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Why is this idea important?

See my previous submitted idea which appears to be supported in part by an ex-policeman posting on  He, posting as Prometheus, writes:

"I'm afraid to say that when I was a copper it was customary to bluff first time offenders that the caution was no big deal, the practice was institutionalised in my force. We would often disuade them from having a solicitor by making some laim excuse that the duty solicitor was delayed and they would have to go back into their cell. The detained person would usually agree to be interviewed without legal representation. They could even be bluffed into confessessing by implying the police had more evidence that they actually did. When respectable people admit to a minor offence and receive a caution I do not believe they understand the gravity of it. Another bad practice is arresting someone knowing very well at the point of arrest there is not a realistic prospect of charge or conviction. There is a stated case on this Plange v Chief Constable Humberside Police 1992. The bottom line is that the goverment have erroded a Constable's discretionary power in which they are pressured to arrest and get a result. All this unethical and unlawful behaviour is as a result of interference by our politcial masters at the Home Office.

"I would strongly advise legal assistance at all times as the Police service are operating some sharp practices these days".




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  1. Individuals who were cautioned by the police are left with a long life sentence without employment prospects when many of these individuals do not deserve such harsh sentences for a very minute mistake which some of this mistakes were probably made by politicians at one point in their lives. The difference is they have never got caught. Why should individuals who committed such minor offences should be given life sentences in an open society? I would rather be given prison sentences because at least in prison I have work to do and purpose to live. This society reminds me of the medieval times where offenders were harshly punished for petty offences. What is the difference in our society today? To retain cautions indefinitely for petty offences is to mentally torture those who wish to move on with their lives and make a difference in society but instead many will be registering under the Mental Health Act for mental related illnesses.

  2. I have 3 cautions on my crb due to.domestic violence i felt like rubbish and wanted to get into.trouble. I working as a hlta teaching assistant through supply but my crb is stopping me getting a permenant position as i have interviews and all.goes well.they offer me the job. Then when they see my crb they reject me sayjng its their rule need clean crb i tell them why its so.unfair n really upsets me i give up then bounce back because i dont like giving up.

  3. It feels as though my career choices are being dictated by something minor that happened over ten years ago. I too was lied to and told it was minor, wouldn’t stay on my record long and that I wouldn’t ever need to disclose it on a job application.

  4. I believe in certain circumstances a caution should be removed, I was 40 when I received mine. I gave birth to my two boys quite close together going through a tough time with the children’s father, we got into a argument after me ringing the police and not saying anything the police arrived explained what happened and they arrested me. They left my two small babies with their dad who was drunk at the time, I was given the caution not knowing what it really meant accepted it just to get home. Me and my partner are still together it turned out I was suffering from postnatal depression. I am now at university in my second year of Mental Health Nursing, my caution shows up every time I apply for a job or university etc.

    I believe cautions are easily handed out and not explained correctly the implications in accepting them. If Id known now the effect I would have opted in going to court, at least I could have had a chance.

  5. i had a car accident 2years ago which was not my fault. But it was quite serious. i nearly died. when the police interviewed me i was told by my solicitor to say maybe it was my fault otherwise i would end up in court. i was charged with carlessness driving but given a AA course to do. Now i have recieved an offer in a school but i am scared this will come up in the crb check and i will be rejected.

    I have a child and all i want to do is build a future for him..
    Its extremely unfair that we get cohersed into saying something as the police suggest its better not to take it to court. how unfair is that. no one was hurt in the accident apart from me.

  6. Back in 2007 when I was at the minor age of 13 I understand now that I got myself into a ‘bad group’. I was hanging around near shops, swearing, smoking, drinking and begining to take interest in sexually behaviour. All my friends at the time 13-14 were experiencing sexual behaviour but not me such as yet. I began to misbehave at school in lessons,playground,verbally abusing the teachers and skipping lessons that never thought my interest. I thought at the time I was ‘cool’. However I did become very popular and received a lot of male attention. I always remember how desperate and vile they were through the ‘things’ they would say. But hey, I suppose that’s what teenagers are meant to do, enjoy your teenage years at its best’ they say’.
    One night mid september I think. I am playing out with 2 male friend and my best friend Natalie (at the time). Me and Natalie were ‘dared’ to ‘hit’ the girl walking infront of us. As the stupid idiot I was, I did. Then so did Natalie. Writing this makes me sick to my stomach how I could of even thought to do anything like that! But I was young and dumb. I thought I was once again ‘cool’. The girl did the right thing and pressed charges. I had a police home visit of just a one to one. Then I had to ‘answer bail’ I was never arrested for this as when the police man came to my address he saw how shook up I were and the physical state I was in too. I was told a date to attend an interview and so I did. I couldn’t of appologised more in the interview repetitive of the sorry’s.

