Bring back the Death Sentence

13 Comments 30th October 2014

In my opinion the death sentence should be brought back for premeditated murders, mass murderers, drug barons and peadophiles. There are many peadophiles who have ruined people's lives, not just the victims, but their families too.

Why does this matter?

It will reduce the number in prisons, it's a punishment that fits the crime. It will act as a deterent to those who kill who want to get revenge.

Drug barons are indirectly killing thousands of people by supplying drugs which they could either overdose on, or end up killing others whilst under the influence.

Peadophiles are hurting children physically and scarring them mentally. The majority, if not all, know that it's illegal to have sex with under 16's. If the victim is a teenager who looks older than 16 and it's questionable whether they knew the age, then they should receive a prison sentence- common sense must be used when giving the death sentence.

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13 Responses to Bring back the Death Sentence

  1. John says:

    Killing is wrong. End of.

    However, they should be allowed to take there own lifes. But thats a diffrent thing.

  2. J Abbott says:

    Applying the death penalty is fraught with difficulties. It is not swift and simple justice. If justice were perfect then it would be a suitable punishment for certain crimes. However, justice is not perfect. Consequently, application of the death penalty would also be imperfect. I could not support such a system.

  3. Dom says:

    Bring it back for “exceptional circumstanses” i.e. not for “beyond reasonable doubt” but “beyond any doubt” such as Ian Huntly and the like. I accept that people can get wrongly convicted, but with some murderers there can be no doubt.

    The oldest copies of the Bible written in hebrew are very clear on “thou shalt not kill” as it is translated in the King James onwards. It says “THOU SHALT NOT MURDER” which it a very different thing……….

    • denise says:

      if they bring back death penalty in uk that would be a good way for them to shut us up. queen loves to sign death warrants she has signed 100s in other countries she rules look it up its true they don’t tell us that on the box ( tv)

  4. E says:

    What if the accused is wrongly convicted?..??

    I was convicted by a jury of a crime I did not commit so I know it happens!

    • Paul says:

      I read you, the courts cant be 100% correct, which I find disturbing to say the least… however so why cant we just execute the killers and perverts who actually admit it, and pass as ‘of sound mind’ perhaps? im sure theyre not all just mentally warped individuals

      • Adam says:

        Even someone admitting a crime does not guarantee that they are actually guilty.

  5. mark says:

    It should be brought back…but only to those who kill. Sounds daft, but murderers are committing illegal killings of innocent children and adults. The Death penalty would be legal.

  6. l. Willy Nelson says:

    Life for life, death to all 1st degree murders.

  7. Luc says:

    It would be ok, but the system can not be trusted to get judgement right. Plus its far too easy to frame someone for murder

  8. William Adams says:

    Yeh let’s Hang em High, does it matter if the odd innocent one drops through through the trap door!
    Well actually it does and for that reason alone it should never be allowed.
    Violence begets violence and even if you are not a Christian, Jews and Muslims as well are commanded by that handed down to Moses “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.
    What is wrong is that so many murderers get out of jail after too short a sentence. Of course some crimes are beyond the pale but at some point you have to forgive if you yourself wish to be forgiven. There is a judjement greater awaiting those evil ones in the end.

  9. robnorthlondon says:

    The death sentence for murder would be discriminatory because it wouldnt include suicide bombers !

  10. Stuart says:

    It’s simple, use sodium pentathol (the truth drug) in a controlled environment. If they continue to profess their innocence then they wouldn’t have a problem submitting to it, if they’re actually innocent! Done, no more miscarriages of justice or innocents convicted. Its not rocket science.

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