As a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to the murder of two school girls by Ian Huntley, at the time employed as a school caretaker, the Government introduced ‘Enhanced CRB’ checks. Where the Standard CRB’ records any previous convictions, the enhanced version allows the police to record, under ‘any other information’ any non-factual comments, suspicions, unfounded allegations and indeed anything the police feel they wish to record. The person for whom this Enhanced CRB is completed has little, if any, course of reproach about what information is recorded. Even where someone stands trial and is found not guilty by a jury, such allegations are still recorded on the Enhanced CRB. The Police are even allowed to send a separate letter to the prospective employer, containing details that the person for whom the CRB is completed has no knowledge of.

Enhanced CRB checks should end immediately and we should retain the standard CRB check only.

Why is this idea important?

As a society we do recognise the importance of safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults. But we also know that most abuse of children and vulnerable adults, takes place by their close family members. If we return to the changes brought into effect following the crimes committed by Ian Huntley, we see that he would not have been employed as a caretaker if existing checks had been implemented, such as taking of references etc.

What kind of society are we creating when we stigmatise often innocent people who are trying to work or volunteer in the support of other people. Enhanced CRB checks destroy personal freedom and liberty.

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