Currently a Social Worker can undertake reports to an adoption prior to any court decision, thus as a planning process approve a care plan for adoption, rather than work to reunite or rehabilitate with Parents. It is prejudicial and destabilizing to parents who seek the return of children taken from them in a Justice system that is weighted against parents in any Family Court Proceedings. Social Workers act in an unchecked system, not audited and without adequate process and proceedures. Frameworks that never uses – shall or will – any contract with a statutory Parent or body should ensure unhuman Social Workers be required to act properly – not on a maybe or perhaps Framework.

Pararel Planning under ICO is costly and wasteful, given the time in Court Process under Care Proceedings  a 6week direction by a Judge should be made prior after a fair open court hearing.

Why is this idea important?

Currently Children are being taken to adoption without adequate Birth Parents rights and rights to child – ignoring Human Rights LAW.

The current proceedure is weighted against Parents.

The current frameworks has created increadible costs to public purse. Social workers use it to advantage of the system with no care to Parents or children. Currently Children Social Care and Cafacss is just an unfair and maladministered system creation of LA and State Ivory towers of – so called Public Servants milking the state and public purse and acting with no adequate fairness or honesty.

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  1. My child is going to be adopted without my consent I have no money to fight the courts,can anyone help me whAt do I do the social Services told lies anD the judge believed them,and rejected my. Appeal what cAn I do?please help me I’m slowly dying inside

    1. ask for legal aid because the social services are involved there trying to do this to me aswell . i need help but stay strong dont give up

      1. Sorry but my daughter got legal aid and still lost. Think about it the solicitors you get, get there work from Social Services so there not going to let you win. My daughter had her baby stolen by social services from the hospital at 2 days old. They were told to return they did this only to take her again. We are still in I’m be as to what we can do.

    2. So sorry for you its happening to so many good parents going me read my site it has to end no more of crimes against humanity i will try with the help of other good people to end this and try and get the children returned home to where they blaong

      1. I went thru the courts and asked for help but they basically didn’t want to do anything to return my son and daughter, the social worker I had refused me help,,I would do anything to get my kids back, its killin me I’m depressed and cant cope,,it seems to me that they take the wrong peoples kids off them,,thier nothing but home wreckers who mess with peoples Lifes and it’s got to stop

      2. Please help the pain is so raw my daughter had a son and she was with the dad very young he had problems the Dad so the social got involved , and put Sammy and my grandson out of the city to not go back with the dad , my daughter loved the dad being her 1 st love but he would do the same pattern of behaviour , my grandson was taken and my daughter fighter for her son in court , but she lost , him she’s broken she now moved on and got a beautiful home and a rock steady relationship with not the my grandson Dad, she pines for her son she’s grown up now and she’s hurting so much , The social know this but won’t return her son anyone help the pain I love my grandson so much we all miss him . Any information please reply thank you.

      3. But if forced adoption is stopped all the babies and children that have been adopted will we get them back

      4. Anyone had unfair dealings with London borough of Sutton or Merton childrens services. As i do have a lot of information on both councils childrens services

    3. hi gwen this is cathy i know its been a while when you put this in but just seen it as im trying to gather many parents like you to help change the law are you with us ,and how r you what happened to your child

      1. Hiya cathy I have just seen this and would be very interested in speaking to you as I belive my child was wrongly adopted last year and when you here what I say I think you will 100% agree with me

      2. I will/would join any group to fight this shocking forced adoption my little grandson gone to forced adoption but we will never give up .my heart goes out to all of you that are going through this the government behind this so why do we keep voting them in we should do what Iceland did and arrest them all and kick them out ! it can be done have a look at youtube about government take over in Iceland / if we all stick together we could do the same I do not understand why every good human being in the uk does not stand up against this . god forgive them wicked people who take our children .it will come to a end maybe not today or tomorrow but it will and god will have punish them all. god bless you all may Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit be with you .

      3. What upsets me is the fact that there is a growing church organisation promoting adoption and I don’t think that it is right that any faith should take sides like this. I tried to make polite comments and my comments were taken down

        This is their website so maybe some others could express their views about forced adoption

      4. hi cathy, im blake just seem your post my kids have been forcefully taken not long ago and the social worker handling case at the time stitched us up big time and lied through her teeth and also broke a few laws and every attempt to put a complaint in hasbeen refused, i thought as hard as i can and just feel as tho i let my kids down big time. ill do anyrhing i can to get them back.. ive just lost everything n i litreally have nothing and ill supporf any one in any way, just for a bit of support in return, please some one help…

      5. Hello cathy i am sorry to you and gwen for butting in on your conversation but i am just reading through as many posts snd forums online as i can to try and seek some help and advise regarding what you have just mentioned. Could you possibly reply to me by email or on this post so i can explain to you what is happening in full and who needs the help. They are running on borrowed time the children have not yet completely been adopted but the parents don’t have long left to fight it and have been told to seek advise in france to take it to the European Courts if they can raise insane amounts of money in a matter of months due to no more legal aid in the uk. The grounds on which the children were taken away is pathetic to say the least. Please can anybody help!

      6. My wife and I are among the latest casualties of this evil system our daughter is up for adoption based on lies and inaccurate reports of so called experts all well paid for keeping their evil industry going

      7. I’m going through the forced adoption of my granddaughter. I’m absolutely devastated. We have jumped through so many hoops to try and get her placed with us. I support any change in the law regarding this.
        My granddaughters court case is in 2 weeks and I’m trying everything to put a stop to this inhuman decision. I’m attempting to apply to the European court of human rights but have no legal representation and I’m not sure of what I’m doing. I’m not giving up, I’ll never give up.

      8. Hi this is happening to my daughter and grandson its killing us , social workers have told lies and didn’t help my daughter , she fell pregnant again and during the court case with all the lies she managed to keep her second child just days ago but sent her away from family with starngers mother nd daughter are 2gether but the day she give birth to her daughter is the day tey found adoptve parents for her soon there’s only 10mth between both grandchildren , I watch my daughter hurt every day ! Social workers arranged meeting between adoptive parents for her son just 15 days after givin birth to her daughter and they had her son in next room which she wasn’t allowed to see and she did thru the door this is cruel behaviour and should not be allowed she is 17yr old , she was groomed by an older male ! We asked police for help to get her away from this man ! Now he is being prosecuted and due to be sentenced very soon. Clearly they used lifestyle chioses to adopt and told many lies , currently now she is in mother nd baby foster placement taking her from my own care to this foster parent having no updated guidelines how to care for a newborn baby which baby went first from hosp and my daughter wasn’t allowed to go until 4 days later now the baby was giving cold bottles (foster parent ) had no knowledge ov how to care for a tiny newborn and now baby is sick thru the bactiia in the milk formula my daughter has ask this parent many times to feed her properly , with a reply don’t tell a carer how to look after a child I have pictures on my phone of the baby being placed nd wrapped in wrong ways that guidlines tell you not to do my daughters mouth and opions are not being listen to , they won’t leave her with other professionals alone ( this is bullyian) she is speaking up but is being told to shut up , how can all this even be allowed ! My family have had to chip in and buy a prep machine for babys bottles to make sure its done correctly and the foster woman is refusing to use it WHY is this allowed ! This foster woman is cancelling app every week ! When my daughter was at home she was told to attend every app they had her on wild goose chase 5 times a week , but now its allowed to be cancelled because the foster woman takes care of her grandaugter on daily basis (just because she wants to and not because her parents work) she is being paid to take care of my child and grandchild and choose to put her and her life on cancel ! Now social workers say my daughter isn’t complie with app so does this mean her second child will be taking again thru lies its so killing her and myself we really need help her solictor have told us we didn’t have the right to appeal but I have found out we do have the right to appeal for her son feels like just no answers

      9. My daughter April just turned 7 today and the last time, I seen her was when she was 5!! This is really hurting me everyday I wish and and pray all the time by some miracle, that I’m allowed to have her back, the social services are a joke they don’t care about the needs of the children or parents they’re enjoying their bonus at the end of the year!! For every child they adopt” my son was really ill when he was born had baby bronchitis and reflux so had to have suction, as he was stopping breathing and turning blue I had to resuscitate my own child if it wasn’t bad enough that I felt like I was going to lose my boy!! Both of my children’s fathers were not supportive even dragged me through DNA tests the pair of them, by god I proved them wrong all what I was saying all along to them, they still didn’t care I’ve not had very much family support, I basically was exhausted, mentally and physically!! With not knowing if and when my son was going to stop breathing, I stayed awake day and night for 5 days!! Including taking care of my daughter and getting her to play group, I felt like I was a zombie I felt awful and thought if I didn’t ask for help, I would be putting my children at even greater risk! As I could of become Ill myself or passed out and my children would be at huge risks they could’ve hurt themselves or my son could of stopped breathing again I was starting to feel desperate!! For even just a couple of hours of sleep, I’d asked all my family the fathers nothing!!! So the only people I could turn to is the good old child stealing social services!! Well they were ever so nice as it was voluntary so they told me to go sleep and I’ll get my children back when I felt better so the weekend passed!! I asked for my children back and they said no as I’ve just proved that I’m unable to cope and because I’m unable to cope that is EMOTIONAL ABUSE to my children!!! Then they decided to put my son with his dad even though he didn’t want to know his son and put my daughter up for adoption and then I’m not allowed to put mummy in cards and letters even though that’s all she knows me by thank you for reading my story I’ve tried to fight in court the judge just dismissed any of what I had to say and the facts!! The fact that seems to stick out is that the judges all agree with social work even though they’re wrong I swear they pay the judges

