wrong time.
    Let me explain.. I was at the park with my cousins and suddenly a big group of guys came along with long sticks and some other tools. They all started hitting my cousins in front of me and I was in the middle. I slapped a boy only once as I was nervous, didn’t even know what was going on and why it was happening. By the time police came most of them run away and a police came to me and arrested me saying that they saw me slapping the guy. I didn’t get involved in any other troubles.
    I am doing well and I am now studying Biomedical Science at university and I also wanted to do medicine. My course involves a placement year in hospital in the lab which required me to do a CRB check. At the time, the police officer said it will be cleared from the records after five years. But, it came up on my records now. I have the place for now but I am really worried that they will refuse to give me a placement and I will not be able to work after completing my degree and also I will not be able to do medicine. I can’t even concentrate on my studies now, searched on all websites about this and read many posts. It is really sad that so many people are suffering from this.
    This is actually discrimination. What a system is this? They shouldn’t include such a minor mistakes in our records especially if it was done long ago and haven’t been repeated.

  54. I received a police caution 5 years ago for the posession on cannabis (i was young, going through a hard time in life and socialising with the wrong crowd)

    although i was allowed to continue working in the NHS and my current employer agreed it was a one off and that i have changed with regard to drug use….My prospective employer (private company) has now withdrawn th job offer as apparently being caught with cannabis 5 years ago means i am a danger to the public. WHY oh WHY cant people accept it was a stupid mistake and iwont ever do it again!

  55. I agree! When i was 10, my 5 yr old sister was interfered with (Polite way of saying it) by someone in my class and nothing happened to him because he was only 10. When i saw him a few days later in a shop, he smiled at me! I could not control my anger and i hit him (Only once) and his mam (Who knew what was going on with him, but did nothing about it) called the police on me. I was taken to the police station and i explained why and the person who arrested me actually felt sorry for me however the police chief gave me a Reprimand. I am currently 17 and applying for a job that involves working with children. It is ridiculous how something so long ago can affect me now! Whilst the person who caused all this gets away with it! How is that justice?

  56. Completely agree. I received a reprimand for shoplifting when I was 11 with a friend which was a silly mistake (taking stickers out of a magazine..). I was told to just admit it so it wouldn’t go to court and it would be completely removed from my record in 5 years time or when I turned 18.
    It still shows on CRB checks however.
    Reprimands should be fully wiped from records if they were given to a minor once they reach adulthood..also think they should raise the age of responsibility from 10 to 13.

  57. Totally agree, I am in the same position. When I was 12 years old I had a fight with a girl at school. I hit her once and she hit me back. The matter was dealt with by the teachers and I was sent home for the day. However her mother thought the schools resolution was not harsh enough and took it to the police. The police said it was a waste of their time but they had to follow it up. As a result they gave me a reprimand, what the police officer described as a telling off and it was said that it would be off my record by the age of 16. However the law changed and now I have this playground scuffle on my record. I am now a teaching assistant in a primary school and part way through studying my degree to be a teacher. Although I think schools will understand that it was a playground childish matter, I feel it is highly unnecessary that I have to explain it to future employers.

  58. I completely agree with you. I shoplifted when i was 13 years old nearly 10 years ago. I went to university with the ambition of one day making a postiive difference in society. I wanted to become a Teacher, I signed up to various amounts of agencies which provide schools with teaching assistants. I signed up to one teaching agency unaware that my CRB will come back with anything on it. the consultant told me that they do not hire ‘ex convicts’ and i will find it very hard to find a job as a teacher. I tried to defend myself because it was a reprimand for shop lifting. I have never been in trouble since and in fact became a ‘model’ student. Now as a recent graduate who wants to work as a teacher or within government it seems i have to reconsider my career options.

  59. Reading this has given me more information than the police, Internet and citizens advice bureau have. I’m an 18 year old, got 2 a’s at a level and an a* in law but didn’t apply to uni because I was too scared. I’m scared because I have this reprimand that I was told wasn’t a bit deal but now realise it will jepordise my life and all the choices I make. 2 years ago I was intoxicated and out with friends for new year and long story short my friends weren’t exactly great friends. They pushed me over and left me in the street whilst a bunch of teenagers came up to me and I got savagely beaten up. Because I feebly tried to fight back and ended up getting glassed in the face with a missing tooth I doubted I was criminally liable at all. After this horrific incident I refrained from leaving my house for 3 months and yet I received a reprimand for affray?!?? Where is the justice, I agreed to this as all I wanted was to forget about this horrible incident but now I will never forget as it will affect me forever. I’m so tired of being down about this and having restrictions when there is so much I want to do! If anyone has any advice or any more information, please do help as I am completely lost due to the lack of information regarding this topic.

