The time has come for any legislation for the protection of Seagulls to be withdrawn.  These animals are vermin and can be categorised as similar to rats.  They prey on adults and children and have no hesitation in attacking them in order to steal food which, quite often, is being eaten. and It not not uncommon for injuries to be caused, sometimes serious. During the nesting season, they can be even more dangerous by unprovoked attacks on passers by.  They encourage rats by breaking open waste sacks and strewing rubbish around.  Other E.U. countires do not have this problem as there are no restrictions on culling. These creatures are increasing year by year and encroaching from their normal habiitat, the sea, onto the land where food is easier to obtain.  The removal of the law which prohibits culling is essential.

Why is this idea important?

It will improve health and safety and reduce the number of patients who have to receive NHS treatment as a result of injuries caused.  It will improve the lifestyle of those who live in areas where these creatures make life unpleasant and dangerous.

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  1. I have found it very difficult to accept the horrors of seagulls, they attack children without apparent reason, my two cats have been confined to indoors at their own choice, I have been attacked for being in my own garden, it is time to give seagulls a kick ass and remove the health threat from the filth they leave behind

    1. At least whilst your moggies are confined indoors they are not out killing garden birds for no reason and defecating in other people’s gardens. Domestic cats are responsible for the extinction of some bird species, they kill multiple million birds all over the world, into the billions actually. By the end of this century half of the world’s species will be extinct due to humans. I know what species I’d like to see culled!

      1. Have you ever heard of the food chain??? Its in a cats nature to chase/ eat small animals such as birds/mice…same as its in a dogs nature to chase a cat….and its also in certain species of birds nature to prey upon small animals aswell…. And last of all humans! Humans eat animals….do you not find that cruel??? The point is for this forum is to cull the greedy ‘rats’ with wings!! And I 100% agree!!!

      2. I have cat actually but humans are worse, so I agree with the latter part of your comment but do not believe the non-human animals are responsible for the extinction of birds, think pesticides, fireworks and other pollution. Cats were not responsible for the global reports of flocks of birds reportedly falling dead from the sky, nor the rivers with thousands of fish found dead, in very recent years. We humans are responsible for most if it, our intolerance, greed, the culling, the fun style hunting the invasion and occupation of land belonging to wild life, the over fishing of seas, etc.etc.

      3. No ducklings at my park this year as I witnessed them being eaten by gulls yet again, not cats ..gulls, plenty of video evidence of gulls eating all manner of song bird on you tube, here is a few links for you.

        There are many many more, not there natural food source is it !

        witnessed the moorhens being attacked by them yesterday and my little boy got attacked by them in the summer , sorry but thy need culling. There are to many in the coastal towns , so much so they are taking over the lakes I the countryside and living inland on waste tips,
        Humans fault of course because they are protected from culling by human beings who don’t really understand that they have no natural predator, people feeding them like they are pigeons ..and lazy human beings leaving food waste out.

      4. What you fail to realise is that seagulls kill baby birds. I have witnessed about 10 baby chicks taken from my garden this year by seagulls and I live 7 miles from the coast

      5. Once you have been attached by a seagull then you can get on your high horse the should be culled.

      6. Ian Hughes,
        Get a life you tin foil hat wearer, cats have a purpose in this world more than what I think you have, seagulls are flying rats and of no use what so ever.
        People like you make me sick with their opinions about pets like cats, which I have to say bring a lot of companionship and joy to many families world wide, what does a bloody seagull bring nothing but shit and disease, so before you jump on some poor guy for saying his cats are house bound because of these flying rats I suggest you get a life or crawl back under the stone you came from

    2. What a load of crap, you silly naive idiot. They are beautiful clean birds. Humans leave more filth than they do. Oh how dare them to be hungry. How dare them to want to feed their young. Oh how dare them to be on this planet, after all humans have never done anything to damage it have they? l doubt they have attacked you but if they did then im glad they have seen you for what you are.

      1. They need their numbers controlling
        I am a keen conservationist and bird lover, however they are becoming very dominant, and take that from someone who worked at Portsmouth Dockyard for 9 years and have seen the carnage they create

        Even adults of 6 ft. have been attached and have injuries requiring a hospital visit

        The previous writer would change his view point if he had been on the receiving end of a 700mm high great gull

      2. Are u thick seagulls are evil horrible vile animals tht dont care about anything except food they overfeed and overproduce they need to be brought to the brink of extinction so they remain an endangered species and stick to their natural habitat the sea hence the name seagulls

      3. There’s a unnatural population size due to human waste they need culling.

      4. Her here. Seagull attacks, as far as I am aware are relatively new experiences, the probable to be hunger as we humans compete for fish to the point of seriously deplenishing the stock available.

      5. Well bloody said Gillian! I agree with you 100% .I have many near me and they are beautiful and a joy to watch, and have never caused problems. Thumbs up to you!

      6. You’re so naive. Seagull excrement contains deadly bacteria and they are disgusting animals!! It’s because of people like you that culling doesn’t take place but it will change. Let’s hope one of them lands on you. Would you like to have your washing constantly crapped on?! They attack vulnerable adults and children alike and if you do some research you might realise how toxic they really are. Not to mention when people can’t sleep because of the high pitched screeching they make at 5am!! Or maybe you don’t have a job?

      7. and how dare you say they are beautiful, they are flying rats and attack humans for no reason, EU laws protecting this vermin to breed like rabbits and letting them get away with swooping down taking food from peoples hands or attacking, i have no intention of going on a roof to mess with their offspring but if they carry on making my life a living hell and feeling like a prisoner in my own home i will be taking measures and i dont care if i end up getting locked up it will be worth it to have rid of the vermin,

      8. Flying rats , cause untold damage to buildings by their detrius blocking valleys guters and downspouts. Councils have much to answer for – gull proof bins for one – our sea front is littered with rubbish caused 100% by gulls ripping into bins. And yes they attack people on the street nowhere near rooftop nests – but “birdlovers” turn a blind eye, probably condemn pheasant and grouse shooting too. Hope you don t eat chicken ducks or turkey – that would be very hypocritical

      9. What an absolutely narrow minded comment….
        segulls are turning in to a menace and becoming dangerous.
        No one on here has said they should be wiped out but there numbers need reducing…

      10. Gillian… Beautiful clean birds??… Really??… Tell my washing.. My car..That depreciates in value because their crap is caustic and ruins the paintwork or My windows that… They are beautiful clean birds? … When they are on cliff faces and out at sea… Its in the name “SEAGULLS”.. But not inland where the spread disease and attack people and small domestic animals…. I have never heard such utter rubbish in my life… You should come and live just inland from a seaside resort.. And get crapped on insessantly.. Then you might change your tune… They are vermin.. Rats with wings.. End of story!!

    3. You are a ignorant scum bag! Who has no clue about these Creatures! There are more dog attacks on humans and other dogs… but you dont see them being culled! Humans are more filthy and evil than any of these birds! Humans start wars, Fight… etc we are the cruel race! Learn something before you talk a load of shit!!!!