      10. Hi social services took my 3 beautiful grandchildren away in June 2016 from my son and his girlfriend. They were young parents but did their best for them. Despite phone calls from myself and family members willing to take all 3 children in the courts decided they will be adopted. The social worker ignored our repeated texts emails and never returned any phone calls. After the courts decided they shall be adopted I reported the social worker and she said no family members got intouch. We all have proof of calls emails and texts. I contacted head of social services to complain. They said they will deal with it and I haven’t heard anything and that was November 2016. My son and his girlfriend were seeing them twice a week now it’s once a month until next year. Then it will be twice a month. Both sides of the family miss them desperatly and none of us have seen them since last June. I am depressed and cry everyday for my 3 lost babies.
        Can anybody please help. There ages are 8,4 and 3. My email is

      11. It’s wrong the law and Social Services we tried to get my grandson but they have made out that we wouldn’t put my grandson first they don’t even know us .So they apply for him to be adopted and they told myself that if l went to court there legal team would rip me apart which l think is threat so l don’t know what to do at my wits end and my husband any advice out here for me …

      12. I will stand with parents to change the law it’s happening to me too

      13. Hi there this is a very good idea as ss also want to force my kids up for adoption to

    4. they took my 7 month old and placed him for adoption on wednesday 2 weeks ago i been told you could contest a final hearing but no one tells you how to go about it i had my last 4 children placed with my ex partner because i suthered from post natol depression after having my twins they have never been harmed hurt and they have all been spoilt i love all my children unconditionally id change for my son they have just taken if you ask me the system sucks ey should be looking after kids what do need there help is there any info anyone could give me iv have learnt aswell that a girl who went to contact to see her son got told her little boy was placed for adoption on friday 6 march she died saturday morning in a house fire which there is alot of people which think it a co inserdence

      1. my heart goes out to you my little grandson also gone to forced adoption . we will never give up fighting for him back .don’t give up join groups people that are going through what you are they will advise you support you they understand ,and it is better that feeling alone in this .face book have groups there may even be local groups in your area.things not going to change over night but if we stick together fight together one day god will give us justice and the children back home where they belong. god bless and keep you safe grandma denise

      2. This is so sad.

        Fortunately we were able to fight the system and become kinship carers for our grandchildren and now we still have our family together.

        We went through hell but now our daughter is so grateful and the grandchildren now in their teens love both birth parents and us.

        I think that forced adoption is wrong and I think that the church promoting adoption is wrong as well

        Please let this organisation know your views

      3. My daughter is also hoping to appeal at the final hearing I wish you well. But I’m hoping and praying that we will win. But like you say what can we do.

    5. My grandson is to be adopted in 3 weeks n it’s braking our hearts,the same as you we are trying to get it stopped n make EVERY family aware of what social services are doing,they are in breach of Human rights.
      Lets make it known to the world n join forces with all other parents n children who are n have suffered.
      Some how we MUST FIGHT n END this,make it known n get pay back for the children who have n are being damaged by SOCIAL SERVICES CRUEL WORK. lea x

      1. Well I as ad my 4 children taken away and my 2 baby’s put up for adoption I know how you feel they lied about me and the judge believed them we need to protest about all this we will end up dead coz are children rant with there loved family we avoid to file every way we can to get are children back some 1 please help us m creevy


      1. Lets find a way to get together to fight this it’s sooooo wrong. And protest against it outside house’s of parliament and /or 10, downing street. I’m up for it 100%

      2. Good idea – this is not the dark ages. How do we stop this. There is no longer any compassion. You know form the beginning of the process that you are in a losing battle. They keep saying they do not want to set you up to fail but they do. Over and over again.

      3. I think it’s a good idea that people need to come together and fight against the decision’s these judges make and yes like some have said the court system and social services are working together how is it you just take children from under their parents I think we as people need to start a movement against the courts and their decision on adoption’s they are wrong I have friends that are going through the same crap I say to hell with them cause they are being the judges of humanity well wait till they pass on god will judge them for all the wrong they know they are doing destruction of family’s

      4. I was involved with social services ,they are corrupt ,and all of them follow a protocol of lieing to win a case ,they get a bonus for wining a case , and there good at it ,it was only the lord Jesus who won my case for me ,I cried out to him and he heard my cry and answer me ,thank God ,were living in a time were people’s hearts are cold and hard , the Bible warns if anyone hurts a child in anyway ,meaning take them unjustly from there parents , then it would have been better if that person or persons like social workers ect ,would never have been born ,woe to the corrupt and evil injustice , people do ..

    7. I was taken to court 3 times in all. The first time me and my partner were accused of harming my so (my partner is not the dad ) it was not proven in court. I fell pregnant with my new partners baby in June 2014. I wanted to have my baby in newton abbot of Devon, but was forced to have her in torbay hospital instead. I went in early on the 26th June, my daughter was born at 12 minutes to 2pm. But I gave birth within 10 minutes. I was put down on the ward and had been in labour for four days and had bugger all sleep. After a short time of being on the ward I dozed off. I was awoken by a midwife to feed my daughter, but was so tired . Later that day I had just enough energy to feed her. But it turned out that my. Baby had problems feeding. I was watched to make sure I was doing it right, even though I had a 5 year old boy. I did what came naturally and then the midwife took over. After a while of trying my daughter was back in the cot and the midwife went off. Shortly after she returned with another midwife, she had a go at feeding my baby and had the same problem. Soon I was told my baby was to enter scbu. I was soooooo scared that afternoon my partner came, he said weres our baby. I told him and we both headed to scbu to see her. Tests were done and then we were told she would have to have an op because they said her food tube was connected to her lungs. We looked at each other in fear, I thought I don’t want my tiny baby cut up and scared, I cried my heart ♥ out. As time went on we discovered that they just wanted to keep me and the baby in because of social services. I had to stay in 5 days, they didn’t trust us with our baby. There were a lot of stupid things said and before I knew it I was back in court, only this time I was accused of shaking my baby. She had black eyes due to rapid delivery. I was soooooo hurt with what was said I broke down. After the birth I suffered mild depression and was bullied by social foe that. I got home on my birthday after stupid social meeting and was doing good. With in weeks I had announced and unannounced visits from my social worker and a family practioner to make sure I was talking care of my baby.

      1. Louise Morrison; I had to do work with the family practioner on how to feed a baby and that, I did the work to make him look a prat. On a visit my mum was there he rudely commented on her weight, we were shocked. Another time he looked at my baby girl and said she belonged to a posher family. Me and my daughters farther were forced to separate, we did for the kids. His mate turned up one day for some of my partners clothes, the family prac, contacted me to go housing, he was at the door in no time. I was accused of being drunk in charge of my kids and they called the doctor who lied about me and my mum to pick up my kids. In the meantime our friend didn\’t know what was going on and text my partner to say alls kicking off here u better come up. He was only out side and the kids in side and they took my kids after calling th police . We ended up in court again and still lies were told by them and kids went into foster care. Lies were put against me in court and I lost them. I\’m even on probation for attacking the social worker even though she told 5 different stories. Now my son is with my brother and they are putting my daughter up for adoption and they say they don\’t need my signature. I\’m still trying to do all I can to get them back. I see my son but nit my baby and it kills all the time. My son asks for me and his baby sister all the time.

    8. Don,t give up and go higher courts of a appeal it,s never to late to appeal and get a mp to help you . I know what u r going through. Both of my grandchildren now being adopted . My grandson was adopted over 2 years ago and my granddaughter is with adopted parents waiting for the stamp on the paperwork by January. We all should do a protest outside the royal court of justice in London and fight to get the children back .

    9. Yes ask for legal aid as lying in court is also an offence!
      Make them aware of this! Get a duty solicitor !!!
      Record on ur phone any recordings with you and said social workers in ur home etc… X

    10. My grandchildren are going to be adopted. Hate this country so much. With this corrupt courts and social workers. It’s all about selling our children for their bonuses. They act like it’s for “the children’s best interest”… actually it’s not!! It’s for them and their targets and money!! They make me sick. I was denied the chance of taking on my grandchildren, they are having nightmares about not coming home and their family members dying!! How cruel is that, still insist they are better off being adopted. Even thinking about splitting my grandchildren up for a better chance of them being adopted!! They love each other. It’s so cruel. How do these social workers, judges, solicitors sleep at night???? Disgusting baby snatchers. Social workers are the scum of this earth!!! I believe in karma, let’s hope any children they have will remind them of every child they cruelly ripped from their loving parents!!!

