the right to peacefully demonstrate for any reason should be restored as a cornerstone to our democratic  system. for demonstrations to be restricted under the heading of anti terrorism is a  restriction of my right to make an active statement of my approval or disapproval. i have only once in my life felt moved to demonstrate (and i am 60 years of age) the only terrorists present were disguised as police officers.

greenham common. ghandi. there are many examples of peaceful protest changing our world. protests are a window to peoples viewes. they should be viewed as a citizens right and not as a terrorist activity.

laws that relate to demonstration could be viewed as a governments level of paranoia or a guage of the supression intended by the state upon its citizens

you need to display confidence………   not control

p.s. point of information. i protested against the invasion of iraq. also , should i ever feel so angry again i will bloody well protest anyway.

Why is this idea important?

i was always taught that i have the right to protest if i conduct the protest within the law of the land. only once have i taken up that right and used it. i was strongly against the invasion of iraq.

there were millions of people who did the same.

as a result of these protests the government has attempted to diminish the ability to protest and treat anyone who insists that thiere viewes are taken into account as "enemies of the state".

I still feel angry at the states response to me and know that many people feel as disenfranchised as i do.

if you want people to believe that freedoms are being handed back then you should allow millions of people the ability to protest and you will peacefully demonstrate that you have the ability to listen to massed voices without hiding behind the ability to criminalise ordinary people for wanting to have thier voice heard.

i will probably never demonstrate again, but i want to know that i have the right to demonstrate without it being held as an act of terrorism 

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