      1. I want to rant about nothing to do with the point of this…..grrrr dogs and wars

      2. Do you like rats would you say the same and come to there defence would you call the angry parents whose kids get lepricos from rat piss and shit idiots all animals need to be controlled for the preservation of human life lest we go extinct as has happened for millions of years thing grow and die we just controlled it to keep us going for longer

      3. There are more human attacks on humans than attacks from any animals., humans attack for numerous reasons, including sadistic pleasure, animals only attack other animals to protect territory and young, or for food, if they are hungry. Even a lion will walk past potential prey, if it has already eaten, more than can be said for human beings!

      4. When a dog attacks it gets put down….
        Humans help to control dogs, if all the dogs in the world were wild we would be having this discussion about dogs.

        Seagulls attack humans, they are dangerous to us. We aren’t discussing wars, what are you thinking, two wrongs make a right? We are discussing the problem of vicious seagull attacks and if you dont think they are happening what box have you been living in?

        I understand why the seagulls are coming more inland and yes they are trying to feed their young but to what cost?

        This problem has got significantly, yes significantly, worse over the last few years and if something isnt done its going to get worse and worse.

    4. I would agree. Time is well overdue for a cull to begin sooner than later. I personaly have no problem as these creatures are a big problem on our beeches and inland. CULL NOW PLEASE.

    5. What a load of contrived, pathetic shit. You know what to do when a seagull swoops? Duck! You know what’s most populous and filthy of all? Humans! We take just about every fish out of the sea, so seagulls’ time is more productively spent scavenging. I have seagulls on my roof and my Dad has seagulls on the roof next to our balcony and neither of us gets any bother. The seagulls are content to be neighbours as long as we keep to ours. Seagulls have evolved a complex set of calls aimed at keeping the peace, which is why seagulls so rarely fight and even rarer, kill one another. How about, as part of being human, you learn to live with other animals that have sharp teeth and claws, without them having to change their natural behaviour, and not do anything that annoys you, or else you kill them?

      1. i have never had any problems with living by the sea and seeing seagulls flying all over the place but what i do have a problem with is them swooping down from a roof and attacking me for no reason, i was walking away from my house when the vile things swooped down on me, why should i have to duck everytime i go out of my house, i was followed down the street by them, they even caught the top of my head, i now go out with a brolly over my head in the middle of summer, if i had a gun i would willingly shoot at the vermin, i do not appreciate being made to feel a prisoner in my own home because as soon as i walk out of my door they start, the noise they make when they are about to dive bomb you is horrendous, they should not be on the RSPB red list for protection

    6. What wicked times we live in ,the problem is not seagulls ,the problem is the human heart ,it’s cold and hard , everything that Jesus has created is beautiful ,it’s us humans who are horrible it’s called ,SIN ….

    7. I live in Blackpool I suffer from insomnia that has made my life a misert due to the fact of neighbours not getting rid of nest when after birds have left the nest.
      At first I was polite bringing up the situation to the occupiers but to no avail.
      After 2cyears and getting woken up constantly at 3am in the morning on many occasions I wrote a letter which included foul language and was reported by the police and was informed to stay away giving me a date of the incident knowing very well that the police knew that this problem existed as well as for the neighbours complaining.
      I got told by Blackpool borough council that they couldn’t do nothing and I had to contact defra which then led me back to the council which isn’t surprising as now I have to go to citizen rights sign on the sick for insomnia making me iratable and loosing control of my mental state of mind in the process
      There should be a law of blattent ignorance to nests should be in place its not fair on those having to listen to high pitched squeaking at all hours of the day and night
      I live in Blackpool all my life and never had a ndeighbout so thick to understand the problem that has not been dealt with.
      I have gone back to the police when highly frustrated only 2 days ago and basically said either you do something or I am going to break the law under mental health and will testify in court of all the proceedings due to ignorance of council police force. Dera rspb doctors records councilling records the whole lot just to get a decent night’s sleep

    8. Nothing to do with the overfishing then? I mean Seagulls prefer to feed off the filth/fast food that ignorant humans like to throw around. And let’s not even get into the whole ethics thing with fast food chains.
      A moronic and myopic comments from some people here.

  2. I think the time has come to introduce some form of cull for seagulls , along with the irritating poeple that feed them in their back yards and out side the windows of their flats etc, this causes rats and all other vermin. we have two poeple in our street that feed these noisy and filthy vermin and i have had to call the local pest control officer on a couple of occasions, i have been told if there are rats they may come out to check but if its seagulls causing any problem they would not ?. I love wild life in all forms but i would be certainly prepared to back a cull of the seagull population.

    1. l feed them, and l will continue too. IT DOES NOT CAUSE VERMIN BECAUSE THEY ARE SO HUNGRY THERE IS NOTHING LEFT. IN FACT THEY CLEAN UP PLACES. l do hope your neighbours continue to feed them and l feel sorry for them having YOU as their neighbour. Get a life and leave wildlife alone.

      1. You get a life Gillian they are flying rats hope you’re the first person to lose your eye because of them.

      2. Gillian – you are evidence of what’s wrong with UK society. Apart from my own wife suffering a unprovoked attack from one, I have seen young children in St Ives, holding ice creams and running out in front of vehicles in an attempt to escape the swooping gulls. But I guess you are one of those who would protect animal rights ahead of the safety of a child aren’t you. You’re a sad defective reject.

      3. Awesome reply! I also feed them and will continue to do just that. The selfish ignorant people need to realise that the Seagulls come inland to eat scraps and filthy fast food waste because of over fishing.

  3. Looking at the exceptions to the protection of all wild birds any species can be culled on health and safety grounds. If they are seriously encouraging rats then a cull will be legal. The trouble is it needs to be done by a registered person and most councils won’t approve a cull as it is usually unsuccessful. ie the numbers come back to normal after a short time.
    It is totally legal to discourage any species (out of nesting season) from settling but again this is difficult to achieve. I’d like to see all roofs covered with a continuous metal wire that acts like an electric fence emitting a low electrical pulse every second to stop birds from settling. Can anyone produce such a thing and could we encourage councils to subsidise the implementation of this to send the birds back to their natural habitat?

  4. The time has come indeed to cull.Lobby your MP.Its no good sending a lone bird of prey up to tackle a multitude of gulls.The Hawk usually gets a pounding and the the owner says its effective!Its all to do with getting paid a lot of money at the Hawks expense.
    Unfortunately the hippy types want to protect the gulls but that will be at the expense of the habitat of a multitude of songbirds.
    Time and time again I see songbirds attacked and killed by these killers.I have even seen a magpie pecked out of a tree and had to save it.When I phoned the RSPB,they more or less laughed and didnt believe me.
    Everyone I speak to say enough is enough.Lets bring the numbers down.NOW!