      1. My grandson is going through forced adoption. Born in January 2016. Ang. North Wales. Social Services and other organisations are in collaboration. Childrens Services are corrupt, they do not help or work to help families stay together. They sent a young, very shy and introvert mother away to a mother and baby unit (approx 100 miles away) with strangers knowing this would affect her ability to care for her young son. Months later they moved her 50 miles away with a foster family. They have not tried to help or support her as a grandparent would with their child’s first born. They have almost finished torturing her now that they have reduced her to a shadow of herself. She is now on anti depressants due to the inappropriate treatment of Social Services. They have said she will need help with the grieving process. Strange as they are the cause of her despair. Barbaric. There was a time when social services helped and supported people. They are now nothing but evil, sadistic vampires. I would say to anyone who is thinking about asking for help from Social Services to stay away. You will not receive help.

    11. Hang on in there hun there are groups on Facebook that can help and support u join beat the ballifs they will point I in right direction x

      1. Thank you Alison. I’m happy for a response from you as I thought that no one posts on here anymor, cos the dates on here are old. I’m not on Facebook but my daughter is. How does she find the help, she’s in pieces at the moment xx

    12. Hi my family are dealing with the same problems everybody else on here are or is going through my sister has some issues that she was going through so she asked for help well she got none social service took my niece along with the police whom are supposed to serve and protect well they served her by helping social serves child abduction agents take my niece away. my mum went to court to try and get my niece in her care well the social workers made up lies. As well as the fact that they broke a few laws while dealing with the case they have since denied all allegations against them not doing their job proper. Also the judge has told my sister and mum the case can not be appealed or overturned and if they speak with the paper or anybody like that they will stand a chance of being put in prison. That ain’t right I think its unfair the fact that my mum had no say when asked questions she was either cut short from saying what she had to or they did not want to here what she had to say. But these things are to do with social serves not following the rights of humanity these so called solicitors and the rest will be judged god sees all things good and bad and the same ones that make these rulings will be judge in the end. we need to stand to gather and look for the wrongs in the judicial system and bring them to light we as people and parents whom have had their kids taken under the false pretences of social service need to unite come to gather take a stand and show the system they are wrong. And we want justice for us as parents.

      1. Dear Maire,

        I hope this comment is not too late, as it is March 2018. I am deeply sorry for what your family are going through . So called social services must present absolute evidence, as is required in criminal cases. When a parent has not committed a crime against a child, all manner of help must be offered to the parent and to the extended family to help them get back on their feet and have the ability to peacefully look after their children. That is what Social Services were originally created for. There is nothing in this world that a parent can struggle with, which should warrant their children being taken away from them for 18 years or more in many cases.

        1. I suggest that if you have the strength, demand for solid evidence that your family member has indeed committed a crime against your niece.

        2. If there is no evidence of a crime towards your niece, then the social services, must demonstrate every last resources they have used to help your nieces mother get back on her feet to look after her daughter.

        3. Record every single conversation, meeting, contact if you can. If you do not have the means, refuse any form of communication with the social services and anybody linked to them, such as psychologists until you have the means. The social services are an evil organisation, that kills, steals and destroys family. They lie at any cost.

        All human beings become overwhelmed by life from time to time and may get depressed, become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and without help and support, it spirals into something that is sometimes irreversible. Those who have strength and resources, should use that to reach out their loving hands and hearts and try with all their might to show the struggling person that there is a light at the end of that horrible tunnel.

        I truly feel for your family……….I am stumbling for words, as I am trying to contain my anger towards the satanic social services and the family courts. Ian Joseph has stop forced adoption online website. There is also Maggie Tuttle,write your story to each of them and your local MP. Your solicitor if you are not confident without one, should be obtained outside of the borough that your niece was taken away from. Keep fighting, do not stop…………….demand truth from the social services at all times and ask the judge to please obtain evidence and not balance of probabilities…………..

    13. This is happening to me and I am trying to fight I am going to take them to court without a solicitor this time and try and get my daughter back as social services judged me based on how I was raised and I was never given the chance.

    14. Social Services done the same to my daughter she lost her 2 children who were adopted.After a one week assesment in a run down building that was closed shortly after by Offsted.She’s allowed two letters a year written by the S/S as the adopted parents are not engaging.My daughter Katie had a mental breakdown shortly after this and spent 2 weeks in a mental ward.The S/S didn’t even contact her in hospital.To them it was all about the money gained for getting a child adopted.Katie’s advocate in court didn’t even speak.Katie was well and trully stiched up!!

  2. Can you help the social services told the courts lots of lies now they are going to adopt my daughter,the judges won’t listen to anything I have to say,what can I do?plase help me,I have no money,if I did I could fight for her,money talks

    1. I know exactly how you feel. SS are trying to take my two boys even though i have made significant progress. I too feel im dying inside and there is no one hear to help. Please stop this abuse can anyone help me….

    2. The same thing is happening to my sister how do get get help ???? It’s evil what they have done please can anyone help us

      1. yes lena
        you need to go to see your local mp as soon as possible tell that mp your story and ask him to send letter to the minister you got to make sure he does it ,as I saw my mp about my story and to be listen to he said that I got to get a lot of people like me to get their mp to send letter and if minister gets too many of them then he will think that there is a problem and may get herd . you gain by doing this and you would help others like us

    3. You are in the same mess as my son,we must stand against social services n get the truth of what there doing to families n children.
      How dere they aqueous parents without proof n get away with worse than mental cruelty to families n children.
      They should be checked n monitored like schools n other officials. STAND TOGETHER make our voices heard. x

  3. i want my daughter back as they took her under false pretencess and they are corrupt as ever

    1. READ n stand together lets fight n make it heard what they are doing DON’T LET IT BE IGNORED ANY MORE.x

  4. my son was taken from me and put with my mum i moved with my son but his social worker told me to move back to my flat after i said i would give his dad and my flat up to be with my son now hes in foster care waiting for a new family for him i really need help as i really want my son back

    1. Social services took my 2 kids in to care and told to much lies made false body maps up which are not true we should all complain to mp

      1. Jan Some MPs and certain Police staions are part of it brunwin poerty tells you lots my site I will fight them till the death to get justice for so many victims of social workers and thier colluding managers these are crimes agaqinst humanity so it has to stop now!!!

      2. The government are all involved in the corruption the mp’s included in this to the amount of evidence I have is unreal check out my Facebook as I’ll be putting loads on it to help others I’m trying to stop the adoption of my two youngest at present and stop the long term care of my other 2 the final hearing was rushed in last November instead of being in mid January as I was receiving cognitive behavioural therapy which I had got that help myself which I got told by social workers and doctors I couldn’t self refer well I did when it went court in November I had one session of therapy if they had waited til January I would have been 3 quarter’s through it and getting on track to have my children back which obviously wouldn’t have helped line all there pockets would it why don’t they the corrupt ones put money into keeping children with parents who actually deserve to have them or if really can’t be due to whatever circumstances may warrant the child/children to not be with there rightful parent/parents then definitely with family members or with people they have known there whole life etc instead of just stating there not able to possibly care for them and then don’t send the letters to the people who put there names down which then stops them from having the right then to appeal etc but my argument is how can u judge something so life changing for so many without all evidence sitting in front of them but yet the judges do this all the time with our children can’t be a trial without all evidence the law states yet they do it all the time in the family courts it needs to be stopped

      3. ss took my grandchildren into foster care after being with me for 6 months. they have now found them a family. I have been in touch with a number of solicitors who say they cannot go against a judges decision even though the social worker lied in court. and the whole of the report is bull. ss wont accept the complaint nor will the ombudsmen. I got in touch with my MP couldn’t even get past the secretary she said there is nothing the MP would be able to do. they are all corrupt. the only thing the social worker was right about is I have a problem with authority. I didn’t. but I do now. never trust any of them they are just legalised kidnappers .

  5. This is a common theme. Do not vote for MPs who disregard basic human rights and allow and promote forced adoption. Get rid of Narey the adoption Tsar from office!

    Social Workers have carte blanch to do whatever they want- too much power corrupts- take some away and make them accountable if they make a mistake.

    Get rid of Government incentives for adoption.

    Remove the Guardians who only align themselves with social workers.

    Ditto so called expert witnesses who write whatever their social workers paymasters.

    Try every avenue with the birth family, not all parents are like Baby Peter’s mother Connelly!!! Some need assistance, not their lives wrecked by the unwarrented intervention of heartless social workers who strip everything from them, taking their homes and relationships leaving them alone and dying inside having to deal with loss & court proceedings destined to take their children into foster care and adoption. This is not justice. This is not protecting children, this is inhuman!!