  60. At the age of 11 I was a regular kid out with ‘mates’, having a game of football at the local park and enjoying the stress-free life as a young child. This day lead to me receiving a reprimand, for simply doing the following – we were just sat on a wall down my street which turned out to be broken, some of my ‘mates’ took advantage of this and pushed the broken bricks from the top of the wall. Next thing I know the police are at my house and I have a reprimand, but I was told this was a simple slap on the wrist and would be cleared at the age of 18 – thats it, forgotten.. until now. I am now 18 and applying for uni, and will no doubt need a CRB check for the course I want to study. I am so worried that this is going to affect me getting onto an already popular and competitive course. It is so wrong that this could affect my whole career for simply being with the wrong people at the wrong time. I have literally never done anything bad in my life, I went through school as one of the highest achieving pupils at GCSE, and am studying tirelessly with a-levels. My point is that this can be so misleading to anyone that does not know you and will not reserve judgement. This legislation needs to be changed.

  61. I feel so depressed please government read this and DO NOT IGNORE. I HAVE TO PAY MY STUDENT LOAN

    I have received a caution when I was 16. I have graduated a year ago. (I am 27 now) I now declare my caution and I am jobless. I obtained my BSc degree in Nursing but cannot get a job because of this ONE caution.

    1) I still have to pay my student loan.
    2) I have no job.
    3) I am forced to claim benefits.

    What I should be doing is helping patients/community live healthier lives and working for the NHS.


  62. Sorry not even a caution. A reprimand.


    Because right now I am CLAIMING BENEFITS. Nobody want to employ me because I got caught stealing a chocolate bar from petrol station WHEN I WAS 16

  63. Hi

    I totally agree with this, I stumbled upon this today after received my enhanced disclosure through the post this morning. When I was 15 I was severely bullied by a group of girls in my year group at school they constantly made my life a living hell eventually having taken far too much of it I hit one of them. They called the police I was reprimanded for assault. Like many others who have posted on this page I was told it was a slap on the wrist and it would not be viewable to anyone except the police force I was also told it would be completely wiped from my record when I turned 18. At the end of last year I applied for a position with the police force working as a 999 operator I passed the interview with flying colors but following my reference request and CRB check the offer was withdrawn I put it down to being my current employer at the time giving me a bad reference because she didn’t want me to leave. It is only now that I have found out the real reason. I have held my current job as a librarian at a school for 6 weeks I presumed the disclosure had already arrived and been fine until it arrived on my doorstep this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that right there in black and white was my reprimand from 2005 when I was 15 years old and to make matters worse it didn’t say assault which was what I thought I was charged with it says battery! I really don’t know what to do about this as I work indirectly for the council that is where the disclosure will have gone so I am going there tomorrow to try and sort things out. Friends and family have reassured me that this shouldn’t affect anything as the school will only want to know about issues affecting children but I am terrified I am going to lose my job all because I stood up for myself when I was nothing but a child 🙁

  64. I too was told that my reprimand would be wiped off after 5 years or 18 which ever is longer, and ashamed to see that it still shows up from over a decade ago. I am a graduate and worried this will hold me back from fulfilling my dream career.
    Every one should have a second chance, especially if it was from when you were as a minor.

  65. Sorry I meant at 18years old or 5 years after the caution was received I was told it would be wiped off which ever was longer.

    I agree, the Law should be changed.


  67. As these reprimands are issued in the absence of a fair trial then
    surely it is against one’s human rights that they should be used in this way?

    My son was looking at a friend’s pellet gun, whereupon another tried to take it off him and in the process it went off, the pellet scratched the lad on the cheek.
    His father insisted on pressing the police to charge my son, even though it was the lad’s actions that caused the pellet gun to go off! The duty solicitor advised to accept a reprimand, saying it would be struck off anyway after 18.

    If people have not had a fair trial, on the basis that they were advised that a reprimand is a convenient option and the information would not be used after 18, then it has to be in breach of their rights that the information is later being put to a different purpose.

