In 2005 the government took away your right to protest in Parliament square.

Democracy as I understand it is a country ruled by the people. We choose to do this by electing officials to work on our behalf.

But what happens if our elected representatives do not act in the way we wish them too?

One of the most effective weapons we have is protest. By banning our right to protest outside parliament, government has restricted your voice and further moved this country away from the democracy it has always claimed to be.

In order to stop Government making decisions that we as a nation have not chosen and do not want we need to be able to make our voice heard. We need to ability to stop this by all means possible. We need to stand on Parliament square and make our opinions known directly to the government that will decide what happens to us.

Why is this idea important?

This law took away our civil liberties. It was specifically designed to limit the British people's involvement in the British government. It tried to take away our right to think that our government could be doing something wrong and that we could change it.

We need this law repealed.

We need all the power we can possibly have to tell our government that we voted for, that should be working to our demands not to their own wishes, what we the people think they are doing right and wrong. Repealing this law would be a major step in bringing people back into politics where we belong.

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