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scrap metal should not be classed as waste

1 Comment 14th July 2010

i was going down the road the other day in my pick up truck ,i had a load of old cookers and stuff,the police pulled me over,so two environmental officers could quiz me,they said i was carrying waste and needed a waste carriers license,i,m just wondering who classed scrap as waste,something that has a value surely cannot be waste can it,metal has always had a value,anyway i told the officers i did not need a license because its my own property and i had simply cleaned off my own back yard,their was nothing they could do,ive been stopped several times and use that excuse ,it works every time, and i do in fact hold a waste carriers license,what a waste of money that is ,i just feel chasin tatmen is a waste of resources,some ones actually made it an offence to clear up rubbish,anything that has a value should not be classed as waste in my opinion.

Why does this matter?

its a law thats not needed

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One Response to scrap metal should not be classed as waste

  1. Flash says:

    Skipdiver it just goes to show ya that the police & enviromental have nothing better to do. WHY dont they Actually stop some crime ? it might help.

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