Public sector bodies and utility companies in Wales often refuse job applications from non-Welsh speakers. This reduces and limits academic, economic and social progress. There should be no mandatory requirements on this issue. best person for the job should be the standard.

Why is this idea important?

Wales needs all the help it can get. By confining appointments to Welsh speakers only the pool of knowledge, experience and ability available is unneccessarily limited. It is entirely legitimate to support and protect the Welsh language but by keeping English speakers (and other non-Welsh language background applicants) out of public appointments Wales itself and its people are diminished.

In another language related example the practice of duplicating utility bills and information in Welsh and English creates unecessary and avoidable waste. Consumers should have the option of receiving this material in one language or the other. Some useful savings would flow from this change.

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2 Replies to “End discrimination in Wales against the English language”

  1. At last lets stand up for the English speaking Welsh.
    no more bilingual signs
    no more bilingual forms
    no more compulsory welsh in schools
    no more job discrimination against english speakers.
    lets value peoples ideas not the language they speak.
    lets be proud to be welsh and english speaking.
    put the money saved into the health service,education,jobs etc .

    1. Indeed why not…as long as you move a few miles East over Clawdd Offa and live amongst the “tolerant” Daily Fail readers in Berk shire (no doubt where the berks come from)
      Be “welsh”, be known as a foreigner or stranger as the Anglo Saxons call us, the Brythoniaid, the Britons.
      you are a stranger through choice in this land known as Cymru, the meaning of its rivers, mountains, valleys villages mean nothing to you as you mean nothing to us, the Cymry.

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