Any persons receiving job seekers allowance for 6 months or longer should also have to donate a set amount of time per week to work voluntary for their local council or have their payments stopped.

JSA Volunteers could help keep our streets clean,  repair roads,  look after public parks. 

Not only would this idea allow the tax payers to see some kind of return on their money but it would also be a great way of getting people used to the idea of working.

Why is this idea important?

It would help to control the amount of job seekers payments being made to people with no intent to work. If they don't volunteer then ALL benefits would stop.

18 Replies to “Job Seekers Allowance – New Rules”

  1. Compulsory volunteering? The words are opposites! It is not voluntary if it is compulsory. How evil and idiotic the government is. They ensure there are always far fewer jobs than people so they can drive down wages. And they want us to take an example from the desperate immigrants who will work long hours for a pittance.

    1. I’ve been unemployed 2 years now. (age 50) Already completed a month-long Mandatory Work Placement with a local charity to ‘get a bit of activity on my CV.’ At the end of it I received a certificate to say I “have done work which was of benefit to tthe local community”. Makes it sound like I have done Community Service = I am a criminal !! I had to do 120 hours of unpaid work. Even local thugs only get 60-80 hours. Stripping unemployed of all shreds of dignity. Making it a crime to be out of work. They know we ARE trying, and have to provide evidence, or you get sanctioned. My adviser says Universal Credit starts in my area in June, so I had better get used to putting more effort in NOW. Every hour you are available for work (40) you are expected to spend that amount of time jobhunting. I’m expeceted to spend £15 or more from my £72 p/wk on this. Must keep phone topped up with credit to ring employers, paper stamps + envelopes, etc. You do get help with these if you are on Work Programme, but applying independantly has to come our of my pocket. Just as a matter of interest, UK Law website does not mention anything about all UK unemployed must own a telephone. Go on DirectGov Jobseekers rules, and it does. This law has been snuck in the back door purely for the unemployed. Even if it’s not illegal, it’s an infringement of our Human Rights. But seeing as Legal Aid has been cut, who the hell dare take on the Government??

  2. They should look at the people who are clearly OVERPAID.Yes,themselves.

    Lets have a look at what they do from the minute they clock-in,their 15 minute morning coffee break,their 30 minute lunchbreak and their 15 minute afternoon break.None of this applies to them ,of course.

    Yes,it is no secret that what they preach is hypocrisy and wrong.

    It is all the result of their incompetent and mismanagement of everything anyway (ALL of them sat in Parliament,ripping us off).

    If it was the ordinary worker they would have been sacked and probably jailed.

    Worse is to come with the failing of Europe(another mismanaged ,incompetent and corrupt wage and funding example)ie Greece,Spain,Portugal,Ireland.

    If keeping Sterling was the answer why have we sold ourselves to Europe and why is it doing so bad against the failing currency??

    If the MP’s lose their job the redundancy and their 3 houses means theres nothing to worry about.
    So the privately run (free-market) businesses overpaid by our councils (LMAO) to do the once public service,are going to get even richer, with their govt. supplied free workers doing the work for them.

    Oh yeah…the MP’s or family/friends of, are probably executive board members who go there for tea and biscuits twice a year receiving big payments!

    None of this is invisible and i find the (rolled up sleeves LMAO) hospital and school visits, talking to everyone in a childlike vocabulary, more akin to Harry Enfield or Monty Python. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!

  3. I agree with Rob. If half the people in high paid (or should that be over-paid) jobs were given the amount we are given on job seekers, and told that they have to do forced voluntary work (for the period nearest the latest financial report coincidentally, as it lowers unemployment figures and makes them look good) or else lose what little they had to survive, you can bloody well bet they’d be up in arms about it and given every compensation possible.

    We complain and get no help because we’re bottom of the ladder and being trampled on by the rich idiots. They don’t have to buy supermarket own brands or survive on a limited budget . For them it’s no worries and we’re seen as the poor people through our own doing as it’s easier for them to blame someone other than themselves.

  4. Going to work costs money. Will the “volunteers” be paid any extra to cover the costs of travel, work clothes, etc?

  5. I am all for helping people bactem, k into part/full time paid work, but the by a voluntary system, but the redicules idea that a person in receipt of Job Seekers Alloance for 6 months or longer muist donate a set amount of time per week to work voluntary for their local council or have their payments stopped is an intrusion of their human rights.

