Under the current law everyone's driving licence expires on their 70th birthday, and they have to reapply to DVLA. This they can do online, and simply consists of ticking boxes. Provided the answers are favourable, a new licence is then issued. What is the point of this? Drivers are already under a legal obligation not to drive if there is a medical reason why they would not be safe (eg someone who wears glasses, of whatever age, would be liable to prosecution if they failed to use them). This procedure adds nothing. If it is really thought to be necessary to remind drivers of this requirement, why not include a leaflet with vehicle excise renewal notices, or print a reminder on the licence itself?

Why is this idea important?

Abolishing renewal of driving licences at age 70 would save money, and remove a pointless irritation for ordinary people.  Meaningless bureaucracy. Is anyone ever going to report themselves as unfit to drive when applying for a licence? Indeed, wouldn't that be reason to doubt their sanity? 

Clifford Longley JP

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