Ban the TV licence.

Why is this idea important?

It’s important because people should have access to media without having to pay a fee.

The BBC can raise revenue through advertising.

You can watch the BBC in the USA free of charge, so why are the Brits supporting this?

To pay people like Jonathon Ross obscene salaries, that even life saving surgeons cannot earn.

75 Replies to “Ban The TV Licence”

  1. Of course it’s a good idea, especially at a time when we are being advised to “tighten our belts”. Let’s face it, it’s ridiculous that we should still have to pay the T.V licence when most people can access all channels on one form of device or another without the use of their television. Add to this the fact that there are many examples on the net of evidence that the “corporation” doesn’t even need the money made from payers to function as a viable business and you come to the conclusion that it is another form of government backed taxation. When will the Beeb realise that their programmes, far from justifying the cost of the licence, only serve to fuel peoples frustration at paying for the same old generic soap operas, childish “scientific” shows and banal repeats etc.

  2. Good idea. I rarely watch TV because I have no interest in most of poor quality programmes broadcast and watching endless repeats… yet I am charged a significant amount of money every year just to own a TV.
    I would much prefer to subscribe to channels that interest me and purchase films individually.

  3. the BBC is so left wing and not afraid to show it so why should I fund a left wing organisation on pain of a prison sentance if I refuse to pay? It is against my Human Rights

      1. You have got to be joking John. Look at the facts and stats. Research this thoroughly. Check out Lewis Goodall (BBC political editor) and his history. He is still a left wing, anti government extremist/activist. I don’t mind all political views being given a fair chance with balance and transparency but the BBC are incapable. Check out all the interviewees and contributors of the recent Panorama program. I did. All of these were introduced as independent “experts” yet all were proven to be left wing activists deliberately recruited by the BBC for a reason. The BBC violates its own codes of conduct /charters continuously. The Godfathers of all Mainstream Media Mafia, the enemies of democracy. Give all sides of any political differences a fair chance. Why do we not have the freedom of choice to fund or not to fund this vile organisation. They did a great job with the Jimmy Saville cover up, did they not?
        Ban the licence fee! Bin the BBC!

  4. technically we have all been paying the people for doing this, not just rolf but every1 thats been found out so far.. and i for 1 think its damn wrong and have stopped paying any licence fee.. i just wonder how this excuse will go when they take me to court for non payment of the licence fee

  5. Why should we pay a licence fee to the BBC. They are just another television company. All the others have to fund themselves. The BBC is no better than others, so in this day of fair competition they should also have to fund themselves.

  6. its only chump change and gives you so much…
    40 p a day… and probably less if there was no breaking the law…i.e. no need for TV detectors.
    Do you really want something like the US
    for that matter if it were not more expensive to process bring back dog licenses and this will fund and make sure animal welfare operations.

      1. We all pay for ITV and other commercial stations through the goods and services that we buy. Your argument that the BBC should fund itself doesn’t stop you paying for it, you will just fund it but through buying advertised goods.

    1. I agree… it is a great TV station sometimes. However there are lots of great things I cannot afford. So why am I forced to pay the TV Licence Fee? In the days when money wasn’t so tight for everyone. No food banks and child poverty. No zero hour contracts. Then this wouldn’t be so bad. But all these things are happening to millions in the UK and paying the BBC cannot alleviate these problems. Therefore they are only adding to the problem.

      If you like the BBC then you pay for it! But if you don’t, then why should we be forced to pay for it for you! People like you are giving the BBC the power to take away our rights and brand innocent people as criminals just to watch TV. I would rather pay extra to the NHS. At least we get a life saving service for everyone. What does the BBC give back to me?

      Just make it fair. Scramble the signal and let who wants to pay for it, pay for it. If you don’t pay you can’t watch it. SIMPLE!

    2. I want to watch Sky and Netflix, that’s why I pay the fees, I don’t want to watch the BBC why should I be forced to pay the fee? It’s like shopping at Tesco but having to pay ASDA for not shopping there.

