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Get rid of the BBC

46 Comments 21st June 2016

We should not be asked in this day and age of mass communication to pay taxes to keep one particular broadcaster in business. The BBC wastes the huge amount of money it forces us to pay to just view a tv or listen to a radio and I object  to funding the excessive lifestyles ot BBC staff! For instance it takes no less than 5 people to front the BBC’s breakfast show when anyone could do it with two! IT’s not a small amount of money the licence fee and if I want to watch ANY tv in my house I have to pay it. I object to having the  element of choice  taken from me and if it were’nt for the fact that I could go to prison I would refuse to pay it!  I suggest that if it was’n’t for the threats which the BBC hangs over us in the event of not paying their protection money most people would opt for getting rid of the BBC.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because the licence fee is non negotiable and covers every tv and radio in the country. If you don’t listen to the bbc it doesn’t matter to them you still have to pay their fee. How can this be right? I don’t have to pay a levy to buy newspapers because the state produces one which must be kept in circulation so why do I have to pay the BBC if I don’t use their product.Let them go commercial and see how they do then. The law which keeps them in business must go!

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46 Responses to Get rid of the BBC

  1. Andy Taylor says:

    The BBC is th3e most feminist, misandric, afro-centric sewer pipe and we are taxed (TVL) for their benefit!

    We are truly mad.

    • N Wisdom says:

      Well said, may I add that they speak in American English and constantly remind us that we are a multi ethnic country. Time to leave Britain.

  2. Bill says:

    What the BBC are doing by making us all pay for a service we might not wish to receive is morally wrong. I remember on the bottom of a TV license invoice, it stated that if you owned a device, like my ps34, that could access the Internet I had to pay my TV license. So for me to play gta online produced by Rocester, on my Sony TV and Sony console whilst paying sky for my Internet access, I still had to pay the BBC and for what? I mean the BBC cannot produce anything even resembling quality or eastenders would have been cancelled years ago (if it already hasn’t), and now I hear about stuff like strictly and great British bake off. All cheap to produce rubbish that doesn’t require any originality. Fortunately I live in a house where someone already pays the TV license, but if the BBC ever try to make me pay for their sub standard programs which I wouldn’t watch if my life depended on it… Well the BBC would never fully recover. Haha

  3. Bill says:

    Gta online is actually produced by rockstar.

  4. toryhater says:

    this is clearly a fascist arsehole scumbag idiot site

    BBC forever!

    • Dave Lewis says:

      you are an ass hole people have the right not to pay for something they do not want,
      maybe we should all be forced to pay for the air that we breath I REALLY BELIEVE YOU WOULD AGREE TO THAT YOU IDIOT.

  5. me says:

    get rid of bbc

    • Dave Lewis says:


    • Iain greenwood says:

      Yes .Why should we pay when Radio Sheffield says it covers north Derbyshire as well as south Yorkshire then says they can’t mention Matlock as they say they don’t cover that part of north Derbyshire how stupid . It’s the only BBC station with a good signal in my a ea . This behaviour needs stopping

  6. Philip Bradshaw says:

    The BBC should be is so anti leave the EU that it is embarrassing. We need to get rid.
    The Nick Robinson show that is on BBC at the moment has just had a section on Boris J and David C suggesting that because both were educated at Eton and Oxford, it is wrong that they should run or have opinions that will and have changed the country.

    My son, who by they was educated at a state school voted out and guess what, he graduated from Oxford in 2011. Oh and by the way he is from the so called poor north of England and worked his way in to Oxford by going to school and listening.

    My point is that you do not have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to succeed. Thank god for SKY TV or there would be nothing to watch on TV. Good bye BBC

  7. Robert Armstrong says:

    The bias the BBC has shown over the referendum should be reason enough to get rid of this archaic and corrupt organisation. Why was it formed if not to give an impartial view of the news? I used to enjoy watching the BBC news for it’s world news and seeing both sides of the argument. Now I can’t trust them, who is pulling their strings?

    On top of this there are the constant sex scandals, bloated pay packets for so called celebrities and a complete lack of any decent content.

    People should not be forced to pay a substantial amount of money into such a corrupt organisation. Please get rid of the licence.

