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Part P Abolition and Electrician Licensing

2 Comments 8th July 2010

Provide a licensing scheme to ensure that only qualified electricians to a set industry standard (set by an approved body e.g. IET or City and Guilds) to replace the self-certification or Part P inspection scheme for electrical work in domestic properties. Extend the licensing scheme to include commercial & industrial sectors.

Why does this matter?

The current part-p self-certification schemes prevent fully qualified and hard working electricians from working on electrical installation within their own homes or other peoples and that is plain daft. Current legislation pushes cash into self-certification scheme provider monopolies and favours un-qualified and inexperienced people.

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2 Responses to Part P Abolition and Electrician Licensing

  1. Kevin Wharton says:

    To true sir. A complete money making scam for the so called scheme providors.Part P needs scrapping immediatly.Red tape rip off in the name of safety,complete and utter rubbish.

  2. simon fox says:

    yes totally agree, ive been self employed since 1985, was working with an electrical engineer on domestic instalations with 30 years experience, Having also worked with a dockyard electrical examiner an electricity board inspector,I am no longer allowed to change consumer units, kitchen/bathroom works, Recently I came across a part p contractor who had fitted 2 fused connection units, and a lighting plateswitch in a concrete floor bathroom!!! its all fine as it was done by a part p contractor, so why should I be concerned? makes me wonder why I went into this industry and did all the study, practice and gained all this experience and knowledge when Gordon and co ( Brown) don’t seem that counts for anything!!!
    its all cash forms, ticking sheets, and bollocks!

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