Please repeal the proceeds of crime act. This act has been and continues to be mis used by the CJS to meter out additional punishment to people without taking into common sense issues such as what will it cost the tax payer to enforce collection of proceeds of crime. I know of examples where the benefit of criminal activity or gain from crime has been £100 pounds – the costs of collection administration and CJS intervention £8000.00 +++ Can this be right??

Why is this idea important?

The repeal of this act will save hundreds of millions of pounds wasted by CJS in the purported collection of proceeds of crime.

2 Replies to “Proceeds of crime act 2002 et seq – repeal this unfair and draconian act”

  1. Agreed the politicians don’t want convictions for crime they want money, but the problem is the people they are taking money from have stopped been career criminals just hard workers who happen to commit small crimes

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