Ban people modifying their cars and bikes to have louder exhausts than the ones they come with. There is no reason what so ever for these people to have loud exhausts apart from misguided vanity, yet the general public have to put up with their right to peace and quiet being removed by a few idiots. Ban this pointless modification culture now, as I'm sure it will only get worse.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because there should be a right to go about your day (and night) without anti-social noise ruining your relaxation time.

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  1. these things need sorting,i have neighbours who incidentley rent the property and dont own it,so probably dont care!! each vehicle they own has in some way had a stupid exhaust fitted to it.i can see the reasoning behind it for a highly modified vehicle that doesnt do that much mileage,but for a standard vehicle it doesnt make any difference in power output,just annoys the hell out of the local residents.this is also a problem as i have a young child who upon hearing these vehcles runs into the house in tears and it is also having an efect on her sleep.annoyed yes i am,this needs to be sorted!!!!!


      1. So you would commit a crime and damage someones vehicle when they havent even commited a crime? Thug.

      2. I totally agree and wish these loud exhausts would ‘dissapear’ they are annoying and provide little or no object other than to annoy. I have come to the conclusion that some folk are just desparate for attention and this is one way they get it. I have one of our neighbours daughters who has one of these noisy exhausts. I call the police every time and will continue to do so. I have since learned that due to the volume of complaints about these ‘anti-social’ exhausts then the police are pulling these ‘kids’ in and testing the descibel rating. I think it’s 82 db but dont know if thats at idle or being driven. Either way I want them banned! I have had too many sleepless nights by the neighbours teenage daughter whom thinks its great to annoy everyone, and drink and drive coming home at 2 in the morning. We are now quite active and have had some sucess with blocking the road and other misdemeaner’s which mean she won’t dare creep out any later than 10.30 I am going for a total ban! Anyone want to join me to stamp out these morons whom care for no-one but their selfish selves??

      3. Some motorcycle exhausts are loud for a reason, I’ve had many of stupid card drivers (not all may I add) that have pulled out for not looking properly, since adding my exhausts most hear me before looking and seeing me so it saves me getting almost knocked off most days!

      4. Who are you to say that ? Haha get a grip your a sad pathetic people botherer who is clearly not a happy person who has to make other life miserable we don’t complain when you do what you like to do whether it’s play chess or bike down the road thinking you own it people enjoy to spend money on there car and just because it loud dusnt mean it’s anti social or dis respectful you clearly have lived a life of your own and you can not say that you have always done things that everyone has agreed with unless you are like a politician that chats more than he lets out his ass why can’t you just go on with your life without picking on the little things that really don’t effect you put all your wasted time into something that really can make a difference and do something with your life m9

      5. As a motorcycle rider myself, I to am annoyed. People DON’T hear you coming no matter how loud your bike is. That being said, these fucking assholes that put loud exhausts on there cars for the sole purpose of making their Japanese piece of shit sound cool ,is pissing off everyone. I live in a redneck town and have to put up with this bullshit all night and day. Not to mention those assholes that own these fucking diesel pick_up trucks that sound like a goddamn semi truck! I can’t wait for everything to go electric. So fuck your intentionally obnoxiously loud vehicles. You’re not cool. You’re a menace! And fyi…. I would commit a crime to SHUT YOU UP because your noise is the real crime!

    2. Buses and lorries are loud? U aint moaning about them, this as a passion for some people, imagine if i took ur hobbie away? Would u be happy, naa u wouldnt. Kids a scared of most loud noises, part of growing up, so get over it

      1. Idiotic comment, buses and lorries are nothing in comparison, not even low flying planes make as much noise, secondly they transport goods or Many people, so they have a use in this world.

        In comparison to one twat on your loud bike. You hobby is to drive around revving and disturbing Everything you pass.

      2. 26th Feb 2015-Last night I was kept awake till 1am by some noisy vehicles driving round my local roads. I for one do NOT want to be kept awake by your stupid bloody “hobby”

      3. Agee 100% with you, all,though I understand people being annoyed with loud exhaust, I never tought of a reason having one until I started riding my motorcycle, couple close calls with car driver’s not paying attention changed my mind. Now I got loud Delkevic Exhaust..

      4. There is a difference between a slightly louder engine and someone revving up a moded exhaust which you all love to do.

        Your passion shouldn’t be allowed to ruin others peaceful life within their own home WHICH THEY DO!!!

      5. All people who put loud exhausts on a tiny 50cc scooter are utter regards.
        If only their parents had been sterilised we wouldn’t have to put up with the mindless noise pollution from these utter morons.
        Noise pollution is one of the worst nuisances’ and all offending vehicles should be crushed.

      6. when the vehicle has been modded to intentionally backfire and the car goes outside your house all fucking day then you would complain. bang bang bastard bang all night scaring everyone yeah great crack .when the car sounds like a shotgun going off over and over yeah that’s part of growing up .maybe not driving like a twat and modifying your car to a sensible standard is part of growing up ..

      7. You sound like a brain dead Neanderthal. Regardless of your attempt at forming an alternative point-of-view, the sense of entitlement in which you sprawl your illiterate ‘text-speak’ nonsense in such a chavvy narrative is truly frightening.

        It does not surprise me that such a creature would list this sort of antisocial, disruptive and pointless nonsense as a hobby.

      8. Lorries and buses are NECESSARILY loud. They are loud because their engine size necessitates noise.
        Little kiddies (some of them in their 40’s) fit noisy, after-market exhausts saying: “look at me, look at me!”.
        In any case, being kiddies does not justify breaking the law, and fitting a non-standard exhaust to simply increase noise, is illegal.

        It’s illegal to modify the exhaust system to make a vehicle noisier after it has been ‘type approved’ (checked it meets environmental and safety standards).

    3. These exhaust systems inflict a great deal of really unwanted noise on everyone they pass. They disturb the peace each and every time they start their engines. The individuals who drive these vehicles are basically saying “although I have job or position where I can be ordered about, I can drive through your neighborhood at 3 am raising a racket. I’m big because I can make a big noise”. This is the underlying message about the marketing for these exhaust systems. If they are so big, let them pay a substantial or big fine. There are many people with hobbies and interests that don’t disturb the peace. There is absolutely no way for these drivers to be unaware of the noise they are generating. When done day after day and night after night, this is pure and simple harassment and it should be treated as such by law enforcement.

      1. Some people are loud, and some are quiet. All different accept it..

      2. Bravo!
        These individuals who modify, cars, cycles, trucks, are disturbing the peace. Living near a major road, this non-sense goes on night and day. These knuckleheads are disruptive, attention seeking redneck morons!. Where are the police when we need them!

    4. The problem of loud vehicles, is becoming extremely prevalent, some of the loud motorcycles, you can hear for miles before they pass by, I was on a hike and a jet airplane went by, and a loud motorcycle drowned out,the airplane, it was so loud I could hear it from,3 miles away,these loud motorcycles are ruining our peace and quiet and our lives it’s unhealthy and something needs to be done, obviously law enforcement is doing nothing, possibly because,many law enforcement officers,own loud motorcycles themselves,and so they let it slide and do nothing, to enforce our laws.More people need to stand up,and do something about this lawlessness and protect our environment,from being terrorized, by loud vehicles and unnecessary noise.


      1. I have a performance exhaust on my motorcycle and one of the advantages is that it is loud. Why, you might ask? If you have never ridden a motorcycle on the road before, you won’t realise how stupid and oblivious car drivers are to anything that isn’t a car. I’ve lost count of how many times drivers pulled out on me or cut me off because they “didn’t see me”. A loud exhaust is my bikes way of saying “oi, fuckface, theres’a bike here don’t flatten me”

    5. Ban them! We live a mile from a road where bikers and boy racers in crappy cars accelerate hard. Their modified exhausts are deafening and it makes no difference that the road is that far away. This affects hundreds of homes bordering this road in question.

      The police are impotent in our area, interested in only serious crime. The council don’t care. Put pressure on DVSA to get MOT ambiguity around sports exhausts clarified -ie, modifying a manufacturer’s exhaust in any way is a fail.

      1. Sounds like you live near a good road without police hassle.. where is this?!

      2. This is a stupid idea. You can’t force car enthusiasts to use horrible factory exhausts just because you’re not into cars. I agree that obnoxiously loud exhausts are a bad thing but most real enthusiasts use better sounding exhausts not massively louder ones.

    6. Government is taking too much bloody control of motorists. Scrap Emissions testing on Mots and make mots tests simpler. Road tax on emissions should be scrapped and I’m glad VW had emission cheating devices and that they stood up to the EU as stricter emission controls reduced vehicle power output and increased full consumption. Get rid of catalytic converters, silencers (only if u drive slowly in a higher gear) and resonaters. But ban illegal street racing and bring in a lower drink drive limit than the rest of Europe.

      1. But don’t make too much noise from your car in residential/built up areas. Phase out fossil fuel cars and have more charging stations for electric cars

      2. I live in a tower block with five other blocks around me,these idiots with loud exhaust have little pity for us residents,its cars,motorbikes and even a couple of Quad Bikers too..there are nearly 600 homesteads in these blocks and any kind loud noise resinates hugely like being in an no chance of peace and quiet and time to enjoy on our balcony’s.

    7. you all think it’s gonna stop it ain’t it’s happened for years and will keep happening grow some balls and get over it the more you complain the more id love to sit on your door step bouncing the limiter in a saxo with no exhaust

      1. Your just a bunch of d##kheads everyone who isnt 9 years old or into being loud for its own sake is irritated by it

      2. You are the very kind of ignoramus that should be banned from ever owning anything mechanical.
        Unfortunately the world is full of idiots that think they can do as they please with no consequence, worse still the degenerates and reprobate’s don’t know what birth control is so re-produce more fine specimens and then cruelly foist their moronic beliefs onto their offspring.
        I believe the police do a fine job but need more resources and tougher powers to deal with morons like this

    8. Actually a louder exhaust can provide gain not only horsepower but also fuel econemy due to the less weight of the standard exhaust system and gas flow through the exhaust sytem itself. There is no limit for exhaust sounds on MOTs ect. The only sound level is for antisocial hours at night. Also a louder exhaust system can provide many other benifits such as people being able to hear you coming. Therefor warning people on how fast you are approaching and therefore helps judge speed so there is less likely that someone would walk out infront. The toyota prius and other electric/hybrid vehicles are higher in crash statistics with pedestrians than any other classification of vehicle.

      1. I have never heard such a load of antisocial hog wash, there is no need for a noisy exhaust , the attention seeking half wits like them, does anyone remember the air horns , no sooner they gave the police the power to stop and fine it was stopped within months do the same with noisy exhausts not just on bikes but cars too,these are the half wits that don’t like to pay road tax or insurance and no MOT, mostly antisocial ill educated morons,the karma directed at them when they go steaming by will kill them eventually, By the way another reason the police do not bother too much is they know they will be scraping them off the road the way they drive to get the required noise

      2. This exchange is an example of what happens when a bigot tries to argue with an actual car guy… Just made yourself look dumb Steven…

      3. Stanley, I’m a car guy and I can tell you Liam is way off base. Putting a performance exhaust on a factory equipped vehicle might gain 5, perhaps 10 horsepower. The problem with this is that a factory sedan is weighted so a 5 or 10 horsepower gain will not be noticed by the driver. Only a de-weighted vehicle would benefit from these louder exhausts and I would expect those kinds of vehicles to be put on a flatbed and towed to a local amateur track, not driven on public streets. Besides what i’ve already said, most exhausts that come from the factory are already designed to perform better than any exhaust that can be replaced. Take the Corvette for example, the factory muffler is the best muffler that can possibly be installed on it as of 2017 yet it is whisper quiet. Mufflers are nothing but a series of passageways winding through a material as to absorb loud explosive noises as the air passes through it. It is possible to have a high performing muffler that is quiet but I have never thought people put loud mufflers on their cars to make them perform better rather to seek attention and feel big. I fully support hobbyist who like to modify their cars in order to race them on tracks. Please, enjoy yourselves doing that but don’t drive those modified vehicles on public streets where it is illegal. Just because the police do not do as much as they should about this, they do respond to complaints and will write citations for specific complaints, especially when evidence is provided. I feel like the number of people defending their right to make noise in public areas are upset because they know that the more people like this complain and speak out, the more likely the rules will be tightened around modifying vehicles being used on public roads.

    9. Shut up you boring melt I wish I knew wer you lived so I could take my skyline out side and annoy the hell out of you !

    10. Well you can mock our passion in that case if you don’t like modified exhausts then you should ban fireworks.

    11. Get a grip…. I understand you moaning when it’s at night but daytime??? Have a word with yourself…. what are you going to do with cars that have a loud standard exhaust?? Buses… trains are loud you going to ban them too?? There are so many wet wipes in this world that just have to moan about something

    12. I live in a Tower block on 9th floor next to reasonably busy crossroads road north to south is level where as the other road is a steep road..and i too get the awful racket of loud exhaust noise from boy racers(some of them over 40yrs old) motorbikes with modified exhausts you can still hear 3/4 of a mile away..and four wheel all terrain vehichles with modified exhausts (ANnoyingly loud)add to that lorries and bus’s..and with moderate double glazing.. then it really is an infrongement on my right to have a reasonably noise free life..ive never seen a police car pull over any boy/man racers…cars with front darkened windows(illegal) or modified exhausts… the old bobby where i grew up pulled anything that was too noisy..suspicious etc..the police just dont do it anymore..

  2. Totally agree, motorcycles (and for some reason especially Harleys) are obnoxious, the setoff car alarms, wake kids up and if you happen to be sitting say at a pavement cafe nearby almost deafen you.

    It seems they are immune to MOT laws and the police dont care. Why aren’t more of them ticketed?

    Dont give me the excuse of “they need to be loud to be safe”, if you want something safe don’t ride a motorbike!

    1. They arnt ticketed because thats how the majority of superbikes and Harleys are released from the factory which means they have been approved for the road.

      1. the hell is wrong with people trying to put a bubble wrap on everything in the wotld these days men r turning into bitches smh i will put a loud exhaust on my car so try n stop me

      2. Some of the loud motorcycles,are being released from the factory with illegally loud exhaust and the department of transportation is doing nothing to stop that, so somehow the motorcycle manufacturers have gotten past the laws, that were put in place to protect the environment and the citizens,from being exposed, to the excessively loud vehicles, terrorizing our roadways,homes streets and towns,at this very moment, someone,
        somewhere,is enduring one of those loud obnoxious motorcycles right now! Its a sad state of consciousnesss that we have to endure the terrorizing of our environment,I have personally heard about 100 to 200 of those super loud machine pass by my house today, so disturbing, hopefully if we all keep trying we will stop the noise, may the Lawmakers listen to us

      3. Dave Johnson, you are incorrect. there are no superbikes and especially no Harley comes from the factory with loud exhausts. You are mistaken as they are prohibited by regulation to sell a bike from the factory without an EPA approved exhaust, you may want to do some more research on that. Perhaps you are referring to used Harleys and used superbikes after the previous owner replaced the factory exhaust?

    2. are you stupid? harleys sound like that when standard. Some eegit above also mentioned that it has no effect on power output. your a cyclist i assume because you have no idea what the hell your talking about. there is a legal limit and a car will not pass the mot if it exceeds this limit. therefore the car you see driving past is more than likely legal. just becuase the exhaust note is fruitier they are not that much louder than other environmental contributers eg buses bin lorries , vehicles that operate at anti social hours. get facts right before commenting on an alien subject to yourself. fools

      1. Get YOUR spelling correct before calling others fools, or YOU’RE going to look like the idiot YOU ARE.

        Sigh – I’m almost 40 and must be getting old. These overwhelmingly narcissistic, uncompassionate and illiterate younger generations have me truly worried about the future.

        Oh, busses, etc. actually server a purpose so I can deal with that. It’s the pile of useless noise being produced by vain punk-asses that makes we want to start up my chainsaw outside your windows while you’re trying to sleep.

      2. pluggyboy, I’d be happy to listen to you chainsaw if you make it sound nice! 2-strokes can sound really nice with a little tweaking.

      3. ashley, no Harleys do not sound like that by standard, you are incorrect. There are regulations preventing anyone from selling a vehicle without an EPA approved exhaust. Perhaps you are referring to used Harley’s being sold after a previous owner replaced the factory exhaust with their own?

    3. What are you going to do when all combustion engines are banned in the next few years?Park your skyline in the middle of a field and rev all night?Imbeciles.Actually the law says any noise exceeding 81db from 15 feet is considered a nuisance.Most of these shit heaps aren’t insured as the morons haven’t informed the insurance company about the modifications they’ve made.yet the police have seemingly gone blind and deaf,or perhaps just can’t be bothered when it won’t affect their arrest stats.

  3. Is the law still the same for normal vehicles if the exhaust is blowing you fail your MOT.If this is still law then why can you get away with a big bore when really IT makes the same bloody noise only louder.They should fail the MOT surely

    1. Because a blowing exhaust has a hole in it and is therfore damaged where a bigbore exhaust does not. Its nothing to do with how loud.

    2. reason it fails if blowing is if it was blowing in the centre for example this could allow poisonous gasses to seep into the vehicle dumb ass

  4. No need at all for loud exhausts. The kids on tiny 2 strokes are even worse than the Harleys. If a law exists it should be upheld. Get these people off the road.

    1. There isnt a law for noise as such. Thats how super cars get away with it. You ever heard how load a ferrari is? They are legal.

      1. Yeah, and ferarris are just littering the street like these Civics with coffee can mufflers and mid-40 balding morons on their straight-pipe Harleys.

        Loud vehicles that truly are “super” wouldn’t bother me as bad. It’s when I look out the window from the noise and see a POS hatchback that I’m ready to reach for a sniper rifle.

      2. Ugh?Your suped up naff mobiles sound pants,Ferraris they are not.In fact,the awful noise they make just draws attention to the fact they are rubbish.I like the sound of a sports car or an Impreza but not a Nova trying to sound like a super car,I live on a busy road and I’m not bothered by bin lorries, motorbikes,sirens etc.but I’m tired of boy racers driving up and down the road at 2 am keeping me awake every night.Do it in the daytime please,it’s no longer cute.

    2. two strokes? omfg shut up mate. Im a keen motorcycle and car enthusiast and when i was 16 i had a two stroke motorcycle cos unlike the majority of people clogging up this forum with uneducated crap, i had a full time college course and a job. not all of us are lucky enough to sit around all day and rely on bus travel.

      1. Yet YOU’RE still an idiot, and a bitchy princess too!

        Uneducated crap? Please help me find the location of a fact in your statements, cos m havin troubs findin 1 yo!

        No facts, just slander. Yeah, you’ve won this argument!

