5 Replies to “Lets lift the smoking ban it’s killing England”

  1. It might be “killing England” but in fact it is saving the lives of countless English folk.

    Tobacco should be listed as a noxious addictive substance and banned in it’s entirety.

    Yes I was a smoker for 57 years but can now appreciate the harm my smoke did to other people.

    The answer is to QUIT then you will really enjoy the taste of that pint.

    1. A landlord loosing his income effects his life and his families when his business shuts, the community suffers, as do the taxi drivers and singers/entertainers and the brewery people laid off and related suppliers. Socially a community hub is gone and for some the place is rather boring to live in if your community dies…but hey you don’t care about that bit do you?

      They could easily have a smoke/non smoke part in pubs there are very good extraction systems available and rules for private members clubs should be up to the private members….

      Government are hypocritical….want to ban smoking then go ahead ban it completely along with alcohol….lets see you pay for the NHS etc., without the billions in tax you get from the sale of alcohol and cigs….idiots.

  2. lift the smoking ban now.i totaly agree keeping the ban in restaurants and bars that sellfood but not pubs which do not sellfood.all is needed is a sign on entrance saying this is a smoking pub then people have a choice to many pubs shutting.LIFT THE BAN NOW:

  3. Notice the smoking ban does not extend to the bars in the houses of Westminster…

    MP’s don’t pay our taxes, they contribute more to global warming than anyone else, they don’t speak with their own minds, they have no original ideas, anti small business, pro war and far too controlling in this police state….Here is a better idea ….lets ban them.

  4. they are forcing people to do what they want! they don’t care what the people really think about the smoking ban as long as they get their way! people in UK should protest about this ! they don’t have the right to force you guys to stop smoking ! you are in the right to decide for your self if you want to smoke or not! are you guys going to sit still and do nothing when some liberal shit try to tell you guys how to dress? it all start with things like this! if you guys keep quiet and don’t say anything they will try and pass laws like this !

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