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Repeal the Slander of Women Act 1891

1 Comment 5th September 2010

Repeal the Slander of Women Act 1891, an archaic law based on Victorian morality.

Why does this matter?

The presumed reasons for the law – to protect the reputation of women – no longer apply within 21st century sexual morality, and it is against modern principles of gender equality to have legislation treating one gender different to the other.  The undesired behaviour could presumably be restrained by other legal means.

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One Response to Repeal the Slander of Women Act 1891

  1. Anna Sawkins says:

    No woman on the receiving end of sustained false accusations, stalking, threats to life as the result of domestic abuse would want this Act repealed. There is absolutely nothing else out there to protect them. This act still offers some protection to those of us who lose everything to korsakov’s syndrome, for example. We give up everything to escape the never ending slander, and this happens again and again to women now. Ask IDAS.

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