  68. The government knows there are many ways to reforming a character, most definitely through value base studies. To shame, blame and penalise a person brings about no resolve and is certainly not reducing crime in a productive way. Like many I too made ill judgements when young and guided through blind actions. But if we are guilty of wrongful crimes then the whole system has a part to play. They should reduce, ban all the violent movies, the glorification of sex and drugs. You can not blame only part of the problem but have to see it all in it’s entirety. Surely a compassionate ruler needs great examples who have overcome problems and progressed to greatness without violating their privacies and freedoms, especially when their past actions are not relevant to this legislation CRB/DBS. The CRB came into action to prevent sex offenders working with children. The rehabilitation law needs to be implemented again and reviewed and upheld to it’s word, and our human rights should be valued and not violated.

  69. I totally agree with all of the above, since becoming unemployed due to a situation which ocrured at my last job, I was surprised that since leaving, and trying to secure a new role, I have found life difficult, because of one incident which happend 18 years ago, this was an administrative error on behalf of the benefits agency, however I now feel that I am being penalized for their mistake, also there is another issue where I received a police caution, back in 2007, and was told that this would not affect me in terms of employment, I have always been honest and disclosed this on my applications and even brought my latest CRB/DBS certificate to interviews, I am always offered the post, but then get a reply to say that my application has not been successful I definatley think that this should be looked at again in terms of the law many a good citizen is suffering because of this, and many have reformed, and by large are good law abiding citizens.


    1. Look there is no doubt all the comments about the unfair nature of CRB are correct. I am 62 and took early retirement at 56 from a senior professional role, because of CRB changes that would have revealed convictions 32 years ago. But we are all stuck with this unless politicians change the law. I am most concerned for the younger people whose lives are blighted. Because of CRB and computer data available they can never escape. At least in my earlier life there were no computer checks available and I managed to build a new life. The young people today have no incentive to lead decent lives and there are no politicians prepared to address this issue.

  70. I received a reprimand when I was 13, after stealing a hairclip from a shop, because my friend told me to! I am now 20 years old and am a third year student nurse. Like all of you, me and my mother were told that this was a ‘telling off’ and would be removed from my record once I turned 18. To our surprise, this was shown on my CRB. Luckily, I explained the situation to the Uni and they were very understanding and accepted me. Yet, the thought of having to apply for jobs in a few months time and explain my situation over and over again is daunting. I know I will make a brilliant nurse, but am struggling to see how I will get there!

  71. If the police did not lie to me and tell me that my record would be cleared after 5 years or when I turned 18 I would not be so angry. It’s crazy that such minor things are still shown and affecting so many peoples lives. This needs to be fixed.

  72. Doesn’t the new filtering system mean that reprimands after a certain period of time will not show on an enhanced crb check?

  73. I was arrested and reprimanded at age 15 for carrying about £5 worth of hash – an amount that wouldn’t even lead to an arrest nowadays. I was told at the time that when I got to age 18, it would be wiped from my record. I’ve never had to get a police check before, but I’ve just got a job offer in China. To get my visa, I need to provide them with a criminal record check, and I am scared that it might show-up on there. It’s ridiculous that doing something 13 years ago at age 15, which isn’t even an arrestable offence today, could cost me a job now. I’m praying that it’s not on there.

  74. I am a middle aged psychologist. I have worked my whole life and because of a sandwich I stole in a moment of madness from M&S I can no longer change jobs or be promoted. My career has been ruined and at times I feel suicidal. I would never steal anything again, that I swear. At the time I was undergoing a family bereavement and the shopping assistant was very rude to me. I was given a conditional discharge in 2010 and never thought it was going to affect my career that way it has. I have been named employee of the year in my Trust, I constantly get the best feedback from vulnerable adults and their families, I have two University degrees and am passionate about my job. This is truly a senseless law and I just don’t know what to do.

  75. I completely agree. My sister was 13 when she was merely reprimanded by the police. Since, she was advised not to take the National Diploma by her local college at the threat that local schools would hesitate to even look at her application. This forced her to take a course that in no way supports an application to a BSC Midwifery degree – she’s left feeling deflated and bemused to how this minor (first and only time) mistake somehow represents her integrity and moral grounding as a young adult.

  76. I completely agree with everyone’s comments on this discussion. I couldn’t agree with you all more.

    I am almost 22 years of age, and I feel as though my ‘record’ is ruining my dreams already, due to a moment of madness one night as an intoxicated 15 year old. I have a YOUTH REPRIMAND on my record as I have just discovered after receiving an enhanced DBS back in the post. One night after a night out, I got into an argument with another teenager. This wasn’t the problem, the problem was her friend approaching my mother, attempting to assault her. During a spur of the moment and upon instinct I instantly took my shoe off and hit the person in question around the head before she could attack my mother. Stupid and embarrassing I know, and it’s also a lot worse than most offences posted on here. I wasn’t arrested, I voluntarily went to the police station 4 months later for an interview. The station Sargent told me it was a ‘slap on the wrist’, it would be wiped from my record after 5 years, & my dream of becoming a police officer would not be affected. They told me the offence was common assault, and to not get in any trouble again, which I have not done.

