The BBC is funded by a television tax, which inflict grossly overpaid state 'entertainers'. 1.2 million people are expected to be made unemployed because of government cuts – cutting Jeremy Clarkson would save the annual salary of about 100 workers.

The is first on the list, because of his gross offensiveness, which we pay for. Others to follow soon after.

Why is this idea important?


You pay him to

  • Joke about murdering prostitutes on state TV
  • Drive 186mph on public roads – and be totally shameless about it
  • Express his gay rights position on state TV as “I demand the right not to be bummed”

Is he worth the several hundred jobs which the government will cut elsewhere?

6 Replies to “Repeal Jeremy Clarkson”

  1. It isn’t just Clarkson. You get the same old scroungers on the BBC all the time. People like Michael Palin who was vaguely amusing for about 10 minutes 50 years ago. Still hanging around the inside of our tellies living on our licence fees. These people are the best paid social security scroungers in the world. Bill Odious etc etc.Abolish the licence fee and sack them all!

  2. if we all followed what you ask for we would be left with the test card?.
    Worst idea I’ve ever heard you should get out more.

  3. Bad idea. Clarkson just happens to sell lots of books and TV programmes (Top Gear is an international money-spinner for the BBC, so dropping him would result in a loss), so is clearly liked by a lot of people. If you don’t like him, don’t watch/listen.

  4. Clarkson? Needed? They said the same thing about Beckham at Man Utd…and Ronaldo. No one is too big to fall, least of all Clarkson. The BBC should do something revolutionary, like put Graham Norton in his place. Cutting edge huh?

  5. This man is a raciest, fowl mouthed, shabby, over paid, and not a British treasure, because British do not behave this way when there watched all over the world, wanted or unwanted representing our country we are the laughing stock of Europe by producing bad mannered, racist, violent, TV presenters who are watched by children all over the whole. By time the BBC had guts to get rid of the scum on TV this is not what we pay very expensive licence for fire him his disgusting.

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