  7. Make the BBC a voluntary subscription service (like Sky and other TV services). Ban TVL enforcement. Im sure the BBC would survive just fine, and if some reason they cannot survive without bullying and coercing people into paying for their services, then frankly they don’t deserve to exist in the first place.

    1. I agree and would not mind but that that the BBC has not spent that is taxed from us would to to the queen they spend a lot of our money on grand parties for rich .but it you had a voluntary tax the rich would complain .

  8. Ban the TV licence fee. All they do is brainwash the public. Also this organisation is run by a small minority religion and it is unacceptable that one religion should control the BBC.

  9. The BBC is no longer a british broadcasting corporation representing the white majority. If it is so pro immigration – or rather pro Anglo-Indian, then it should be self funding. Maybe licence payers should be funding ITV instead.

    1. The BBC has never represented the white majority, it represented the citizens of Britain, and it still does, but now that includes non-whites.

  10. They call the people on benefits,but they still want there money. SCUM old fashioned,out of date,yanks get it for free can you imagine if they tried to make them pay a fee,they would run them out of town

  11. I feel that there is enough strength of opinion now on this subject to consider a “e -debate” I understand that if you get 10.000 signatures it can be debated in parliament.(not sure if our elected reps would follow our views) but I do feel strongly that in these increasingly hard times a mandatory”viewing tax” is unsustainable.Not withstanding the been is planning a pay per view service that won’t be available to license layers. It’s becoming a farce.

  12. The answer to this is quite simple, the BBC should introduce an encrypted service, and if you pay, you can watch, and if you don’t want it , don’t pay

  13. We should be able to choose if we want bbc channels. Why are we FORCED TO HAVE THEM? This is a democracy. The government use this as a tstealth revenue. They would charge a licence for reading books in our own homes if they could.

  14. Ban The TV Licence Fee why don’t the BBC scramble there signal so if you want to watch it you have to pay for a decoder box
    like SKY

  15. Get over the idea that there is such a thing as a free lunch. I subscribe to sky (for the benefit of my daughters) to the tune of FORTY odd pounds a month. Just cancelled the movies saving Sixteen pounds per month. Even though it is broken, battered and bashed from the lobbying of other money grabbing media interests the BBC still manages to out perform the rest in quality for a fraction of the cost. BBC television, radio, online all for just under forty pence per day. No movies, no sport, family package with sky just costs under ninety pence per day.
    The BBC produced and produces still, world class broadcasting and it’s enemies are many. When it ceases to exist what will be the price of your entertainment? Murdoch and the multitude of media companies will set your price and their profits at present are in the hundreds of millions of pounds per year. The cost of the license is hard for the poor but they will have nothing in the future that is affordable.

    1. Bullcrap.

      Value for money has never been less on the BBC as it sis now. They cut their sports coverage to a brutal level, yet they didn’t do anything about cutting a few pounds off the license fee, in fact it went up.

      So thats less coverage, more fee.

      The BBC USED to be worth the money (when they supported science programming and had sports coverage). But if you’re going to brutally cut the amount of sports coverage, cover Brexit with a biased agenda, and present biased news shows which have been proven to show bias by independent bodies, then I think not only should the fee be cheaper, it should be abolished altogether.

    2. The point is choice, you choose to pay for Sky whether you want to use the service or not. I have to fund the BBC even if I don’t want their service. Its draconian and has no place in todays consumer market.

    3. Your missing the point. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 40p a day or if you like the programmes, if I don’t watch it or don’t want it I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Ford make perfectly adequate cars but I shouldn’t have to pay for one if I prefer do drive a car made by a different manufacturer. It’s borderline theft. Pay for something you don’t want, need or use or go to jail with a criminal record.

  16. Many years ago when we were struggling to bring up a young family, we agreed to sell the telly when the licence fee was due.

    We lived happily without the TV for 9 months and didn’t miss it but then the kids started to need certain things that were on TV as part of their school lessons.

    I bought another TV and a new licence. Within a couple of weeks the TV licencing people wrote to me telling me that they had noticed my error and had helpfully stolen 9 months licence fee by re-setting the expiry date of my new licence.

    I think they are all scum, perhaps they are recruited from ex parking wardens?.