    3. But what makes me laugh is that Harleys as standard come from the factory with a pipe that makes it louder than our law permits ! Now I have fighter that has an aftermartket exhaust as the original rooted out due to the wet weather an salt Etc, but it is stamped with a Safty stamp an is lagitamit. But as for cars its useually cheaper to put a ‘loud pipe’ on there car than a quieter standard ? Wheres the sence in that as the loud one drive everyone nuts !

  5. I agree entirely. Many of these exhausts are defective and illegal but noone seems to do anything about it. Its pure selfishness on the part of the vehicle owners. In the case of motorcyles they can’t hear the exhaust through their helmit anyway and you can’t see their registration number. It definitely needs sorting out.

  6. This is a good idea. Anything that is loud that could be quiet, NEEDS to be quiet. Motorcycles, modified car exhausts, car stereos. If no one but the driver could hear the sound, I wouldn’t mind, let them become deaf because they’re idiots. I often hear these people saying that alot more things make noise like trucks, construction sites, police / firemen sirens and we don’t complain about it. Well, yes, it’s not fun hearing that, however they have a constructive goal in mind, unlike the loud idiots that only have a destructive mind.

    It’s very sad when you have to resort to law because common sense has disappeared from the surface of the earth.

    1. There our cars and or motorcycles and we do what we like with with what’s ours! Not being funny but all you fags on here complaining ain’t gunna change that so you might aswell quit, I got pulled over by a policeman the other week and you know what he said? He liked the sound of my car, told me to sort my bulb out and let me on my way 🙂 so everyone saying it ruins there peace? It’s like 5-10seconds when we drive past? Stop being so pathetic and grow up ffs! It’s not like we sit outside your house and rev fuck out of it is it? And onto the stereo thing, why build a standard stereo to play so loud, then complain the musics to loud? We do what we like and we don’t give a fuck! We work hard for what we want and no moaning motherfuckas are gunna change that!!!

      1. Your comment sums up why it is a good idea to change the law. It appears you don’t think about your impact on other people at all, in short you display all the hallmarks of the cretins who drive every night around the roads where I live until 2am.

        I can assume that these sad cases either cannot get a girlfriend, don’t have a proper job or still live with Mum when aged 42, either way no one thinks you are cool or clever, just pathetic losers.

      2. You do sit outside peoples houses and rev all night,you take great delight in annoying people.If you didn’t get this reaction from people you wouldn’t even bother,it’s one of the main reasons you do what you do.Do you sit outside your mothers/grannies/sisters houses and rev all night?Do you do it in fields or quiet country lanes?No, you do it in urban/residential areas where it is guaranteed to cause most annoyance because that is what you want,to annoy people by making excessive noise late at night.

      1. Its amazing how mony cars police send to as with modifications and noisy 1 in 10 pass

  7. Bad idea people should have the choice to modify there cars if they want and who’s to say that there not high performance? Anything can e high performance with a bit of know how, bike exhausts are a different story they need to be fairly free flowing and are designed in the majority of cases to enable a small capacity engine to produce a decent about of power.

    1. Patrick, the subject is to ban LOUD vehicle exhausts. You are free to get an aftermarket exhaust that IS NOT loud.

      I’m not sure what high performance means in your case. I don’t see formula-1 cars on the streets, yet they’re vehicles on 4 wheels as well. I don’t think high performance will give you any more performance on a normal street than a car that is not high performance. If you have a race car, uhh… keep it on a race track? not the streets. Thank you.

      1. You clearly do not understand the way a vehicle works. In order to increase flow (and in addition to other modifications, power) exhausts need to be larger in diameter and remove restrictions, it does not matter which vehicle it is applied to.
        Who are you to tell somebody they don’t have the right to free will? I.e in this case, upgrading the performance of thier vehicle, no matter what it is.
        They pass as infrequently as an emergency vehicle or lorry, so just put up with it!
        Instead, we should focus on and penalise the individual who is causing the nuisance, as it is them who chose to rev the engine at antisocial levels in built up areas.

      2. u can buy a buggati veyron, very loud and faster than a formula 1 car, they are road legal. Im with Patrick. I think u people just want something to moan about, clearly nothing else ud rather do but take away people hobbies and interests

    2. Sorry ricers, but as soon as you cause the rest of us anguish with your “hobbies”, you lose your privilege to said choice.

      Do what you want as long as you’re not harming anyone, but excessive noise has been proven harmful, so, unless you all want your own island together…

      That might actually be the solution now that I think about it. A city full of Vin Diesel wannabes. How long before they themselves become sick of the useless noise!

    3. But Tom, my hobby is to burn down the houses of ignorant blog commenters.

      Awe, whatdyamean I can’t have my hobby?! 🙁

  8. Are you serious? We’re “Anti-Social” for having loud exhaust? I enjoy the custom Flowmaster Super 40s on my truck, as I enjoy the loud and deep boom from the exhaust. I don’t care what you want. Did you pay for my truck, did you pay for the exhaust? It’s my money, I’ll use it on I want. If you can’t stand the sound, put some earplugs on, its not like we rev our engine or sit idle on the street for more than 2 mins.

    1. All who are opposed to loud exhausts GET THE FUCK OVER IT and STOP Turning this country into a controlling Nanny State. It is not up to you to justify whether or not we can enjoy the fruits of our vehicles. A Loud exhaust is simply in ones opinion a beautiful and natural sound of combustion. Just because Airplanes, Helicopters, Trains, and Semis are loud to an extent in which in my opinion are intruding of my peaceful setting. should they be Illegal and Banned and complained about??? NO… and if its really that fucking big of a problem and you have so much money, buy some noise cancelling headphones or find somewhere else to live! ITS CALLED FREEDOM!


      2. Lol at david with his imaginary 2.6 mil house and his pissy little ‘tude. Man up faggot and stick your address up, so we can all do burnouts on your front lawn…

      3. LOL at the ricers on here with their imaginary ‘super cars’.

        Honda Civic with a fart can, trying to make it sound like….I dunno…a sewing machine? Imaginary. LOL.

      4. All that are inconsoderate and crying about nanny state need to realize that THEY are ones who are pushing normal, non sociopaths to complain, and bringing in the nanny state.

        No one seems to want more laws bit the ones breaking them. You are asking for it plain and simple.

        You want attention and /or an ass beating, nothing more. Everyone has a right to peace and quiet. Unless you live by an insecure sociopath. Just go do mma and get your ass beat and realize where you stand in the food chain, the bottom. Your not fooling people into thinking your dominant in any way because your loud.

        If I can hear you exhaust in ever room in my house and you know this and don’t care you should be locked up. You are psychotic and have no consideration for others. Same problem here in the states. A sociopath is a sociopath. You should be grouped together so you can kill each other via vehicle wrecks, and argue over who has the loudest tail pipes.

    2. I dont disagree with modifying cars or what ever else people do, but respect for others wishes should be applied. people have different tastes and hobbies and this does not mean someone who dislikes your hobby of modifying should shut up. If gardening was massively loud (ridiculous I know) but as an example then Im sure you would have a problem with it when that person is out in the garden everyday. Round my area people do sit around idle and rev engines on street corners during the day and after 11pm (UK). They are in considerate people but the others are keen enthusiast in their hobby. Respect is what its down to, being obnoxious on a forum or Facebook is stupid and no one cares and that goes for either party. I personally dont like loud exhausts when Im at home working as it goes right through the house and you can hear some streets away. It is anti social unless your at a car event.

      1. Thank your for the drop of logic in this dirty bucket.

        Those complaining about the nanny state – if you had more respect for others, we wouldn’t give the gov’t the need to pass all these extra laws.

    3. so I can buy an electric guitar and the loudest amp in the world and stand outside your house at 3am and play it as loudly as I like,I don’t care what you want,did you pay for my guitar?Did you pay for my amp?You are a ridiculous uneducated moron.

  9. I don’t think anyone cares how much you pay for your noise-making toys. I don’t want to be subject to unnecessary noise when I’m in my own home. Why don’t YOU get a CD player and record very loud sounds on it and listen to them with earphones? And if you want to “feel” your noise, just put some massaging mat or something on your vehicle’s driving seat. Problem solved.

    Why is it so hard for you to understand that people want quiet? 2 mins is a long time, and when there are hundreds of you on the road, it makes many minutes.

    You are free to respect people’s right for quiet. Me being quiet doesn’t impede on your right to make noise, however you making noise impedes on my right for quiet. You should get a more constructive hobby than generating high-decibel noises. Ever think of knitting or making scaled models?

  10. I am so tired people who do not respect others. I mean I am so tires of these people it makes me mad. The system allows these lesser evolved humanoids to modify their appliances to one end only – their vanity. And what is worst, most of these people do not have a permanent job or a mortgage. If they were more occupied paying for their future residence then maybe there wouldn’t be sufficient funds left over to spend on useless shit that offends other people.

    1. Matt, this is the sort of comment I’d expect from someone who likes to think they know about the subject but actually hasn’t a clue. Like most people, I can’t stand those who drive around with loud exhausts just for the sake of it, but have you ever considered that there are some people like myself who actually tune cars and go on competitive/none competitive track days for a hobby? We are certainly not ‘lesser evolved humanoids’ as you put it. We may not all be able to afford £12k+ a year for a dedicated race car but that shouldn’t stop someone from enjoying and taking part in motorsport. I do have an aftermarket exhaust system as the engine is built to an extent which justifies it, however mine is specifically designed to be street legal and so is barely louder than a stock exhaust when driving around public roads. This set up did cost a fair bit more than a full N1 spec race system and it is still more restrictive but it can be done. I just find some peoples ignorance sickening and I get it all the time just because 2 of my cars happen to be stripped out with roll cages and look modified. People automatically assume that I must be a boy racer which couldn’t be further from the truth

      1. you all seem to be missing the point here. no matter HOW highly tuned the engine, the gases can only be ‘exhausted’ at the rate governed by the size of the ports in the cylinder head. a peugeot 106 for example, no matter how highly tuned, does not have 3 inch diameter circular exhaust ports in the cylinder head for each cylinder. due to the firing order on an engine, and the valve timing to make an engine run, at no point can the exhaust valves on 2 cylinders be fully open at the same time (the biggest restriction is the valve size, opening distance (cam lift) and open duration) so really there is NO need to have a 3 inch diameter pipe coming out from a rear silencer, especially when the rest of the system is often less than HALF the diameter! the exhaust needs to be unrestricted, regarding baffles etc, that is true, so some of the silencing ability is reduced if those are removed. the subaru impreza is another prime example. even in its turbocharged form, the exhaust is still MUCH bigger than the cylinder head ports available to each cylinder, so such large pipes and noise are totally useless, pointless and non productive. many years ago we tested 2 ford escorts. 1 with standard exhaust. 1 with a Jetex system. less than 5 decibels difference in the extwerior sound, yet power from the Jetex equipped car was unchanged from the much noisier system it replaced. it can be done, with the right know-how. and yes, i have built engines (too many to care about) over the years, and raced at low level (due to finances) as well as worked in the motor trade on the spanners ALL my working life, so yes i do have an idea of what i am talking about, before anyone decides to think im just some keyboard warrior

  11. i would agree until some twat like MATT comes along takin the piss out of others while saying I AM SO TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO DONT RESPECT OTHERS and then goes on to say THESE LESSER EVOLVED HUMANOIDS maybe you should look at yourself m8 you cant even make a point because you contridict yourself go back to sleep you prick

  12. Isn’t it really, really funny.
    Only TWO people replied ‘for’ loud exhausts. One of them couldn’t spell, and the other had to use the word ‘fuck’ in their message.

    Says it all, doesn’t it?

    1. whats also very funny is the fact that the majority of the forum is against modified cars. have you not noticed that not a single person has any education on the subject? its all assumptions and opinions. NOT FACT. In reply to your comment there is some cave man saying i dare you to make noise outside my 2.6 million pound house. Over compensation for lack of man hood? I own 2 modified cars (cost me in excess of 75K) and i am also a professional cage fighter. Would you like to call me a young chav or thug? I run my own accountancy firm at the age of 25 and i also play bowls at county and national level. NOT EVERYONE FALLS INTO THE SAME CATEGORY> STEREOTYPICAL GRUMPY OLD MEN. Hilarious thing is that the 700bhp skyline is a ridiculous car in your opinion but you just love your old mg’s or jaguars(which probably have been modified, are less than likely maintained correctly as noone on here has a clue about cars and to be honest probably louder)

      1. Yeah all these people have no idea, ‘oh hes a yob coz his cars loud’, i happened to have a loud car, i dont drive it badly, i enjoy driving it. Ashley i admire u, wish i had a skyline lol

    2. Im sorry, but you’re an idiot Weevie.

      The reason that there are not many response’s for people apposing this “ban on loud exhausts” is because people who are in favour, or people who do not feel their life is massively affected by modified exhaust systems, would not be searching for web pages where they can appeal to introduce such a ban….

      There should be no ban or restriction on people using modified exhaust systems on their cars, restrictions should only be considered on anti-social behaviour which involves people driving cars with the engine at unnecessarily high rpm’s just to create a racket during the early hours of the morning in built up areas.

      I don’t want to have to remove the aftermarket exhaust system on my spitfire, as im sure neither do lots of other motorists who have non-standard exhausts systems which may be “too loud”, just because a few ricers are driving their 1 litre saxo round the council estate at 2am to purposely piss all their grumpy neighbours off.

  13. I think there’s a lot of fuss about nothing here.
    The annoying thing is when your having a nice pint and there’s a family in the pub and a child starts screaming (110db) that’s louder than an exhaust! But no one says anything about this.
    Carry on watchin’ yer telly and prunin’ yer plants, but don’t forget keep them kids quiet coz it could damage your hearing!

    1. This is a pathetic comment. Kids can’t be controlled, after all they’re kids who have little knowledge, im sure you screamed when you were a child. Exhausts on the other hand are an option which can be controlled hence the reason why no one wants the irritating noise. The only ones who require the noise of an exhaust are those people who want to look cool but really you all must be sole losers who require the help of that irritating noise to let the world know you exist. To be honest no one cares you exist if you’re going to have that noise around!

      1. Understandabely kids can’t be controlled, however when I was three I never frequented pubs or working mens clubs!
        More often than not its not the exhaust – a modern 600cc sportsbike will rev to 14,000 rpm.
        And if no one cares we exist then I honestly don’t see the problem… no one knew I existed today when a driver wasn’t paying attention and ran in the back of me.
        However some people that ride motorcycles myself included like to try and stand out to avoid these situations. This may include wearing reflective clothing, using dipped lights in the daytime or taking the baffle out of your exhaust to be heard.

      2. Children can be controlled its called good parenting. Also any parent that takes a baby or young child to s pub is not a fit parent and therefore much lower in society and SCUMMIER than a modified car enthusiast

      3. to say scummier about anyone is ridiculous. Do you know them, their background, their life, their problems. No is the answer you are looking for. Come back when you have learnt how to talk with respect.

      4. errmm!!! Kids can be controlled. Education and a firm upbringing. my child wouldn’t dare have a hissy in a public place.

      5. Are you implying YOU’RE just less scummier than other ‘scum’ Ashley? Maybe in my opinion, your parents weren’t suitable to have children themselves?

        Alright, I’ll take a break from shining the spotlight on your brilliance now. It’s just so damn easy. Fun too!

  14. Even putting aside the safety arguement for loud exhausts on motorbikes (which is a /very/ strong arguement, it makes a noticeable difference to cars cutting across you in traffic), you’re still left with the arguement that a lot of people enjoy the sound of good engines.

    Sure there are a lot of 1.1 fiesta’s with noisy exhausts on, but that’s just youngsters trying to imitate the cars they like but cant afford. I know for a fact though if I hear a big engined bike or sports/classic car come through a village or into a pub rumbling the ground, I’d be straight out to have a look and a chat.

    People take pleasure in vehicles, and the sounds they make are a large part of that. I know my dad used to say in his motorbiking years you could accurately tell what bike was coming down the road by the sound it was making. Noise and exhaust gas regulations are making that a thing of the past, and most cars are very quiet these days, so leave the few of us that still love engines alone with our rare pleasures.

    1. I have no problem with your “rare pleasure” as long as it does not disturb others.

      It is selfish and quite frankly shows one is rather ignorant by justifying a hobby from one’s own perspective with no consideration for others.

      1. Hypocrite. By forcing your opinions and views on others, as if you’re the only person who’s view is valid, make you selfish and quite frankly rather ignorant.

    2. Those for the right to their annoying hobby are classless twits. Excuse me, but your rights end where mine begin.

      There is scientific proof that excessive noise causes stress, and that loud pipes do not save lives. Want to ride a bike? Your risk, and you have no right to offend me because of your hobby.

      To the genius talking about crying babies in a restaurant…you have the choice to go to a place where children aren’t welcome, like a bar.

      Were it not for narcissistic punks with their fart cans on their cars, we wouldn’t need a nanny state. Seriously, grow up Vin Diesel. It’s not about performance on your crappy car – it’s about attention. If the excessive noise only occurred once in a while from a truly impressive car, it wouldn’t bother me so bad. Your Civic? Flock off lol!

      In the mean time, how about all the ricers pick one city and all move there together. Wouldn’t that be paradise for the rest of us? I wonder how many of them would enjoy their high performance city?

      Once teenage girls no longer think it’s cool…this trend will finally die thankfully. The nanny state will eventually crack down if not, and you’ll have yourselves to blame for your lack of respect to others. Thanks in advance!

    3. Actually, if you do some research, safety is not a strong argument at all thanks to the laws of physics and the direction sound travels.

      As soon as you leave us alone with your unnecessary noise Mike, we’ll leave you alone too 🙂

  15. It is not pointless modifying an exhaust improves performance and mpg. adding mpg means saving the earth.

    1. Yeah, keep telling yourself you’re making a difference. Green ricers who care about the earth now? Like you care about much other than your image. Take a picture of yourself saving the world and post it on your FB page for validation LOL

  16. I flipping hate those small peckard kids driving by my house setting off my car alarm every night with their exhaust! Pretty soon I think I’m goin buy myself a rifle

    1. I hate you lol, get over it, ill take away your hobbies, bet ull love that. A hate moaning people like you, judgemental and have nothing better to do!

      1. And so what if they do, because there’s nothing wrong that. Ableist a**hole. Sick of seeing stinking attitudes like yours towards disability.

      2. And so what if they actually do, because there’s nothing wrong with that. Ableist a**hole. So sick of seeing stinking attitudes like yours & constant disrespect towards disabled people.