    Turns out the offence on my record is actually a youth reprimand for assault occasioning ABH S.47 which sounds a lot worse than what it was!! I had no idea. It’s fair to say that after 4 perfect applications to the police force, they have politely told me not to bother applying again due to this mistake in my past.

    I have been a dental nurse for the past 4 years since completing my A-levels. I work to help the public every single day. The DBS was needed for my qualification as a community first responder with the ambulance service, voluntary may I add. Now this had shown up, 1 look at it & I will definitely not be allowed to go on call. I am going on a volunteer project to Africa in a few months and this hasn’t affected it luckily as I could disclose two character references instead of a DBS. I think this shows what sort of person I am, not violent or aggressive just 1 stupid mistake as a kid!!!

    I am now planning on getting a working visa to Australia. I am worried sick about getting stopped at the airport to declare, and getting told to turn back around and go home. ABH does sound very extreme. Though will the fact that it is a YR, whilst 15 yoa, 6 years spent, and no more offences committed afterward go in my favour? Very stupid mistake whilst a teenager, that I regret every day!!!!

    1. I have a 12 month conditional discharge issues in 1988 and a caution issued in 1999 however you can thank ‘T’ who took the government and the Greater Manchester Police on for a judicial review of how the DBS checks was done before May 2013. Since then the Disclosure and Barring Service has introduced filtering rules for minor convictions and cautions so based on the readings on most of the posts on this site it appears that many of your minor convictions and cautions will now be filtered courtesy of T taking the government to court and forcing on the recent changes in legislation in this area. Hopefully some of you can be assured that some of your convictions/cautions will be filtered as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. Its is always worth asking for a Subject Access Request from ACRO criminal records office even though it will £10 to process under the Data Protection Act 1998 and once you receive your details from the Police National Computer then you will have an exact idea whether your conviction/caution is eligible to be filtered under the new rules… Off course if you are not sure it is good practice to speak with the DBS or Nacro for full guidance. As these new rules are in place then it should not be a barrier for some of you achieving your goals without being discriminated because of a criminal record

    2. Hi DN –
      How did you get on with applying for your working visa to Australia?

      I am in a similar situation, and although I’ve never had a CRB check or caught up on it before, I am planning on travelling the world next summer and potentially working abroad in America/Australlia/New Zealand but I am just terrified about someone picking up on my previous minor offence and turning me away.

      Please let me know how you get on and good luck!

  77. I completely agree with this! When I was 13 my friend and I were told they were kiling rabbits on a farm. As teenagers do we skipped school and went to this farm to set the rabbits free, we did this twice in a week. Long story short I received a reprimand which I was told would be clear after 5 years or when I reached 18. I went in to study childcare which I worked very hard at. When I finished college I was taken on to be a club rep in a French resort. One month before I was due to leave I found out my CRB was not cleared. I went through solicitors who informed me of a change in legislation and basically told me there was nothing to be done about the matter. It then took me another 3 years to get into childcare again. I went for interview after interview to watch faces drop of potential employers because of my childhood MISTAKE! Looking back it was a bit naive of us to think they’d actually be killing rabbits on a farm but that’s what teenagers/children are naive! This has affected me throughout my career although I have managed to get into childcare again it has taken me a long time and completely knocked my confidence, especially when I have interviews. This law should be changed for juvenile offences definitely depending on the seriousness of the offence although saying that serious offences wouldn’t be given reprimands.

  78. I was given a police caution, for receiving stolen goods (nail varnish) which a school friend had stolen from Woolworths. I was 15 and this was in 1974. Fortunately the change in the law, for disclosure of these offences, must have occurred after I got work as a Biomedical Scientist. However, because of an alcohol problem I have been referred to a recovery service-which has been taken from NHS control by a company called the Crime Reduction Initiative. Imagine my horror, when being indignant that this seems to suggest that all alcoholics are criminals, I was told that I had something still on my CRB check, from 40 years ago!

  79. On 17th June 2013 the Government introduced filtering of certain Criminal Offences. If you have a ‘one-off’ conviction, for an offence which is not on a list of serious offences, you did not receive a custodial sentence and it is over 11 years since your conviction (less if you were under 18 years at the time and certain other court disposals) the conviction will no longer appear on your next DBS Disclosure.

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