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give us back our rights on crown beaches and foreshore

Comment 7th July 2010

the crown holds the foreshore for the common man, we own the foreshore. the law has err oded our rights so that   only   people fishing have a legal right to walk the foreshore.  crown land was passed to parliment in return for civil list purse  the foreshore was bundled in this lot. crown estates are now exploiting this to raise money. councils are restricting access and the courts are backing them. they cannot stop people fishing or digging bait  as this is confirmed by the magna carter. there should therefore be no restriction or hinderance to the launching of fishing boat , but councils are making up their own rules and enpowering them with bye laws             as  we stand common man has no rights to walk on the beach or foreshore            this is totally against the principle to which the crown was allowed to hold this land

Why does this matter?

this is our land held by the crown so nobody could restrict our rights of use and access.if this continuse our ancient rights are being manipulated away. this was the basis of the magna carta . goverment has passed powers it should not have to councils who are already abusing these powers by locking off access to beaches and foreshores and making charges

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