  17. To people like Dave wo are reactionary lunatics , who desperately need psychological help , some of us who dont live in 2.6 million home cant afford to run 2 or 3 cars so my hill-climb car that I spent 3 years building was also my daily drive it was based on a 106 rallye , so probably not a “performance car” in most people view but the race tuned engine and exhaust was quite loud but as I said I dont have the luxury of being able to carry out my hobby and owning loads of cars, so before everyone gets all like Dave here I think each case would have to be judged on its own merits. However I agree things like Harley’s are ridiculous.

      1. So each case deserves to be judged on its own merits? Yet all things like Harleys are ridiculous? Doesn’t that strike you as hypocritical? It’s ok for you to be loud, but not others who choose a different mode of transport? I’m all for a reasoned argument, but yours is slightly flawed, don’t you think.

  18. I have a sticker above my exhaust, says “haters gonna hate”

    I’m 19 and I pay £3000 insurance for my 1.2 Clio, so add that up…£2400 for the car £3000 for insurance add mot and tax we’re talking almost 6k that I’ve saved working while studying…

    If the system wasn’t so broken I’d have spent that 6k on a performance car but seems I get bullshit insurance for no reason other than my date of birth i’ll turn my little clio into a car that looks / sounds like a performance. Vanity, yeah but it’s the insurance companies vanity for taking a stupid amounts of money off me for a thing that’s a basic req to drive..

  19. I happen to own a 650 Daytona and a u.s camaro….go ahead ban them..
    people can still be loud by revving an engine on a 1.2 poppa does no make one difference what so ever

  20. Modifying cars is a hobbie a passion for me and a lot of others .who are you to say that it should be band ? Go and find something else to moan about you sour old farts !

    1. Aye! Well said Ben. Everybody is entitled to a “hobbie”. I also have a hobbie… I like to play trumpet in the middle of night outside peoples windows. How do those bastards dare to complain about it!!!

  21. Funny how my standard ford focus makes more noise than most of these “modified” cars that you’re talking about… and that passes all tests and was only made 2 years ago!

    Learn the law before you start quoting it…

    1. I like this comment, I have the same thing. I have a 2000 Honda Civic Type R which I use as my daily driver and to attend track days and an amateur competition series run at a local sprint circuit. This car has a Spoon race developed engine (which is blueprinted to be used in Japan in the Super Taikyu enduance race series). I paid over £7, 000 to have this engine imported over here. Its a full race spec engine and will rev to 9800rpm but I use a Spoon Street exhaust (as the name implies it is designed for street use). I have recently bought another project car which is a totally standard 1989 Mazda MX-5. Under 4000rpm the Mazdas standard exhaust is MUCH louder than my Civic with a race buit engine. Its all about the driver, not ‘loud exhausts’

  22. Loud exhausts save lives. If you can hear the vehicle coming, its a good thing. You won’t be petitioning when you walk out in the road not having heard that electric powered eco-car and get run over!

    1. I think that people should have a right to modify their vehicles, but I’m not entirely sure you have a right to annoy others with your noise. I just bought a Harley that the previous owner modified, obviously without any knowledge, and it’s so loud it’s annoying, so I’m sorting it out. It’ll still be modified, sound like a bike should, but won’t bug others. Incidentally, loud exhausts don’t save lives. I work in a 999 ambulance and you wouldn’t believe the amount of car and truck drivers who pull in front of us or fail to notice us, even with lights and sirens.

    2. I’m petitioning your facts, because, there’s proof your argument is BS. Google it, and please stop using this invalid excuse.

      BTW, I use my eyes when crossing the road too, and when I shut my eyes to sleep, since I can’t shut my ears, flock off with your noise!

      1. Sorry but you are a complete tool, spouting the same nonsense over and over again, to anyone who happens to disagree as part of this thread.

        Lets stop pretending googling information makes it fact (Wikipedia isnt fact…) – some of the people here actually have experience at the matter in hand and are likely more qualified to comment.

        As for using your eyes, crossing the road in london is becoming a daily gauntlet what with these silent killer electric cars purring past – in my opinion they should have some artificial engine note on them at least to help people notice when they are approaching.

  23. Alot of people who own performance cars with free flowing exhaust (that as a result of being free flowing are loud) normally are fully aware of how loud their exhausts are and the impact it has on others. Now it may not be any consolation to the people who want peice and quiet but majority of them purposely drive at low revs in built up areas to keep noise down. I own a rotary engined car which i have modified and tuned myself using all street legal parts, and spent alot of money and time on, the car requires warming up before driving, i live in a residential area, if i want to go out after 7pm, i drive my car round the corner to an industrial estate where i let it warm up and quite often if i come home late ill park it in the industrial estate as it has a turbo timer on (which allows the engine to run on after key is taken out the ignition to allow oil to circulate and cool), i then pick it up the following morning. I understand your point, but equally there is alot of other hobbies out there you dont hate on that make noise and impact the environment but becuase you percieve modifying cars to be anti-social and for dimwits you discriminate it, modifying cars is a hobby that some are very passionate about, brings alot of money into the economy, has resulted in alot of the safety and environmental innovations on your cars today and has alot of well educated people involved in designing/tuning/modifying etc and you should take that into consideration before saying “ban it” although i am all for tighter control on non street legal parts and parts used on vehicles not intended for which i believe is part of new EU proposal.

  24. F***ing deal with it half u tossers probs dont even have jobs and are moaning because it interrupts ur jeremy kyle sh*t get over the exhausts it saves bikers lives every day

  25. what a bunch of uptight a holes. Whatever happened to freedom of rights? I have ridden bikes for the last 38 years and the biggest life saver has been loud pipes. Car drivers are oblivious to bikes at the best of times but when they are scooting along with their stereo blasting the only thing that draws their attention to a bike in close proximity is loud cans. You may not like the sound of loud bikes but I hate the sound of screaming brats on a sunday morning even more. Each to their own. Oh, and if you do ever try to set fire to one of my bikes do not under estimate how far many bikers would go to protect their bikes. I would have no hesitation in doing time for it so be warned.

    1. You’re free to drive something safer than a bike if you’re concerned about the safety of that brilliant noggin of yours.

      In jail yet? That’s a shame, but at least my hood is a little quieter!

  26. f**k you with your two point six million pound gaff = why dont you say where you live give us your post code and see who is laughing when you get 10 crackhead niggers tying you up ! if i was you i would watch what you say ! money aint everything and can be easily taken away ! ha

    1. If money ain’t everything, why you homies trying to be something you not whit yo fake-ass ‘performance’ POS cars!

      Sigh. This world needs a strong sanitizer.

  27. There are some who simply attach a “Bucket” to the tailpipe of the exhaust, for no reason, other than to draw attention to themselves. However, as has already been pointed out, more efficient exhausts will be more noisy, since silencing creates a restriction and that reduces power (Thus vehicles designed or modified, to give more power, will often become more noisy). Anyone, who knows anything about engines, can tell the notes of what is just noisy, to something that is potent.

    I am not sure what the rules are, relating to road vehicles and MOTs but road going vehicles, used in motorsport, are subject to noise limits (Indeed even racing cars are silenced in many cases; F1 being an exception).

    To pass a law, banning such a modification from standard, would be the thin end of the wedge and there are many degrees of defining “Standard”. I am sure the motor manufacturers would love to ban non standard cars, as you could argue, that anything fitted with a pattern part, is non standard (And so once the manufacturers stop producing spares, for a given vehicle, it can no longer be standard). The classic car sector within the UK is worth a great deal of money to the economy and such a law would damage this.

    The boy racers are a menace but banning loud exhausts is not the way to tackle them (Surely having such loud sound systems distracts them from driving). In many cases, when you peel back the plastic appendages and filler, there you find an ill maintained wreck. You don’t need more rules to tackle boy racers (Or any other bad drivers, such at the aggressive BMW or Audi driver jammed up your exhaust); you just need to enforce the laws we already have.

  28. Think of this…. 4 years ago I was smashed off my motorcycle on the M60, I driver pulled across me because they did not look (or hear me? – which was one of their excuses I may add) because of that crash I lost a career in Quantity Surveying and estimating because I can no longer work on complex mathematical problems or concentrate for long periods of time on mathematical tasks without getting excruciating pains in my head, due to the frontal lobe brain damage I sustained when i stopped on my head!
    The Policemen said, you could do with a louder exhaust mate! I now have a loud exhaust and no one has pulled out on me since. and if they try I rev the nuts off it! and they soon see me….but still, not being “heard” ruined a thirty grand year career and at 27 I now work in a factory. So not all of us with loud exhausts have them because of vanity or ignorance, I have mine because it makes me safer and the bonus is I get better mileage out of the tank because the performance of the engine is better.

  29. and cars it’s not needed but on motorcycles

    there should be a law that cardrivers should pay attention for a change

  30. Things like this make me happy that my exhaust sets off car alarms. Most of you are so retarded i wont even start on you. They do give power there safer because kids that you dont look after properly hear us coming when they are playing in the middle of the road. A child has been run down my way by these so called peaceful quiet cars you frickin idiots. I hope one day one of you are behind me in traffic

  31. Modifications to car and motorcycle exhausts that increase noise are illegal and have been for many years. The police do not bother to enforce this as they do not consider it to be important. Go to countries like Germany and you will find these laws are enforced and yet they still seem to have a lower rate of motorcycle related incidents than we do, could it be that they drive better?

  32. Possibly the stupidest idea I have heard for a long time, how can a car exhaust ruin people’s relaxation time, tv’s are loud, babies crying are loud, people on the phone are loud, im sure someone driving past with a loud exhaust mod will only create an ‘annoying’ sound for about 10 seconds, then its gone. stop moaning .

    1. “how can a car exhaust ruin people’s relaxation time”
      Really? You’re actually asking this? Maybe if my car had made me half deaf too, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

      10 seconds? Wrong! On a quiet evening, I can hear a dbag narcissist’s every turn for several blocks in the neighborhood before fading into the distance.

      As soon as TVs, babies and people on their phones are sitting outside my window, we can talk more…

      Sheesh – do you people not see the idiocy in your arguments?

      1. Whilst I understand both sides of the argument, I find it so sad that our society has nothing better to do than complain. There are so many worse things in life than loud exhausts. Go do some charity work and make a real difference to people who actually have something in their lives worth complaining about. And if you refuse to do that and still have a huge problem get out from behind your computer and get a better job so you can afford a house with a garden so big you cannot hear the road.

  33. This petition is totally dim-witted and suffers from a clear lack of knowledge from the original author. Yes, there are nuisance drivers out there who chuck a baked bean tin on their exhaust and think that somehow a louder car equates to a better car, but for the large majority an enlarged exhaust exit is part of an improved exhaust and airflow system, thus increasing the performance of the car dramatically, often releasing power that is stifled by the manufacturer to assist with the various emissions laws in other territories where the car is sold (a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach).

    If you have an issue with your neighbour then I suggest you ask them to be more considerate when accelerating down your street, but do not tar everyone with the same brush and at least get your facts straight before trying to petition government to make draconian changes to the law to appease your cowardly nature.

  34. I suggest instead that we ban all the joeys who drive 40mph everywhere and those who speed up/swerve when being overtaken

  35. There’s a lot of anger and intolerance on this thread, and everyone’s point would be made a lot better if there were fewer insults. I live on a main road, and there are lots of ‘boy racers’ with loud exhausts. It’s not the nicest noise, but during the day, meh, I live on a main road. They want to modify their cars, their prerogative. However, rights are not unlimited, and it would be nice if those above endorsing so vehemently their freedom to do as they pleased considered the impact of their actions on others. Noisy cars during the day are one thing – as has been noted, they aren’t the only noise around. But, is it necessary to make that noise at 12, 1, 2 or 3 in the morning? I don’t think this is necessarily an issue for legal regulation, but some thought on both sides would be welcome.

  36. I am an enthusiast on cars and car modifications, I find some if not most of the comments on this topic to be a moot point, 98% of all drivers who choose to modify there car do so within regulations and without damaging the societal population, Bigger bore exhausts free up the gasses through the pipes allowing more flow and increased performance, if you didn’t know that maybe you should embark on some research before voicing your opinion, I have encountered one or 2 vehicles in my years as a driver/modifier that have been offensively loud but I’ve had to go looking for them, these cars are a rarity and unless you are living in a hugely built up area with a load of younger generations not to mention the older generation car enthusiasts then you should not be impending judgement on them for their choice of hobby. Most car enthusiasts are approachable and if you speak with them in a calm manner about your problem you could easily come to some arrangement, the proof I have seen so far is that none of you seem willing to do that. Car enthusiasts will never disappear so it might be a good idea to learn to get along with them and maybe try to work together so you both can enjoy your favorite pastimes be it loud exhausts or sitting in silence.

    1. Moot points huh? Please cite your 98% stat.

      I need to research cars to determine (in my opinion of course), if modified loud ones bother me?

      So, although it would be nice if we could both enjoy our favorite pastimes, since I live in a “hugely built up area with a load of younger generations not to mention the older generation car enthusiasts”, can I have my opinion now and not be sad if laws are passed to control your pastime?

      I hate excessive laws, but sorry, I have being annoyed by unnecessary things more!

  37. I have long enjoyed the sounds from cars such as TVRs and Lotus. With the increasingly stringent new car laws I find that to maximise enjoyment of the cars (in addition to increasing pedestrian safety) it is almost necessary to make some modifications. I don’t believe this causes any real nuisance to anyone. Of course, sound is a very subjective nuisance. I would much rather have the sound of the local church bells removed. These cause me endless annoyance both for their excessively primitive ‘music’ and the reminder of the popularity of delusional belief systems.

    It seems that, at best, the focus upon motorist issues is a poor allocation of resources.

    There are already sufficient laws to tackle anti-social behaviour in cars within the existing legal framework.

    I’m tired of handing over > 50% of my income into mindless inefficient schemes that benefit almost no one. Can’t the Government please focus on aligning market values with social utility. Can’t the focus be on improving life for everyone by properly aligning goals and incentives? There are so many of us working so damned hard in all sorts of random directions divergent from our true goals. Shouldn’t Government be about assisting with the organisation of individual efforts into positive-sum games?

  38. I don’t understand the point of these stupid things on the exhausts! Are they meant to make the cars sound like an expensive sports car, because trust me when I here one fly past my house I don’t think a £200k sports car has just fled up the road!!!

    To those who claim we are just moaning. Some idiot flies up our road every morning at 6:30am and the noise is horrific, and as our bedroom is at the front it’s really disturbing. You may think we’re being miserable but noise is a major problem and can cause some people stress and when it is caused by something as useless as a modified exhaust its is extremely fraustrating! BAN THEM NOW!!!

  39. Loud mufflers are what they are – LOUD. Firstly, they disturb the peace. They are annoying people that are driving by, that are in their homes, and they have no use other than to show off. Hobby? I think not. It is the same as talking loudly in a public place and claiming it as a hobby. Those that use these modified mufflers need to understand that they have to be considerate of others, that they are not the only ones on the roads, that there are homes with sleeping babies nearby, that they cannot be driving around, especially at night, making noise, when there is also a ban on loud music at night.

  40. Im into modding cars. I got a full stainless system on my car, custom backbox and its not that load, but loader then when it left the factory, which was quite restrictive. Main reason i done it, as its a turbo engine was to increase flow and performance. Not to be an arse and disturb the peace. I do agree to a certain point, some exhaust are silly, a big old can on a 1.3 nova is just plain stupid.

  41. Loud Exhausts are not the issue! Its the owners of cars with loud exhausts that rev them up and rag there cars stupidly that is the issue. an aftermarket system can still be quite if the car is driven sensibly. I have been modifying and tuning cars for years and can say that all the aftermarket systems that we have fitted have been much quieter than many high performance street cars standard systems.

  42. Ask yourself, what is really more annoying and detrimental to peace and quiet?

    1) A car with a loud exhaust driving past and gone within minutes (or seconds!)

    2) Kids screaming and shouting whilst playing in the street outside your house for hours at a time?

    Clearly, it’s #2. However, nobody would complain about that. So why do people target drivers?

    Live and let live. If you complain about car noise all day, maybe move to a cul-de-sac or better yet live out in the countryside where you will hear nothing but birds farting in the wind.

  43. i drive a van and i all so have a moddified porsche with a after market exhurst that is louder when you are driving fast but isnt when driving normal .there are lots of chaved up vauxhall corsas and car of that kind with huge over the top dog food can size exhursts that do sound total crap and are load at any speed thay should be stoped yes thay give us all a bad name

  44. Loud Cans Save Lives!

    Motorcyclists are hard to see on the road. The classic defence is “SMIDSY” sorry mate I didn’t see you when a car pulls out on a bike at a junction. Filtering (moving in the space between cars) is completely legal. If you can hear the bike coming then this is a very good thing (especially when filtering as sometimes people change lanes without indicating before they do so). Also, HID motorcycle lights (the really really bright ones those huge 4×4 have are not available at the moment for motorbikes) meaning they are at a natural disadvantage in poor visibility conditions (another reason the loud exhausts are good).
    “Motorcyclists represent 1% of traffic yet account for up to 20% of the deaths and serious injuries on our roads.” – Stat from

  45. HAHA, you think that bigger exhausts mean louder. It’s the idiots who put massive exhaust tips on the back of their cars. So it’s not the exhaust system but the massive tips on an otherwise standard exhaust system.

  46. Is the only reason for these exhausts to try and make their cars sound like a sports car? If so I’m sorry to disappoint but the noise that come out of these modified exhausts sound NOTHING like the roar of the engine of a £100k sports car! When some Chav idiot fliess past in his clio I do not for a single second believe there is a engine of a lambagini under the bonnet.

    I am sick of these noisy cars going past my house. Every time they do I cringe I case they wake up my 12 week old.

    BAN THEM NOW!!! Noise is a serious nusance so why are people allowed to purposely create a mobile noise machine that creates a nusance for people everywhere they drive?!

  47. i am 24 have a kid and still like my loud exhaust…is not about caring for the neighbor waking up or getting some attention.all of you have only the insurance companies for taking it to far with their prices…recently i decided to get a ( ford mondeo 2.5 V6 zetec-s ) its fast its confy and then i decided to do a few things..1.take of catalytic converter. 2.add extra 2 back boxes that will not restrict the flow of the air coming out. 3.taken of every single silencer possible on that poor thing…now i wake up at 5 to be at work for 6 in the morning and hell yes i make sure everyone wakes up with me…but i like it because my neighbors are not stuck up to complain about me.but when police stop me and car has everything it needs then its not a problem…now to the loud exhaust is some nice stuff u should know.when you have cheap insurance get a car with a V6 engine…police will test the sound up to 2000:RPM a V6 starts shouting like a lion at 2500:RPM and then u know the rest 🙂 so most peoples argument on here its invalid.

