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CPS – review

Comment 8th July 2010

There should not be a point system as to whether they decide there can be a trial.

A trial should be considered if there is actual physical evidence, not circumstantial.

There should be equal sexes looking at the case, to ensure a fair decision has been made.

No evidence, no trial.

Why does this matter?

Too many innocent people are being convicted without any evidence and based on circumstantial facts.

People are being convicted for sexual abuse over a number of years ago, have no criminal record and there is no evidence apart from what the accuser has stated.

Only back they have is their family and friends. How can the cps decide on a trial based on what the accuser has said has happened over 20 years ago, but they said it was the content of what had happened made by a mature sexually experience woman of today.

In cases of rape, sexual abuse, it should be overseen by equal sexes so there is no biased view. .

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