Lmit one vehicle to a  family of 2 when  each person  is in receipt of the allowance

Why is this idea important?

A family close by are each in receipt of a mobilty vehicle. They leave one of the vehicles parked up most of the time, whilst both persons go out in the same vehicle together. This seems a waste of money.  They both are claiming for a vehicle, which they are legally entitled to do, but morally when finances are tight, there is no reason for them to have 2 vehicles, when most of the time they only use one.

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  1. root out the lead-swingers who claim this mobility benefit. we all probably know one at least. i have a family within a hundred yards of me who claim their new,( is it obligatory?), seven seater people carrier, every so often. they even go to football practice in it, whereupon he is the coach and sometimes referee, while his wife paces the touchline cheering her daughter on, (WHO PLAYS FOR THE TEAM)
    neither of them can walk more than 50 yards, according to their false claims, and BOTH get disability living allowance, along with their £15000-£20000 people carrier, instead of handing these mobility cars out to scroungers, hand a few of them out to deserving disabled pensioners, who, by the way, cannot claim a mobility allowance once reaching retirement age, meaning that in the eyes of our benefit agencies one does not need to be mobile, once one retires,you must vegetate, and spend your life looking out of the window as the world, and people in mobility cars pass you by.

  2. I am disabled and drive a adopted car but never got a free car, I must be filling the form wrong, I find insurance very hard to get because I drive a 4×4 and carry sheep in it as my business, becaus of my disability I can not do to much and find it very hard to even pay my road tax and insurance, I do have a blue badge so I can get parked. At the hospital when I go, my vehicle power steering playing up but can not afford it fix it, what am I doing wrong

    1. Go to your Doctors Surgery.
      Ask to speak to the practice manager.
      He /She will have all the details of who to contact.
      Alternatively contact Social Services.
      Alternatively contact DSS/
      Car insurance is not a problem ……. contact NFU / National Farmers Union
      If your comments on here are legitimate you will get all the help you need regarding how to claim benefits relating to mobility and NFU are always best for your insurance
      (If your that ill you should be putting sheep in a trailer that they can walk in and not lifting them up into your car/vehicle)

  3. Too many people get mobility cars when they don’t need them.
    Want proof: Go to any supermarket on a rainy day and watch all the people who can hardly walk park their mobility car and then run like hell to the entrance so they don’t get wet.
    Then to add insult to injury they walk half a mile around the supermarket.
    Go to any car boot sale on a Sunday and watch the same thing all over again.
    I believe that all cars provided free of charge on the mobility schemes should all be painted the same colour (maybe white with a purple roof or something equally striking) and the general population should be encouraged to report those who abuse the privilege.
    The millions of pounds it would save could be used for more Doctors and nurses and cut down hospital waiting times……. or other similar worthwhile endeavours.

  4. good idea that mobility cars are distinguishable …people who need one quite rightly deserve to have one , but unfortunately there are so many dishonest people with regards to benefit entitlements who abuse the system!

  5. I totally agree the mobility charity still need to tighten there rules on how the car is used we have a family of scammers down our road who have been fiddling the system for years now
    . Robert

  6. hello there I do agree myself that disabled cars should be distinguist with a badge on the doors or some thing like that I see a lot of people go to the supermarket as I never get out of my car as I cant walk that far my friend does my shopping for me and if I go into preston I organise a mobility scooter for my self which I pay far and I have seen people with walking difficulties climbing ladders and steps and getting on them to clean there window disabled my arse it makes me very angry yet I am the one that’s scrutinised by the DLA and last year it got stopped till I put my size 10s in and got my MP involed and I still have not got it sorted yet for my new car which I was suppose to change it this march but cant have it yet as I have to fill another form in and yet my curcumstaces are getting worse not better hopefully get my car in September with a bit of luck fingers crossed lol sorry for going on cheers

  7. Slitting here 1.30 pm watching my wife sleeping, wondering what you have to have to be entitled to mobility allowance. My wife has amyloidosis; lupus; pulminory hypertension; athritus; periferal neuropathy; anal prolapse and kidney failure. I have left my job to be a full time carer for her. When she was on dla she was entitled to the full mobility allowance , but know she is on PIP she was interviewed by someone who in my mind had no medical knowledge and noticed that my wife could wak up a hallway with my assistance that she was not entitled to mobility, so much so that she did not ask one question on mobility to find out how my wife felt whilst walking. She suffers greay pain whilst walking but like many sufferers thinks that is how it is and just tries to get on with it and because she has to stop every few steps because of the pain does not matter. I see her getting worse week in week out. As she has all these problems she will never be able to get another kidney which I have offered, so it will be a lifetime on dialysis. Like lots of other people in my wifes situation I see lots of people abusing mobility reason sore leg, fat, conmen and women . Maybe if they all got some thing more debilitating then it might be more appreciated

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