Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to see you scrap the current warmfront/Eaga goverment contracts that give free boilers and/or central heating installations.

Having worked for and outside of companies involved in this particular contract I have to say millions are egtting spent on people who do not need free central heating boilers.

Landlords are buying up properties without central heating then moving tenants in telling them to claim for free central heating. Then because they are on benefits they contact Eaga/Warmfront and several weeks later one of the designated companies come along and install for free!

It is a waste of money is several aspects. Many people shouldn't qualify for free boilers in the first place but baiscally scam the system to get a free boiler when they should be paying. Only a select few business are allowed to work on these contracts and are charging inflated costs to carry the work out.

I started my own central heating business two years ago now after working in this sector for the last 15 years. I loose track of the amount of times we went to give quotes for new boilers last winter when customers had been told by friends "don't buy a boiler off them you can get one for free from the goverment".

Last winter I lost count on how many households I went into in Bradford that had an Ideal Combination boiler installed by an Eaga/warmfront regsitered company.

I urge you to look at this massive amount of spending. I find it amazing that you have not seen what is going on in this industry when you are so desperate to look to make money saving opportunities.

By cutting the warmfront/Eaga free boilers you will help local plumbers and heating engineers a like. People will no longer get boilers for free who don't deserve them, they will simply have to pay like the rest of us.

If anyone would like to discuss this matter with me I am happy to do so as there is only so much one can say on a forum like this.

Thank you for listening.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as it will cut un-neccessary spending, create work in the private sector and thus more money will be spent by the general public in supporting private companies.

I have explained further above – i cannot emphasise enough on how much money is being wasted on installing free boilers to people who do not deserve them. Why should someone get a boiler for free? If you have to do somthing then why not offer a £300 grant like Warmfront does for over 65's. Atleast that way further heating engineers can carry this work unlike the select few that work on the free boiler/installation scheme that is in place now.

If anyone would like to discuss this matter with me I am happy to do so as there is only so much one can say on a forum like this.

Thank you for listening

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  1. So are you saying that ‘gas engineers’ are losing business because of this short term scheme? It was dodgy local engineers who installed cheap boilers in the houses in the first place and now they are getting replaced for free. You cannot have it both ways. People save gas, reduce carbon and stay warm with long guarantees.

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