    1. As long as unproductive twits like you keep posting on here, the arguments against are very valid.

      If I evas wakes up witchoo at 6am, yous gonna be going to sleep early that night…and not waking up the next morning yo!

      1. and you just proved my point by being stuck up…but ok i will not have some loud exhaust anymore.i will just simply get a factory standard car with a v8 on it.i think its called Dodge Charger R/T 1970.but no wait that would be to loud for should we just shut down the Dodge car making factory and leave people without a job.but why would you care when you dont have to work any more and just sit on the couch all day like a couch potato and just live on whatever pension you get.

    2. 24+kid=maturity? Proven on shows like Jerry Springer daily!

      Give it a couple years…the police will begin taking neighbour complaints seriously so they’ll start complaining, or one of them will simply go postal on your ass before then.

      “now i wake up at 5 to be at work for 6 in the morning and hell yes i make sure everyone wakes up with me”

      Might want to look up the definition of stuck up genius.

  48. i think loud exhaust on motorbikes is a good idea because them daft car drivers never look for bikes unless they hear them , this means saving lives

    1. The ‘think bike’ campaign is ridiculous when you consider many of the people who lose sleep at night, or who become stressed and suffer anxiety from unwanted noise are actually car drivers, driving tired.
      I’ve got bikes and drive a van all day, I can tell you noisy pipes do nothing for me. In a modern cabin I don’t hear any exhaust noise until a second after the bike has past.
      A high vis helmet and trousers (high vis patches around the knees) are the best thing Ive seen on a biker. Those high vis rucksac covers are also essential in poor weather. High vis material is actually more noticeable than the headlight being on during daytime, yet many bikers with something to prove will dress in black and rely (wrongly and dangerously) on their noisy race pipe to get attention.
      The think bike campaign needs to educate all car drivers that a biker is most likely breaking the law by speeding, so let him go at all costs.
      A recent safety campaign users a bikers helmet cam showing him breaking the law near a junction and being killed.

    2. I bet you wear bright clothes and do all that other safety stuff too huh?

      Quiet your ride and ride appropriately or drive something safer. Not safe enough? Walk.

      Your safety isn’t my problem when I’m in my house listening to your pipes.

      1. Bruce, you’re a selfish arse. “Your safety isn’t my problem when I’m in my house listening to your pipes”. You’re literally saying that you’d rather he get hurt or killed than you have to hear some noise for a few seconds.

  49. Anything other than the original equipment is illegal to instal on a car or motorcycle.
    That old chestnut about motorcycle needing to have after market exhaust so people can hear them coming is bogus.
    It would be better if motorcyclists drove properly and stop speeding and weaving in and out of lanes and this may help the car drivers and others be aware of them and there is no need for loud exhausts when the original equipment is loud enough.

    I guess it is time for new by laws to deal with the stupid people who insist on being jackasses.

  50. If you fit a trombone on your car exhaust and drive around looking for the attention you are so obviously and desperately seeking (and you must be very shallow) and then whinge when someone gives you the attention you have sought, you are an idiot – you got the attention you wanted so don’t complain.

    Subsequently the people not in favour of said trombones have the right to ask for them to be banned because they are pointless and cause upset. Conversely if you are in favour of them please start your own thread for a law to allow them and don’t hijack this thread – this one is for banning them. And that sounds a lot more reasonable than a pointless musical instrument sticking out of a car exhaust.

  51. I am absolutely all in favour for a nationwide ban on the exhaust modifications. I’ve got to say that these kids who get off on the noise their car makes are just twats basically. Its in built up areas and particularly up and down streets that I have a major issue. Why? Its not all about you.. Let other people enjoy their quiet time without screaming around in your silly little hairdryers. I reckon burn their cars and bikes while they watch and then shoot them. (NB. I dont feel strongly about this at all 🙂

  52. Yeah let’s ban loud exhausts, why not ban loud cars, or better off just ban all cars, ban working and school and just sit around in peace and quiet…

  53. just because you people dont know how to have some fun you have to spoil it for everyone else.well why not go say something to people that make Ferrari and all that high end performance cars to stop making their exhaust loud.but no wait you cant do that.the government would never stop it because they think that all the companies that sell this and the exhaust pay more tax in 1 year then what you pay in a life i think you all still have a invalid argument…and why dont you ask some of this people with loud exhaust why they do and why they cant keep it normal.then listen to what they have to say and maybe understand how it makes them feel….

    if you people dont like the loud stuff then go get a house in a place with no road.because i pay about £300 pound MORE then you do a year just to keep my loud exhaust on that really i kind of have more privileges on the road then most of you people do.but i still stick to speed limits and road there is another thing you cant argue about.

    seriously.let some people enjoy what they can because 1 day everyone then there is a life gone thinking why not just try it.

  54. Benny, please explain to me why you feel these nob’s with their silly little cars have the right to make other people’s lives miserable for their own personal pleasure?

    Keep up with the conversation lad. We are talking about ‘exhaust modifications here’ not a porche or ferrari or any car for that matter which was specifically designed as a sports car. If you are paying £300 more than everyone for road tax, there is a high chance that you have a very expensive car. I am talking about those who drive modifed hondas, corsa’s and subaru’s who have modified their exhausts to create as much noise as possible and think its funny to do so. These guys are just w*nkers basically.

  55. There is no reason why a powerful car should have a loud exhaust. This is basic Physics, I’m afraid, although I presume that few of the supporters of this ludicrous ‘hobby’ can spell Physics, let alone know what it is.

    Making the lives of other a misery is not freedom – it is a selfish imposition, and typifies the snide small mindedness of the people who espouse it (look it up, Kevin and Gary). Expecting me to buy earplugs so that you can indulge your pathetic little obsession is neither an answer nor an argument.

    The solution is simple;

    1. Torch any car with these dustbin exhausts, ideally with the occupants still in it. Do it now, before they get a chance to breed.

    2. Knock any motorcyclist with an excessively loud exhaust off the road, ideally into the path of an oncoming truck, then arrest the truck driver for manslaughter. Two birds, one stone.

    3. Chemically castrate anyone who writes on this forum without being able to spell, or use grammar, syntax and punctuation. See previous point about breeding.

    That should do it.

    Finally, a festive Christmas cracker riddle for you;

    – What do you call a dustbin-exhaust Subaru that’s on fire?
    – A good start.

  56. PS – I am not the illiterate Chris who wrote about loud exhausts being a safety device for bikes a few posts ago. It’s just an unfortunate coincidence, a bit like politicians outwardly resembling normal human beings.

  57. 3. Chemically castrate anyone who writes on this forum without being able to spell, or use grammar, syntax and punctuation. See previous point about breeding.

    You might want to re-read that last ‘sentence’, “chris”.

    I guess you mean James G, who said “nob’s” instead of “nobs”, Well that’s a very proportional and reasonable comment, if unintentionally hilarious.

    Now, could you expand on those aspects of ‘basic Physics’ which conflict with standard engineering practice, with regard to efficient exhaust design for internal combustion engines?
    Tell us all you know about scavenging, manifold branching, heat management, and flow rates. I look forward to your thoughts on resonance tuning, attenuation through absorption rather than restriction, emission control, and whatever else you’ve been hiding for all these years that could have helped us to have environmental silence without compromising power output.

    thanks in advance

    1. Trigger Warning – Please scroll past this post if you are someone who cries easily or has nightmares ~~~
      i really truly HATE -HATE- HATE my petrol-head neighbors in the apt. complex across the road from my house, who drive big, angry, noisy trucks that make the walls of my house vibrate with all their infantile, truck engine sounds. I seriously want to kill them. But since that is out of the question, i sincerely hope they all get a bad case of cholera and die a long, painful, horrible death as soon as possible! SERIOUSLY! They are completely evil and Satanic and I’d like nothing more than to stab them in the face with a fork repeatedly, and then shove a meat thermometer straight through their earlobe so it comes out the other side thru their other ear! They deserve to die for putting these thoughts in my head and just for that, i dutifully hope and pray that their whole family burn in a terrible fire after that, and survive it with 3rd degree burns all over their disgusting bodies!!!!!! And then, after their having to live like that for a few months, I’d like to take a baseball bat to their ugly skulls until their heads come flying off their bodies and land in the amazon creek! This is what happens when little boys are allowed to make stupid truck sounds with their toy trucks.. If I had a kid like that I would not encourage that kind of shit!!!! Little boys like that, grow up to drive real trucks and annoy everyone with them. Its a good thing I don’t have kids, because if I had a boy like that, of my own, I would torture him every day to make up for what males do to the world. i would have an advent calendar and fill it with creative ways to torture the little shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I’m no longer even interested in the argument, I am just laughing at the half-humans that are belittling everyone that disagrees with them. Yes, I did say half-humans, you do not deserve the status of human as you do not possess the brain capacity.

    I’ll tell you what, next time someone passes your house with a loud exhaust, why don’t you go and say something to them? OH, wait, you won’t, because you don’t have the internet to protect you.

    Very little can be said for the youth of today but that’s a different matter, I for one am absolutely fascinated by the combustion engine and the low burble of a performance exhaust warms my cockles, but I don’t go revving it to 7,000 rpm at 11pm. Yes, there are people that do but most of the time they are in Tesco/McDonalds car park not bothering you (clearly as you wouldn’t shop anywhere other than Waitrose, being so high and mighty and all).

    My peeve is with your arrogance, you are taking a sword to all who think differently, calling them ‘retarded’ when quite frankly you are the ones who must be mentally slow as you are so narrow minded and stubborn that you aren’t able to construct a valid argument, only insults. Repetitive and boring insults, might I add.

    Mainly aimed at Pluggyboy to be honest, but there are a few of you. Go out and get some fresh air, and rather than moan about everything, learn to appreciate the wonders of the world, you’ll be happier for it, I promise.

    1. Loud exhaust = arrogance my friend, but nice try.

      I’ll be happy once you’re off the road. The thought warms my cockles.

      The hypocrisy of your post is hilarious – shows of your brain capacity.

      Believe me, if I could run fast enough, I’d greet you every time you drove by! What nonsense.

      1. Mistaken belief that your opinion is the only correct one = arrogance Bruce.

  59. To Open Minded – So, we are all half humans with only one brain cell with an inability to construct a valid argument? And yet you are so superior like a god looking down on us.

    Shut up mate and get over yourself.

    1. Not once did I make a reference to me being better than you in any shape or form, not like the other posts on this ‘debate.’

      Oh and yes, all who are closed-minded and unable to see any opinion other than their own are half-humans.

      One brain cell? Don’t think I said that, looks like you think lower of yourself than anyone else to be honest.

      The evidence suggests, and I will create another post with quotes if you so wish, that the users I was directing my post at cannot construct a valid argument as they simply resort to the lowest form of communication, boring, mindless insults.

      I would quite happily ‘get over myself’ if I wasn’t right all the time. Oh sorry, that was sarcasm incase you didn’t catch it.

      Anything else, James G?

  60. So Many of the half wit morons are claiming that modified exhausts are LEGAL. Utter nonsense.
    Have a read of the Vehicle Construction & Use act. It specifically states that an exhaust is illegal if it is modified in such a way as to increase the noise it produces. AND it’s enforceable by Police with NO requirement to prove a specific noise level…. FACT.
    The reason so many are getting away with it is because Police forces are refusing to do their duty!!!. Plain & simple.
    It is NOT part of the MOT to check for noise levels, only that the exhaust is complete and does not leak in such a way as to increase noise or bypass any filtering to protect the atmosphere.
    In any case, all of these morons will know of an MOT guy that would turn a blind eye so MOT is a non issue in terms of stamping it out.
    I am personally in favour of expanding foam !!

  61. Slapping down noisy exhausts is a sad necessity, we should get on with it.

    I’m a motorbike rider, love a revvy spin on the bike every now and then (In the countryside if possible, and DURING THE DAY, please note) but even I can agree people really take the p*** these days especially at night. Some of the Harleys people ride around you’d think were some form of construction equipment, with the noise they make.

    I live a good mile or more from the North Circular in London, and in summer all you can hear all night long are d***heads on bikes opening the throttle as hard as they can on their unsilenced cans, god help those who live closer.

    Freedom + courtesy + self-restraint has failed (…as has behaving like an adult, as usual… see above for some prime examples…)

    So, kiddies, it’s time for:

    Law + enforcement + fines, and some confiscated toys, which you do understand.

    1. Lol this stuff is absolute nonsense. id prefer these monster sound systems were banned in cars. 3 am and still banging subs outside my window. much worse than someone passing by with a loud exhaust. my opinion.

  62. I think loud exhaust mods should be banned.

    However, it will require the police to enforce it and I just don’t see that happening. I’m not sure what the police are too busy doing, but it must be important things as I never see them except driving in their vehicles in no particular hurry and not even glancing at what’s going on around them (some old lady could be getting mugged and they likely wouldn’t notice).

  63. I think your all doushbags and loud exhausts rule! Not being funny but if someone drives past with a loud exhaust you hear t for what? 5-10seconds? And if this ruins your day then your just pathetic!!! We work hard for a living why can’t we have our cars the way we like and want them? Just because you don’t like this doesn’t mean others dont aswell! For all the haters go crawl in a hole so you can’t hear anything! Thanks

    1. I work hard for a living too. Why can’t I abuse others the way I want to? Not fair!

      5-10 seconds * every 10 min

      Instead of crawling into holes, the rest of us will just give you all your own city to make as much noise as you wish. You’ll love it.

  64. Exhaust manufacturers shot themselves in the foot on this. Now a complete ban is looming and they will all go squealing to the government for compensation.
    I used to race enduro and motocross back in the 1980s and Kart racing in the 1990s. We were constantly trying to keep our noise down with baffle packing, and plates screwed over the end, just one weekend per month to satisfy peoples right to a private an peaceful life. Yet young lads who’s frontal lobes hadn’t developed were targeted by exhaust manufacturers. It’s now totally out of control on the roads, yet race tracks have been closed down over the years. what’s even more stupid is that Subaru and GTR drivers are now having to remove their loud fat pipes to do track-days.
    This would never have happened in a considerate and fair society. The roads should be quiet and the race tracks noisy on certain days.
    At the end of the day the saying ‘noisy pipes lose rights’ fell on deaf ears (ironic).
    As for Harley Davidsons, they are reasonably quiet from the factory, they have to be by EU law, but the owners tend to be Narcissists or just plain old under developed adults with something to prove. What they do is fit something called a ‘screaming eagle kit’ which are obnoxiously loud, or they simply drill and cut out the silencers to show everyone how ‘bad’ they are (a sign of a small dick). All they then need is to find a rogue MOT tester (most bike MOT places are dodgy) and the tester ignores the rule on exhauts which states ‘no louder than standard’ or it’s a fail.

  65. I fail to see what useful improvement a noisy exhaust gives a modifier. It’s just a means to seek attention by making an insanely loud noise by people with nothing about them to get any attention normally.

    Bottom line – If you want to modify your vehicle, go tune the engine or do something that improves safety or vehicle longevity – all those modifications do some good at least!

  66. Totally agree. Loud cars are an irritation that just makes everyone’s day worse. We are woken up at odd hours, we can’t focus if we are working or studying, we start to hate our neighbours and contemplate ways to egg their house without them knowing.. or having their cars impounded. Hoons. I utterly and completely hate hoons.

  67. The man opposite me has a motorbike in his garage. He’s in his 50’s, I have never actually seen him ride it, but every single day come rain or shine he will go to his garage and rev his motorbike for about 15/20 minutes at a time, and he does this about four times a day. Sometimes his friends come and stand and watch, and sometimes he let’s them take turns revving (how generous). Sometimes they all stand around with cans of beer just looking at it.
    I’m thinking mid life crisis!!

  68. This should be a petition about introducing legislation controlling anti social behaviour. I own a loud motorcycle and do as much as I can to avoid inconveniencing others. If your neighbour plays electric guitar really loudly shall we ban them too? Come to think about it this is probably the best option, we’ll just ban everything that could conceivably annoy or disturb anyone. It worked with handguns, we banned them and now there is no gun crime. And thank god heroin is banned. Sarcasm ends.

    1. “I own a loud motorcycle and do as much as I can to avoid inconveniencing others. If your neighbour plays electric guitar really loudly shall we ban them too”

      You are required by law to make sure your motorcycle is roadworthy.So you’re not doing anywhere near what you can by leaving the loud exhaust on.

      Motorcycles used to sound just right about 15 years ago, but they’ve been manufactured even quieter because of people like you.
      It’s like little princess syndrome with motorcyclists, nothing is ever good enough. Just ask yourself how many car and truck drivers give a monkey’s about the ‘think bike’ posters when they are driving tired from being kept a awake or having their rest days disturbed by wannabees and attention seekers.

  69. Sounds like the old arguments used by smokers against smoking bans in confined spaces. Sorry, but smokers freedom to smoke does not include sending the smoke to my nose. Your freedom to swing your arms ends when you hit my face. Same for loud muffler people, your freedom to make noise ends where my ear begins. Also most noise bylaws state that any noise which disturbs a persons right to enjoy their place of residence is an offence, so society has already decided about this. Just because enforcement is difficult does not give you freedom to create noise. Enforcement is always a problem but thankfully most people respect the rights of others not to be disturbed by noise especially those noises that can easily be curtailed. It just doesn’t matter how much you enjoy making vehicle noise or how much you think it changes performance, or how much you think it protects you from other vehicles….your freedom does not include disturbing the peace of others. Thank you for making your vehicle as quiet as possible and making that your hobby. Now we can concentrate on protecting our freedoms and extending them in our society to those who are still unable to benefit from all the freedoms many of are able to enjoy. That is another hobby worth thinking about.

  70. Your all arguing over spilled milk I’m not good at spelling but nearly every other post on hear is ur dis an dat . How’s about talking like grown adults not the kids wiv dis an dat happenin around dem! As for motor cycles Loud Pipes Save Lives and big bore exausts need not wake the dead pardon the pun

  71. there is a noise limit on the MOT and if it passes then its your tuff luck !
    i am a fan of the bore exhaust. as a kid i got taught then when i cross the road i have to STOP LOOK LISTEN well if a car has a crappy little pea shooter how are kids supposed to hear it, when i drive down the road people hear me coming and know not to cross. You old people need to stop moaning and turn your hearing ait to the T position !

  72. Our local Police encourage people to complain about these modified vehicles so they can build up a portfolio and then a plan of action i.e stop checking, but they wont do it for the odd complaint (they just flag the car for traffic Police to pick up) so keep phoning them.
    Some areas have a number you can text a complaint to, others maybe have Twitter by now. You will be given a ‘URN’ number.
    Just remember, you are a victim of crime if you are woken or badly disturbed by anti-social behaviour involving a vehicle.
    The MOT rules are clear, ‘no louder than standard’ standard is set buy European law and drivers are required by UK law to keep their vehicles roadworthy at all times.