    1. Yes we defiantly need to have say a couple of months when they are at there worste and most aggressive a 2 or 3 month culling. This way we can cull the adult gulls and that will also take care of the baby gulls as well.
      I get attacked every day walking past certain buildings!
      Bring in culling there are just to many gulls around now!

      1. as someone who has also been attacked by this vermin for just walking out of my front garden to go shopping i also agree with the culling, they divebombed me walking down the street i was nowhere near their nest and have no intention of going near it unless i have to take matters into my own hands, it is no joke being attacked and then having panic attacks everytime you have to go out, they are a menace and a pest, and people need to stop feeding them in built up areas, it only encourages them to come back and breed on residents roofs, they are vermin/flying rats, the diseases they must carry!!!

  5. Good idea we live 15 miles inland from Brighton and are being awoken early around 5 am every morning by a gang of seagulls roosting in nearby chimney pots.

  6. Seriously fed up with the interference on our lives caused by these birds. I have no problem with them living on cliff faces where they belong but not in towns and villages. I don’t live on the coast, 5 miles in land, and they sqwark until11pm every night and start up at 4 every morning. We can’t have our windows open, i need a nights sleep!We have gull proofed our roof, but it’s no good if they can nest on adjoining properties! Time for sensible discussions at government level to cull these pests and force them back to their natural habitat (and punish those caught feeding them!!)

  7. Blessed nuisance these creatures so cull them all for me get rid of the damned pigeons while you are at it!

  8. Last week my dog was attacked and defecated on , I have taken this as the last straw ,this is the documant for anyone who reads and understands the issues to act upon at their own will there is another form for other species but this must be checked and decided upon by snh

    I’m doing something about it , I will pursue this matter as far as I can , at present I’m unemployed so have a lot of time and very little funds , but for me this is a matter of public service and I don’t want paid for being a good person , sorry to gull lovers , but I love them 2 just the ones in question nowadays are attempting to circumvent the food chain , when one plucks a childs eye out it will become a different story , its everyones responsibility to act , help , do what you can , cos I will

    1. And do you realise where your faeces goes when you flush it in the toilet? In the sea and i don’t think fish would like that, so stop complaining about defecation and deal with it!!

      1. Stunning remark there Jamie, your understanding of waste treatment and ecology is quite frankly outstanding.

  9. Seagulls pair for life and live for 40+ years. They are intelligent birds and are devoted parents to their young. Yes they’re noisy and opportunistic and downright annoying at times but they are also magnificent too. The fact that they tear open black bags to access food is not their crime to answer to, it’s ours for being daft enough to have black bags with discarded food in. There was never this problem when we all had metal bins with lids. It’s all cause and effect. Resorting to killing them is short sighted barbarism. I can’t imagine a seaside resort without seagulls.

    1. Arent you reading the comments correctly . These people along with myself live nowhere near the seaside and are being attacked because the gulls are living in an enviroment that their not meant to be in !!!! Im sick of being attacked by gullls everytime i walk my dogs and the government has to change the law and bring in a cull for town centres . Yours Lynne who lives 40 miles from the SEA ! ! ! !

      1. They have had too move Inland in search of food because we, as humans, have over-fished the sea, that is why in ‘recent years’ there are reports of attacks, because they are so damn well hungry!!!!

  10. come and live in my house for a week and you will soon change your mind about seagulls being protected. We live in a converted bungalow and have just about taken every measure possible to try and prevent them nesting on the flat roof above my 4 & 6 year old sons bedrooms. The noise they create at 4am at this time of year is incredible. My children are young and have a full day of school ahead and don’t need such nuisance waking them. Added to smashes glasses in the garden last year where they swoop down, parasols having to be lowered as low as they can to protect our food, and then them trying to attack my children in the garden. We had a baby seagull stuck on a lower flat roof last year and no one could touch it. It’s horrific and I would be ecstatic for a cull to be put in place!

    1. Yes it must be a lovely feeling being happy over living creatures being killed. lf your baby was on a roof with a species you didnt trust near it, would you not do all you could to protect it. yes im sure you would. However, in sad little lives like yours its only humans that count eh? l might add, lve rescued many a baby seagull with NO problem at all . Perhaps they know im a kind person with great respect for these birds who have a tough deal. Going shopping for your family later are you…seagulls cant do that , their natural resources are being taken by HUMANS.

      1. What is wrong with you Gillian? Seriously. You are as much part of the problem as the seagulls. It is people like you who have resulted in these birds nesting in unnatural environments, becoming scavengers in towns and cities and even attacking people. If these birds were left alone IN THE FIRST PLACE then none of this would be happening. Also, to compare a seagull to a human child is SCANDALOUS! We are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Have you ever heard of Darwin?

  11. I live in Portlethen in Aberdeen, Scotland and everyone on our street gets woken up by seagulls at 03:00am every morning. They nest between the chimney pots and have there young,but not only that. There is a slaughter house just across the road from our houses and the seagulls also go there at 03:00am so the noise is extremely loud enough to wake you every morning at that time. It’s driving me crazy people have work to go to the next morning and kids have school. Its about time these birds were culled. I made a complaint to Aberdeenshire council last year about this and they said they would put wire up to stop the nesting. Sorry council but the seagulls have already had there chicks so we are stuck with the noise and pain of being dive bombed by the seagulls for another year. This has to stop full stop.

    1. So move, simple, they were there first, or do you want everything just for yourself? Get to grips with your greed.women! I live by seagulls and yes they can be annoyingly noisy but I tolerate the things we share our planet with, if I could not then I would move and not be bloody arrogant about it!!

  12. Culling Seagulls…… Is this what it has come down to. Humans murdering animals just to make there lifes easyer. All animals are aggresive if there young is approched by something higher in the food chain, thats just a normal instinct. A lot of the comments ive seen at the moment have no real evidence there points up. Quote ” everyone on our street gets woken up by seagulls at 03:00am every morning. ” This comment is just plain selfishness, Its about them not about how it will “improve health and safety”. Seagulls original habitats were not out at sea but on coastlines and cliffs, before peaple started to develop beach side towns. The reason they moved into towns and citys is because the amount of mess humans created and how waistfull we are. The real problem is peaple who litter. They effect are ” Health and safety ” not the gulls.

      1. Have you ever heard of a typing mistake? Or are you too thick to know what one is?

    1. Come and walk me dogs while being attack by 5 gulls with 4ft wingspans and razor sharp beaks . You wouldnt last a minute , the clues in the name ! Their not called TOWNGULLS !