    * I was cautioned with Battery.

    Little did I know, my alleged victim attended the same school.
    You know what schools like, word got about.
    Every one knew what had happened and teachers got a sniff. I was dragged into headmistresses office twice a day for attemp approach on this specific student. It was all a lie. I was embarrassed if I little as heard her name. I was very very ashamed on what I did!. I hated going to school! It resulted in a night mare. Eventually I skipped almost every lesson with my (at the time) best friend Louis. We used to just sit right at the top of the main centre building (tallest) on some steps, drawing random pictures of cartoons on an old brick wall which was the very top floor with a ‘no exit’ sign on show. I was given cautions from student support teachers and simply ignored them. My parents at the time knew nothing of this. I was eventually permanently excluded leading me into a behaviour school. At this stage in my life I was experiencing sexually activity. I attented the new behaviour school for 6 weeks (6week programme) a boy called Jimmy asked me out. I said yes. This was on 21/09/2007.

    As I talk, at my side of the world ‘uk’ the date is 13/02/2013. I am currently studying at College hoping to apply for University in 2014 to study a pyschology degree. Not to forget the previous 4years I studying different subjects such as health and social care. I qaulified with destinction at level one and two in BTEC diploma. I have tried to apply for care work but having such a threatening offence on my crb I am instantly refused as they need a clean crb check. This has knocked me back so many levels in confidence, education, work and status. Its like a black print haunting me!
    Fortunatly I am head strong and carried on.
    I am still with Jimmy. Almost 6 years 🙂 my sole mate xxx

    I just thought ide share a little about me and my haunting caution that will forever stay with me and pull me back from my greatest ambitions. I just wish they were a debate about this and a right to win back a clean crb!

  7. Hi my name is Jane last year I recive a police cation for theft. I went to Argos to exchange something I bought and someone fogethe a wallet at the counter and I picked it by mistake because it was the same colour of mine, 2 days after I have the police on my door and I was arrested . I just got a place to study for a nurse degree , I was asked to des closed anything which I did before started. So after one months of been there , got my loan and burssery I was told they would terminated my offer because of that cation… life is destruid by it, left my Job, spend a lot of money on books and a computer.

  8. We should stop cautions being shown on CRB checks. I have had all my cautions for smoking weed over ten years ago and was told the same by the officer at the time that a caution was nothing and wouldn’t show on my CRB, the duty sol wasn’t available and if I didn’t take the caution i’d end up in court with a possible maximum sentence. I didn’t want my parents to know that I had been smoking weed so took the cautions not knowing that all the above is the exact opposite if what happens. Now every job I apply for apart from shop-work or factory work I need a CRB check and guess what doesn’t (sarcasm) show up? My cautions all the time, employers aren’t bothered about my conviction for drink driving that I got because I’d pulled my bike out onto my mothers privately owned driveway (not public road and keys weren’t in ignition and had no intention of driving, I was purely showing my mates), as I can’t legally drive due to health reasons, just these cautions which I was told didn’t matter. The only reason I took the drink driving charge was because I had to open the financial institution which the officers used themselves before 9am and it was 2am when I was arrested.
    I just done a year at Uni and have previous experience in financial services handling finances of 1/4 million on a daily basis including savings, mortgages and was the main point of contact for the officers who arrested me to contact in case there was an emergency at the financial institution I worked at outside of opening hours, and I can’t get a job because of the cautions from over 10yr ago. These cautions for at least minor offences should be wiped clean from the CRB NOT unspent and still on your CRB check.

  9. How can we get something going as I too have a simple spent caution for kicking a plain clothed British Transport officer who grabbed me before showing his card, he was with another officer at Stockwell tube station I was then subsequently arrested. It was the most intimidating scary time of my life I was on my own and drunk and they targeted me of this I have no doubt. Had I not been that inebriated there is no way I would have signed it but they threatened that if I didn’t accept a simple caution I could be charged and taken to court. I also accepted the caution because I was told I would have to wait hours for a duty solicitor and that I may as well accept as its only a slap on the hand. I was traumatised at that point and just wanted to go home to my family. I have had to disclose it to my work now and I doubt I will be able to travel to a lot of places now.

  10. I agree. Cautions should be spent after a certain amount of time. My daughter was persuaded to accept a caution after she was assaulted by two girls and she ended up in hospital. The policeman said they couldn’t say who was responsible so they just cautioned them all including my daughter. This has blighted her career. We should all lobby our MPs.