    • Q says:

      I agree

    • Heidi Ralph (Mrs) says:

      Agree the BBC licence fee should be abolished. It can be replaced with a voluntary fee using pay as you go or a Netflix model. At present it is a tax on all people whether you use the service or not and I do not accept the BBC’s proposal to tax internet usage to raise revenues. It must be a voluntary subscription. If you don’t want it or don’t use it you don’t pay for it. I stopped trusting the BBC when they covered up for paedophiles such as Jimmy Saville; they were unreliable in giving unbiased reporting and opinions during the Brexit referendum and the result; had majority of labour or liberal activists posing as experts on Question Time; only filled audiences with people following their agenda; continue to have an anti government, negative and divisive narrative during the Coronavirus crisis. I prefer to get my news elsewhere. Where else must we pay under the threat of prosecution for something we do not use or want?

  8. Anne Bodman says:

    The BBC is outrageously biased and arrogant. We should get rid of it.

    • Kim says:

      Absolutely. They are run by Pharisee inbreds who support the genocide of Israel therefore they are in abuse of office and should not be broadcasting. I hate the BBC, they are money grabbing fraudsters. Close the Pharisee paedophile network down. I do not see why the MSM should be run by a minority satanic cult who abuse us and hide behind Capita and TV Licensing.

  9. brian says:

    I have just got a letter from Marston to take possession of my goods because I have not paid my TV licence because of one broadcast service they provide yeah that’s the name BBC what a rubbish broadcast service you offer anyway what in my right mind I’m I going to watch soaps I would rather watch my fridge defrost the BBC have give me a fine now which I have to pay which I will have to pay or I will have to pay the penalty I live in england and I’m embrassed to english this country is corrupt meaning paying taxes so it give a little smile to a very greedy man or woman or whatever you are but anyway this country need to get rid off the bbc this can’t go on any longer everyone vote TV license out.

  10. Alexa says:


    • Anthony Frost says:

      Its time to go the bbc seems to be anti england and with the new virus they are making thing worse people are not thick we understand what our goverment is saying and they are doing there very best for us all
      and all the bbc is doing is trying to make it look like no one is in control so stop watching and don’t believe anything they say.
      Buy buy bbc

  11. terry says:


  12. terry says:

    The BBC are responsible for producing paedophiles that they made us pay for.


    May God forgive us.

    Get rid of this evil now, put an end to it.

  13. Mike says:

    Scrap the TV Licence. It’s quite clear they are incapable of sticking to their charter (sadly), so it’s time for big changes at the BBC.

    They can either go ‘pay per view’ or pay costs via advertising like other media outlets. Either will quickly fix everything wrong with this arrogant and condescending organisation of talentless, opinionated luvvies with bloated pay packets, or they’ll very quickly go bust – don’t care either way.

    • Oggy Boswald says:

      We should all march in London to end the TV licence. Why should we be paying for a service we don’t use and is irrelevant? Let ANTIFA pay to watch the BBC.

  14. Andrew jones says:

    Why is that organisation so racist… Every person at the beginning of a news story, will be black or asian, I guarantee you! What ever happened to proportional representation here then.

    The majority of the people in this country are white Christians obviously something the BBC haven’t noticed.

    Which way do they want it; minority rule as was post apartheid South Africa or majority which is the democratic philosophy…No doubt the same hypocrites who would have opposed the former regime and then so undemocratically expect us to bank roll this neanderthalic organisation.

    It would be fair to say on balance this is not a broadcasting corporation that represents my English cultural back ground.

    Apart from the weather reports and the odd Attenborough show it truly has become a national embarrassment and it’s over sanitisation on any type of subject renders it pointless, and they can keep Nicky Campbell and all the other jobs worth’s and continue to attract second rate personnel as I don’t watch anyway…

  15. Allan says:

    Please could I have the freedom of choice Allan

  16. Adam Hiley says:

    the BBC is the mouthpiece of the Labour Party and the EU all in one get rid or make it pay it’s own way like Sky & ITV do

  17. Sue says:

    Why don\’t we protest? Foreigners protest on OUR streets why don\’t we? I am fed up with the anti-English BBC and having to pay for them! They are anti-White English Christians – just look at their news/breakfast broadcasts. The Scots cannot be sent to prison for non-payment of the BBC License fee due to a law that they have. Why aren\’t the English protected? Why? Because we do not have our own Government – all the other UK nations do. If you agree with me then let\’s at least petition the UK Government. Let\’s get rid of the BBC and the EU. We need an English Government now.