  17. Ban the TV license it’s not worth the money. Most of the programmes are rubbish reality.

  18. I pay for sky TV because I choose to watch it, and yet I still have to pay the BBC when I don’t watch it.BBC Should not be funded by the public it is not a government company so why should be funded by the people The BBC need to learn how to be a business and not a charity sponging off the people of this country .

  19. I don’t believe that the BBC puts out superior programmes compared to other stations, its all the same old rubbish all the others are screening.
    I would certainly support a ban on the TVL.

  20. We pay for our tvs,we pay for our electric, if they want charge us for tv license let them pay for our electric and tvs,advertising show’s nothing but rubbish I wouldn’t bother even watching adverts!

  21. What happened to the right to choose the BBC put out weak programmes I can’t remember the last time I watched it the only thing I can see is fat cats getting richer the radio one disc jockeys over paid well they all are. We are paying for their jolly outings to festivals having a blast in Ibiza as they were celebrating so many years out there who cares,if people want to watch and listen to crap let them pay for that service.
    How much influence does the bbc have over the government? No public sector pay rises every thing is cut to the bone yet this out dated service is funded by the people get rid.

  22. STOP AND BAN the TV license just put adverts on the BBC shows TV license isn’t worth the money. Most of the programmes are rubbish.

  23. The BBC should be subjected to a criminal investigation with regard to the history of child-abuse by some of its employees and the way in which the Corporation failed to reprimand abusers but instead covered the whole thing up.

    Expecting the conscientious public to fund such a Corporation must be a breach of their rights.

    The BBC fails to meet the quality standards that it is renowned for. Modern BBC comedies are terribly bland, 9pm signifies the beginning of automatic gratuitous “swearathon”, the news is biased and sensationalist with poor coverage of UK affairs, Eastenders has always been a sub-standard programme, only England has local radio stations, presenters can not pronounce British place names, the News Channel try to “grab” news first and then find themselves contradicting what they reported a few hours ago because they broadcast something which was entirely inaccurate, they are too inward looking – always talking about themselves, and they think that newsreaders make good presenters of other programmes. I could go on…

    Many different companies now produce television and radio programmes in the UK. Forcing the television viewing public to fund one of them (BBC) seems a little odd and is outdated. In fact it was outdated as soon as independent television began.

    The non-payment of the TV Licence prompts a rather threatening stream of communication from TV Licensing even when the recipient of this communication has broken no laws.

    The Police do not contact every person who does not hold a firearms licence stating that they must have one, so why do TV Licensing have the freedom to accuse people of law-breaking with regard to such a relatively trivial matter?

    The whole TV Licensing system and the BBC needs a rethink. Based on the fact that however a person watches or listens to BBC programmes uses electricity to do so, perhaps the BBC and other broadcasters could be partially funded via the electricity bill? Or even fairer, the BBC could fund itself through advertising?

    Finally, please update this website as it pulls me up on spelling words the British way (such as “programmes” and “licence”).


  24. The BBC is not value for money. I rarely watch it or make use of any of its services and yet I have money stolen from my pocket to fund this propaganda-broadcasting machine. There was a time when the BBC was a very good thing, but times have moved on and it now belongs in the past. If I want to watch the handful of decent programs the BBC has ever produced then I will happily pay for an online subscription. If you don’t pay the license fee then you are pestered by officials as if you are some sort of criminal, it’s rather like paying protection racket money to gangsters. The license fee goes against all free-market principles and the only reason the hypocrisy of the establishment maintains it is so they can bore us with their pathetic social-engineering propaganda. ‘Bore’ that is if you can be bothered to watch it in a futile effort to get your money’s worth. Scrap the TV license, yes, absolutely.

  25. Absolutely ban TV licenses
    This is a tax that prevents freedom of rights
    If they need money start adverts between programmes like all the other companies
    We have to put up with there adverts for programmes wether we want them between programmes or not
    So they are advertising anyway

  26. All you people are complaining about the BBC however now the Tv License is everything from a smart phone to a Tv anything you can receive a Tv signal on or watch any Tv show/film it’s ridiculous just another scheme to make money out of the working class and don’t get me started on council tax government is a joke


  28. Scrap the tv licence. I paid for my tv; i pay my electric. I will not be told that i need to pay them to watch it. I don’t watch any of their crap and the harrasement has to stop. I thought we had human rights in this country. This us legalized extortion.