  11. It’s a good idea of having cautions removed from the record. One should not be held responsible throughout his/her life for an incident happened accidentally or intentionally. All punishments are termed for certain times. Therefore all cautions should have the time limit as well.

  12. I support removal form caution from record. In a impulsive moment i called the cops on my husband just to warn him. Neither he intended to cause any harm nor i did. I reportedly said it was wrong of me to have called cops. But they took him into custody and our lives are ruined forever probable. I wasnt aware of the legal procedure and now its costing us our lives and our babies.

  13. It is so important and I cant believe this is actually happening the police are getting instant convictions at the life long expense of decent people. How can this happen today it actually an outrage and the way they manipulate this is very dubious by the time your aware of the impact on your life its too late. I would even say that for situations that would normally be ignored the police are using the caution system to their advantage. I’d like to say if you join the police it is to prevent crime and uphold the law and not ruin the lives of decent people.

  14. I\\\’m Autistic and was manipulated into being arrested by two \\\’friends\\\’ on behalf of my ex-GF who was abusive to me and so spoilt and privileged that she couldn\\\’t believe when someone reacted badly to her getting her way. So she (through the power of sex, I assume) manipulated my \\\’friends\\\’ into getting me arrested. They deny all knowledge of this, but it has been revealed that one of them is still in contact with her who came round his house, ten years after the events above, and I\\\’ve seen them together this year, trying to harass me again.
    My experience of being arrested was this: They didn\\\’t put handcuffs on me, I was no threat.
    I was mislead about solicitors and didn\\\’t bother as I\\\’d been awake for about 30 hours at that point and naively got myself arrested by admitting possession of a knife that I only had for camping and had forgotten was in my large rucksack along with lots of other stuff. If you\\\’re a knife-wielding criminal you DO NOT admit voluntarily to possession and being searched in a naive manner, you do NOT carry it for no reason, you do NOT carry it in ignorance of the knife-length law etc.
    Total naivety.
    The police searched me, my bag, took the bag for evidence but checked it out of sight (dodgy!) THEN put the evidence tag or seal on it, took my belt as I was honest and admitted to depression in the past (like I was gonna hang myself over this silly b.s.) Then they took me to the interview room where as I was in a state of shock and sleep-deprived, I rambled on for tens of minutes without legal representation. I was struggling to remember why I had the knife in the bag, but I normally didn\\\’t carry the rucksack around, I drove. The car was in the garage getting serviced, and so I was using the rucksack which I hadn\\\’t touched for some weeks or so. Hence the knife left in it. I\\\’d never use such a knife for an offensive weapon anyway as it had no guard on it and I have accidentally slipped my finger onto the blade of a similar knife before just using it for basic DIY tasks or something. Let alone hard force of striking someone, urgh!
    The police were shady, end of story, and now if I ever get stopped by police (usually unlawfully due to not liking Autistic behaviour), they do a PNC check on my ID and say \\\”you\\\’re known to police\\\” and fish for extra info which I refuse to give them because it\\\’s not supposed to be their business or it\\\’d be on the PNC still.
    Note: I live with severe PTSD from the abuse I\\\’ve received due to being Autistic, and have had a huge amount of self-control to stay out of trouble the vast majority of the time, despite some SEVERE provocation at times. I don\\\’t appreciate being treated like a criminal, when, versus the provocation, I\\\’m the exact opposite.
    Abusers are the criminals.
    When the police lie they instantly act like criminals do. Face it.
    The USA may be a semi-Police-State, but at least their police can\\\’t have evidence admitted to court, if they lie (entrapment) whilst gaining it. Or search unlawfully.
    Our police CAN. Guess what behaviour results?
    I\\\’ve had sniffer dogs passed right by me, funneling, in unlawful breach of ACPO Sniffer Dog guidelines (another toothless law, no pun intended). But detected nothing. I had nothing on me. Then, when the same police didn\\\’t like the way I spoke to someone else, their dog suddenly gets passed again and detects something. Well, how is 50% failure rate compatible with PACE\\\’s \\\’REASONABLE\\\’, articulable, suspicion threshold?
    It isn\\\’t. \\\”Your honour, the dog showed the suspect had equal chance of being in possession as not, that\\\’s REASONABLE to assume he was in possession rather than not – and search him, right? Complete abuse of power.
    Studies in Australia showed sniffer dogs to be about 70% incorrect, incidentally. Not \\\”reasonable\\\” to assume a \\\’detection\\\’ means anything if the probability is only 30%, is it? The law doesn\\\’t work like that. Except for our police, apparently. We look down on developing countries for having corrupt police, but ours is a 200-year-old corruption, it has had more time to hide…

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