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Decriminalise and Clarify Personal Cannabis Cultivation Laws

Comment 29th July 2010

My Idea is a pretty simple one, completely decriminalise cannabis and its cultivation.

Regulate production above a personal scale (eg 6 plants of 12" or more) as a buisiness akin to alcohol production and impose necessary H+S, EPA regulations as appropriate.

To regulate supply and impose a duty on sales of cannabis products from strictly licenced outlets (without harming the profitability/feasibility of said outlets).

Impose an age restriction on its purchase or sale (for example 21).

Only prosecute in the event of large scale 'black market' cannabis production and distribution operations (eg under the existing excise and duty framework in place for alcohol, tobacco, fuel)

Why does this matter?

Laws surrounding cannabis in the UK (and many parts of the world) are mainly based on US prohibitionist hysteria in the 1920's and bear little or no real world relevance.

A vast proportion of cannabis users have little or no interest in 'harder' drugs and are generally peaceful and productive members of society.

The myth of cannabis being a 'gateway' to hard drugs is a poorly thought out observation, a better view is that cannabis, due to it's black market existence, is regularly sold by unscrupulous people who are already involved in 'hard' drugs and it is primarily THIS influence combined with the teenage need to rebell which is leading young people down those dark roads.


Overall, there needs to be a clearer definition between lawful and lawless citizens. Between the asbo culture and the fixed penalty fiascos, we are needlessly criminalising the very people that need to be onboard and trusting of the authorities.


"People should not be afraid of thier Governments, Governments should be afraid of thier people." – V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

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