if a parent has fixed holiday times or limited funds for holidays, schools can fine them if children are taken on holiday during term time. this is another form of taxation . we have the situation where package holidays are  really expensive during school holidays and some parents find its cheaper to pay the fine and go on holiday when its off peak.we also have campsites in uk which are desolate until school holidays . holidays spread over the whole season is better for all and does not harm the childs education.

Why is this idea important?

its important because if families can take holidays when its suitable for them, we have less congestion on roads, at airports and ferries .the cost of holidays will level out as there wouldnt be a peak season. children learn when on holiday and they can catch up on lessons when they return to school. and finally, parents have a little bit of freedom returned to them.

2 Replies to “stop schools from fining parents for taking children on holiday”

  1. at last someone talking sense!!!! we can only afford to go abroad in term time, so why should my children miss out just because the govement has found another way to make money out of us!!! stop fining us for living within our means!!!

  2. Who has the right to say education is more important than spending quality family time together? …. I believe they are equally as important. Social skills, confidence building….and important life skills can be learnt during family holidays. We are being fined for providing important quality family time together…… Is it fair that only certain families (that can afford the privilege of holidays in peak season) are allowed holidays without persecution?

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