I propose we decriminalize sex between two members of a different species.

Why should two beings involved in a loving bi-species relationship be punished? I am a zoophile and I feel that I am unfairly criminalize for my sexual persuasion. It is unjustifiable to prevent consensual sex between species.

Why is this idea important?

It is important that we do not have double standards regarding sex and the law. Homosexuality was one seen as ‘immoral’ and consequently criminalized, yet we all agree this is unjustifiable.

As a zoophile I can think of no other group of people who love animals more than those in sexual relationships with them. Human beings slaughter animals for food legally, yet we punish those who love animals.

8 Replies to “Legalise sex with animals”

  1. A very sick individual, do not ever consider this to be legalized, asdasd needs serious help and fast!

    1. How can an animal give consent? The procreation of a human and an animal is either impossible or the results would be a level of cruelty not seen before.

      1. I suspect most animals don’t consent to being eaten, skinned, experimented on etc but that doesn’t stop people doing it anyway. At least an animal has some opportunity to object if someone tries to have sex with it.
        Considering the many atrocities humans inflict on animals, it seems a bit hypocritical to draw the line at having sex with them. How is that worse than inflicting suffering in the name of testing cosmetics, removing their babies for the purposes of producing milk and veal or clubbing them to death to make fur coats?
        It seems a bit odd that the law cares about animals being preyed on for sexual purposes but doesn’t care much about inflicting death, pain and all sorts of other atricities on them.

  2. Not everyone agrees that homosexuality is not immoral. Most Americans know it’s wrong.

  3. Sick not right wrong unclean dirty animals are as innocent as children you may as well decriminalize pedophilic sickos to not right on any legal what are were turning in to we are still human beings people are so twisted a violation of mother nature wrong so wrong

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