      1. No but they would be Seagulls if the seas weren’t overfished by greedy ignorant people like you

      1. You are a stupid bitch. Hope you get your eyes torn out by one of these flying rats you drippy half witted cunt

    2. what a load of bullshit, i have been attacked by a gull and i was no where near their nest or offspring, i was in fact walking away from my house when i was divebombed by a seagull, i was caught on my head and now in middle of summer i go armed with an umbrella, the noise they make when they are about to attack is horrendous, im a prisoner in my home now due to getting panic attacks everytime i have to go out either to walk the dog or go shopping, i worry about when i have visitors because i have a disabled son that they will also be divebombed, if i had a gun i would willingly shoot them they are a menace

  13. So everyone thinks it’s fair to take numerous of animals lives into our own hands? No it’s not fair. Yes they may be annoying and frustrating but at the end of the day they’re just trying to survive. They only attack people because that’s what is humans have taught them to do! Why should the government spend money on helping the homeless or the ex military people who come home and have no where to come after serving for our own country and the government wants to spend money on culling the seagulls? Stupid if you ask me. Seagulls only do what they do because of humans if we stopped it then so will they

    1. Got 2 laugh I agree they need chased out off towns but u say save the sea gulls why not every animal them when we eat chicken beef pigs culled everyday for food purposes killing is killing so lots off hypocritical crap going on here kids can’t go out on playgrounds with food anymore because these animals are attacking them for food that’s not protecting there young so do u not think we should protect our young from them if there was any other method of stopping this I would b up for it but just don’t see 1 apart from a cull.

  14. Ffs. Cull a few moaning humans first. The seagull is a magnificent bird. The reasons given here are pathetic. Theyre noisy? Not half as noisy as the brats who cling to their ridiculous buggy pushing single mothers on the bus. They’re aggressive? Er, they are wild birds, they protect their young and their food ,what do you expect them to do? Write to their MP? No cull is required.

  15. Cull the Moaners, Save the birds. Those that moan, are truly turds. Don’t think I’ve ever used that word in my life – thank you for your idiocy – I have clearly lost IQ points reading your posts.

  16. If a seagulls were bigger then us they absolutely would not hesitate to bully us, I know this because they do so with just about every other animal they are capable of pushing around.

    We currently extend them more courtesy then they deserve. I for one and not going to join hands, throw flowers and dance about their majesty while they shit on, bully, and threaten screech at everything they come into contact with.

    If a neighboring human stayed up all night screeching at you, shitting on your car, and attacked your cat you wouldnt put up with it wouldn’t be calling him majestic would you? You’d do something about him! Why? Because that kind of behavior is not acceptable in our communities, just because this particular gypsy has feathers doesn’t make him exempt.
    And just you try messing around in a seagull nesting ground.. stealing their food and attacking there young, you go see what happens.

    1. i think you should look and see how many animals were killed when your city or town was built and see what you would do if your home was destroyed and everyone on your street was killed so another species could live there. wouldn’t you want revenge?

    2. OMG. lve 4 cats. loads of lovely seagulls that l feed 🙂 and ive saved many a baby seagull and IVE NEVER BEEN ATTACKED , NEITHER HAVE MY CATS. Stop talking rubbish. Get a life and leave birds alone.

      1. I work on Belmont St and see school kids and adults alike being attacked and robbed by these birds every single day. Animals are great but when they encroach on out lives to the extent that you can’t eat outside they need to be controlled.

    3. Huh and humans don’t bully everything on this planet including each other, gulls are animals and we are too but a lesser type!

  17. Also “Murder” is a word that applies to humans.
    If you want to humanize seagulls then you must judge them by human standards also

  18. When is this going to stop? At this rate we won’t have any wildlife left.
    If we must cull something let it be the cretins that come up theses ideas and stop destroying our beautiful world.

  19. 4 years ago I wrote to our member of parliament about seagulls, explaining that in Italy they feed the seagulls special pellets to stop them from breeding,I was past from one member of parliament to another ( still have the correspondence) all a waste of time. If they are given pellets the seagulls are not harmed, and the numbers drop,everyone’s happy.

  20. I fully concurr, these animals have moved beyond being a seaside resort to a full public nuisance. Aberdonian gulls are intimidatingly large and will wake you up 5am sharp every morning. A cull is required.
    Dear animal lovers, as much as you would appreciate the value of life, I would ask of you to try living with the same nuisance. You will go slowly insane with the building stress, especially if you have a very long working pattern.
    A deterrent is required and failing that, a cull.

    1. Dear nature hater, l live near the sea and l LOVE seagulls, l’d rather hear their natural noise than anything humans make. Get some earplugs.

      1. You are a total crank Gillian… herring gulls are dirty viminous creatures that shit all over everything, attack & kill smaller animals as well as attacking children for the food in they’re hands. I for 1 am all in favour of culling the disgusting vile beasts & have probably killed over a thousand of them & snapped the necks of the chicks that have fallen from the nests too which I may add that adult gull have then ripped to bits & eaten… send them back to the seas & away from our city’s & towns….

  21. There’s a Main car dealership near where I live and they have one of those ‘fake falcon’ kite flying on a high pole to deter the seagulls and pigeons messing on their new cars.

  22. Seagulls are becoming more of an nuisance everyday where I live. (The most easterly point in the UK, Lowestoft).
    Yes it’s a seaside town, but they are moving further and further inland.

    I’m not sure I agree with a cull, but something needs to be done. They regularly swoop cats and dog walkers, steal food from people in town and are extremely noisy throughout the night.

  23. I shoot them. Don’t care if the law says I can’t either. I won’t tolerate these vile creatures near me. Been attacked far too many times and I got fed up with it. 12 bore gets rid of them!

    1. Yep,that’s the idea;shoot them all. I’ve taken a few down recently,once there’s a couple of rotting seagull corpses on the roof the rest of them take the hint and move away.

    2. Really big man? Gulls can’t think you are that big if they all attack you, perhaps they have more intuition than we give them credit for? I live right by the sea, gulls all over but not yet been attacked even once, they have apparently started attacking but only in recent years, since we have over-fished the sea, so apart from attacking you because of the type of person you are, they have also started to attack because they are hungry, they may mildly attack but then there are human specimens like you that admit you go around killing just because you don’t like, so which is the worst animal, the gull or you?

  24. For anyone that wants to cull gulls, do you ever ask yourselves why ecologists and environmental scientists pretty much never agree to give this the go ahead? It is not because they are all hippie animal lovers. It is because they understand the ecosystem and environmental consequences of culling these birds.

    The Herring Gull, the species normally labelled as a “seagull” has declined by over 50% in the last 40 years in Britain, and therefore has been designated a red lists species of high conservation priority and the killing of this species, be that of adults or eggs, is strictly illegal for a reason!

    The fact that they are noisy, mob pets and people to protect their young and steal the occasional chip now and again is no excuse to cull a species. There is also no scientific evidence to support that they are the sole reason for causing any significant health issues within towns and cities. If anything, they clean up the rubbish we leave behind. I have huge appreciation for them for this.