    You can also phone 0300 123 9000 VOSA general enquiries for the address of your local VOSA office.
    Tell them you want details of the MOT testing station of the car that disturbs you because you want to take your own legal action for what you believe to be an ‘incorrectly passed’ car.
    Do a search for DVLA’s ‘vehicle enquiry service’, then key in the reg number and make of car, print this off and send it to your VOSA local office demanding an investigation.
    Once the dodgy MOT testers that pass loud vehicles have been weeded out, this problem will be dramatically reduced.

    You can also write to your local MP and he will hand in the letter to the transport minister who heads all the transport departments.

    Also write to trading standards and ask them to consider banning the sale of these pipes on health grounds like they’ve done with Airsoft Guns and Laser pointers over a certain power and much less harmless to much fewer people.

    It’s up to you !
    The inconsiderate and brainless idiots have asked for it and have proved incapable of self-regulating their own hobby.
    If you search forums you will find these selfish idiots boasting how loud their cars and motorcycles are and claiming how the MOT tester thought it sounded great etc.

  73. Would you be complaining if your neighbour owned a supercar? Ferrari, Lamborghini or more commonly a Nissan GTR?
    All of the above are very loud as standard… Much louder than the likes of a 1.2 corsa with a cheap backbox on. (Which in my opinion is pointless anyway). When will people learn a £30 backbox and huge wheels wont make your car any better.

    I agree that people should be more respectful in residential areas – i.e keeping revs to a minimum, music down. But to ask for a ban on all loud exhausts is simply ludicrous.
    Many people fit different exhausts – me included, to allow their cars to produce more power. Coincidently these are generally louder due to the fact they are less restrictive than their standard counterparts.

    Most of the people on here just seem to be bigoted, uneducated prudes that have nothing better to do.

    By all means continue to complain about the people that deserve it. Eg. disrespectful teenagers that have nothing better to do than drive around at 5500rpm with drum and bass on full blast at 1am. But to generalise is just stupid.

  74. Corrected post admin.

    ROY – the calm intelligent post of definitive fact, reason and reality that trumps all the selfish rhetoric and aggression voiced by those who are ASBO material. DO AS HE SUGGESTS-NOW. Thanks ROY
    It’s the death knell, your nemesis. The writing on the wall. THE END IS NIGH. If you can’t get from A to B without sounding like a panzer division, then I hope you meet that self same division in reality – head on.
    In the search for safety you all seem to confuse audibility with visibility- (even break the law, but in a way we will support) get high visibility!
    It’s the most overt law breaking there could be, beyond streaking and hang about aarson and testimony to the fact that the authorities didn’t give a damn. Always remember to shout WANKER as they pass by and apply the pinky finger todger size insult liberally & enjoy the camaraderie of those who agree.
    It was getting very adversarial at times here and the ones to lose would surely not be the SILENT COVERT MAJORITY – once pushed over the edge. I bet if noisy vehicles became vigilante targets you would soon find an acceptable alternative. Finally, PETE, antisocial domestic noise of any type(and commercial) that can be controlled is controlled by ENO teams that you pay for. Now…..idling diesels noise & heavy particulate pollution please.

  75. I have never read so much rubbish in my life. All you people complaining about loud exhausts really should get a grip. I suspect most of you when you were you younger annoyed your neighbours just as much. and in a lot of cases probably still do. why cant you people just live and let live, you have nothing better to do than find something to complain about.

  76. There speaks someone who clearly has little experience of how disruptive and utterly annoying these loud exhausts can be. We have four or five yobs who congregate in the same place every night and rev the nuts off their engines. One of them backfires regularly and it is SO annoying, especially when my little girl is trying to sleep. The police should have a purge on them and sort them out. They have the power to confiscate the cars – that would soon stop it happening.

  77. These exhaust systems are major sources of noise pollution in The United States and Canada. Law enforcement is often handicapped by inadequate laws. One thing we are trying is around the clock logging using calibrated decibel meters – it is safe to say that all readings higher than 70 dbC are due to custom exhausts and boom cars. The time of day the drivers of these vehicles creates the regular schedule of these drivers. We pass this on to the local Sheriff and resources permitting -can pre position officers at those times. Laws are badly needed where consideration for neighbors is absent or never instilled. No one should ever need to move to accommodate this noise pollution.

  78. The police in our area most certainly do pay attention when motorbike noise is reported to them, especially when neighbours get together to back up the complaint. We’ve had several instances of this nose pollution stopped over the last few years, there was another one earlier this year but he had a bad accident (his own fault) on his bike and has given up the ‘sport’ so no need to bother about him. Needless to say in every case the rider was the usual teen/early 20s little idiot, just looking for attention and barely able to hold a conversation of the most basic kind let alone explain why they had such a need to be heard. The worst case was when one of these lowlifes was told the noise he was making was upsetting a neighbour who was recovering from surgery from a brain tumour, he couldn’t have cared less. I advise anyone who’s bothered by this noise to contact the police and insist on action being taken; tell the police that you’ll go to the local paper if they do nothing about it (I know someone in another town who did just that). It can be stopped, and it’s great when it does!

  79. It’s over compensation for a feeling of inferiority in some aspect of their lives or anatomy.

  80. Every weekday a blue Volkswagen drives past my house and up the hill opposite creating so much noise that I have reported him, and his vehicle, to the Police. I can still hear this vehicle as it is driven through the village yet I seem to be the only person concerned about it. From various Police websites I am given to believe that fitting a large bore exhaust and using it on public roads is illegal and contrary to the ‘Type Approval’ regulations. It also concerns me as to whether the driver has informed his insurance company of the modification as, if he hasn’t, he will be driving without insurance.

  81. The laws to prevent this happening are there but are rarely enforced. There are so few police and most traffic police have been reduced year after year. This has led to a rise in those who break the law and ruin the peace and quiet. In some circumstances they make each day for some areas a living hell.
    Modifications are unlikely to be reported to insurance companies and therefore any accident they are in means the insurance companies are unlikely to pay out.
    Laws are in place to allow society to function and if they are not enforced then society pays the price. The modification of these vehicles are by those of lower intelligence so they cannot help being idiots. Their worlds are so small and most are unlikely to be of any real benefit to society. Tattoos, bull terriers, souping up rubbish cars no one else wants and having the latest mobile phone are the limits of their tiny lives.
    Society has the laws and tools to take away their load and dangerous toys and as tax payers (unknown term to most them) we need lobby and harass the politicians and police chiefs until this evolving epidemic is stopped.

  82. .there is a law governing the level of exhaust noise on all motor vehicles. If someone breaks this law then report them to the police and noise abatement department. You havevto complie evidence of the nuisance though. Car modifiers will always relace std exhaust systems with free flowing ones for efficiency gains. However these can be quiet, but most people like to hear a sporty exhaust note, its just one of those given things in life. Its antIsocial behaviour that annoys people whether its loud exhausts, hi fi, parties, drunks, etc. It is this that needs addressing in your area not banning aftermarket sports exhaust systems.

  83. The amount of clearly illegally loud vehicles are on the rise and getting to a ridiculous level. From two stroke scooters to small and large cars that continuously break noise pollution levels are a pain to the general public.

    For those interested, lets start a movement towards implementing ‘Noise cameras’ and put a stop to this continuous ASB by mindless individuals with some sort of ego problem!

    If one has recorded a continual offending registration number could one sue?

  84. There is a common theme running through all the responses from guys who clearly like the excessive sounds produced from their modified exhausts. This theme goes something like – ‘ sod everybody else, I’ll do what I like, irrespective of any problems caused’.

    If I thought I was doing anything to upset/offend anybody else, I’d be mortified, and very quick to rectify things as soon as I was aware of any problems.

    Fact – loud exhausts do little to improve performance of any vehicle.

    Fact – it is illegal to modify an exhaust from the factory-fitted type to produce noise levels above recommended EU limits.

    Unfortunately respect and consideration for others is not taught these days, or even valued, in our society. It’s a shame the police do not consider excessive vehicle noise an issue worth enforcing.

    1. There is no law for Exhaust db limits on cars due to the massive variation of vehicle and engine types that would make a db limit unenforceable.
      You cannot fail an MOT on volume unless your tester is a massive killjoy.
      The exhaust systems on cars are not the issue. The issue is how people drive their cars because, shock-horror, a stock car revved to the redline will also be quite audible, you don\’t need an aftermarket set of pipes to be loud in a car. So instead of lumping all the innocent, law abiding car enthusiasts in with chavs and their 1.2L Corsas, maybe start hitting chavs in the head with a police baton instead.

  85. I don’t have a problem with exhaust modifications what I do have a problem with however is how some of the drivers with them behave.they will drive as fast as possible through villages and towns revving there engines like hell thinking they are impressing everyone while in reality people are just thinking what an annoying sad prat.banning them is not fair but some drivers just need to learn some decency.

  86. Loud exhausts save lives. And also ever heard how loud a v8 is standard just get over it and find something else to moan about.

  87. Yes please, please, please, please, please, please ban them!!! Or if these boy racers insist on having loud exhausts then only allow them to run during the day, they insist on driving these modified cars around and around and around and around in the early hours of the morning when people are trying to sleep! And it seems like there’s no purpose for they’re journey, like normal people going to work. It’s only so they can listen to the sound of their stupid hair dryer engine making noise for the sake of it. I don’t mean to sound like and old man but why make something louder than they need to be for sake of it? It’s illegal to blow your horn after 11pm I believe, why aren’t such things as loud exhausts banned after 11pm? People want to relax there’s no need for it!

  88. I agree with Adam….. Please ban them

    I live in a 7th floor flat which is located right beside a roundabout and every hour of the day and night it goes on and on driving me crazy … Even have the boy racers challenge each other early hours of each morning which i think is highly unacceptable as i work a 7 say week and my sleep is always disturbed..

    Please think of us poor people who need their sleep to be able to get through each working day.

  89. So many people such little understanding of automotive engineering. The exhaust fitted are not for the purpose of noise unless we’re talking fart cannons on a 1.6 Honda Civic, they allow the engine to breathe easier allowing better performance even more so with turbo’d cars for increased air flow rate whilst conforming to MOT emission standards. The comments on here seem like a group of old people that probably spent their youth days taking ketamine attending night clubs and pubs that ruin the peace but now don’t like it when the foot is on the other shoe, and would also moan about the noise from a racetrack that was there before they moved into their house. So because I have such a dislike for people like you I will have to let someone’s milltek exhaust fully sing the song of it’s people for you, whist the police attend more serious matters. There is no ego boost in loud exhaust just pure pleasure and performance. Remember only use the right lane for overtaking this group seems to have relations to lane hoggers.

    1. One thing is to have a performance car, run it on a race course for pleasure and use it as a normal human and the other thing is to live in a neighbourhood with twenty – thirty wankers who just drive their pathetic Vauxhall Nova with loud exhaust up and down under people’s windows day and night creating almost constant unnecessary excessive noise. This is what this discussion is about. Police is tolerating this and it is affecting normal peoples’ lives. These twats have nothing to do and are totally obsolete so they just need to make sure that everybody knows about their existence by creating a lot of noise. The longer this will be tolerated the more out of control it will get. Good old liberal British society…

      1. Old stereotype the Vauxhall Nova’s driven by 30 year old losers, if I’m honest if you were to attend a meet a lot of people will own decent performance cars with modified exhaust systems such as C63’s, Evo’s etc etc and be in decent jobs such as Engineering or own their own firms. The corsa and nova’s are a minority that are slated. I have my car fitted with a sport’s catalytic converter which is a bit louder than the average car and for people to act perfectly fine with the U.K’s drinking problem and to make my exhaust a serious offence just makes me resent you. I have never known for car meet’s or cruises to take place outside people’s houses most of them are isolated in industrial estates but people chose to exaggerate the problem I would know living next to a roundabout that is constantly used for drifting. Up with the hooning down with the clubbing.

  90. if you have ever had to live or are currently living in an area where these delinquent drivers with noisy modification constantly go around and around ad nauseum, then you will undestand the need for them be banned. A ban cant come quick enough!

  91. Hi all,

    Have spent some time reading through the comments here, didn\’t go through them all but enough to get a feel for where peoples minds are at with this topic.

    A few observations;

    People should really treat each other better, this forum is not a shining example of human behaviour, on either side of the argument.

    There is a lot of generalisation with people seeing the argument as very black and white with the modders in one corner all supposedly antisocial and uncaring and the noise haters in the other corner who apparently all must be old and boring and have no life. I suspect the reality has many more shades of grey than that.

    There seem to be a number of people complaining about loud exhausts but only when fitted to everyday cars, or more often lower end cars (like Nova\’s etc), yet seem ok when it is a sports car.

    It seems assumed in a number of cases that a sports car owner does not spend his/her nights ragging up and down the road in his/her Porsche or Ferrari etc.

    This is probably very true in most cases, sure central London may disagree though, plenty of exotica burning up and down roads there. So it would seem that perhaps it is the behaviour of some with loud exhaust which is the problem and not the exhaust itself. So I think really, as with most things that irritate people, it is the unsocial behaviour aspect which I suspect is causing the most pain here. I can completely understand the woes of someone trying to sleep who is faced with street racing or someone revving their engine at 1am – they really should not have to put up with that. That is not down the loud exhaust alone however that is someone being ignorant – I am pretty sure that loud exhaust or not, someone revving their engine like that at 1am in the morning would be very noticeable.

    Some cars are very loud as standard – TVR is a common example. These cars will, as many have pointed out, dwarf any modified citycar when it comes to noise. I doubt there would be as many complaints however. I currently run a 911, it is not quiet, I have had nothing but compliments from people of all ages on the way it sounds – guess there is something to be said for quality of sound and not just quantity.

    So I think it does come down partly to a sense of responsibility when using the vehicle. It is quite possible to drive modified cars without being dangerous or obnoxious. It is also true that not all modifiers are ignorant and don\’t care about others. However, it must also be understood they do care about cars.

    Back in the old days of motoring i.e. before the turn of the century cars were much, much louder as standard than they are today – carbs, and air cooled engines with limited silencing – EU legislation and technology has seen production cars get quieter and quieter over the years.

    These years of motoring often referred to as the golden years saw the birth of modern motorsport. This gives rise to technology development, resulting in great cars and many of the features we take for granted in our cars today – Audi\’s Quattro system is a prime example. These technologies filter down in to production cars, enhancing their performance in all areas i.e. safety and protections as much as go faster bits.

    As a result the love of cars is a fairly universal trait across the globe (a bit like football I guess). Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini have adorned the walls of many youngsters (and older generations for years), and now we also have new heroes like McLaren and Pagani.

    Is it any wonder that car owners therefore seek to enhance looks, sound and performance of their vehicles. This is not limited to young owners of cheap cars but is a feature no matter how big your budget or your engine. Modified Porsche Turbo std 420hp, post mods 1500hp. There are even modified Bugatti Veyrons out there. Please understand the modification scene outside the local Halfords is the thin end of the wedge. Modification is big business.

    Those alloy rims you like on your car – thank the modders for those, that aftermarket tune on your diesel ECU chip – that too, those bad boy tints you SUV drivers all like to have, probably that too. LED running lights and trick rear clusters, modders again.

    I still remember a conversation with my mum\’s partner about 10 yrs ago who is a big bike freak but not so into cars. He was questioning the modification scene. I told him then, wait and see, soon all cars will have alloy wheels, bodykit options, fancy rear light clusters etc. He told me I was wrong. Fast forward to today and what do we have? It does not take much looking through any major car manufacturers present range to see the influence of the modification market.

    I bet there are a fair few on here who are complaining about modified small cars pretending they are something they are not yet drive a M Sport BMW or Audi S Line – what would those be then if not lesser models trying to look like the motorsport division models through additional visual cues such as spoilers, bodykits, exhaust tips, bigger alloys etc? You also need to ask the question how are these models and options available – it\’s because the manufacturers now offer performance modifications direct from the factory – i.e. they support the modification of vehicles.

    I have modified my cars since I have been driving. I have never failed a MoT, or been asked to change something on my car as a result. It may also be worth pointing out that in 20+ years of driving I have received one speeding ticket. That is the only 3 points I have received – I was about 20 at the time. Maybe suggests I don\’t act like an idiot in my car.

    I was pulled over once, my car at the time was a modified Corrado VR6. A few years ago now, it was running aftermarket exhaust, lowered suspension, engine modifications etc. Was it louder than standard, yes, so loud to be offensive, no. Was I pulled over for noise – no, a tail light bulb was out. The officers inspected my car fully, and sent me on my way stating it was one of the most well looked after and highly maintained cars they had seen ever and was a credit to myself as a car owner.

    A lot of us spend money on our cars and look after them, we do not take stupid risks as we do not want to break our cars, and they are kept in good working order.

    If you want my honest opinion I too do not appreciate idiot boy racers, blaring up and down with loud exhaust for no reason, performing burn outs in supermarket car parks and pumping bass tunes after hours. I also however remember I was young once and while I did not tend to frequent the local Asda, I drove too fast for the road sometimes, had my music too loud with windows open on occasion, and sometimes took risks I would never consider now. Experience is a wonderful thing, but so is youth. A little bit of respect and understanding on both sides would not go amiss.

    There is of course an easy fix for all of this as well. It is perfectly possible to make switchable exhaust systems which go between \’normal\’ and \’loud\’ mode. It would seem to me this would make the most sense as people can run them loud during the day and quieten them down late at night. Check Porsche\’s PSE system or Kline Innovation for example.

    I for one though will be very, very, sorry the day that legislation kills off the supercar heroes – after all who really doesn\’t break out in a grin when the see and hear a Ferrari V12 at full chat. I am sure there will be some here who don\’t care for them but there are a lot of Ferrari fans the world over – they are not a minority, and that is before we get to other popular brands. It should be remembered that cars are one of the best examples of engineering ability of the human race, they should be celebrated – just responsibly.

    And as a parting note for all those who are complaining about the loud exhausts with no room for discussion – I hope you are very, very, good drivers, as in my mind there are many more anti-social behaviours than a loud exhaust – a couple of my personal hates –

    (a) drivers in the middle lane of the motorway who are not overtaking something(effectively may as well be straddling two lanes – so ignorant and dangerous

    (b) People who drive at 40-50 in a 60mph limit, then hit a 30mph and continue doing 40-50mph – I mean really, really!!

    I bet there are number of complainers on here guilty of one of the above offences, and yes both are illegal. The second offence is obviously policed (at least in the 30mph zone) – the first not so much. Both have the potential to cause death. A loud exhaust is a bit of a lame point of complaint comparatively. I think on the first point I could remove half the drivers from the road in the UK, so the rest of us would not only get an overtaking lane back but also a hell of a lot more space generally.