    A Jury should be in family court not a lone Judge.

    If a parent/s are found to be be so bad criminal charges should be brought against them and they should have a proper trial- like Connelly undertook- Justice was served.

    1. Social workers lie to much they are evil people they took my kids they are in care they made these false body maps up and are liers.and try to make u see Linda jeffs a phylogist who wants to fail u don’t go to her do yr own if u have to.

      1. Janet most lie make false statments to kidnap children from thier loving good parents. So many agecies demand more children, money the get makes riches for them. Agency Bythebridge. Just one of thousands Coram , banardos, i could name so many. Many have a shaddy background with directors, from Greece, Malta, Africa, etc etc thats what goes on.

    2. dana I have been saying the same thing all along co if they cant charge us with anything then give us back our children ,or charge us and even with that they got to have 100 per cent prove on what they are charging us for .

  6. My thoughts exactly. Social Workers… just another name for glorified bullies. This is one of the many reasons why the UK is descending into the Tenth Circle of Hell.

  7. I am trying to stop ss forced adoption plans of my 9 month old son. I have done everything they have asked and because i can’t afford legal advice i’m powerless. they also have my other son and daughter. i am desperate to keep my children. most of their case against me is not even true!! yet everything that is positive is true and gets ignored. they get away with ripping families apart instead of helping. THIS MUST STOP!!

    1. i feel the same my 2 children have not only been split from a loving and caring family they been split from each other 2 and now i been told they going 2 be adopted seperatly

    2. I have had my little boy Oscar taken away when he was nearly 3 through what the hospital called ‘a non accidental injury’ he went to the doctors several times while in foster care with the same injury yet hes still being put up for adoption, he’s now with his potential adoptive parents and they have made an application to the courts for full custody, its sick and shameless what social services are allowed to do, THEY HAVE TOO MUCH POWER!! I hope you get to keep your baby and he doesnt end up in the nightmare his siblings are in. x

  8. i am a grandmother and i have had my grandaughterwith me for twenty months have passed special guardianship passed afull phychological assassment but now ss are still trying to take my grandaughter for adoption based on that i wont be able to protect her from her parents even though we will move away and based on a claptrap assessment done on my grandaughter that says she will suffer problems because of abuse whilst in the womb and in her early months this has been dissputed by a phychologist yet they still are going to take her for adoption even though she is a happy thriveing little girl and is in a safe and loveing home this is so wrong this is going to seriously emotionly affect my children who are attached to her

  9. hi my name is kelly ann my son was takein away from me at birth i had contact with him nd now thay have put him up for adoption and now i cant see him am only havein letter contact with him now but thats every year but am back in court now to fight for him back couse of the ss have lied all the way in my court case

    1. hi my name is and my daughter are going throu the same thing please can you tell me how you get on ss are bulling my daughter to sign the adpotion papers we have no contacts with my grandson as they have lied in court

      1. DONT LET YOUR DAUGHTER SIGN THOSE PAPERS!!! social services will tell your daughters child SHE wanted her child to go into care, I signed something at the beginning of the court proceedings with my son as i was an emotional wreck, and they said i’d get him back if I signed them, even my rubbish barrister looked through the ‘contract’ that was very underlying written, and he told me to go ahead with signing it, that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life!!

    2. Please could u tell me who u went to to get another chance at court to fight against the decision of adoption my neice lost her case for her one year old daughter we got results yesterday. I do not agree with it my neice has been off drugs for two years and has done everything they have asked her to do and it has made no differance .

  10. I believe something underhand is going on with s,s and guardians and goverment and it won’t come to light for years to come, as have the other scandals concerning adoption

  11. Can you not take social service to court for illegal adaption or for taking child away for false reasons? Or better take them to European court of Human rights? There are no law stating that you can be punished without a crime (innocent until proven guilty) or punished for what might happen in the future. It’s illogical!!

    1. i was told 4 me to take social services to court 4 misconduct it will cost me and i haven’t got that sort of money i feel that social services prey on those who haven’t much money

    2. Unfortunately, the scum bags in the family courts’ standard of evidence is “balance of probabilities”. Once they have made a care order, they then turn around and say that “as there is overwhelming evidence”, there is no grounds to appeal and you lose your right to appeal.

      Unfortunately, even if the case has gone through criminal court and the parents are not found guilty of a crime against their child, they still cannot overturn the decision of the family court. Family court, I have seen with my own two eyes, overrides the criminal court decision that the parent is innocent of child abuse, and many parents have still had their children adopted……………………..

      This is spiritual warfare, as it is Satan that is the puppeteer of these disgusting organisations, such as adoption agencies, churches, social services, family courts, hospitals are also in on it, just like they get ash cash for every patient that gets cremated, they get cash for every child they report to social services, schools are also making money too from this………..before you know it, you will not be able to tell your child to behave themselves whilst in Sainsbury’s without a member of staff reporting you to social services, as the child is “too silent, therefore too scared to throw a tantrum in the aisle, therefore they suspect that you have violently put the fear of god in your child before leaving the house to do the family food shopping”………………… where money can be made, your child is the merchandise, it used to be parked cars, it still is, but children are more profitable for any organisation, I know, I have been there for almost two decades………….

  12. i got the bad news yesterday that both my 8 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter is going 2 be adopted i don’t know what to do i got no money 2 fight , social services told lies and so did a teacher at school , my house has always been clean and my children has always been well fed and cleanly dressed i am a really good mother but judges are not regarding what i say please can anyone help me this is killing me how can they get away with forced adoption its wrong and it needs to stop

    1. Hi, i wish i could help you, I’m going through the same thing and May 17th of this year (2013) I went to court and was told my son who was then 3 and a half was being put up for adoption, crazy how our dates are so close together, there needs to be another organisation who work completely independent of ss like the guardian is ‘meant to’ but 9 times out of 10 the guardian will agree with ss. I dont think theirs anything either of us can do after adoption 🙁

  13. thier putting my grandson up for adpotion ineed to stop have lied about myself and daughter please can anyboady help me.

  14. I have a son whos currently been in foster care and its because of the dad, social services are now deciding to put my son up for adoption, i haven’t done anything wrong i just want my son.. its wrong! Children should be with there mums!

    1. Your so right, kids should be with their mummys unless their is REAL reason to remove a child, like baby P. if their is physical harm to a child and theirs evidence that this physical injury has been caused by the parent or if their are drugs, violents etc then yes maybe remove the child until the parent or parents have got their act together but not put them up for adoption, alot of parents on here like myself have had drug problems but having your child removed is a huge wake up call and one that i’d hope would shape the parents into gear but taking the child away permanently is so wrong and should be stopped! its SICK!!

  15. please tell me how ican stop ss from giving my grandson away thier lairs .and his foster carer treated me and my daughter like we where no one please help

    1. Linda, so many people are going through the same as you and your daughter and all i can suggest is to go to ‘Familys for justice’ who help families whos children have been wrongly fostered, but after adoption, theirs nothing you can do 🙁

  16. my nephew who is not biological who we have been looking after for 5 months is currently going through the courts by the sounds of it social have already decided that he will be adopted to someone else despite the fact my mum is willing to carry on bringing him up and be his guardian this is whats best for my nephew he is loved and social cant fault my mums care i need to fight this any ideas how.

  17. Unfortunately I am having to go through this nightmare having tried to protect them. My variable order was full of lies contradictions which makes my blood boil. I am going to fight as this is inhuman

  18. my bother lost his little girl 12 months ago,now he has been told the foster mother wants to adopt there anyone out there with some real anwsers who can help stop this,as he will lose what little visits he has at the moment.

  19. I hear all this about force adoption this is happing with my granson right now were are all the Solictors letting this happen we should all be in the criminal courts to be judge by jury not by ss that have all the Solictors to do this to family’s it is forced adoption and should be stopped right now

    1. Well said!!! I’ve lost my little boy who I love more than words can express, so did his step dad and my parents, it makes me sick the amount of power ss have!!

  20. Why is there so many cases on forced adoption yet nothing is done!we have really. Got to get our voices kids back and keep protesting everyone get. A collection of signatures from all around the uk and send them. To the newspapers,if anyone has any better ideas please send them to as I will never give up the fight as. Long as I live,

    1. I wont give up either Mary, my little boy has been taken and I need him back!! every day that passes I feel like i’m just waiting for the 14 years to pass until hes 18 when i can see him again, he was taken just before he was 3, we all need to do some kind of protest !!!!!!!!