    Lastly if after all this you still feel that a cull is necessary because you think they are a threat to you, your children, pets and local wildlife…. consider this; Gulls have never killed a child in Britain, however dogs have killed several children already this year with a 3 week old baby being the latest victim just a couple of months ago. Dog mess is high densities is also a scientifically validated health hazard if not cleaned up. Cats kill over 60 million birds in Britain each year alone making them one of the biggest threats to our favorite local wildlife. Now, when was the last time you saw a page suggesting a cull on these species? I’m not by any means suggesting this as an idea because that would be awful for many people you love animals, however suggesting a cull would be appropriate for gulls, and not other species causing much more pressing issues, are extremely hypocritical.

    Enough said!

  25. I live in a seaside town centre, gulls are a not just a nuisance there a danger, they shit everywhere attack humans and rob us. One was eating a pidgeon on my doorstop last week. All u bloody twatty nature freaks, do u even know how much they have ruined lives, they wake me up at 3am they r absolute scum n you thinking your amazing citizens well trust me they wouldn’t stick up for u lovelies no they wouldn’t think twice about shitting in ur face n pecking ur eyes out. They protecting their young hahah no they r greedy noisy little gits who have got FAR too big for the boots. Time to show em whose boss!

  26. I live next to hundreds of seagulls, they are fascinating to watch, very good parents and yes at times, especially in the breeding season they are noisy and they will attack you if you threaten their chicks. I am amazed at the ignorance on here, people should not eat in the street then the gulls will not try to steal food from them. They only do this between June and August when they are desperately trying to find food for their chicks. I agree with the comment about cats, I have a cat but cats kill thousands of birds – hence gulls don’t like cats. Have you ever seen a dog rip a seagull apart? They don’t like dogs either. It seems a lot of people on here want to live in a world with no wildlife, a safe world with no animals – not sure what they are going to do for food though. We humans are destroying this beautiful planet, not the gulls. The herring gull is a red list protected bird and the lesser black backed gull is also protected and on the decline. They are to be found where food is available because its tough feeding 2 or 3 chicks for 12 weeks throughout the whole summer. Seagulls do not attack young children. They attack cats, dogs and people threatening their chicks. They are desperate for food in the breeding season and are cheeky enough to steal if if they can. They are not dirty and they are not greedy. Have you ever seen a fat seagull? No I don’t think so but you see plenty of fat humans. So who is it that is greedy?

    1. if people get attacked for threatening their chicks then why was i attacked when i was coming out of my house and walking down the street, i was nowhere near their nest and didnt even know it was there until they attacked, now i have panic attacks every time i have to go out, they are are an evil menace and those that do attack need to be dealt with and i would willingly do it if i had a gun,

  27. PS. There is a £5000 fine or 6 months imprisonment for killing birds and animals without a licence.

    1. Glad about that, hope these gun happy killers are caught I the act. What is worse, humans taking pleasure and bragging about killing things for their own selfish reasons, or a gull who is no more noisy at night than the humans returning from the pubs and attacks to protect their young or nick the odd chip?!!!

  28. I have just been on the receiving end of a seagull attack in my hometown which is a popular seaside resort. It mistook a packet in my hand for food and literally dive-bombed my head.
    This resulted in injury to my head and a pair of expensive glasses being broken. Let me tell you if it had of been a youngster with an icecream or food it could have been a lot worse. They are heavy and hurt when they fly at you with speed and intention. They are a danger to people when they attack in this way. At the very least measures should be taken to steer them away from highly populated towns, especially near the sea. If a dog bit me the law would not hesitate to have it put to sleep? What’s the difference.

  29. I was once attacked by a seagull, I didn’t see it coming and as it was such a shock I couldn’t move because I had to protect my face. It swooped on me about 5-6 times. I must have walked near a nest which I didn’t know about. It was terrifying. I had scratches all over my head and crap dripping out of my hair and all over my clothes. Another time I was eating a sandwich and a seagull took it straight from my mouth as it came down It got my mouth, upper lip and nose. I was bleeding. It is time for them to be culled. I think there have been too many instances where people and small dogs are being attacked. Small dogs have been killed by them. I live in Torbay where there are loads.

  30. Living in Scotland and near the sea I cannot overemphasise how much of an annoyance these birds are. They crap everywhere, they sit on rooftops and scream in chorus at all hours of the day and night. They swoop and attack people and are generally a huge PITA!

    Obviously they are attracted to the food and scraps left by us humans but then that is where we should take some responsibility in our efforts to control pests that are connected to our way of life, we do it with rats, why not gulls?

    And please people STOP feeding these things it only attracts them and they hang around for ages squawking and screaming for hours on end.

    I’m off the mind to buy one of those electronic seagull distress call speakers in the meantime till our council gets it’s finger out it’s you know what.

  31. I found this forum coincidentally when searching gull related problems. The thing that comes across in most of the posts are human related.
    Now I’m all in favour of a cull. The problem is that it cannot be indiscriminate. in my experience the problem causers invariably are herring gulls. My prime concern is the havoc they cause amongst the natural habitat and bird life of the areas they invade.
    A selective cull is OK in my book. But how to carry it out………… ? !

  32. Seagulls need culling in a humane way. They are not in their original nesting sites of cliffs because they’ve worked out towns and cities are more successful places to rear chicks.
    I doubt very much they are really dwindling in numbers so they should lose their protected status.
    They are hideously noisy, aggressive, dirty birds.

    1. Agreed, they are awful creatures, seagull numbers have quadrupled in last 15 years, a cull is most definitely required and their protected status is not, most other birds in this country are not protected and they are surviving just nicely, why should seagulls be treated differently, we should spend more time and effort in protecting species that really are endangered.

  33. I think that a cull of these vile creatures is vital but also
    the government should introduce a law with very strict
    penalties making it illegal to feed seagulls in residential areas but also to provide a place away from built up areas where the local idiots can feed them all their waste
    food. I would suggest a fine of at least £1000 with payments of say £25 as a reward for people getting
    convictions for people feeding in residential areas.

  34. I have just visited my local park in Eastbourne the lake within used to be full of swans and various other water birds,now it seams to have been overtaken by seagulls and crows.While i was there i witnessed a seagull taking a duckling from the water and flying off luckily for that duckling it was dropped and a passer by picked it up and returned it to the water,The balance of birds is out of control so something must be done to help.
    Give the other birds a fighting chance and make the park a safer and more pleasant place to visit.
    Cull the inland invaders.

  35. These birds are the true rats of the sky, something we accuse pigeons of being, give me pigeons any day. These airborne vermin have become a complete nightmare. I have been attacked by them, defecated on, my car virtually every day, I’ve even had food snatched from a plate carrying to a table outdoors. Enough is enough, they have got to be thinned out. Apart from the obvious health hazards they create, they are getting extremely aggressive. I saw one the other day trying to pick up a kitten! Lately they are even starting to circle me sitting in my garden and yes, aiming at me with their anus! It’s got to stop! I’m going gun training!