    1. All involuntary taxation is legalised extortion. Centralised government is the real problem, and it won’t get any better until we all devolve into Community-sized (human-sized) provinces. Only then perhaps will we have some say in what we pay for and why.

  29. Why should we pay the pigs in the trough if we want it we will pay like the good Chan led we pay for

  30. At one time it was put about that the licence fee paid for BBC programmes – and people of course believed it. Now it’s clear that the fee is simply an entertainment tax – a significant contribution to the Exchequer for funding whatever the government deems is in our interest(!). Scrap it.

  31. I have no problem with having to pay the license to watch BBC. But you should be allowed to view other live channels without a license.

  32. Someone has to pay the expense of those spending all that time in the best places, best hotels reporting on holiday destinations. Swanning around Europe reporting on the EU Brexit attitudes. (Govt response to ban licence petition) ‘Revenue from the TV licence fee is also used to fund other services such as Welsh broadcaster S4C and infrastructure projects such as the delivery of superfast broadband.’ Superfast Broadband? FOR who? So are we going to get superfast broadband included with the fee? Not without the fee costing twice what it already does for those that choose it. Maybe if there was a package we could choose whether or not to have it.

  33. There is so much of the BBCs own advertising including the stupid trailer for ‘Sportsnight’ where the sound cuts out and the ‘roll on the patchy screen’ and place a grey haired man in front of it to mumble about how the game would have gone better if someone had kicked the ball the other way and the excessive football and the repeats and all that American trash that no one would notice if they put in commercial advertising like ITV.

  34. scrap the licence, if the BBC had to stand on its own 2 feet then i would not mind how much some presenters earned as its not out of my pocket
    sky tv and others like them you have to pay twice to watch

  35. I’m not debating if the BBC output is worth 0.40 pence per day no doubt it is, but the problem is that a small amount of people do not want tv broadcasts and get harrased by BBC capita and are classed as tv licence evaders. The BBC should now be made to go encryption service if you want live TV you pay if you don’t want it you don’t pay, simple fair and logical way to fund the BBC, also saving the BBC millions in tracking down the so called evaders. But that isn’t going to happen is it, the gravy tv licence train runs thick and any thought of disrupting the influx of cash to these fat overpaid buggers will be avoided at all costs BT the BBC and the tory government. MONEY FOR NOTHING AND THE PERKS COME FREE.

  36. Poor quality programmes and overpaid presenters- “Trash TV”. To put it simply get rid of this ridiculous stealth tax.

  37. As someone on a low income, the needless TV license is a bill I find grossly unfair; I cannot afford it and often have to cancel the direct debit due to lack of funds, which results in a threatening letter saying I will be getting ‘an enforcement visit’ and potential fine of £1000…which I wouldn’t be able to pay! We ALL now pay for our TV service to separate service providers on a monthly basis, and I feel that is all that’s necessary. Please abolish this ridiculous charge – which is likely inevitable – before it demands full protest.

  38. Why should we pay them wen other providers don’t charge a licence fee hence you pay for the signal you don’t pay you don’t watch. …….wat in heavens name makes the BBC so special. ……why should people who are out of work struggling to pay android people on law pay pay them to work there’s more important bill’s to pay hence utility bills rent mortgage. …..people go to food banks to servive. .let alone the BBC fee. …… other providers charge why in heaven’s name don’t people wake up stand together and all say no no no we are not paying for a absolutely rubish. …wen other providers don’t charge a licence fee wat makes them so special. …All stand together and say no no no. ….

  39. It wouldn’t be so bad if the BBC weren’t so blatantly biased.

    It’s bad enough having to fund their left wing liberalism but the bias is too much and I’ve noticed too many important stories go ignored on the BBC because they dont fit the agenda.

    There have been yet more kiddy fiddlers of a certain persuasion outted in recent months that the BBC didn’t report on. It seems the BBC has a thing about protecting kiddy fiddlers.