  18. Dave Lewis says:

    I hate the BBC (British bullshit Company) I don’t have a license, I don’t want the free BBC license when I am able to receive it, and getting rid of the BBC is the best thing I have heard thus far.
    And i don’t want to support it through the back door eg tax let it die.

  19. Sid says:

    BBC = propaganda. End licence fees now.

  20. Paul says:

    Throughout my life I have been taught and understood that the BBC is the people’s voice. Putting personal politics aside I feel that the BBC’s news and form of reporting facilitates a very singular understanding instead of fulfilling its core remit , what has changed?
    I would, for the first time in my life, like to question the viability and validity of the BBC.
    Can someone please give me a valid reason to keep its ‘protected status’ or, like other state owned industries should it be consigned to the dustbin?

  21. Ross says:

    Good idea , they are politically left wing . And lead in such a way . They are not for the people on mass . But work for a global , corporate outcome just like any other big company .
    Brexit has shown this time and time again with the bbc
    Time for them to go

  22. Fantastic coverage of programmes no other channel wants to show do to no interest.BBC stands for Brussels broadcasting company. The scruffy dress of its news presenters is world famous.they are all legends in their own minds.And the bbc use public money to send ex hated mps, on trips around the world on your money.

  23. Philip Ardern says:

    Outdated and does not report in a balanced way in other words too politically correct and misses many points . Over paid presenters act like children with serious issues and water down grave news . It is time this biased institution is closed down thus saving millions of tax payers money .

  24. Stuart Brown says:

    You are totally correct,time for them to go.

  25. Howard says:

    I’ve wondered for years why do we have the BBC. when we only had three channels it made sense but now with all the media choices we don’t want or need the extremely bias beeb ,it doesn’t portray the news fairly or accurately and we don’t want you . If the BBC can’t operate like all other business ,adverts if necessary, then change the grossly overpaid executives for people who can make it pay

    • John jones says:

      Get a online petition to get rid of this corrupt establishment the bbc no longer represent the views of the majority of this country

  26. Alison shortt says:

    Let bbc stand on its own two feet instead of ripping us all off. I hardly watch anything on this biased channel and radio 2 has gone the same way. If they have to advertise to raise revenue then so be it ( they do advertise convertly anyway) . Good riddence

  27. Maureen says:

    I shouldn’t have to pay for something I don’t watch,, give us the choice of not having it if we don’t want it,

  28. A WOOTON says:



  29. t says:

    British Brainwashing corpoation.
    Run by the Brussels Brainwashing corporation

  30. Steve Cragg says:

    I think we’ve had enough of them don’t you. They are treating the public with complete disdain. Get rid , and soon

  31. Shaun Clare says:

    Just heard that Offcom’s most recent report has said the Biased Brainwashing Corporation is close to becoming irrelevant. I hope I live to see the day when this appalling propaganda organisation is consigned to the sewer of history. It is “new class” arrogant, self-serving, and utterly ” intersectional “in its views. And I have to pay for it! The overwhelming political bias poured out by this neo-marxist, north London elitist talking shop is totally disgusting. It even has policies designed to discriminate against white British people in its recruitment methods.
    The anti EU bias pumped out in such “news” programmes as “The Papers”, News night and now even the Today Programme is frankly nauseating.
    What happened to the BBC charter and it’s mission of impartiality? They are losing hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners every year.
    It’s time the whole filthy, anti democratic, “inclusive”
    and “diverse” transgender loving bunch of ” lovies” were kicked out and made to live in the real world they are so distainful of and so out of touch with.

  32. K says:

    I think they have some connection to dorking….there is some sort of corruption going on.

  33. Stuart Brown says:

    A company who continued to hire Jimmy Savil when they were aware he was not right in the head and to continue to defend him and deny responsibility should closed down immediately.

    It is biased and represents only the left it’s complete rubbish and needs to go now.

  34. Kenneth Toomey says:

    get rid of the reporter’s and the bbc

  35. Anon says:

    I\’m not even British and I hate the BBC with burning passion. You cant trust their international reporting at all, its horrifically biased.

  36. ian latimer says:

    The BBC is not inpartial its very poor value for money , its over staffed and over pays people on a consistent basis.

    Get Rid

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