  36. The herring full is a protected species but 3 months of year it’s ok to cull them? Kinda contridictory don’t you think? The route of this problem is humans ( why should the birds suffer). We have dissrupted their food chain and habitat so that they gave had to adapt. Lack of food brings them more inland to survive , their social behaviour has also envolded to beimg more social , strucking together. I have seagulls nest on my roof every year, have attacked me, stolen food but I wouldn’t ever dream of shooting or culling. Instead I still help them when their injured and put there babies in places of Saftey . It’s human behaviour and lifestyle that should change to adapt and be able to live alongside nature not destroy it

  37. My neighbour works in a pub and has taken to bringing home the scraps for the gulls. I have been in the property for 3 years when I first came here there were two gulls now there are so many I can’t count them. I have them on my roof, I have been attacked in my garden by an adult gull and it was extremely scary, it didn’t touch me but it was giving me a clear warning. I love all wildlife but this problem is horrendous and does need to be addressed I’m scared to death of being attacked again and afraid of the gulls scavenger habits encouraging other vermin. I’m all for culling

  38. People are vermin, not seagulls. We have taken over the wild life’s land, what are we expecting? The least we can do is try to minimise our impact on other species. I can’t even begin to address the ridiculous claims that seagulls represent any kind of risk to anyone. I have lived with seagulls for years and have been able to observe them closely, they are harmless intelligent creatures.

  39. Gulls moving into towns and cities should be culled as they become extremely dangerous to anyone walking past nesting sites during the nesting season.
    I have witnessed gulls attack humans, animals and other birds!
    Pigeons are classed as vermin and can be culled but they are far less destructive or dangerous than gulls.
    If gulls become a problem to any householder or property owner then the person affected should be permitted to have the problem dealt with without having to live with the threat of prosecution for doing so!
    Roofing Contractors are unable to carry out their daily duties of repairing roofs, or re-roofing properties due to gulls attacking them and firing spit at them….they are dangerous filthy vermin that need to be controlled within towns and cities.

  40. My cat was lifted off the ground today 24th June 2017 by a seagull and a few more attacked her , I live in a village in Somerset, She is terrified now and acting all skittish. Something has to be done , so called experts are wrong , THEY DO ATTACK , my cat was just sitting there .

  41. Great Idea! Today Please!
    The noise these scavengers make is a nightmare!
    I have also seen them swoop on passers by, and rip open rubbish bags and get into bins creating an unsightly rodent habitat.
    Has anyone thought of the amount of clean drinking water that is wasted cleaning their shit of cars and windows? It’s not like we have too much of that resource!
    Do it now!

  42. It is 3am and the sound outside my window in Brighton is deafening. There are tens of thousands of them screeching and screaming. They have mutated and grown. They kill off all other natural birds and are a pest like rats.

    I do agree that they have only got to this place because of the massive amounts of inland waste we produce and because of our actions out at sea however it’s time to start trying to manage them through culling.

    I am both an environmentalist and a realist.

  43. I live in an inland city. They have webbed feet and loud squawks perfectly evolved for the sea. Send them back.

  44. Kirkcaldy High Street. Life now like trying to survive in the middle of a bird colony. Windows permanently shut. Ear plugs permanently in. Screaming, screeching gulls surrounding my top floor flat 24/7. Noise incredible. Sleep elusive. Stress levels sky-high. Depression real. If a neighbour was making this amount of noise over a prolonged, constant period I could take some kind of action. Each breeding pair on neighbouring shop roofs has a couple of young. All of which will be here next year. Cull is absolutely needed.

  45. Leave the poor birds alone. Sick and tired of humans thinking they are god. They have every right to live. Disgusted angry and ashamed that animals get treated in such a way. Humans really are a plague on this earth

  46. Cull needed. I cannot believe some of the people that want to protect these birds .They are an absolute menace. Their droppings all over laundry, cars and us. The squawking, the dive bombing and actual attacks. What gets to me is ‘ they are protected ‘ It is about time the government started a bill to unprotect them. A massive YES to a nationwide cull.

  47. I had a gull mess on me 4 times in 1 hour whilst I was just trying to soak up some rays. Made my beach visit very very unpleasant. Witnessed 2 people get attacked for their food. They really are flying vermin and a cull is most definitely needed! This needs to be addressed BIG time before something bad happens.

  48. A nationwide cull is certainly overdue. Just rats with wings attacking people, stealing food from peoples hands and shitting all over the place and all over people. Cull cull cull. Whilst culling we could do with culling all the do-gooder tree huggers saying they are beautiful creatures. Need to cull pigeons too.

  49. Seagull noise and swooping behaviour is making my life a misery, I am woken at home at 4 – 5am by them and also have to listen to them daily at work as out office has a flat roof they love to be on.
    The live so long and have so many young that the seaside towns I live, work and visit are becoming overrun.
    I am an animal lover in general but they exist are too great a number now not to be controlled to some extent.
    I also feel that people don’t help by feeding them, our leftovers are not meant to be part of the food chain and encouraging them / making it easier for them to raise more and more offspring is not natural.
    Councils need to start taking action!

  50. Totally agree with culling seagulls they are spiteful annoying pests and when shops in my town put posters up saying ” do not feed the gulls they are not hungry they are aggressive ” i totally agree and the numbers need to be brought down ! My stupid neighbour feeds them everyday and they sit on her shed allday moaning and i cant have a bbq in the summer with my family because they are savage to people eating . Cull these birds !!!!!

  51. We are just a couple of miles from the sea and I wish all those sodding gulls would stay there and not come inland. There’s loads of them in the town centre and some of them fly quite low, practically just over our heads. They do make a racket and I’ve been woken by them many times at 4 in the morning. They shit all over and believe me when you’ve been crapped on by a seagull you know about it. I’ve never been attacked but I do feel intimidated by them. I’m sure the town would be much better without the constant nuisance of them. I’ve been saying for a while that they should be culled.

  52. Far far too many and they are so antisocial , noisy horrible things that have been waking me up for yrs
    cull them !

  53. Time for a cull! If this was any other animal then it would have happened years ago, and yes I’m aware humans are a pain too.

    Their numbers have grown way out of control and unless you want to police every tourist spot 24hrs a day you’ll never stop people feeding them.

  54. Far too many ‘flying rats’ (Herring Gulls) they are now a pest which needs controlling.
    The damage they do to the environment is enormous. The noise, smell and aggressive behaviour should not be tolerated.
    Action now before something really serious occur

    1. They are not fluting ruts, but animals who live in their natural habitat. Protect life, not kill!!

  55. I lived in Cornwall 35 years ago,I used to visit St Ives regularly. 3 years ago I took my new partner to St Ives for a visit. I treated her to local fish and chips and sat down to eat them. Within seconds we were mobbed by these nasty seagulls.There ploy is to bully you into a state of panic so that you drop your food. One of them perched two feet away …squawking loudly. These creatures do not scare me but I was afraid for my partner. We were advised to stand with our backs to the building. As we stood there we witnessed 3 kids having their ice cream stolen out of their hands!
    If I was a resident i would not hesitate in carrying a cane to defend myself. If there was an open season on herring gulls let me know. I will gladly help. There is a similar problem in Swanage. You can’t outside because idiot tourists from inner cities think it’s good to feed them !