    They should have had the license fee removed just for the Jimmy Saville scandal, I cant believe they squirmed out of that one relatively unscathed. Who was held responsible and what was the length of their sentence? Nobody and nothing. And the end results were a load of destoyed lives with no justice.

    If you fund the BBC you are funding this kind of crap and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  40. The good old BEEB, how can you be so harsh about an intuition like the BBC!

    Here we go. apart from the great period dramas they produce the rest is utter pants, I’m watching programs I saw when I was 12y old I’m 76. They were good then but simply sad & embarrassing now. As for the Christmas extravaganza I seem to drop through a worm hole back 40y & I’m paying WHY!


    BBC are a self obsessed organisation. They are the only channel that makes you have to pay a licence to watch. They make you feel like a serious criminal if you dont pay to watch there TV. Well there TV is all RUBBISH Repeats, Seen it all before. Where the money go anyway? Clearly not on makeing new TV programmes. They only want us to pay tv licence so they have a license to advertise only there own Rubbish.
    Dogs can be dangerous bring back DOG Licence. That licence actuly makes sense unlike the tv licence.


  42. Trouble is not enough people will stand up to them and refuse to pay on mass.
    I cannot believe even people classed as legally blind have to pay!! We don’t need you anymore BBC! Retire gracefully and stop ripping off the poor and the needy while paying perverts to present your shows.

  43. Excellent idea. I do not want to help fund an extreme left wing intersectionist propaganda machine. It is an anti democratic, cultural Marxist organisation that lies in its news coverage and misleads the public. A publicly funded state broadcaster should not promote its own political agenda. Our freedoms are being eroded on a daily basis and the BBC is complicit in this. Get rid of this neo fascist monster!!

  44. Nothing gets my blood boiling than having to pay a tax to the bbc via their so called licence. The programmes are poor and I am sick of them using the fee as a gravy boat for the so called presenters and celebrities. There is so much competition and better programming on other channels that we simply do not need to be paying into this biased boys club. Enough is enough BBC, listen to the public, get on a level platform with other channels and stop hitting our wallets so that you have an easy time. STOP the licence fee, its a disgusting disgrace.

  45. I find it strange that, for example killing eve is shown in the USA first. It’s not broadcasted in the UK, till the final episode is aired in the USA. This is a UK series. But here we go, now the USA are funding it, under BBC America. Orphan Black is made by the BBC. Only available on Netflix. A pay to view service. Is anyone else seeing a fundamentally greedy pattern here. BBC should drop it’s charge and resort to adverts ( let’s face it, they’ve been slipping in advertising for years) I think they call it placement advertising, in USA. Or be a pay per view channel. Wonder how long they’d survive. BBC is full of fat cats, being paid outrageous amounts of money, to reap profits from American corporations, who I might add advertise. Then tax our elderly, our vunerable, our low income families, in fact, our whole nation. Then have the audacity (That includes our greedy government) to imprison people, who refuse to pay. The only criminals here, are the BBC and the government. Criminal Charges for a licence, we have no say or choice in. Have a word

  46. Why pay for this because no other channels charge. ….you already pay your independent provider so why pay this. …would you pay tow different mortgages …
    Would you pay tow different utility surplyers. ..for one service. …would you pay tow different surpluses for your mobile. …The list goes on. …

    Me and my family have in the past gon without food to pay things never mind the TV licence. …

    It should be banned. …..

  47. Why pay twice to watch TV wen you already pay your own independent provider surely after all these years they should have come up with there own way like other independent providers

    Would you pay tow different utility proders would you pay tow different mortgage providers. .would you pay tow different mobile providers. ..would you pay tow different council tax’a that list gos on and on. ……

    So we why do the BBC still get away with this fee. ..

    People struggling to pay bills never mind that daylight Robery fee. ..

    People out of work. this fee. …so fat cats get payed from incent people that’s out of work. …..

    The BBC should provide there own income like other providers do. …..

    Because they have tory’s to back then up. …

    People are too scared to complane because of being intimidating and threatened and bullying from the BBC. …

    Why in God’s name are they getting away with it still after all these years. ….