  21. I have 4 kids that are in cco.I want to know if mcfd can adopted my children out with out my concent.mcfd has called me to set up appointment to talk about my pass, and about my they can give the information to the new parents , when they find gut feeling is not tell nothing to them.because if I did I would have to sign a form saying im ok with an open adoptions. And that is the same thing as signing my kids away. So I will not say anything to them.I wlln’t let them brain wash me. 6years I have been fight for my kids, they were kidnapped! Yes im dying inside and so are my children. This has to stop! Save the children! We have rights as a parent, so do children! KIDS HAVE RIGHTS!!!!

  22. I think all of you and your friends and family should go out and make them hear you!take the picture of your child and show the whole world!make noise!be together every day,every night dont let them!!!Together YOU will change the system!Only TOGETHER!!!Go out and fight for your children like animals fight for their babyes!!!!!!!!!TOGETHER!!!!!!!

  23. I have just had a beautiful baby girl nobody in my family has even met her coz straight from hospital she was taken in to foster care myself n my husband r heartbroken coz now she is 7 months she has been put up for forced adoption we have a massive family but yet ss want to have our precious flower our lovely baby adopted by strangers our sw lied to us n kept so much info from us

  24. This going on so much my grandson is in the same apobtion we lose him in january why are they doing this because they can why is no one helping us .

  25. I cannot believe actually how many cases are going on!! Ss are sick small minded little creeps, they try and befriend you make you. Eel you can trust and confine in them!! Ive had my 2 little girls taken from me an do you know what i dont even know why!! One minute its because my partner ( babies daddy) then its was because we didnt have a stable house, then it was our relationship seems volatile!! Wtf how can they say all of this when they have only ever visited us for half hour! How on earth the judge granted adoption for my babies under these conditions is disgusting!! I see so many cases and majority of the parents are mentioning ‘human rights’ and ‘baby p’s case’ ss now a days are taking no chances and just taking peoples babies without giving them a chance or even providing help and support so a child can go home to his/her birth parent! I guess it less hard work to just sign some papers and give them away. Sometimes i wonder if they get a bonus for getting a successful adoption/permanent order!! Arghh people we NEED to get together sign petitions and get the laws changed and throw these lazy arse scumbag ss out and get some understanding supporting TRUST WORTHY ones!!! Whos up for this? Get it in the papers and get our babies back?

    1. I’m up for it! Join my group “We Are Against Forced Adoption!!” In FB and we will fiight!

    2. The papers don’t want to know as its not in there beat interests to print it etc I with many people stood in front of downing Street in July and bless there is someone called David still there protesting against all of what is going on if u wanna help ur children and many others start by helping with the protests that are already there infront of the governments address right now I will be going back very shortly myself get in touch if y would like any more info Lucille thank

  26. They have already adopted my girls because my son past away and I found out natural cause and my son died I couldn’t tell them off like the ss wanted my to so they took them and put for adoption and it’s killing me I miss them more that words can say .the ss do not care about the parents or the children they are hurting I love my girls and I want them back but I don’t have money that why they do it to the parents because the ss we can fight back the kidnappers I never hurt my girls and they all they needed

  27. there is something u can do im appealing my adoption order as the social lied so much i thought there was no reverse but fight and prove it was wrongly done ull get a chance like me there was no physically abuse or emotional there used my ex partner criminal record from 10 years its wrong n lied sooo much

  28. My little boy riley has bin takeing from me and hes dad i hade riley 2 months early he went from 2 pound 11 to 10 pound 1 bin in foster care 9 weeks and only put pound and half on we are in court on Monday thay are trying to adopt what can we do its killing us

  29. help me my 2 little girls are going to be adopted out and i not no what to do i love them so much and they taking them what do i do help me please

  30. That what thay are doin to me ss took my boy in may last year because thy said I wouldent take him school when he waz old enouth to go and thay say a wouldent take him to A an E if he needed to go and thay said a would get back with his dad he 3 years old thay let me have contact with him a1 time a month until september then from september no1 as even been in touch to let me no anything about him he lived with me for 2 an half years never broke a bone in his tiny body he gose with foster carers for 6 months an brakes his arm thy never even rang me to let me no I don’t no what to do plz can some 1 tell me what I have to do to get my baby back I would do anything to hold him again an tell him how much I love him plz any body help me

    1. I hear you love my son was taken from me he is a lovely happy little boy nor once did he have an injury in my care whilst in foster care he broke his arm because he was not supervised properly x x

  31. Me too my son has been taken away from me and my daughter and i know what other a filling without any kind in the house I have cryiad so much and I have never stop no sleep for 2 years now I’m always crying and this is not good enough for people please stop all this please we ask In God name no woman was born to savers like this is like tocher and a where is human rights we need to stop this please we need this kinds in life we give bath to them so

  32. we have 4 kids they were taken away from us in October 2013 the eldest 2 are in permanent foster care but the youngest 2 are up for adoption through the lies the ss told we are now appealing the decision made by the judge as we were made out to live in a violent home which is not the case but the judges never ever believe the parents only the ss

  33. My 3 children my son and step son are in short term forster care which are both10 and one has ADHD and has been telling lies and my daughter is 3 has downsynome they are saying she is going up for adoption and the boys will stay in long term Forster care can any body help

    1. Don’t forget social workers put words into childrens mouths by constanly questioning them trying to make them say something negative and they don’t leave the children alone its cruel so don’t believe everything they tell you, sigh nothing as well, they blackmail you into it. Adoption longtern care big money to be made by the contractors look at it in a different light they want your children for the money they can make them look at my brunwin blog site its tells a lot not all but thats to come these a crimes against humanity supported by your 3 main party MPs and some Police officers

  34. My son and step son were put short term forster care the 2 boys are both 10 yrsold my son has ADHD and both him and his step have been telling lies and also my daughter is3 and has downsynome they are trying to make me sign they forms please can anybody he I just want them back

  35. warning what you must all do take full names of everyone ask their managers name as well its important write everything down in detail keep all mail investigate those collection of names are thet running thie own bussiness thats what I done and it payed

  36. Hi

    This has happened to me also I need help ASAP!!!!

    Has anyone any idea where you can get help in Scotland…. Please help for my children’s sake

  37. My 2 grandaughters (twins) was born 3 months early and ss has told lies and convinced the court that I am a bad grandparent,the law didn’t give s/ services there order for adoption and sperated my grandaughter (twins) and I want to appeal against there lies and dishonestedy,my heart is broken and I haven’t eat properly, I need help,

  38. We are going thro the same thing here, the SS have taken our baby for adoption! they lied and said we would put baby at risk of emotional and physical harm!! we have never harmed anyone, they just want to get more money and bonuses in their paypackets, they dont care what is in the childs best interests just theirs!
    Im up for doin a protest if anyone wants to start one or help me do it, something seriously needs to be done this has got to stop!

  39. we are grandparents who adopted 2 children age 6,4 in 2002.they been in and out a lot of foster homes, they came to us with a lot of emotional baggage, my daughter opened up to being sexualy abused whilst in foster care ,the local authority admitted it was ther fault as they had not cheaked the sleeping arrangments, they told us it would go no futher as the culprit was young and was abused himself.

    my adopted daughter got pregnant and as she has on her records as a looked after child the ss were involved from the start of her pregnancy, she did struggle after babe was born but ss don’t help they just punished her by taking babe away we as grandparents tried for sgo but we did not pass the assessment , my neice went for sgo but she did not pass they sid she had learning difficulties because she did not understand all the legal jargon , she is a single mum with a very bright and polite young boy, the ss lied about us and my neice its all about a money not the chidren !

    The ss and the childs guardian work together they do not look at the positive and the judge only seems to listen to them I tried to correct the lies the said in court but it went on deaf ears it is so corrupt my grandson is up for adoption I to am dyiny inside as is my husband and daughter SS is the best name for them! We all need need to fight against the corrupt ss and stand as one take it to parlament and be heard they don’t care about the children only money and there jobs .

  40. i feel that ss have got a nerve taking children away and spiltting up twins for there own pockets,thay are cruel and evil my grandaughter are identical girls and ss had them put into foster care,thay lied about there blood family and i am fighting all the way to get them home,what can i do to get them home where thay are loved so much and need there family,

  41. Help ss took my children instead of helping me 3 of my boys were placed in foster care where they were mentaly and physically abused my youngest 2 were foreced adoption my whole world has been devistated my the lies ss told in court how can I move on when it feel like I can’t live without them I’ve never hurt my children or any child help me

    1. Anyone who has had their children adopted without your consent or are up for adoption I would like to hear from you I have 2 siblings in care and I am not impressed with the way things are going and looking at gathering everyone for something rather interesting as voices speak louder when together rather than alone.

