For the government to remove cats from the protection of law such that householders can trap and destroy non-indigenous cats as a pest.

Why is this idea important?

Domestic cats are now a serious pest in much of the country. They carry disease and destroy wildlife. They can completely eliminate birds such as robins and thrushes from urban areas and turn development in rural areas into a catastrophe for the environment.

8 Replies to “Cats need to be controlled”

  1. I would expect the decline in wild bird population in urban areas is more attributed to loss of habitat and suitable feeding opportunities than pet cats wiping them out!

  2. This is the most absurd of concepts and the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. Clearly hatched by a dog loving cat hater. Cats just do what comes naturally. Some people on the other hand don’t and require far more control than your average cat. If we’re talking about control, let’s start with the reintroduction of the dog license – compulsory chipping with an online owner database. Any responsible cat owner would equally subscribe to such a system.

  3. In an ideal world people should be able to keep any pet that they wish without official interference provided that their pet does not endanger or inconvenience other people. I think the point that this person is trying to make is that many pet cats do endanger and inconvenience other people by entering their property, leaving toxic cat mess and causing damage. It is simplistic to say that the cats ‘are just doing what comes naturally’ – all animals do what comes naturally but when it causes problems to humans they should be subject to control like other animals including dogs, farm livestock, rats, bats, badgers etc. Responsible cat owners keep their pets indoors. My mother in law has had generations of indoor cats that lived happy and contented lives.

  4. its a fine for dog owners who dont clear there mess up but nothing for cat owners
    also a dog is not allowed to roam the streets yet cats are

  5. cats also control pests like rats if there were more cats in london back in the days of the plague maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad
    Cat owners are very protective of their animals it wouldn’t be wise allowing people to treat them as vermin and harm them as i would expect a lot of us cat owners couldn’t guarantee to react well if someone harmed our pet. lets face it cats are much nicer than a lot of humans

  6. Dog and other animal owners are expected to be responsible, whereas cat owners expect not to be. That’s the issue right there. That needs to change.

    Uncontrolled dogs and dog mess is seen as a public hazzard that rightly incures a fine, yet with cat’s it’s seen as normality.

    I’ve kept cats for years, and built a cat coop – like a aviary but for cats. You can even buy them online these days. Sadly cats are disasterous to the wildlife I also love. Most cat owners just don’t care at all.

  7. As a homeowner plagued by cats urinating and defecating in my garden I wholly endorse this.

  8. Cats are the only animals which are designated both as a pet and a wild animal. If they cause damage in your garden you can’t sue the owner as it is designated a wild animal but if you injure a cat it is classed as a pet and you can be sued by the owner.

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