    It should be totally band let them get there own income. …then they can pay fat cats. …that don’t deserve the money they get. … many incent people paying twice for on services. …..

    Pay tow mortgages
    Pay tow different utilities. .
    Pay tow different house rents
    Pay tow different mobile comp’a
    Pay tow different council tax’a
    Pay tow different supermarket’s for food
    Pay tow different car tsx”a
    Pay tow different petrol station for one tank

    The list go’s on and on and on. ..

    Hence the BBC. …

    Let them get there own money. others provider’s do. …..

    Wat iv said is all true. ..Just that people are too scared to say and speak up. …..

    It needs a mass demonstration into London to prove this. ….

    Then tory’s will listen. ……and the BBC. ..

  48. Ever heard of online media? Be like 99% of the population and watch youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime ect. TV license is put in place for a reason. Stop bitching about everything 🙂

    1. ‘TV License is put in place for a reason’ – What reason do you think it is? When it was put in place there was only black and white TV, a couple of channels, and NO internet or ‘online media.’

      Not only scrap the License fee, but scrap the BBC altogether. They are entirely Tax-payer funded, sell off ALL their assets and give the money raised to the NHS.

  49. Please Ban the Licence fee, I don’t watch hardly anything on it and I am just giving money away.

  50. It would be brilliant if we all fight back against these s***t tax men and all just refuse to cooperate. We didn’t get anything out of the BBC who are the only receivers . Again and again private tv is not public tv gives the only great adventure and pleasure. As I do not watch tv for years now I fear the tax if I buy a tv

  51. I think its wrong that i have to pay the bbc so i can watch itv. My money is going to the wrong company when im paying for my entertainment. The bbc could use product placment and sponsorship to rais revinue and could also stop paying the millions of pounds bonuses and pay rises to the already millionaires in the world.

  52. It would seem from the comments I have just read on this post, that I must live on a different planet to most people as I fully support the licence fee in order to get advertising free TV!

    And I listen to the radio a lot – as I am sure so many other people commenting on this site do to but this hasn’t been mentioned and the fee pays for them too.

    And to those complaining about not being able to afford a licence fee, a few of you say you are paying for other providers so you obviously do have the money to pay for that!

    I am not saying there are not problems with the BBC and that many presenters are paid far too much, but I still think 40p a day for no ads and radio programmes is a very small price to pay.

    As for repeats – it is not just the BBC but all TV stations these days.

    Where else can you get this much for just 40p a day?
    BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, BBC News, BBC Parliament, BBC Alba (for Gaelic speakers), CBBC and CBeebies for kids. As well as all local and regional stations.

    Radio 1, Radio 2 and 9 other national stations as well as numerous other local stations.

    1. Thanks, I needed a laugh.
      I, nor any family member, nor any friend that I have discussed this with, actually watches ANYTHING from the BBC, so the lack of adverts doesn’t affect our viewing enjoyment one bit.
      But it is nice, er sorry, galling to know that we are all being forced, by Law (with threats of fines and imprisonment), that we are making your TV watching experience all the more enjoyable. And FAR, FAR CHEAPER than it otherwise would be, if you think about it.
      Perhaps the argument shouldn’t be ‘Ban the TV License’ at all. It should be ‘Force, by Law, Jane and other BBC fans to pay for the Prime, Netflix etc accounts/viewing costs of others that DO NOT like the BBC and it’s anti-British/Brexit/White agenda.’
      From your comment, I’m sure you would think it completely fair.

  53. Money is extremely tight at the moment, I can no longer afford to pay the annual fee, I feel pressured to pay the 6 months fee, followed by monthly fee, I now have to find 26 pounds which I don’t have spare to fund BBC.
    I do no use the services they provide, it is important to look into different ways of providing BBC services where people can have the right to choice.

  54. Scrap the TV License immediately.
    Or, preferably, scrap the BBC altogether and sell off the the Tax-payer bought assets of the Anti-British BBC and give it to a worthwhile cause, eg: the NHS, or to fund more Police.

    TV License paid under protest.

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