Stop the requirement to renew a photo driving licence every 10 years. I applied for the photo licence originally in the belief that I would no longer need the bulky paper licence.  In fact I am now required to produce both. In order to renew the photo and the licence every ten years. I am obliged to send away both my paper and my photo licence and £20 or lose my right to continue driving. People who have never applied for a photo licence simply keep driving on the same paper licence until they reach 70 years. 

Either a photo licence is n essential document and all drivers should have one (but in reality it is more like an identity card) or it is unnecessary .

Why is this idea important?

Apart from the hassle to drivers with a photo licence (my photo licence and paper licence have  not been returned after 14 days and I require a licence for driving abroad). 

I have no doubt that the cost of renewing it  TO THE EXCHEQUER exceeds £20. 

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