To legalise cannabis & tax it to create more money for the war on `hard drugs´. The money saved prosecuting, jailing & investigating cannabis users could be better spent elsewhere. 

The prisons would be freed up of unnecessary inmates who would not fall foul of other criminals who may introduce them to other forms of criminality.

Legalisitation would mean the end of gangs & mafioso´s control & supply of cannabis.

People would have a choice between getting drunk & causing social & financial problems or having a civilised time with no hangovers or serious drawbacks.

You can buy paracetamol & kill yourself or others relatively easily, but with cannabis this is impossible, no person has ever overdosed on cannabis.

Why is this idea important?

Because cannabis isnt a substance that we protecting from.

3 Replies to “Legalise & Tax Cannabis”

  1. I think the government should do this, I’m not a smoker myself however it would make perfect sense

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam
    Is anybody really listening ?

    This is a good idea
    How many stoned people cause crime ?
    Forget all cliches
    Concentrate on the hard stuff

  3. It is a good idea.

    Especially now with America quickly legalising and reaping the benefits of medicinal cannabis and the tonnes of cash in taxing the production and sale of the plant in all its forms.

    This country desperately needs the added funds and medical benefits of cannabis now more than ever.

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