    1. I’ll feed them all day long!! If they had reliable
      Food sources they wouldn’t need to take chances on getting food, such as stealing!!! Common sense really

  56. I live by Eastbourne seafront and I don’t have a problem with the gulls. Sometimes I have lunch there; no gulls mugging me for food. Occasionally, one gull will stand a few feet from me, that’s it. The far greater problem in our towns and cities are all these loons driving around in cars and vans, often while looking at their phones. I chose not to drive a very long time ago. Seeing how my peers suffered from this addiction, put me right off.

    A seagull may be guilty of nicking the odd bag of fish&chips. Car and van drivers kill thousands of people in the UK every year and inflict life-changing injuries to far more. Time to gain some perspective here I feel.

    1. Exactly!! I live in a town and my experience of seagulls is the same as yours! No issue for us here, I feed them when I’m eating in town, that’s all they want… food. Takes nothing to show a bit of kindness. Some people are just way too entitled to see they aren’t the only ones living on planet earth.

  57. I think seagulls should definitely be culled not made extinct but it’s numbers lowered especially in Aberdeen where this story has came from, as a Aberdeen local the seagull epidemic has reached a frustrating high I have traveled to most places in the uk and out and I have never seen seagulls the size of cats and nesting in the centre of town swooping on people in gangs for food and attacking them. also and I have seen them attacking other birds pecking them to death and swallowing them whole like a python and am not talking about little birds like robins am talking about pigeons it’s gotten out of hand and I compare them to street rats and shouldn’t be protected.

    I know people will think I hate wildlife but it’s the opposite I love wildlife and think wildlife is amazing but these birds have became more like mutations of seagulls bigger in mass and very nasty. If you go to north Berwick you will find a huge rock covered in seagulls off the cost and you barely see them in town and at the size in Aberdeen.

  58. I live in Greenock and it really pisses me off reading the comments from those people saying how wonderful the gulls are. If you live around them you will know their numbers are out of control. People are not talking about wiping them out but reducing their numbers. They constantly crap all over your car and on the roof tops. They wake you up in the middle of the night. I love nature but know when things have gotten out of control. I cant think what benefits they bring to the area apart from misery.

  59. June 2020 and working in a very quiet London, am noticing the sound of what I used to know of the seaside when I was a little girl. Seagulls used to be a nice sight but in the past few months , I’ve seen seagulls at my local park attack ducks and their young and more recently, just last week, seagulls attacking pigeons and eating them in one. I know pigeons are vermin but they’re a part of London and I’m seeing ever decreasing numbers. Seagulls are huge and are clearly imports of the ones who have hiked rides from P&O ferries from France over the years, no longer the small types. To save the UK flocks of wonderful birds, seagulls and crows need to be culled on a huge scale and soon. Crows have been picking starlings and tits out of the sky in Beckenham for years. Food chain or not, the governments need to do something, our little song birds have no chance.

  60. I’ve read comments on both sides of the fence here and both have their merits.

    However; on balance I am in favour of an organised and carefully controlled cull on gulls because, quite simply, they have now reached population numbers that the local environment cannot sustain. As others have mentioned, cats, dogs and small children have been attacked. Adults too on occasions and yes, I understand that it is in their nature to seek food but if their numbers were fewer, sufficient sustenance to survive could be found without the need to attack species supposedly above their order in the food-chain.

    I live quite close to one of the largest populations of gulls in the UK and the numbers are swelling week on week. It has now reached a point that when the flock is disturbed during the night, their sheer number means that the noise they make is unbearable. They are also damaging buildings and cars in the area with almost constant defecation.

    They HAVE now reached verminous status. We cull almost every other form of vermin for public health and safety. Gulls have been protected too long.

    I say remove the protection temporarily, bring the numbers back under control and then, if necessary, re-instate the protection.

    I don’t dislike ANY bird or animal but logic dictates that something must be done. If dogs, cats, badgers, foxes or any other form of mammal (save humans) reached epidemic proportions, a cull would be conducted.

    I read with amusement the assertion of one writer who claimed that it was a “good” thing that someone’s cats be confined to barracks lest they should be attacked.

    I understand the fury that some people experience when they think about the predatory and often cruel nature of cats. Yes, they kill mice, rats, voles, squirrels and a multitude of birds. They have been doing so for many thousands of years and will be for many more to come.

    That, I’m afraid, is nature. Red in tooth and claw. Yes, we have domesticated cats. No, I’m not a cat lover. I don’t have one. Wouldn’t choose to have one. I’m much more of a dog person but I DO believe that cats have their place in society and make wonderful pets for many, many people.

    For a cat to be attacked by a bird, there is something seriously wrong.

    I recently witnessed our “company cat” who has free roam of our site, being attacked by a gull for absolutely no reason. The cat was simply wandering through when a gull swooped down and attacked him. The gull didn’t fancy facing me as well and flew off when I ran towards it but this shouldn’t be happening. A warehouse opposite our site was recently refurbished at a cost of over £100,000 and within months of completion, the roof needs nearly £20,000 of repairs owing to damage caused by nesting gulls and their faeces.

    Is it fair that a business owner, especially when we are financially crippled as a result of Covid-19, has to face extensive repair bills simply because a burgeoning species chooses his building to nest on?

    For a gull to consider a mammal “prey”, there is an issue with the availability of food. There is an issue with the availability of food because of the prevalence of their species. Less gulls = more food to go around.

    Let’s cull. Let’s cull soon. Let’s bring the numbers back down and restore some harmony in the local environment and in nature.

    Gulls are not “wonderful” animals any more than any other species and they shouldn’t be afforded protection in excess of that afforded any other species.

    The legal protection of a species is usually reserved for those endangered or whose population has fallen to an unacceptable level.

    There is no shortage of gulls and no danger of them becoming extinct or endangered. The protection of them is, therefore, completely unnecessary.

    Gulls are killing smaller birds, mammals and causing millions of pounds worth of damage across the UK every year.

    THAT is why thy need to be controlled.

    1. When will the culling of humans begin? Cos we are over populating the earth and it’s a pretty big task keeping up with food demand and then there’s the issue with pollution and landfill that humans are causing with their rubbish and transport and luxury! Humans are all too entitled aren’t we?? While an animal is considered less than us. I wonder if the government decided on a mass human cull how many would be outraged?? There was an outrage when Boris Johnson wanted to kill off the elderly with trialling herd immunity. C’mon now don’t be a hypocrite, we are more a drain on this earth than seagulls! Nature takes care of itself but who balances the people population? Cos murder is a crime. No crimes in nature, it’s called the circle of life. Think about it… don’t be a fool, don’t be a hypocrite. We ALL have a right to life!

