Increase the speed limit on motorways to 100mph

Why is this idea important?

The law introduced in 1965 set the UK speed limit at 70mph.

1913 is when the car production industry took off (without going into qualms of who/when inventions etc.) so 52 years after cars were still being made with cart wheels and men with flags walking in front of them, see how we had moved on.

Now nearly as long after the 70mph speed limit was set cars safety has evolved even more so. I personally would not want to travel at 70mph in any car that was around in 1965, it would have been scary. so a very liberal 70mph limit was set.

But today, things are very different.

I’m all for the reduction in housing estates to become 20mph that will make huge differences to personal injury of pedestrians. but the Motorway is the domain of DRIVERS ONLY.

Many people such as myself who drive 20,000 miles a year or more would potentially save 280 hours per year…that’s TEN WHOLE DAYS.

3 Replies to “70mph on motorways is too slow”

  1. Whilst much of what is said is true in relation to the vehicles, unfortunately the drivers still have the same variable reaction times,moods, physical defects and so on.
    In addition increasing the energy expended to drive the vehicle even faster will invariably result in higher emissions. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WE CANNOT AFFORD TO ENCOURAGE.
    Perhaps this can change when we have truly moved from an internal combustion based transport system to electric and cars are robot controlled but what’s your hurry? Sticking 10-20 mph on the limit will not get you there very much quicker as the gridlock at the end of the Mway will still be there when you arrive.

  2. Just dont f drive on the faster line!!! That would help a lot!! So many drivers are driving really slow on this line!!! And yes 70 mph is away too slow. Drivers should have a choice, you want to drive slow stay in your lane.

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