Australians have long been loyal subjects of Her Majesty The Queen and as such are entitled to the same rights and privileges as all members of the British Commonwealth. It is a fact of law that Australia remains a colony of Britain and British Law remains preeminent in the Australian legal system. Why (since 1972) are Australians discriminated against under British Immigration law? As subjects of Her Majesty The Queen, Australians should enjoy the same rights of travel and residence to which all other loyal subjects are entitled.

Why is this idea important?

Britain needs as many loyal subjects as she can get to help in the battle against global depression and financial ruin. Australians have long been known as hard working and creative people who pull together with the British and support The Queen in all good scraps. Legally they are still subjects of The Crown and should be entitled to immigration and travel equality as well. Give them back their rights and Britain will immediately gain a huge social and economic advantage.

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