      Kind Regards
      Dom Cowan

  42. I have had my 5 year old son taken in to a closed adoption he was 3 when he was taken I was in a relationship that was violent but left I was left not coping very well with alittle boy who was showing signs of autisim Charlie my son is a beautiful natured boy he and I were very close I was offered a mum and baby unit I was excepted in both place I was told because of a time frame set by the courts and current government would not allow me the time although I had met all lists of expectation s by the court I was forced to say good bye to my son on the 20/12/2013 I have received no surport communication with soicical services since I have no idea if my son is alright were he is I was promised a letter once a year this I have not received my self and my mum have rang over 8 times and have left mesages with my address and number I have had the worst year of my life it’s ruined me I miss my son si much I have so much frustration and anxiety I have no were to turn or any advise i need help what can i do i souly believe Tha forced adoption is wrong

    1. FORCED ADOPTION IS WRONG on so many levels. Every child deserves to have some kind of relationship with their mother unless the child will be at risk of harm or emotional abuse. Forced adoption ruins lives not just the parents lives but the child as well. Having no contact causes all sorts of problems in the childs future. Children deserve to know there birth parents and the parents should have the right to know the welfare of their child or children. Hopefully mothers who have been wronged by the so called authorities social services/child services will be reunited with their children when they reach adulthood and can try to repair some of the damage caused by these heartless idiots.

  43. Hi my two children are being forced adopted I really want them back and need some advice they took my children of me at the hospital due to an ex children’s farther harming me and my baby he has now been sent to prison and has an injunction so he carnt come near me when he is released I didn’t hurt my children I suffers depression so the house wasn’t perfect but I got help for that and no longer depressed I have been to so many agencies and the solicitor don’t seem to be helping my last contact is next week and I just want them home where they belong I love them so much and the social services are saying so much stuff to make me look bad what isn’t true they should be helping family’s not stealing there kids iv done nothing to hurt my children and they was always happy with me it wasn’t until I stupidly took back my ex when things went wrong

  44. hi there i am a mother of 7 my 5 oldest children live with me… 1 lives with my aunt under a special guardianship order that i have regular contact with and my 18 month baby has been placed for adoption on the grounds that i “might” make the same mistakes in the future i have asked to oppose the adoption and the adoption hearing has been adjourned until a guardian has been appointed and to make a assessment for the welfare of my son in my eyes my son should be returned to my care as there is no concerns for my other children that now live with me in the social workers words i feel that forced adoption is wrong and extremely damaging to the parents and the child’s future and this should stop innocent till proven guilty and as far as im concerned they have stolen my son and that in itself is a crime against human rights…

  45. Sadly there’s not alot u can do if the judge has agreed it social have treated me poorly and only got involved because I was in Care myself it’s wrong they made me say good bye to her then had to do it again a day befor her first birthday which again is wrong for the agru and stress and upset u have to go thru again but remember once your child has been adopted once they turn 16 u can go knock on the front door stay strong

  46. I have a group against socail services if you all wish to join on Facebook it’s called Britain’s got talent for stealing babies. My child was stolen and I help several people each day to keep their child etc and fight against ss. We’re. Looking into doing protests this year against them if you wish to join please do so x

    1. Social services have lied and manipulated the system to force the adoption of.both my much loved boys aged 2 and 4…..please help me I feel lost

      1. LET THE WORLD NOW STAND TOGETHER WITH OTHER PARENTS AND CHILDREN i am a nan ss stole my grandson now i fight just to get some one to brake ss email papers movement any one our children matter.we want need to be heard not ignored ss braking human rights laws. lea x

  47. I know how you feel, i went through this 10 years ago and lost both my girls, they lied about everything, i even took a tape recorder to contact and got in contact with the local paper and magazines as i felt powerless, i ended up in court, and scocal services got an order banning me from contacting the newspaper and magazines, i have since had 4 children and they are all living with me, i used to call social workers all names under the sun, but found this didnt work as they would use that against me, after i lost my girls once they were adopted without my consent, i learned that they had more power than me so i looked into it, i found they work in a timescale of 26 weeks from being taken away to adoption, i also learned that i do hate social services but being nasty to them went against me and they would use that in court, so when i fell pregnant again three years later instead of giving them a hard time, i was all nice to them, i acepted i made mistakes (even though i know it hadn’t ) i also acepted any help that was offered to me, i went to every appointment, done every thing they asked, worked with them even though i hated them for taking away my girls, i knew that i had to be nice as they had more power than me, yes i was scared very scared of loseing my unborn baby, after they used to come and see me i used to let my steam off but not in front of them, i was doing this for the sake of my unborn baby being nice etc so thats all i thought about, when he was born, he was placed on the so called at risk register but this time i got to take him home as they had no reason to take him away, so i continued to work with them, kept every appointment, done every thing they asked of me , by the time he was 6 months it was down graded to a child in need plan then by a year he was off the register completely then when he was 2 there were no more social services in my life, he is 8 now, and i have another three since then, so my advice to you is, be nice to them, do every thing they ask of you, acept any help they offer, go to every appointment for your daughters sake, i still hate them now but if i had known they had more power than me and no one would listen to me

    1. At least then when it goes to court you can tell the judge you have done every thing that has been asked of you kept every appointment etc, as the judge is the one who makes the final decision not social services, dont sign any paperwork for a freeing order either as you be signing away your rights, stay positive, rise above them, do this for your kids , if you have to play nice then do it for them, and when you feel worked up in front of social services just switch off and think of your kids, take deep breaths and smile,i know it is really hard for what they are putting you through, they try and make you angry you going to be upset its normal after what you are going through, just dont show them, dont give them another excuse to use againt you, hope it all works out for you x

      1. Hi I was just reading your comment what did you tell the papers and magazine and did they believe you because I’m thinking of going to the papers it would be great if you got back and if the court as all ready agreed with social services is their anything I can do to stop it

  48. I am a father of a beautiful girl I live in Leeds and years ago I read and watched about the social services and what they were like and I thought this would not happen to me but they have breached my and my ex-partner’s article 6 rights and 7 and my daughter’s section 8 and now the Leeds city council have got what they have wanted my daughter they too much power and it is time every town and city take back what is rightfully ours we want our children home asap and it time we bring this country to a halt.

    1. Please fight i emailed Mr Cameron n the sun paper,i know the government know what is happening to our children n have ignored it.This morning did a piece on this a while back,n still NOTHING WE NEED TO FIGHT.I want my grandson home.In 3 weeks he will be in forced adoption i’ll see him Wednesday for the last time it’s killing me. come together people n FIGHT with every breath in us. lea x

    2. Your right victims have got to take their gloves off and really come out fighting. Leeds. Mental health nurse connects with bogus social worker. Mrs Simayedwa Moyo mental health nurse, there is a Mr Simayedwa Moyo mental health nurse both have companies. Connect with bogus social worker Manchester, Dorcas Moyo. Thats whats going on in the uk childrens services to the NHS

  49. I dunnow hat else to fo i have fighted for my daughter they tuk her away from birth when i could not move out of bed because i could not feel my legs and they told lies to the court and they court belieave them and they put ny past as why i am in care against me they did not gave me a chance at all its not fair because there is people in prison who keep there babies behind bars and bring them up they have done much worser stuff then us parents and socal are taking us for adventage and taking out bairns away for nothig and we have done nothing wrong there people who are bad do nasty stuff i am 17 a young mam go to college i get money i an willing to bring my baby up its killing me insidr and oht without her i just want a chance please

  50. I dunno what else to do i have fighted for my daughter they tuk her away from birth when i could not move out of bed because i could not feel my legs and they told lies to the court and they court belieave them and they put my past as why i am in care against me they did not gave me a chance at all its not fair because there is people in prison who keep there babies behind bars and bring them up they have done much worser stuff then us parents and socal are taking us for adventage and taking out bairns away for nothig and we have done nothing wrong there people who are bad do nasty stuff i am 17 a young mam go to college i get money i an willing to bring my baby up its killing me inside and out without her i just want a chance please there a little girl who is missing from my life and she is with strangers she doesnt even know and people go on how they should not go to strangers well they put my daughter with strangers and its not fair at all and i cant cardy on my life without her she my life and my everything and being a young mam changed my life changed everything she keeping me strong and i was not going to go to college or anything but i looked threw a book of her phota i thought to my self ” i will dot his she my no1 priority i will be strong as i can for this little girl i wont let anyone drag me down i will fight untill my very last brethe i will mot let this go ahe belong snwith me and i will get her with me” just need a chance off the adoption team , socal worker everyone just PLEASE And yes i am begging because she my baby and i need her and want her with me i want to be responsable for my own daughter and if i gotta get help i will , i will let people help me but i just wnat a chance with her living eith me please please please

  51. Hi my daughter left home at 14 she went to live with my other daughter who was in an abusive relationship she also had 5 kids and one on way,so she convinced my 14 year old to move in with her so she did she was helping with the kids but missed alotmof school herself she then started drinking as my other daughter bought it for her,anyway as a result she got in with the wrong people some of which were kosovos and on the child exploytation register ,at 17 she became pregnant she had a beautiful boy but her boyfriend was abusung her so social services stepped in and supported her for a while then they took my daughters baby and put him in foster care saying that as soon as she was in a house and settled she could have him back she was deverstated her boyfriend kept taking her to Wolverhampton to a house where his other child lived with his ex and there he burnt my lovely daughters face on the cooker so she ran she got back to stoke to her sister ,and got told by social services that her son was now being adopted so now she only sees him for an hour and half every month untill the adoptive parents take control,the baby is now 1 year old and my daughter is nearlly 19 and due to have her second baby boy by c section tomorrow social services have put her in mother and baby unit shes had no contact with the so called ex for almost all of the pregnancy but social services say again now that they are going to take baby when its born

  52. i know how you all feel ss are currently trying to put my premature newborn son up for adoption and my 4 year oldinto a foster home. Me and my partner are at wits end with it all. I wish we had the power to reverse all this we are good parents we dont deserve this!!!!

