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Compensate motorists who successful appeal parking tickets

2 Comments 5th July 2010

I propose a mandatory compensation, of twice the parking fine, be paid to any motorist who successfully appeals against a parking ticket. Any parking attendant found to have issued more than 10% of tickets incorrectly should lose his/her job.

Why does this matter?

At present it is in the interests of parking attendants deliberately to issue parking tickets to legally parked cars. Many of fines arising from these illegally-applied tickets will be paid, and those that are struck down on appeal carry no penalty for the parking attendant that issued it, nor for the council that stood to benefit from the fine.

Consequently many illegal tickets are issued, at huge inconvenience and cost to legally parking motorists.

My proposal will provide an incentive to councils and attendants to do their jobs properly and honestly, redressing the balance between motorists and the authorities.

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2 Responses to Compensate motorists who successful appeal parking tickets

  1. robbert says:

    totally agree, at the moment there is no accountability, it is a one way street.

  2. bernard says:

    Completely agree this is a great idea!

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