    Voluntary work means voluntary work, there are many charities out there in need of voluntary workers/supporters, and if the government demands this, then it is not voluntary work, cheap labor, and soumds a bit political.

    Local authorities must stop messing around with the number of unemployed people in the country and come up with a more suitable remedy then the one above, and if they cannot give up the job as there is a solution.

    1. If there is Voluntary work work but they force then to me there is a full time job there but you are forced todo the job for free!!!!

  6. Thankfully my husband as just got back into work after 10 months of constant job searching online but that was complete rubbish aswell ,But none the less i remember the struggle on JSA it was a nightmare,I think all this compulsery volunary work is a disgrace as people aint surviving on JSA as it is,So i just hope the goverment bears inmind that we have a set minimum wage anything less is classed as slave labour they need to be made aware that not everyone lives in closer proximity to a job center not everyone can walk the distance everyday and some people cant simple afford to travel 3.5 miles to there nearest job center as that was how far i had to go,I hope that this goverment will wake up and wise up as what they are asking simple cant be done and its also time we get up make a stand they cannot keep doing this it must stop now.

  7. Workers strike for more pay, better conditions etc. Its about time all Job Seekers were given the right to demand the same, after all they are keeping the likes of thousands of JCP employees in work!

  8. I have just been to the job centre and have been informed that I have do 30 hours of Job Seeking and have to attend the job centre every week and at some point do a work placement for a month. Also you have to have an interview with the Job Centre manager for some reason and a career advisor who will show you how to write a CV as if you did not know how to write one. I feel I am being treated like some 16yr old just out of school not a 56yr old woman who has spent the last 12yrs looking after a disabled friend. I feel like signing off and go begging on the streets as I would probably get more money that way. Ian Duncan Smith and the his rich friends in the government don’t care about the ordinary people.

  9. I think it is crap!!!! I find it hard to live on the money we get, and how are we ment to look for jobs when we have to do this! I have worked since I was 15 and payed my taxes! I am out of work atm as I am a full time parent, and wud rather see my little baby grown up and I will be the firat one to see the first walk 1st word ect, rather than put my child in a childminder and only see em at night time as there have a bed time routine, so I wont see my child for much orspend time with them!!!!

  10. Hello
    My name is john i have found work but its only part time but i have just got two more months left on the work Programme end in Aug i will have to keep this part time work as i can not get in to full time work. where i am on this work programme i got to attend to job club 3 times a week do you think is wrong if you in work or doing part time work you should not have to do job club i have apply lots of full time jobs in last year but can not get in dont no why.this is if any see this let me no what you think just to let you no my age is 51. i look forward to hearing from you.john from devon

    1. change ur name to something eastern european sounding m8 watch the low paid job offers come flying in mate

      trust me

  11. why treat people like criminals when they are out of work and i do hope you never have to recieve benefits u idiot
    thats like saying all motorists who uses cars must repair all roads as its them that use them.
    jsa claimaints get all the bad press yet it is woman going out getting pregnant with how many kids just to get houses and child benefit that cost more so whta are they going to be punished for wasting ur taxes u mug

  12. been unemployed for a bit now just been to jobcentre and I am being asked for the job searches I do I have been getting somthings wrong it not how big the list of jobs you apply for its the small amount of jobs you can do I have asked for volantary work but I get snubbed I would love to get back to doing what I was doing for 20 before which was warehouse but I have been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and I have a hernia too boot
    so I am limited to a smaller area where I can look for work like cleaner or customer services
    my next blood test is in a few days I hope that things are going to be better but as a job seeker I really want to work

  13. What happens when you got a medical injury and weak standing. Then it cost the community more money calling a blue light ambulance. You cant say “I cant do that intense work” if job centre plus hear those words then you get sanctioned.

    Job Centre Plus cant take recovery into account when I persons recovering from an accident and trying to get back into work. With JCP its either you are well or unwell, you cant say I am recovering and do part time hours.

    When I person off ill Department of Work & Pension give you sick leave. JCP call this sick leave as being unemployed. They both govenment offices one calls it one thing the other calls it a different name.

  14. I currently do 2 voluntary jobs yet i still get hassle off Working Links who i have had to attend for the last year and a half. as they do not allow me to go through with plans they knew about a month in advance because they arranged an interview for me. these plans were part of one of my voluntary jobs as a befriender.

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