  53. I need help me and my wife my stepson had been remove from my wife when he was 2 n 11 months he’s never going home the social work had applied for a permency order and the judge granted it in January 2015 in falkirk sherif court now my boy is with his potential adoptive parents in Paisley a primary hearing has been heard on 24 September is there any one who can help stop them keeping him the judge granted the order because of the way my wife’s mother raised her not against my wife and they are even trying to adopt our youngest son out permency order gos to court in November can any one help we have solicitors but don’t seem to be getting any where we are ready to go to the papers do anyone think this will help as we no where both children are living

  54. I been through the same. My two boys one is 5 years old and the other is only 2 it wasn’t my fault it was my husband who had the accident with the youngest when he five months old. Both myself and my husband got arrested but no further action. I am going back to on the 18th December 2015 to oppose an adoption order no solicitors will help me I got to do it on my own. My last contact was March which as the social services call it the wish u well contact. I don’t know what to do. I have depressed and was on tablets thanks the social services. Plus they promise me to meet the adopters but it never happened complete strangers raising my sons but I never advice please help. Thanks xx

  55. Andy Peacher
    01444 390270
    Dear Supporters of child protection safety and prevention of child sexual abuse.
    I am Hosting the following conference and was hoping if you could advertise our event as we are trying to raise awareness for this delicate issue thanks to some amazing speakers this conference will be a great success.
    This is a world record attempt so please share far and wide to raise awareness of preventing child abuse.
    We aim to beat the maximun number of live streaming broadcast to a single event.
    Guieness Book Of Records Your application reference 160313104320lse

    On the 5th May 2016 between 9.30am and 6.30pm
    Glasgow has the privilege of hosting Scotland’s 1st ever Child Protection Conference with the help and support of victims and survivors from across the world. With world class speakers from across the globe in the line-up, Freedom Talk Radio is holding an International Conference that will demonstrate and indeed begin to challenge the longstanding failings of government policy and practice, by challenging domestic accountability through a new multi-survivor approach.
    We will hear stories from many diverse walks of life to raise awareness on how best to protect our children and families from the devastating effects of Child abuse, rape and all other forms of abuse. For the 1st time ever Scotland’s victims, survivors and professionals have been given a platform to be heard, understood and respected, a platform for us all to unite and protect our future children from the harm so many of us have sadly faced at the hands of others. Freedom Talk Radio is delighted to be holding this International Conference that will discuss the structure which takes children on future risk of emotional harm, imprisons parents or labels them with mental illness and covers up serious crimes against babies, children, pregnant or nursing mothers, dads, parents and relatives, for corporate profit, to feed off vulnerable families going through difficult times we need to change these views and we all need to work together.
    The aims of the conference is to raise awareness for the prevention of physical, emotional and sexual abuse as well as neglect of children by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children.

    Speakers include
    Dr. Lois Lee expert witness and CEO of Children of the Night charity in America
    Marilyn Hawes CEO of Enough Abuse will address the subject of Grooming
    Sheila Taylor MBE speaking on empowering survivors of Child Sex Exploitation and Internal trafficking.
    Brian A Mynott of Real Dawn Uk.
    Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.”
    Brian Gerrish Uk Column
    Christina England discussing vaccine medical abuse.
    Brian W Lees will also launch the campaign for Craig’s Law
    Ann Moulds will speak on the current issue of Stalking and Sexual Violence.
    Kevin Edwards will speak on Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign
    Leonard Lawrence Ex Pilot Talking mental health abuse and court of protection.
    Jamie Morris SSOA Supporting Survivors of Abuse
    Sandy Smith Survivor of csa
    Jan Smith Usa Campainer on cps abuse Child Protective Services.
    Julian Coulter Phycology
    Tom Dobbie Campaigner for truth and justice in forced adoptions.
    Lesley Moorcroft. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
    Brian Lee’s will launch Craig’s Law which will look to make it mandatory law that Care Service Providers require a MINIMUM of two carers to be on duty particularly during night times to protect both the clients against abuse, and the carers against false accusations or harm from hard to handle clients. We aim to promote the rights of children as citizens, through multi-disciplinary collaboration, education, campaigning and other appropriate activities to encourage professional support with the family during child protection enquiries. Together we will teach each other the difficulties that surround child protection and the role of the professional in such circumstances. Tickets for the event have sold out and if you DO NOT want to miss what is going to be the biggest display of survivor unity Scotland has ever seen.

    you can watch us live on the day @

  56. I’m appealing a placement order which was the result of FALSE POSITIVe hair strand testing- my son had been reunited with me when the ‘results’ came back.

    Barrister was a joke – anyone else fought through the court of appeal? There was a judicial review on hair strand testing a few years back but so many parents must have lost kids due to false positive results – I won’t be the only one I just know I’m not -anyone else?

  57. If anyone is planning to fight for this to be stopped I’m 100% behind you .
    I’m a support worker and I work with Women who have various issues . During the past year I have worked with 2 women whom I believe have had their children removed unjustly . I have fought so hard for them to have a chance but it seems that the courts listen to Social Services as if every word they say is gospel ,and trust me it isn’t ,I also feel that some other professionals are scared to voice their opinion against social services . The women I have worked with have been in placement units with their children , they have jumped through all the hoops asked of them , and in return they have been lied to , not given information that they should of and treated unfairly all along the way , usually at the excuse of mental health issues or that fact that previous children have been removed . No credit is given to these women who turn their lives upside down to keep their child . No recognition for the kind of person they are now , constantly being reminded of their past mistakes , constantly having the removal of previous children thrown at them. The word of any professional who gives statements to the courts of how well things are going ,any positive changes etc seem to be dismissed by the courts in favour of Social Services ! In my experience Social services have made no attempts whatsoever to help the women I have worked with , in fact its more the case that they don’t even know that much about them as they constantly change . I know that this is not me that if affects directly ,but it affects me deeply that this is happening to Mothers who I consider should have their children with them . It angers me that I cannot do more for them as I’m not Social Services. I really do feel for any women out there who are in the position of losing or have lost their child for reasons that are not good enough. In all honesty as a mother myself I have often thought that if Social services were involved in my life ,then with all the expectations that they have of mothers then I would probably have had my children removed too.
    I’m not the best mother in the world and my past hasn’t been so great either but that doesn’t stop me from being a mother to my own children. Like nearly every other mother out there ,I do the best that I can do for them , I make mistakes I don’t always have the money to make a substantial meal every day ,I don’t always have time to spend with them as I’m a single mother who works ,I cant always afford to replace their clothing when its needed ,I don’t have time to sit and do homework with them, But what I am is their MOTHER and I do my best for them , They are kind and empathic young women now and I am very Proud of them . The unfair removal of children for petty or past mistakes needs to STOP . These women deserve to be given a fair chance to prove that they can do it ,need to be recognised for who they are Today …

    1. Is any one interested in staging a rally against the government and Social services. We all need to stand together and show solidarity and strength against the corrupt family court system and call for the corrupt professionals to be made accountable and be made punishale by law.
      Whose with me?

  58. Hi i’m andie, i’ve been thru this, with the exception my kids r 2 old 4 adoption and became the subjects of a special guardianship order. I had to represent myself in court because of changes to legal aid and i was railroaded into literally signing my kids over. The feeling of grief was all too consuming, it had a knock on effect with my mental health, which didn’t help my cause at all. I experienced lies told about me which seems unjust, as in any other court ruling a judgement cannot be made on hearsay, so why is it so within the family courts? I was also dumbfounded by the way they were able to remove my kids yet not provide me with aftercare once they were gone. There is extra support 4 foster carers etc but not the parent having to learn a whole new life. In response to this, as a qualified counsellor, i am helping a few parents going thru forced adoption or any other child services involvement. If any of u would like a bit of extra support, find me on facebook, look for the group S.P.E.C.S.I I will happily provide an understanding ear as i know first hand the damage this pressure causes.

