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Re-introduce rolling tax exemption for classic vehicles

2 Comments 30th January 2015

Re-introduce the rolling tax exemption scheme for classic vehicles. Perhaps something like 25 or 30 years of age a vehicle would qualify for nil vehicle excise duty.

Why does this matter?

During the 30 years my car has been on the road it has prevented the need for 8 additional cars to be produced, maintained and fuelled (based on the number of previous owners). Surely this is more environmentally friendly than producing new cars that, let's face it- aren't designed to last, then encouraging people to buy them?

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2 Responses to Re-introduce rolling tax exemption for classic vehicles

  1. Brian Keith says:

    Totally agree. Perfectly logical idea. Even reintroducing the rolling tax exemption from its current date would be better than not at all. Protecting more future classics.

  2. Henry Scrope says:

    The exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty duty for cars and motor cycles over 25 years old was announced in the House of Commons on 28th Nov 1995. It was restricted to cars made before 1st Jan 1973 in the 1998 budget.

    I think this 1998 restriction was too draconian. Restoring the original “rolling 25 years old” exemption might be going too far; if so it should be 30 or perhaps even 40 years – but it certainly should be a rolling period. An arbitrary fixed date is ludicrous and gets more silly with each year that passes

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