    I wish you all well and happy motoring.

  92. I also hate these boy racer idiots who feel it necessary to rev the engines up loud or screech their tyres when they pull of at lights or roundabouts usually in crappy little “customized” fiestas or chavvy vauxhall corsas, usually at ungodly hours complete morons without a brain cell in there skulls, and they are everywhere these days. Their crates, sorry cars should be impounded and crushed, preferably with them still inside, prize wan****

  93. I find a well-shoved potato up the exhaust makes for much merriment when they try to figure out why their car stops working…A fine King Edward can fit many sizes of exhaust. Go on, try it. It doesn’t solve the problem permanently, but it sure keeps them guessing and scratching their heads.

    1. Haha, just took a look on digital Spy website…Looks like someone has tried this already…

      “Potatoes in my exhaust pipe…
      Somebody keeps on shoving potatoes up my exhaust pipe on my car and now i can’t get it to start. I have managed to get all the potatoes out until now but the one that was shoved up there this morning has gone too far and i have no chance of getting the bugger out. Please help…..?”

      And perhaps a more permanent solution? Read on…

      “At least a potato is bio-degradable, and will rot naturally within just a few days.

      Now if someone had given a 5 second squirt of expanding foam up your exhaust and let it set for an hour, your only solution would have been a new exhaust

      If your car doesn’t start first time, don’t try to dislodge the potato by continually turing the starter – all you’ll do is burn out the starter (replacement £100+).”

  94. It’s a bad idea what about old vehicles and 2 strokes there not quiet and can’t be changed

  95. I live in the city and spend a lot of time in the countryside, loud motorcycle exhaust never trouble me in either situation, when they drive past the sound only last for a moment and I am glad of their loud pipes when I am driving as it alerts me to their wearabouts, if it was down to me I would enforce loud pipes not ban them, they are an important part of road safety and I would much rather hear a motorcyclist than knock one off his bike because he was in my blind spot and I didn’t see him, something that happens way to often, but I guess you wouldn’t care about that 🙁 LOUD PIPES FOR ALL !

    1. I agree with Rich for the motorcycles, and not just because I am a motorcyclist myself, as I am also a car driver, and this being the case I also would prefer bikes to be heard first , because it is sometimes and all too often too late when the are finally seen. The idiots with cars that are fitted with larger exhaust resonators not designed or tuned for them sound absolutely pathetic , and in most cases actually interfere with power flow & make the engine performance much worse.
      I run a well known sports car(911) with the factory fitted sports exhaust, and it can be driven perfectly quietly at part throttle(cruise), or it sounds properly tuned when loud at higher revs,(same as most motorcycles) but if I wanted to be an annoying prat I could, but I don’t see the need to just for the sake of trying to get noticed. Its just an immature ignorant behavioural phase that we all went through as kids, but most of us grow out of it eventually, shame it doesn’t happen to every nugget!

  96. First off I have ridden motorcycles, and driven cars since I was 17. All over the UK and Europe. I am now 60. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for any vehicle to be fitted with a loud exhaust. The excuse that car drivers don’t see me but they hear me is a complete falsehood, if someone is sat in a car with the windows closed and loud motorcycle is approaching within the speed limit, they won’t hear you until you have passed them. There is only one reason why people want loud vehicles and that is because they think that it sounds ‘good’, it lets everyone know that they are ‘there’, or elevates their status in some way on the road, as in the louder I am, the more important I am. It is a huge badge that someone can wear to let the world know that they suffer from a lack of self confidence. If loud exhausts made motorcycling safer then all police motorcycles would be fitted with them, they aren’t, case closed.

    I live a mile away from a ring road, the race cans, and the sad old men on their Harleys, can be heard inside my house with the doors and windows closed. One after another, all day long, from early morning till way after I am in bed. Several hundred times a day. Then we have the clowns whose stereo cost more than the car, and who think that by fitting a dustbin in place of their exhaust and wheezing their way up to 60mph are somehow impressing someone. They aren’t, they too are simply telling the world what a sad little life they have.

    If you suffer from self delusion then go and see a doctor. while you are about it go and get some night school lessons in basic English, because it is apparent from the comments here that there is direct link between those who think they can justify their anti-social behaviour, and those who can’t spell or construct a legible sentence. This indicates a lack of intelligence amongst those who are attempting to defend the indefensible, which renders their argument meaningless.

  97. I couldn’t agree more with you, Rob. I hate the loud muffler thing. When I bought my Harley, I told him that was the only thing I hated about them, and then the salesman said they didn’t come that way. I was shocked. You mean they do that on purpose? I am now convinced that people who do that are sociopathic. I also record at home, and I cannot stop the loud muffler sounds no matter how much I insulate my room. It sucks. They are useless, and obnoxious. Let’s just take the toys away. There are too many humans now making pollution everywhere, why do we also need to make our world more noisier for no reason other then “Because I have the freedom too?” Sociopaths, I say. they don’t care, and will deflect the issue to everyone else rather then accepting the fact that it is irresponsible behavior, amongst other things.

    1. So wishing to do something somebody in your area does not like makes you a sociopath. Yet your quite frankly OTT need to restrict them and have them bend to your will is perfectly healthy?

      I agree that Obnoxious noise levels are silly and quite frankly fitting a 4” Rear can to your econobox is about as purposeful as sticking a plastic carton down the back tyre of your pedal bike, It serves no purpose bar noise.

      However I myself own a modified car which yes you guessed it has an Aftermarket exhaust. but guess what anything lower than 2.500 RPM and you would not be able to discern my car from any other. Aside from the Badges designating my cars performance level.

      Generally speaking if someone has invested into their car for performance purposes it will be better kept and likely has stronger longer lasting components on it than the majority of cars on the road, Which are usually using GMF, Euro Car Parts etc. ”OE Quality’ Parts that are actually built cheaper and as such deteriorate quicker.

      Do you realise the extra time effort and money to get a highly strung vehicle to pass an MOT? some going as far as having full extinguisher systems piped in. Regularly swapping out parts to ensure your still legal and meeting the ever stricter requirement brought on us by people like yourself that have lives so monotonous that somebody’s exhaust actually factors into any of your thought processes in the first place.

      To Summarize

      We are not all 17 year old W**kbags battering the life out of some £500 crudbox with some scaffolding pipe replacing our exhaust. So stop tarring with that brush.

  98. Things that disturb peace and quiet on a more regular basis than loud exhausts:

    Barking Dogs
    People using garden appliances on the weekend (strimmers)
    Drunk People

    The real issue should be dealing with people who fit unsafe components to their vehicle, which can cause fatalities rather than mild annoyance. People who generally go to the trouble of fitting performance exhausts know what they are doing, and have a real passion for it. If it’s not compliant, fine that’s wrong. But i’d say if emission levels are correct, no problem.

  99. Oh right, so you expect me to get rid of my £500 stainless steel scorpion exhaust system because a minority don’t like it? I hate people shouting on the phone, can I ban them? It’s just petty, all of you are just voicing an opinion that fair enough is your right. But what you don’t realise is people modify cars as a hobby, what would you rather them do spend that money going out getting drunk or a drug habit? Please. Act your age and grow up.

  100. Complaints about loud exhaust but the exhaust itself is beneficial to the running of the vehicle. A correct exhaust for a vehicle supplies back pressure or allows the exhaust gasses to flow freely to allow the car to operate as wanted. The result can be a loud exhaust but a loud exhaust is a minor problem especially seeing as many drive about with leaking or damaged exhausts that they don’t even know of. Also louder exhausts do not pose any actual danger to anyone so I do not see why an exhaust that is noisey should be banned. I’ve driven multiple cars of all types with loud and quiet exhausts. But the fact to me seems that loud exhaust are usually made from better quality materials and components aswellaswell as in a safer manner than original manufacturer’s exhaust components which are usually normal steel that rots away in a matter of years leaving the harmful exhaust gasses to flow into the vehicle. The modified car scene gets alot of slack for many reasons. But it seems people are jumping on the hatred bandwagon without actually thinking is a car SAFE. The majority of modified vehicles are looked after to the highest quality. Fitted with high quality upgraded parts. And everthing is usually done in a safe and legal manner. I feel like it should be a law to ban stupid comments such as “ban loud exhausts” just because certain people dont like them. Imagine if people could just ban what they didn’t like the would would be a mess. Take a step back and think if someone wanted to ruin what you work hard for would you like it? Also pay attention to the fact that the car scene in the UK is a major area for businesses. Would you like it if a law was passed that left you jobless. I’m sure your closed minded comments in pure anger may get you somewhere when complaining in life but in a real world approach to the issue it would not be a wise choice to ban loud exhausts. I recommend that if you have an issue with the car scene you visit slamber city on Facebook and maybe some of the members there can tell you that they think if your problems as there is a variety of opinions on there some for some against. Sincerely, a long time car enthusiast.

  101. This country is getting ridiculous. Majority of car enthusiasts who modify do so to a high standard and are maintained to a high standard which has even been acknowledged my many police forces. Yes their are a minority who ruin it but minorities ruin things in many places. Plenty stuff also cause noise and nuisance what about clubs and pubs banging music out till silly o’clock on the morning. Gardening equipment. Road works being done at stupid times. It’s life. Deal with it. People are so petty nowadays I’d rather see people spend their hard earned cash on their cars and have something to show for than have some pissed arse out causing trouble vandalising people’s stuff and fighting etc. The police deal with the worse culprits in cars already but what about all the middle aged men in their BMW flying around residential areas? Aw their okay as they don’t have a noisy exhaust. Nobody will dictate to me and no doubt everyone else into cars unless you fancy paying my tax Insurance etc. If not get a grip and realise theirs much worse shit going on in the world atm than a bloody noisy car or bike.

    1. Someone who talks sense on this page. I agree it’s the small minority that give us a bad name. I’ve quite a loud exhaust on my car and I live in a built up area. But I respect that other people will be in bed late at night, so I drive around my area as quietly as possible and turn my car of as soon as I pull up to my house to not annoy/wake my neighbours. Id call myself a pretty big car enthusiast, and cherish my cars. As you said, there is dis respectful people within car culture, but to me they are the boy racers and chavs/chavettes. Real car enthusiasts respect people around them whether they’re into cars or not.

      1. Absolutely mate. I too also have a loud exhaust and have done on many cars over the years and my neighbours appreciate I make every effort to be quiet at nights or mornings and many of them actually come speak about my cars and cars they had when they were younger. Once realised that most of the enthusiast are actually approachable nice people their attitudes change. Can I label every drinker a coke snorting pill popping trouble maker? Absolutely. Am I right doing that? Definitely not. Minorities ruin things for everyone but I work hard all week as do most other enthusiast and we are dam sure entitled to have our pride and joys as we wish. Most local region police forces also recognise who the problem cars are and target them. We were often told by police that they would rather us have safe spirited drives outwith towns than driving like lunatics Around town. As you said real enthusiast are nice folk who respect others and are actually very courteous on the road with very well maintained cars. I’m all for the little fannies who ruin it for us to be penalised, but don’t go tarring everyone else with the same brush and ruining people’s hobbies. Also the money government make from the sales of parts is also extremely high.

  102. Oh dear ! Lots of miserable joyless people on here , live and let live .. People don’t do this to annoy others , it’s a hobby , try finding one

  103. Stop crying over such dumb shit! Get a life and get over it! Yeah some cars look dumb as Fuck with massive exhausts and sound shit but people that generally care about modifying there car as a hobby shouldn’t be expected to stop because you Douche bags cry over every little thing in this world. Get a grip and get a life.. M9

  104. I think that changing the law is a pathetic idea. You can’t just ban something that gets on your nerves. It’s like saying ‘ban wasps because they piss me off’. I am somewhat of a car enthusiast and I think this is a joke. Why ban vehicles with exhaust system upgrades when there are louder vehicles on the road like emergency vehicles.. Will you be asking for quieter sirens for them? Super cars naturally have louder exhausts. Not every car will sound like your everyday run about so why target a minority? I reckon the majority of you are road hogging cyclist twats who don’t think that red lights apply to them. Just because you don’t agree with something. Why try and ban it? Why not go for something like underage sex or pregnant teens or something…. Absolute joke

  105. Get over it.
    Wear ear plugs.
    Tell your kids to man the **** up its a car.
    There’s louder things than a “boy racer”
    Put your time to better use thinking of a realistic law to change or create.

  106. Please tell me more about how your kids can scream in the garden all weekend and your dog can bark at the wind but my car being louder than the average due to my hobby needs to be banned.

  107. This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m completely sick of hearing you bike riding, croc wearing moaning faced pricks complaining about modified cars. Like it’s already been said this is our hobby, It’s a culture, it’s a massive group of people with an even bigger passion for all types of cars. The point of a modified exhaust, wether it be a larger bore, shorter or de-cat is to increase gas flow. Make the car faster. This is so after spending 60 hours a week working my ass off, I can spend whatever amount of time that is left legally drag and drift racing on purpose built tracks. However were not all made of money or have 40 years of savings behind us like the rest of you old cunts to own a second daily driver. So my car is loud and I drive it through residential streets and up and down the motorways, get over it. In conclusion, the fact that you people have the time and energy to moan on a website about other peoples hobbies and interests just shows that you are a boring looser and should probably buy a loud car. Because it’s a lot of fun.


    1. Too right. Why do people complain about loud exhausts? People make all sorts of fucking loud and annoying noises all the time and no one complains about it. Dogs, lawn mowers, arguing, loud music etc etc. I don’t moan when I’m watching my telly and the neighbours dog barks and their kids scream and the fact he moaws his lawn religiously every Sunday at 7 in the morning? Its okay because its not a car?? Fucking joke. Get on with your life and fuck off. It’s a noise. It doesn’t hurt you unless you stick your head right up my exhaust, and your asking for it if you do come that close. A noise isn’t pain full. Can be annoying yes but just get on with your life. People won’t walk out onto the road in front of me as they would hear me coming from half a mile away. That is a safety aspect to me. No one complains about ferrari or porsche or lambo etc etc, they are all loud cars from factory and that’s OK. Sorry we don’t all have that kind of money to spend on expensive cars like that. We enjoy the sound. Sound to a car guy makes a car. The sound of an engine humming at 7k with a straight pipe sounds awsome. All your doing is showing everyone your a boring old prick who has nothing better to do than interfere with other peoples life’s so you get what you want. Cars were invented loud with no silencers or cats nothing. Silencers were put in due to wankers like some people that complain about a neeyaaaammm here and there but feel like they can makes as much noise as they want because it’s not a car making the noise. I fucking hate the builders banging and road works early in the morning but no one makes a law on these guys, just the enthusiasts of cars are an issue?? Fuck off. I agree with a cat for emission but as far as I’m concerned with noise fuck you loud and proud most definitely. I don’t drive like a twat just to make noise, the noise is sound and I love the sounds and engine can make. If we could put a law on all noises that bother people then the world would be a silent place. Revving up in car parks or housing estate is taking the piss tbh but most of us arnt chavs, we are people with a passion for cars and love the sounds they make. The few knob heads shouldn’t ruin it for us guys that do no harm. We don’t do it for attention at all. I don’t give a fuck if someone else likes the sound or not it’s about what I like and what I love. I be respectful and start my car and leave straight for work no revving or hanging round I just get gone. I’m not anti social or drive flat out all night in town like the younger chavs do. But everyone seems to catorgrise every loud car in the same category. Hearing my car for 10 seconds once a fucking day driving past within the speed limit to most people is much much much less annoying than any other fucking loud stupid noise that comes from jack and Jill arguing and blasting music all day and dogs late at night barking etc etc. I get on with my life regardless of others noises and say its my world as much as thiers. I’ll give a little you give a little. I don’t moan at 7am Sunday morning fucking mowers so don’t moan about a short breif loud noise once a day when clearly other noises are more annoying. I’m going to take 12 hours to mow my fucking 10ft square lawn every Sunday at 6am and then we’ll see what’s more annoying. I don’t knock on your door and complain when I can hear word for word what your watching on telly next door. I just think noise is impossible to stop so you make some noise and I’ll make some noise. Who cares. Unless he puts a fog horn through my letter box I let them get on and mind my own business. Every should do the same. There shouldnt be a law on loud exhaust, just the ones who drive like idiots all the time and take the piss repeatedly should have a fine to stop them doing it. Want it loud dont then drive like a twat in built up areas. sometimes you have to drive in built up areas but don’t take the piss. I e going to work or home. No revving no sitting around with the engine running. Just do your business and move on. Drive sensible then it’s no problem. Saxos and fiestas or small engined cars I don’t agree with being as loud as others due to the fact you don’t really get performance gains from your 1.2 70hp car by making it loud. Where as my 300 hp tuned car needs free flowing exhaust to keep a turbo cold and not blow its self up. If they have to have a law then make it so you can have you car loud untill you have been pulled over for driving like a twat then issue a fine and a notice to say dangerous driving and remove the exhaust to teach them a lesson. They will soon learn if you want it loud drive sensible in towns or built up areas. Drive normal and surely its not an issue. Just a short breif noise. Move on erghhh. Rant over

  108. So you pathetic people won’t to bam loud cars. Some people’s passion is cars and some people got different. Shouldn’t get criticised for what people like to do. I don’t see airplanes helicopters high emissions vehicles being banged get a life and stop moaning

  109. Big exhaust systems allow better flow which is kinder on the engine and more economic, what should be banned is tight diameter exhausts that cause back pressure and tonnes of heat to appease self-obsessed fools!

    People with noisier exhausts already require going through type approval of their car again to gain a modification to help their car breathe, these people have had to jump through some pretty awkward hoops to chase their passion, they deserve it after such effort.

    If you have a real issue with loud exhausts, take it up with your local council who can impose noise restrictions should it be wanted in your area.

  110. It’s already illegal to make your car louder than type approval (now very quiet EU regulations) and they should also be an MOT failure if the testers do their job properly.
    Search for 7.1 of the MOT manual. Many testers are enthusiasts themselves though and these rogue traders are a big part of the problem passing modified vehicles.

    For years the Police have run a ‘soft-touch’ method of policing the drivers as most are from under privileged areas (council estates) and suffer low self esteem issues. Zero tolerance and issuing fines only antagonises these drivers.

    Police can issue a section 59 notice (driving in a way to cause disturbance) a conditional warning that will result in vehicle being seized if reported or spotted again. Soft touch, but sometimes enough to get the people with low self-esteem to abide buy the current laws.

    The reason for the above changes to law and MOT regs is the massive increase in noise complaints in our ever busier society. It’s the number 1 complaint to most councils in the UK. The majority of people dislike unwanted noise.