      1. You clearly don’t have a real problem with this like the rest of us so why don’t you wind your neck in and go and find something to fight about that you do have concerns with. You wouldn’t last two minutes up here with these bloody birds 2 feet above your head in numbers over 60 at a time. Oh how people you don’t know can make you so so angry. I really don’t get how you don’t like all the pretty little birds who make nice bird sounds, you know the ones that won’t be left in the next 10 years as these bloody gulls take them out. And who is banging on about culling the human race, mate stick your last moments on YouTube as you depart, you know as you take a stand and show people the way forward to save us all. Maybe you will get a statue, then the birds can shit all over you, :)).

  61. Good idea, where I live I’m woken up most mornings around 5am by squaking seagulls, they rip rubbish bags to pieces and the litter blows everywhere ( rubbish bags not properly put in a refuse bucket is humans fault) but the number of gulls is worrying as they kill every other species of birds that stray into there territory especially after breeding, I for one would happily help in any cull as this would help keep the streets cleaner and quieter,

  62. I live on a coastal town littlehampton.i,m writing this at 5 in morning after being kept awake half the night with there loud yelping.i have to admit the gulls are a real handful,one ate my daughters pet rabbit,whole.and ive got sooo bored cleaning bird shit off my car,which has to be done pretty quickly otherwise it eats into the paint.they got a hawk to scare them away on the beach once which worked.but then the hawk went home,so back they came.theres also been alot of injuries due to fish and chip theft.they also kill and eat any other bird they come across.anyone who owns a hawk,move to littlehampton,you’ll never have to buy a drink again,we promise

  63. Seagulls are vicious and have no purpose. They are pointless. It’s unfair to compare rats to them. Rats are very clean and sociable animals. They don’t attack, especially not unprovoked. Seagulls should be culled to extinction. I fail to see why they are protected when they shouldn’t be. There jaeb been cases of them attacking and killing small dogs for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They are disease on wings. And a noise nuisance.

  64. Seagulls are NOT vicious!! The amount of ignorant fools here is unreal! Seagulls, like ANY other animal get desperate for food and have to take extreme measures to survive!! Imagine living in a place where food was scarce, what would YOU do to survive? Imagine you had young children, what lengths would you go to then??

    Cats kill birds, cause a nuisance, as do dogs, with dog poo and disease, what about cows causing pollution? We ALL cause damage in some way or another!

    The person defending the cats by mentioning the food chain… yea and you’re hating on seagulls for their need to survive! Do you know how much a seagull needs to eat daily in order to survive and what do we humans do? Provide gull proof sacks, fine people for feeding them and then moan when they get desperate and resort to swooping down to steal from people’s hands! It’s really common sense!! We ALL have to live in this world together, show a bit of compassion Instead of think is humans are the only ones entitled to a reliable food source and maybe we call all live on this planet in harmony!!!

  65. Well, where do I start? Firstly, those of you calling for a ‘cull’ and saying their numbers are increasing are totally wrong, if you are going to enter a discussion, get your facts straight, the seagull population, Herring Gulls in particular have actually decreased by 53% since 1969! These are wild creatures and are scavengers by nature, their food source is anything from fish to carrion and will eat live mammals and birds, this is not unusual, monkeys do the same, we seem to be upset that they ‘attack us’, well, dear me, with all our sophistication and intelligence, our answer to a wild creature that is only thinking of its own and its chicks survival, is to kill it! Hmm, shame on you all that think like this!! How many of you out there calling for a cull wouldn’t do the same if faced with a starvation situation, how many of you wouldn’t fight for a crust to feed yourself or your child? I feel that we should look to ourselves first and see what we, as humans, have done to this planet, as the so called ‘superior’ species, we should be helping, not killing those we have effected so much. God bless Sir David Attenborough, a true human soul, without whom we would not have seen so much of our beautiful planet, or what damage we have done. We should all hang our heads in shame, then look up and be determined to do better.. Kill less, help more!! Venceremos!!

    1. This planet is going to die, it’s as simple as that, nothing we can do about it, or at least about us being wiped out one day anyway. Why put up with being harrased and shit on etc. If another human decided to live on your roof and shit all over the place and scream all night would you defend them and fight to let them stay there? They don’t mix with humans in these numbers, come to Aberdeen and see for yourself as cleary you don’t get the magnitude of the problem. Maybe we should introduce wild animals to Britain, some hyenas maybe, and all take our chances. Kill them all, every last one of them.

  66. I couldn’t have said it better myself Deb.
    Human beings create the problems then blame it on any animal that take advantage. Wake up people and don’t be so ignorant, always thinking we are the most important things on the planet…we are not!

  67. It’s our own fault they come inland to live and scavenge. They don’t need to even try if we supply trash and roofs for the taking. We need to push them back out to sea. Where I am on the east coast of Scotland they literally keep me up at night, are so loud all of the time and shit everywhere. I can’t even open my window during summer months because the noise is insane. I just make do baking alive and put up with them slamming on above me anyway all night. Definitely don’t see why we need to just live with increasing numbers of gulls doing nothing good and causing distress to people like myself. Never felt this way couple of years back as I wasn’t around them. Sky rats I say. We need to take control of pests no? Gradually/swiftly move them back into original habitats and make way more effort to not litter, dispose of food properly and put anti roosting gear on all roofs in small towns and villages near the coast (in closely residential areas). Might as well join in some nights. Madness inducing. Rant over…but come on.

  68. Wish they could cull some , we have a nest on our roof and can not touch it , they start running on our roof at 3.15 in the morning i am up for work at 5.30 to do a 12 hour shift , i work for the nhs frontline am sure if i made a mistake through lack of sleep i would loose my job , can not even av a lie in on my day off , you lot who dont want a bit of culling come and sleep in my room , oh no you won’t because you will not get any sleep , they put a ban on culling because yes they were becoming extinct , but yes they av now breeded like rats so loads more now , something needs done b4 i go out of my mind .

  69. Kill them all, fkin horrible stinking noisy twats of things. All you dicks who feed them and write that they don’t cause problems, well i’d cull you all with them. I’m getting dive bombed daily at this time of year because of twats like you who think they are starving, wise up, they are not starving, nothing like it. Try having some human visitors, then you might not feel the need for seagull companionship.

    1. Really? I’ll smack you around then make you my bitch. Now, get me a beer, clean that bloody kitchen and get your hide outside and feed those Gulls!

  70. I have just had to come back indoors after having beem mobbed by a flock of these filth, noisy birds.
    Clean? Ask anyone in a fishing community. A couple of years ago I spent a holiday in Looe. Wish I hadn’t.
    The streets, the beach, houses, cars, all completely white with muck, and the nearest car wash was miles away.

  71. I can quite honestly applaud those beautiful seagulls for dive bombing such horrendous myopic ignorant people. Sometimes I buy them fresh fish because I know they will protect me from idiots like some of these dense commenters here.

    I’ll say this nice and slowly: The Seagulls have been forced to move inland because their food source is being over exploited ie overfished.
    Do you honestly think they would swap fresh fish for a dirty stinking McCrap fast food?

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