I will keep my idea simple, as all the other messages/ideas, have pointed out the obvious points to semi-legalising the natural drug that is "cannabis" :




The FACT is thousands of people in the UK are already growing Cannabis for their own use, some for personal use/pleasure, others for medical help / health benefits. The Hydroponic & Seed company's are popping up all over the place at the moment, and this is helping with our economy. The problem is, and really think about this…. IT IS ILLEGAL in the UK TO GROW A SEED! , yes a seed, that mother nature put on this earth for us all to enjoy the fruits.  This its self is so WRONG!. but i have not come on here to grumble and moan, so i will get to my idea!…


What i suggest, is we relax the law on cultivation of cannabis, and allow a person, to rightly grow up to a certain amount of plants say(4 to 8) for our own use. To regulate this, and generate some income to the government at the same time, I suggest we incorporate a Liscence sceme, where if you wanted to grow cannabis in your own home, you would have to purchase, this liscence or apply for this  licence as you would a firearm.

This could then be regulated with spot visits, by the police or an agency that is put into place, similar / on the same lines as the environment agency and fishing liscening scheme. to ensure people are not growing over the limit(s).



I Believe this would work, as the government could regulate, the people that are growing cannabis, just as they do with people that own firearms. 

Most people who are growing at the moment, are otherwise law-abiding citizens, and enjoy the pleasures of growing a plant from seed, just as you would growing tomatoes or chilli's, and enjoying the health benefits / calming / pleasure from thier hard work :-). The problem at the moment is this is illegal, and they could face upto 14 years in Prison! yes sad but true, prison for growing a seed?.

I should state at this point, I know way condone organised criminals growing 100's / 1000's of plants for financial gain, The laws should stick, or be upped greatly for criminals involved in the commercial cultivation of cannabis. This brings me to my next pointer:



I strongly believe that cannabis smoking is on the rise, this means, that thier is a huge demand for the drug, which in turn is increasing the organised criminals to produce more of the drug, and sell it on our streets for extortionate prices. Often cut with dangerous particles like glass, to make it weigh more, increasing the criminals UN TAXED profits.  This will only get worse! unless the government step in, with a system to allow users to produce or buy  thier own supply, or have designated outlets to buy it, like in other countries i.e Holland. I wont go into this, as its already been more than cover's in other topics.




I think the PRO's far way the cons of legalising cannabis under a liscenced scheme for personal / medical growers. This would free up resources, police and courts,  and generate some income to the government to help with our national deficit / debt. Slow down the criminals / drug dealers dramaticly, as the smoker could grow his own, without having to come in contact with the dealers / organised thugs!. saftley in thier own home/greenhouse. We should be looking forward and ahead, not back and behind, lets be honest here, cannabis has NEVER EVER! killed anybody… and i think its MEDICAL uses need to be looked into very very carefully, this is an amazing plant that mother nature has given us.


My personal story is i use cannabis for my health with anxiety / panic attacks / depression, and started using the drug after a breakdown, it has helped me a lot, more than any anti-depressents could ever do! to the fact that i no longer suffer like i did for years. and I am now back in work, and leading a normal life, I only smoke once a week believe it or not 🙂 thats all i need to make me feel able to face the week ahead with a smile. 

I am not highly educated, so i appoligise now for my poor wording, and awful spelling lol…


Thanks for taking the time reading this, 

if you have anything to add please do



Why is this idea important?

I believe my idea is VERY important,  the law on cannabis, and the debate has gone on far to long,  we need to start looking at other countries (holland, canada to name two) and take our heads out of the sand! . It is ok to have a couple of drinks a day, but why is it not ok, and i could risk getting a criminal record for growing / smoking a plant (herb) that has never hurt or killed anybody, yet somebody dies at least daily i imagine from the use of alchohol.  

Please stop this utter nonscence, that cannabis can lead to mental health problems, 

they would have to have underlying problems in the first place, or smoked way to much to fast.

I am sick of the UK press, and the scare-mungry that has gone on for far to long!

Act now, it makes sense, AND YOU KNOW IT.




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