    Unfortunately councils wont deal with cars, but what we have seen is people take it out on local race tracks who are under the control of councils, whereby car modders now have to make the cars quieter to go on track days, which is ridiculous, but who can blame people who have had enough.

    Anyone in UK disturbed by loud cars and bikes (it’s on the increase and still a growth area for unlicensed exhaust makers) must call the non emergency number 101 and report the vehicles with reg numbers if possible. Use online ‘vehicle enquiry’ to confirm you have the right car and reg number. Sometimes you will discover these vehicles also have no tax or MOT, such is the mentality of the drivers.

    The operators over at 101 know what to do and will be sympathetic, they will also encourage you to keep complaining so the Police can accumulate the stats and eventually ask the government for the resources to crackdown.

    If your peace is regularly disturbed write to your local MP. Easy to find with google. and search google for tips in writing to MPs. Send a letter in post .
    This is a big part of an MP’s job and what they’re paid for.

    MPs need to challenge why:
    1. It is illegal to fit loud pipes in the UK but not to manufacture or sell them.
    2. Why the department of health and environment are nor listening to scientific evidence that loud noise causes sleep disturbance, increased heart beat stress etc and does not also look into banning the pipes.
    3. Why some manufactures are installing cheat devices, where by a button is pressed and the car becomes twice as loud, designed to replicate racing cars with bangs and pops, that can be achieved at 30MPH. Like a 2 year old being given a “brum brum” toy.

    The ultimate approach is to talk to the local council and highlight the fact that the roads are increasingly being used as personal race tracks. Insist that speed bumps are installed as the noises from pipes are 99% in conjunction with speed.
    Also pursue the idea they have in London to combat the Arabs with their modified super cars, in having a new law to ban hard acceleration in towns and villages.

    At the end of the day, once the public get off their arses and complain, the old saying ‘loud pipes lose rights’ will eventually ring true.

  111. If you live in Sussex, your suffering neighbours forced the Police to set-up a website for anti-social driving. These include noise complaints from vehicles.

    Just fill in a form with your details.. They will only ever use your email address and send you a reference number for each vehicle you report for illegal mods and noise.

    For the last few years they usually only issue the driver with a letter which stays on record and used against them if they continue. So it will be worthwhile now writing to the Police asking them to take stronger action as the noise from cars and motorcycles is getting worse along with the speed, hard acceleration and general aggressive driving on public roads.

    Most performance models doubled in power in 15 years , so modified exhausts are totally unnecessary.
    Golf GTi Mk2-3 1990-96 112 lbs Torque, same car today 258lbs of Torque! yet idiots with low self esteem claim they need an extra 5-10HP for some reason or other. They spend at least a grand with rogues like Miltek Sport, find a rogue MOT tester, then go out on public roads to \’prove\’ themselves.

    1. I love how you just instantly assume that every person, like myself, who have aftermarket exhausts, just happen have low self esteem.

      The real reason for a loud exhaust is three fold: 1) better tone, it may result in a higher volume but we tailor our cars to our tastes (for better or for worse) – 2) better gas flow for extra power and throttle response, and 3) lower back pressure that is kinder on the engine components, which is better for millage and longevity. As for “rogue MOT tester”, there is no law for car decibel limits. It is purely at the tester’s discretion if the volume is suitable for the type of vehicle.

      Whilst the idea of performance may go over your head, people who want more performance from their vehicle for competitive reasons or just for the fun of getting down and dirty with the oily bits, will do it as a passion and a hobby.

      If you are having problems with loud car exhausts in your area being overly obnoxious, then the issue isn’t the exhaust but the driver’s revving their cars in an obnoxious manner. Even a stock Nissan Juke RS revved to the redline will be loud – so if loud cars in your area are an issue, then blame the drivers, not the exhausts, and stop throwing people like me in with chavs in their Honda Civics.

    2. The complaints havn’t been going un-noticed.
      The EU actually brought in tougher noise limits this year for type approval. Cars will now be near silent by 2025. Narcissits have spoilt it. Game over.

  112. The issue isn’t the loud exhaust modification. The issue is the driver. A good exhaust system will actually be more than sociable when the car is driven “normally”.

    I have a Mustang GT, which has a ridiculous(-ly brilliant) 5.0L V8. I fitted an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust only two days after I took delivery of the car, and it replaced the resonator with a H-Pipe and included smaller silencers. Better flow, better throttle response, and a classic muscle car “wub-wub-wub” burble.

    It is an offensively loud exhaust, but /only/ if you stomp your foot into the floor. If you don’t drive like a lunatic, a /bus/ is actually louder by a noticeable margin, and I have several of them outside my estate at all hours of the day.

    The cronies on this forum thread complaining about loud exhaust constantly outside their window need to realise that even a stock Ford Fiesta revved to the redline will be loud. The issue isn’t the exhaust, its the chavs driving the car.

    Demonising the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of car enthusiasts in the country because of some teens redlining their civics is unjust and not actually kerb-stomping the root of the problem.

    1. It’s not just teens, it’s Narcissists like you.
      We don’t want to hear you, which is why new cars are forced to be reasonably quiet and quietier again eevry decade as more Narcissists join your hobby.

  113. There is already ample legislation, it simply needs to be more rigorously enforced and the Police do their job.

    It is illegal to modify the exhaust system of a vehicle to make it noisier than the level recorded for that model at type approval. the current limit is 74 dB .

    Big bore and sports exhaust systems contravene the Type Approval of the vehicle, which is an offence. There is no requirement for a police officer to measure the sound level from the exhaust system, it only requires an opinion that the system is not standard and that it is noisier than a normal vehicle of the same specification. It is an offense to fit any non type approved component to a vehicle. All after market components must be type approved.

    The Police town clauses act permits a Police officer or any person to arrest and detain anyone riding or driving furiously to the danger or annoyance of the public and bring them before the courts.

  114. There is actually a reason for adding these “loud exhausts”.

    When an engine is pumping exhaust gases out through the exhaust, it needs to do it in a quick and efficient manner. The quicker and more efficiently it can get rid of the exhaust gases, the quicker it can continue doing what engines do. Removing an exhausts back box or “silencer / muffler” helps reduce the amount of back pressure present in the exhaust. This causes a more efficient flowing of gases out of the exhaust, hence giving the engine better performance.

    Before you wildly come at the car scene saying that we are just solely out to annoy people, do some research into the benefits of removing back boxes.

    I’m not saying that they aren’t annoying, or that they shouldn’t be regulated but by saying “There is no reason […] to have loud exhausts apart from misguided vanity” is a misguided statement in itself and is just another reason why your pointless arguments will go unnoticed and ignored.

    1. Standard exhausts with back pressure often produce more low down torque. Performance exhausts will often lose this in exchange for more power at higher RPM.
      Maybe you should be doing the research, before wasting your money.
      Also, most hot hatches today have twice the power of the hot hatches from 10-15 yearsa go, so again a performance exhaust is pointless.

      When you drive fast to make the most out of your so-called performance pipe, that now needs revving, you’re just helping with lower speed limits and speed bumps.
      Personally I’d take a car with low down torque that does bring attention to my brisk driving.

  115. I am going to play devil’s advocate here but I think, at least on motorcycles, loud pipes are a good thing as they increase the awareness of the vehicle and therefore save lives. As for cars, maybe I am biased but low performance cars don’t need them. It takes an age for the sound to dissappear because they go so slow. High performance cars – I tolerate as it is obviously an enthusiast both a wannabe gangsta. I guess if I had to be fair about it I would say I appreciate the draw to a nice sounding vehicle but as a father on a noisy stretch I would also say that after 7pm and before 7am drive responsibly. No one, not even me as a car lover thinks you sound or look cool thrashing a car so it “sounds good” at midnight. This goes to you soldiers that live in the barracks near me!

  116. I live on a road where those motherfuckers ride all the time. I have an old wooden windows which don’t block noise very well. I swear, sometimes i feel like going out in front of my place with 2×4 wood and just give it to the next loud motorcyclist right in the helmet.

    I see many people sharing my concern here, there are so many of us, what is being done about this? I mean, by the government/authorities?

    1. Martin,

      The government do nothing as they want the tax money from the sale of the loud exhausts.

      The only thing you can do is make a hobby out of calling the Police, the Police might ask for a bigger budget to tackle the problem then eventually the government get the message.
      Money always come first.

      Put reports in to 101. Describe it as \”anti-social behaviour involving a motor vehicle\”.
      Check your Police force\’s website if you can report online, if it makes you nervous, but you musnt be.

      Look up your local council members and big-it up as a \’speeding problem\’ and get restriction t be brought in.
      That will piss off the selfish people who make this noise.
      Why they want to advertise their speed is beyond me. Bikers rarely ever travel at the speed limit.

  117. First of all whats the purpose of loud exhausts?
    Apart from letting everyone now about ones issues from miles ( insecurity, sexual problems?) something has to be on the case if one needs to make others life hard with no reason and trying to get so much attention.
    It’s really antisocial behavior. Lots of noise and quite often dangerous due to some stupid speeding to make this poor metal things fart louder..
    That why i think it should be banned.
    If one needs a bit of noise rent yourself a race track

    1. Are your lives that shit that you cannot deal with a passing vehicles loud exshaust, get a grip moaners and think up a good cause to protest about, like you polluting, draining, over populating the world, go and live on top of a mountain on you own if you don’t like noise. Everybody effects others so get of your self obsessed selves. I bet your farts stink.

      1. Clue is in the word “SILENCER” or “MUFFLER” DOH!
        If you can’t get from A to B without sounding like a Panzer division, then the sooner you get stopped the better.
        Loud pipes, as you love to call them, save lives – yeah? From 5 streets away?
        Are you wearing loud hi vis. clothing – lit up like a Christmas tree? NO? Why not?
        Should vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists use sirens or blow whistles?
        Have you ever thought that as you add to the ever louder disturbing soundscape that the safety you ostensibly seek to gain will encourage people countering by wearing headphones or plugs, thus becoming at greater risk to themselves and possibly you?
        Furthermore, should you crash, I think any sympathy will be mixed with glee.
        We all know that you shamefully love the attention and annoyance factor and the marketing to sell more modified “loudeners” or …… amplifiers should be curtailed.
        If it’s safety you seek, best not push people’s resentment any further.

  118. Loud exhausts are just a way for idiots to annoy other people. Some morons get off on that.
    Just report them and then they can pay £30 a time and get a producer. That annoys them, so they stop annoying normals.
    Or, sit outside their house at 3am and blow an air horn repeatedly, because being loud and annoying is totally fine by them.

  119. they drive up and down streets that they themselves do not live on. loitering. high streets, main drags. never alone or in the middle of nowhere. the local chip shop attracts a crowd of teenagers and the subaru with a modified exhast drives up and down causing his car to backfire near the crowd of five bored teenagers who dont even acknoledge his fancy modified car. the ned in the car wants them to see him and be jealous if him. its basically a low self esteem issue. so the attention seeking ned makes us all miserable because he feels inferior. i once saw the ned get out his car. skinny twenty something with standard white baseball cap, and interestingly a limp or somekind of foot problem. just proves these muppets are making up for their own deficiencies, be it an injured foot or a small knob or stupidity, whatever. the question is how do we stop them? im going to ask the council for speedbumps to try to hit their low exhasts and they will move on elsewhere hopefully. these muppets need a straight road with a group of teenagers on it. those two things are fertile ground for the boy racer. i dont mind enthusiasts gathering in a car park on the retail estate, but a villages main street shouldnt be a showground.

  120. To all you motorcyclists who claim loud exhausts make you more visible.

    Heres a better way of being safer, get a job (or a better job) then you can afford a car.

  121. “It’s illegal to modify the exhaust system to make a vehicle noisier after it has been ‘type approved’ (checked it meets environmental and safety standards).

    The police can also take action if your vehicle’s silencer doesn’t work in the way it was designed or if you’re driving in a way that creates too much noise.”

    We may all have to hear them at it, infantilely inconsiderate as they are, but they have to BE themselves. All the time. Poor unloved morons.

  122. Interesting that those defending the stupidity of, and infantile use of souped up vehicles appear not to be able to spell, are devoid of grammar and the ability to construct a proper sentence and seem to be seriously in need of some self esteem.

  123. It was sad to hear that a scenic area in Germany got so fed up with loud bikers they started pouring diesel on the roads 🙁

    The good news is that in Europe the Police were ordered to back off for years to enable the problem to get worse then more people complained. The EU has now set very strict noise targets for vehicle makers. They start this year and get tougher in stages until 2022 where vehicles are expeted to be near silent. This means that all mods will stand out even more and there will be less leeway and room for excuses when it comes to noise measurement.

    In the meantime, keep complaining to the Police and write to your local MP for a ban on the sale of loud pipes. Post leaflets to your neighbours with advice as they are probably suffering without knowing these pipes are illegal.

  124. Everyone should be allowed to drive whatever they like AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T PISS OTHER PEOPLE OFF!!!
    These extremely loud quad bikes and stupid motorcycles cause great distress to animals, and make small children cry.
    I believe the offending vehicles should be seized and crushed – with the riders still on them.

  125. I had a porsche for 15 years and never had a sports exhaust fitted to it.

    yes it would have give it a little more power, but its well known that these are fitted more for the sound than any other reason.

    i never had one fitted because i am not a prat and care about my neighbours anyone who lives next to someone who has a bike or car that wakes you up in the middle of the night should just put your speaker against their wall and go to a hotel for the night see how they like someone making noise that goes in to thier house.

    1. Good man. Your Porsche sounds much better and more interesting engineering wise without being dominated by a bigger bore exhaust.
      I hate seeing the unique 911 aircooled noise being drowned out by so-called performance pipes. They just start sounding like any other modified cars.

  126. I gave up reading this blog at about the first hundred.
    It is obviously an emotive subject!
    I thought that I would add my twopennies worth here.
    There are three types of exhaust noise:
    1. Standard as factory-fitted and completely legal under Type Approval Legislation and mostly very quiet and causing no problem to anyone even in the early hours.
    2. \”Performance enhancement\” silencers-some of these are not much louder than standard and typically have a deeper tone and can even sound quite good and generally of no annoyance.
    3. Large bore with no or minimal baffles producing a very loud and disturbing noise to those people outwith the offending vehicle, especially in the early hours.

    It is the third type that is the real problem, whether it is a bike or a car.
    The drivers/riders of these vehicles are creating a disturbance to the public. It does not matter whether it is a bike or a car-it is simply anti-social and the solution is also very simple-it is illegal and the police can be requested to intervene. The user of the offending vehicle vehicle can be required to comply with the law or suffer the consequences. The two relevant laws are- vehicle construction/use and disturbing the peace/antisocial behaviour. If you are suffering this form of abuse I suggest that you advise the local police of the registration number giving details of time/date, location. They will do the rest.

  127. One of the problems in the UK, has always been the MOT testers are usually car enthusiasts themselves and they don’t like to lose customers. So they pass these aftermarket pipes. There is a lot of evidence of this on Facebook car groups and car forums. The MOT is clear though. Not louder than standard. See: 7.1.4 of the MOT manual/sheet.

    There is a new weapon for people that are active in the community to try and get rid of these nuisance vehicles that blight our quality of life.
    You can download an MOT APP for android and put in the car’s make and reg number. It gives the MOT station name and address. Confident people can then challenge their local MOT garage as to why a car they MOT’d is driving around unroadworthy. This could be done in person or by a letter. Keep it courteous and do not abuse it otherwise DVSA will take the option away. I’m going to write to the local garage who I have seen has a reputation for passing unroadworthy cars and just give them a heads-up that in 6 months time I’m going to report every car via 101 and insist to the local community Police involve the DVSA in every car I report. This should make them think twice about ignoring 7.1.4 of their MOT manual.

    1. That is a brilliant idea. I was just gonna stick hard sealing fire sealant up one of these idiots’ exhausts.

  128. There is no sound more evocative than a well tuned car with a good exhaust. It is a tribute to over 100 years of automotive history and innovation and the enthusiasts who brought it all about.

    Your inability to appreciate that is unfortunate but irrelevant.

    I agree that boy-racers who rev the balls off crappy factory-spec econoboxes with fart cans in built-up areas are selfish morons but they are not the majority. We true enthusiasts are happy to carefully drive to rural roads and secluded spots to enjoy our cars and their sound. This is why boy-racers seem like the majority – you’ll never notice the true petrolheads. This is why it’s unfair to encourage laws to be passed that further limit the automotive freedom of the many just to silence the annoying few.

  129. I was knocked of my motorcycle buy a middle aged woman in a 4b4, and she drove off. I put a Harley Davidson shotgun exhaust on and now people know that I’m around. For a bit more noises are you going to measure it up to a life. If you disagree then you must do and you have now put a value on a human life and that is disgusting, not even god would put a price on anyone’s head. Loud pipes saves life’s

  130. It’s interesting how Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, TVRs, etc & other excotic cars can make a real racket on full song & that appears to be perfectly fine by most people. Infact if you look on youtube for “Best Exhaust Sounds” you will see folks who can afford these “Supercars” & other sports Cars. Some of these owners, sometimes go further & put “Straight Through” exhausts or aftermarket pipes on what are already very loud cars! Many of those, who are in positions to influence & change the Law, often drive quite LOUD cars themselves, and therefore may not particularly want the law being too restrictive regarding decibel limits, if you know what I mean!! I do hope that if these laws were implemented, then they would be applied to all, & not a two tier system. I have worked on restoring English & Foreign classics. I have run them as classics, & as “modified”. And know many people who own & run “High end cars”, some race them, but what is interesting is that sometimes the unmodified cars exhausts are louder than modified!! I currently have a modified exhaust on my van. I modifed it as it was very low powered (a whopping 59bhp!!), and I also modified the suspension etc, as it handled terribly, especially if it was full of tools. And was downright dangerous in an emergency stop!! Now it is very safe, doesn’t wallow anymore, stops quickly & safely, and is a far improvement over the original product. Emissions are lower, because the combustion process is more efficient also!! And because of an increase in power, I can now overtake the countless tractors in my local area, & lorries on the Motorway – when safe Is it louder than the original? Probably!! Well Okay..Highly Likely !! Am I courteous to my neighbours? Yes very! Should all drivers with modified exhausts be painted with the same brush? A VERY BIG NO! But I am working on a design at the moment on the exhaust to reduce noise further. I don’t need to, because the current noise level DB check involves, taking a noise reading at a certain height, & distance from the exhaust, at a certain rpm from the cars rev counter…wait for it… I don’t have one in my van & no electrical ECU or ignition system to take a reading from, as it’s an old desiel Van!! So nigh impossible to take a correct reading! Why am I doing it then? ….. Just doing it because I care about people But I do agree that there are some very selfish, anti-social people around, who should be made to convert the exhaust back to standard on there vehicles. Apparently the police can take action if “You are driving it in a way that creates too much noise!” but that can be so subjective, as to be able to drive a bus through it! So I don’t know how much that will be enforced!! Anyway, that’s my stance..we’ll not all “baddies!”

  131. CAN any one tell me weather imported bikes that come with inbuilt loud exhaust are banned on roads .I have got ducati pannigle and i am from andhra pradesh .
    Its stock exhaust sound is too high i haven’t changed or modified it .
    Tell me guys weather it is banned or not


    this area of the south downs is completely overrun with idiots on loud motorcycles

    it’s an area of outstanding beauty completely ruined by muppets on bike with modified exhausts

    what a was

    and they are all old in there 40’s and 50’s so it’s not like they don’t know better

    I am sure the complaint every day when some young people are outside their house blaring loud garage or rap music.

    completely two faced

  133. I do completely agree that these thing should be legally identifioed as an anti-social behaviour and should be banned. The city councils can’t even take a report for this issue, while people can report noise nuisance from dog-barking, what an irony! Many of the above comments say that this is a hobby, freedom of expression, kids/people should learn to make room with these, which are of course stupid arguments – anything that’s violating other people’s peace and comfort, cannot be approved as a hobby!

    1. I don’t mind cars having quieter exhausts but bikes need them as a matter of safety

      1. bikes need to slow down and stick to the speed limits for eveyone’s safety

  134. I am a biker and have a loud exhaust, the exhaust has saved my life as I filter I rev so people can hear me, for you to have that band and I hurt my self I would happily sue every one of you for my injuries as they all say. “loud exhausts save lifes”

  135. bikes especially need a loud exhaust as there are idiots on the road who will only look for cars coming towards them and not think about bikes, the loud exhaust helps fix that as you can hear them making you notice them easier

  136. There are loudish nice sounding exhausts and then there is obnoxiously loud exhausts it depends on the person. I ride a motorbike myself have done for 7 years now and also have an aftermarket exhaust and I understand it’s loud. So I don’t ride after 10pm apart from Saturday’s. I also start work at 7am to which I leave the house at 6:20 and push my bike round the corner onto the main road before starting it as I understand it may annoy some people. The point I am making is as stated some people just don’t consider others and it’s the same the other way around some people will just moan for the sake of it.

  137. There had been some persons threaten burning our homes down or fraud activity to steal your land …and killing and poisoning us or our pets outside and or letting them go to cause accidents with passer byers and staring trouble with our jobs and wrecking our cars to get in accidents and implanting for electric stalking and harassment also!
    IS what I heard and we have actually seen some of this happen, but not sure if that was situation that was mention about in this written stuff! Those after market mufflers are louder then Harley gangs but those gangs never cause that kind of trouble and they are here and gone not deliberately there all day and they will threaten others riders with other rides if you say anything and it is unjust and threatening to older people also !

  138. Call the operators at 101 and report the bike or car as a crime. Tell the operators you want it logged as an ‘anti-social crime’ and the vehicles given a ‘section 29 notice’ If you know the vehicle is local also request that the operators send the report to the local ‘community officer’

    Nothing much will happen unless the Police are made aware. Pluck up courage to call 101, they are not the Police, they are operators who pass on the report to the Police.
    These exhausts are illegal and they are abusive. We are being abused.

  139. Trigger Warning – Please scroll past this post if you are someone who cries easily or has nightmares ~~~
    i really truly HATE -HATE- HATE my petrol-head neighbors in the apt. complex across the road from my house, who drive big, angry, noisy trucks that make the walls of my house vibrate with all their infantile, truck engine sounds. I seriously want to kill them. But since that is out of the question, i sincerely hope they all get a bad case of cholera and die a long, painful, horrible death as soon as possible! SERIOUSLY! They are completely evil and Satanic and I\’d like nothing more than to stab them in the face with a fork repeatedly, and then shove a meat thermometer straight through their earlobe so it comes out the other side thru their other ear! They deserve to die for putting these thoughts in my head and just for that, i dutifully hope and pray that their whole family burn in a terrible fire after that, and survive it with 3rd degree burns all over their disgusting bodies!!!!!! And then, after their having to live like that for a few months, I\’d like to take a baseball bat to their ugly skulls until their heads come flying off their bodies and land in the amazon creek! This is what happens when little boys are allowed to make stupid truck sounds with their toy trucks.. If I had a kid like that I would not encourage that kind of shit!!!! Little boys like that, grow up to drive real trucks and annoy everyone with them. Its a good thing I don\’t have kids, because if I had a boy like that, of my own, I would torture him every day to make up for what males do to the world. i would have an advent calendar and fill it with creative ways to torture the little shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Trigger Warning – Please scroll past this post if you are someone who cries easily or has nightmares ~~~
    i really truly HATE -HATE- HATE my petrol-head neighbors in the apt. complex across the road from my house, who drive big, angry, noisy trucks that make the walls of my house vibrate with all their infantile, truck engine sounds. I seriously want to kill them. But since that is out of the question, i sincerely hope they all get a bad case of cholera and die a long, painful, horrible death as soon as possible! SERIOUSLY! They are completely evil and Satanic and I’d like nothing more than to stab them in the face with a fork repeatedly, and then shove a meat thermometer straight through their earlobe so it comes out the other side thru their other ear! They deserve to die for putting these thoughts in my head and just for that, i dutifully hope and pray that their whole family burn in a terrible fire after that, and survive it with 3rd degree burns all over their disgusting bodies!!!!!! And then, after their having to live like that for a few months, I’d like to take a baseball bat to their ugly skulls until their heads come flying off their bodies and land in the amazon creek! This is what happens when little boys are allowed to make stupid truck sounds with their toy trucks.. If I had a kid like that I would not encourage that kind of shit!!!! Little boys like that, grow up to drive real trucks and annoy everyone with them. Its a good thing I don’t have kids, because if I had a boy like that, of my own, I would torture him every day to make up for what males do to the world. i would have an advent calendar and fill it with creative ways to torture the little shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Be the change you wish to see, so if you want quiet and peace, be quiet and peaceful. Treat others how you wish to be treated: how ever you make others feel will be how you oneday feel. This is an inescapable law that needs no one to enforce.

    I’ve been reading comments, but see no way to actually proceed with a course of action to take to put a ban on noisy exhausts. There is allot of negative comments from my perspective, all from the pressure of not being able to do anything about “injustice”.

    If our leaders who we vote into power to serve us will not ban them, the pressure that is building to ban loud noises will turn to violence. I am most glad to see electric cars. I hope Government listen, but how often do we see government only reacting to “events” that could have been prevented?

    My advice is to keep talking to local authorities and seek their advice. As for the comment of others, I wish to let you know that most of the time what is said about other people is often a reflection of that individual.

    If we can see others as a part of our selves, then we can put up with anything. The reason we don’t see each other as ourselves is because its in short a game We/Totality plays. The reptilian brain is running the show for most humans maybe, so life is a struggle to survive and to defend and attack towards other minds. This is why we still having war over land. A basic “this is my territory” animal survival instinct in effect.

    My other advice for anyone who has had enough of suffering is to watch or read Eckhart Tolle, and see what he has to say about afew things on suffering.

  142. Destroying people’s sleep will shorten their life, and cause ill health. For those that say ‘my neighbour…’. It’s not just your neighbour, it’s everyone in every room in every house within a mile of every inch of road that you drive/ride down. Motorcyclists with loud exhausts get a bad name for all of those that don’t have one. Car drivers with one may as well put a big sign on the roof saying ‘I am not very bright, I am selfish, and immature’.

  143. The simple fact is that modified exhausts or loud motor vehicles are owned by people who are insecure about their sexuality and sexual short comings. They wish to draw attention to themselves because they are impotent or have little sexual experience. Likewise, rich kids buy Porsche’s, sports cars or if they cannot afford them, the more phallically popular tanks such as the Nissan Qashqai design that are an increasingly common site on our roads. Such people may be wealthy, but are extremely dullard since such vehicles are utterly impractical as they can only carry two people and have little room for storage. This signifies that these people have very few friends or just aren’t very popular. Such people are completely oblivious to the fact that such `alleged’ fast cars are NOT fast at all since the UK legal maximum speed limit is 70 mph. These people clearly lack foresight when purchasing such vehicles, thus signifying that they lack intelligence. When not seeking attention on the roads, they are likely to own status pets such as Pit bulls, Doberman’s, Rottweiler’s or what are commonly known as babe magnets.

  144. All of you fairies go hang yourselves. If you dont like scary loud noises then go live in the woods and wipe your asses with your organic leaves you pussies. Loud exhausts are simply part of Motorcycle, car, and truck enthusiast culture. Dont try to limit people’s freedoms to express themselves and their love for their vehicles because you can’t handle the orgasmic sound of a V8 or V-twin Harley. Take your Prius and shove it up your twat and go choke on a giant grass fed, free range dick. Tired of all these fucking pussies complaining about noise. Then go live in a basement you non contributing product sponge cunt. Life is short and dangerous. And in case you haven’t ever left your shell or basement or whatever whorehouse you were born in, there is such a thing as dangerous fun and it’s usually fast and loud. Tighten your belt and grow a pair you skinny, winter hat in the summer wearing, vape smoking cunts.

  145. Have you noticed that all of the arseholes having a go at people asking for these loud, stupid exhausts to be banned cannot even spell or use correct grammar? Says a lot. And as one comment said, if being loud and obnoxious and making life unpleasant for others is your hobby, then something is seriously wrong. You are the ones who need to get a life and get some respect for other people and human decency. It’s rude. It makes walking down the street unpleasant. I can’t wait for the day these things are banned, but the people like that seem to get away with, and get, everything their way don’t they.

    1. Look mate. Nobody of any quality drives a car with a loud popping exhaust. It’s a chavscum thing. So the sort of person that writes in defending it is going to be semi literate half wit incapable of understanding basic English like “your/you’re”, “there,they’re, their” and “would of/ would’ve”. It’d be good if we could remove their gonads so they can’t reproduce and perpetuate their low IQ genes.

  146. Simple solution if you live in the UK and know the registration of the offending vehicle…… Go to (the Motor Insurance Database), pay £4.50 to run a search on that reg number, and you’ll receive the details of the insurance company and the policy number related to that vehicle.
    Now one thing to note is that askMID states that you SHOULD be enquiring about that registration number as the result of an ACCIDENT, and that you may otherwise be committing an offence by obtaining said information contrary to Section 170 of the Data Protection Act. HOWEVER, what it doesn’t state is that a motorist who regularly disturbs your right to a peaceful life is therefore causing you loss. If you subsequently make an askMID enquiry in order to pursue some recompense for this, or to report a offence to the driver’s insurance company then you DO have the right to make this enquiry and are NOT committing an offence under the Data Protection Act.
    But why would you want the insurance details of a vehicle owner who has a noisy exhaust I hear you ask?… Simple, the legal limit in the EU is 74db and anything above 90db is considered a nuisance. Furthermore, it is also an offence for a vehicle owner to modify their exhaust system to make it exceed the db level stated by the manufacturer when that vehicle was given its type approval. This essentially covers all (or very close to all) after-market ‘performance’ systems.
    So to get to the point…. If you have a local boy-racer who regularly disturbs your right to a peaceful life through an excessively loud exhaust system, you can pay £4.50 to askMID, get the details of his/her insurance policy, then write a letter (anonymous or not) to that insurer pointing out that the owner is driving an illegally modified vehicle and committing an offence by doing so, and that you’re surprised that the company is insuring an illegal vehicle. The insurance company then have no choice but to contact their insured to (a) cancel their policy; (b) order their insured to make the vehicle compliant with the law or their policy will be revoked.

  147. All the adults who like loud truck engines are the kids whose parents indulged them with toy fire engines, and toy pickup trucks when they were children and these same parents would always think it was so cute when their brats would make “Vroom!!! Vroom!!” sounds with their toy cars and trucks. They encouraged these brat kids to never grow up, just get life sized engines and compensate for their stunted juvenile sized penises.

  148. Someone encouraged these brats to never grow up, just get life sized engines and compensate for their stunted, juvenile-sized penises. I hope you have a heart attack and die!

  149. From gov uk:

    Vehicle noise limits
    There are limits to the amount of noise that vehicles can make on public roads. This applies to all types of vehicles.

    In general, larger vehicles with bigger engines are able to make more noise.

    Noise limits on tyres
    There are noise limits on tyres and since November 2012 all new tyres are graded and labelled to show how noisy they are.

    Modified exhaust systems
    It’s illegal to modify the exhaust system to make a vehicle noisier after it has been ‘type approved’ (checked it meets environmental and safety standards).

    The police can also take action if your vehicle’s silencer doesn’t work in the way it was designed or if you’re driving in a way that creates too much noise.

    Respect the law of common decency.

  150. I’ve had these muppets with their loud exhausts come round near my hous and wake up my kids.

    These are all a bunch of antisocial things idiotic weak wanna be men.

    I’ve met and know many many people who are tough and none of need a sports exhaust to feel strong.

    These people who need this kind of thing are hoping that it makes them look hard but I put a few of them down one night and now not one comes anywhere near my house.

    Bring your sports exhaust round to my house and I will wrap it around you wannabe hard guy head.

    Just a bunch of little old fat men.

  151. Excellent idea and a must, one has to seriously ask why authorities have not done this a long time ago. It is all inexcusable, usually comes down to ego and vanity of the owners and has severe effects on society, mental health and environment. The Lockdown period showed us the real value of quiet with the majority of noise making polluting machines off the road it was wonderful, now to mention all the blue skies while the aircraft were grounded.

  152. An exhaust mod for the sake of attracting attention to yourself is pathetic.
    Get a life you childish, selfish knob heads. There is nothing cool about travelling around in a ‘Farting Clowns Car’…..

  153. Pretending that your gunshot exhaust is a performance mod is just bollocks so don’t bother. Everyone who hears your shit noise that has has an IQ over 5 knows you are an attention seeking cunt that needs sterilising. £500 fine a pop – more than 3 offences, remove the right foot. Thank you

  154. It’s about time the general public started doing something about this because it seems like the Authorities are too busy deciding as to whether it is a Council or Police Responsibility. Or whether it’s properly covered under Council Tax Payments. Or maybe they just couldn’t give a Monkey’s Flying Shit.
    When anyone sees one of these attention grabbing, baby minded pricks, just point,laugh uncontrollably gripping your belly and scream out as loudly as possible ‘Look Everyone, A Farting Clown’s Car’. Lets make them look the pathetic shits they so obviously are and get a little peace back in the City.
    Failing that…..Yes you……Police…..Do your f*cking job….

  155. More than happy to relinquish ownership of my Ducati 1098S and its sweet sounding exhaust note; just so long as our local law enforcement can similarly curb a growing tendency to assault weary lockdown eardrums with their round-the-clock sirens, horns and spirited engine acceleration. One rule for us, another for them…

  156. Notice how all these dribbling spastics defending their clown exhausts can barely spell or use grammar.

  157. Today i was in our local town shopping with my partner when a car pulled up to the traffic lights and started this horrendous backfiring banging it was so loud that it has caused my hearing to go funny like sounds are muffled and terrible earache so bad it feels like my ear is about to explode off the side of my head we dived into our local tescos to try to get away from it but didnt quite work and i was left stood in tescos with my parter in tears

    I also have severe anxiety so this also shook me up

    I posted on a local group to see if i could get the car reg or even the type of car and all i mainly got was verbal abuse about how stupid my post was!!!

    So now i am left with horrendous earache,muffled sound, feeling sickly and definitely very shook up !!!!

  158. I love loud exhausts, love loud motorbikes. Don’t see anything wrong at all. Just people moaning about everything and not living your own life. You want peace move out the city. Everyone has right to this, rights to that. Card come out of manufacturer with standards sports pops and bangs and hit high decibel levels. If you closed down the aftermarket shops and stopped cars modifying the industry would be a sad place. I have had people do burnouts and rev engines near where I live but it’s temporary. I’m interested by planes more. Put a loud exhaust on, enjoy your life and send it.

    1. Daft to people should move just because people are using loud exhausts which aren’t even legal. Nobody wants to have to hear that crap while watching stuff, and even having to pause it because of how loud some vehicles are.

  159. Is there any petition that needs to be signed for banning loud cars and motorcycles in cities? I live in a relatively big city near main road in city centre and it’s just awful. These idiots with loud exhausts on their cars and motorcycles can be heard all the time and it’s dead annoying. I need police need to get involved. Stop all of them, fine them, forfeit the vehicle and destroy it.

  160. A car with a racing exhaust just passed my house at 5:30am and i could still hear it several streets away. These people are just inconsiderate and dont care about anybody else but themselves.
    Take them off the roads leave them on the racetrack.

  161. When drivers and motorcyclists rev their engines and then screech away + have modified exhausts you should know that everyone watching and listening, and we mean everyone watching and listening thinks you are a complete w****r.
    If you want to be thought of as a w****r please carry on with this inconsiderate behaviour that disturbs everyone else, the public will then be certain that you are a complete w****r.

    1. Absolutely. And with a small cock too. Why do plod do jackshit to deal with these cretins?

  162. Ah yeah. Idiots driving around in cars with popping exhausts make me think that abortion should be made compulsory up to 40 years old in some cases. You know basically ” you should’ve been aborted you useless c**t during your mother’s pregnancy. We’ll rectify this mistake.”
    Clearly nobody of any quality who’s educated and smart drives around in some shitheap with a loud popping exhaust. You can see that in the semi literate posts from these cumstains. They have no respect or regard for anybody or anything and they should be treated reciprocally. Most of us try to minimize disturbance to our neighbours through our motoring activities. It’s called civility and consideration and is clearly beyond the mindset of these micropenises.
    I say this as hardcore petrolhead who’s owned all manner of one offs like my present Chevy Camaro. I sure don’t need to put some poxy popping exhaust on my Camaro. It’d detract from that awesome V8 rumble!

  163. That is a brilliant idea. I was just gonna stick hard sealing fire sealant up one of these idiots’ exhausts.

  164. This is really a behaviour issue. I understand people with self esteem issue, but doubt that a loud exhaust will help. A loud exhaust may make them feel noticed, which is what I suspect, most want with them. The more we object, the better it is for them.

    Police enforcement is the only way of dealing with what is in effect antisocial behaviours. They have the powers, but appear reluctant to do anythng. If there are any police on here, perhaps they can comment.

  165. Loud pipes save lives !! Well on bikes for sure they provide a audible warning that a vehicle is approaching thus potentially helping avoid a life threatening collision. I do agree tho there is a limit on noise level and that needs to be adhered to.

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