  59. Please help me asap, I don’t know if I have just handed my files over to someone who is dodgy I have 600 pound tomorrow which I havent got. My children are everything to me I a! Working all night to get the money I an so scared, my baby is go into get adopted. I need help asap please someone help me

  60. We’ve been fostering our niece for 4 months. Courts recently took away parents rights and now we’re being told to adopt or she leaves our home to a home who’s ready to adopt. Legal guadianship is not an option. I feel horrible about this. What can we do, we want her to stay but adoption is ridiculous.

  61. Last year my children were taken away, cos of lies,gossip n rumours. My kids was never abused or neglected, ppl were jealous of me n my family that’s y they reported me. I’ve been fighting n fighting to get my kids back, I did everything Ss told me to do plus loads more,went to every meeting,court case,n apps,even tho i was pregnant n couldn’t hardly walk,Ss expected me to do everything. I had a solicitor n he was useless didn’t even fight for me. I lost my hearing. My baby was born in Jan n they took him from birth, I tried fighting for him but he had a family bfor he was born. Ss has made loads of mistakes/danger wiv my kids in care,yet they get away wiv it. Ss hold everything against u n u ave to prove everything,yet ss cant prove hardly none, they go by lies etc. I did an appeal n i lost that too, the judge hardly listened to me n indidnt ave enough proof.. Im now sent off to the London courts of justice, (waiting to c if I get accepted). If I dont my kids will b adopted……forced adoption

  62. Devon County Council social services uk, took are nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away for forced adoption they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said nannas the breach the childs rights,we continually was abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months and the final case was already sewn up before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated up like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliation at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday while there around,they breach article 6,8,14 they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and ares they never listened to what he wanted,when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was talking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order on her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he’s under weight to he was I say that’s child abuse

  63. My grandchildren were forced adopted within 8 months of going into care…..My daughter did all she could to stop it… the final hearing she still said that she didnt want them adopted but the social worker went up to the judge when it looked like he was going to stop the adoption going though and got him to read something in her note book and wispered some thing and with that he granted the adoption. The adopting family knew that we didnt want them to be adopted but they were so desperate for children that they didnt care. We say they are on loan and will come back to us…yhat day can not come soon enough.

  64. Devon County Council social services took are beloved nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away they already had him on the forced adoption list months before without even notifieying us they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said i want to stay at nannas which they breached the childs human rights,we was continually abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months by devon county council social services and the final case was already sewn up a week before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated us like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliating us at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday.they also said our nephew was very unhappy but u can see in the picture add to this story he was very happy,hes unhappy now theyve made him sad and crying all the time they also band one of the brothers from seeing him because he had a very good bond with him and they dont like that they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and they never listened to what he wanted so they never took notice of the best interests of the child whatsoever when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was taking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order against her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he\’s under weight the social worker made up false evidence reports and witness that had a vendetta against him we are unhappy with ur family courts it states right to a fair trial that was not a fair trial whatsoever the result was done a week before behind closed doors plus there evidence against that people was utter shambles they had no prove to back that rubbish up whatsoever so how can u say a person is a perpetrator and that they have nothing to back it up they didnt like it because we was telling the truth and they breached the law on all counts breached childs rights,right to a private life with he did not get they breached his wishes they harrassed the family cafcass tried bullying the disable brother Telling him to move out when hes happy where he is theyve got no rights whatsoever and the social worker with another social bullied the disable brother as well trying to get the disable brother to bully the nephew until they was over heard by a brother its states on devon county\’s and cafcass website they follow protocol calls of human rights nothey don\’t follow the codes of practice they breach them all the time they don\’t no the human rights acts whatsoever.

  65. Social work are trying to adopt my kids my daughter is 4 and my son is 1 I’m trying my hardest to fight but social is making it hard they’ve been lying and twisting words I’m dying inside I can’t sleep at night wondering if my kids are OK . My son has breathing problems he’s been in and out of hospital since he was 4 months old I’m forever worrying I’m making myself ill coz of social work. We’ve done everything they asked off us but yet it’s not good enough I can’t live without my kids they are my everything

  66. My child has been forced on adoption and she was abused in care and the judge in Bradford crown court said if you appeal I will dispense with your application and appeal to human rights court no further action will be taken to your child back

  67. The whole system is so corrupt, seems that since the kid was let down in Coventry, who wasn’t fed and went to school hungry, and eventually died as a result. So it’s make sure they are really hard on people who may just be having a few difficulties and need a bit of help and support. They have taken 2 children off my sons girlfriend, she had her first child taken from her (who was the result of rape), because it was inferred she wasn’t caring for the baby, yet when placed the child was still not gaining weight either. Her second child was taken from her at 5 days old, and constantly they refer to the past, though for some reason on the parents side you are unable to refer to the past. (one sided situation). She is now having my sons child, and already has been told that the baby will be on the at risk register. What a joke, this time circumstances are totally different, and I bet this is taken into consideration, but they will keep on speaking about the past.

  68. Have just had phone call from daughter (Scottish) in Belgium – son in law (Portuguese) watched on Portuguese TV last night a programme (similar to Panorama) about the Portuguese children being taken into care here in U.K. – he is in a state – today the Portuguese friends and relatives are wondering what kind of society we have here in Britain where children can be taken away and adopted out of normal families over petty occurrences yet we have children (some known to Social Workers) being left in dangerous homes – see our daily news papers – I know over last few years things have gone a bit overboard with everyone jumping on the abused children bandwagon but until I found this site today did not realise how bad it had become – it’s time the Social Work were made to answer for some of their very seriously wrong decisions –

  69. UK is a human trafficking state. Period.
    Companies are making millions on trafficking babies, prince William and princess Kate Middleton instead of visiting african countries picking up babies, they should do that in UK.
    In 3º world countries childs are not snatched for selling as they are in UK.
    Glad UK got out of the EU.

  70. We are going through hell at the moment our children were taken because our house was broken into and trashed by local youths know fir anti social behaviour. Also my partners mother is a nasty vindictive woman who was in the care system herself and was given the children for what was supposed to be for a weekend whilst we sorted out the house. They never came back we had solicitors which did not even fight for us. Our rights were so called dispensed and the rights of our children were not seen as important in fact cafcass were fighting fir the local authority not our children. They got to choose a physcologist who told the court we needed therapy and it wasn’t fair for our children to wait. The physcologist was a child and adolescent physcologist not an adult one. We had no witnesses and our GP wasn’t called who has no concerns with our parenting and this was backed by our 2 youngests health visitor. We have been told we can’t appeal. What sort of sick coruptive society are we in. We are being failed our children are being failed by local authorities who are freely allowed to emotionally abuse our children with a justice system that fails them. Surely cafcass, social wirkers and even judges themselves should be made accountable and be in contempt. The judical system especially family cases should be shook up a more fair system in place where these so called professionals can be found out and dealt with just the same as anyone else who lies to gain the outcome they want and not whats best for our children.

  71. My story is from another angle, but feel I need to share it, my 2 children were taken from me and adopted in 2005. There were many false allegations made about me by social services and the ‘specialists’ they hired to give and I use the term very loosely ‘evidence’. There were many inconsistencies and contradictions that were simply brushed over and dismissed. I had no internet resources at that time and though I fought with everything I had I still lost. The judge said that it would be unfair to myself and my 2 to continue contact as it would be upsetting for all parties concerned and limited me to letterbox contact once a year. Feeling deeply annoyed and let down and betrayed 1 letter (which would be edited by social services) felt like an insult. Now my 2 are 18 and 16 and have traced me through Facebook, I had contacted social services before my oldest turned 18 to try to get contact and was told there would be a waiting period of at least a month before a caseworker would be available. It was my 16 year old who contacted me first to ask why I starved them, why I neglected them, why I didn’t love or care for them, my 16 year old then went on to tell me they was self harming and had attempted suicide. I can’t help but think social services have played an enormous part in my 16 year olds depression and insecurity. My 18 year old has asked more of the same questions with more anger and resentment it is almost like I have been painted as a monster not mother when in truth I am someone who had survived an abusive relationship, was deeply vulnerable, did absolutely everything I could to the best of my ability, and was still seen as easy prey by the system. I am deeply concerned that this is still happening to many more families and will do anything I can to help it stop. So if anyone wants full details of my story or if I can help in any way let me know

  72. I can’t believe these stories so heartbreaking! I’m a 17 year old mother who gave birth in september, i was put into a mother & baby foster placement and left because social services tried to convince me that my son was 100% going up for adoption & now that I’ve left I’ve been going to contact sessions at a contact centre and I’m now coming up to my final hearing. Any advice or tips on how to keep my son? As i know that the judge isn’t going to let me have my child. This is definitely destroying me!! It’s made me so depressed and i feel so defeated i don’t know what i should do at all!? Contact is so hard for me 1 hour a week with my son it’s not enough.. social services are supposed to support families not tearing them apart. They haven’t even got a good enough reason to take my kid away from me! They simply want to take him because i was raised in foster care for neglect of my mother so therefore SS think i will neglect my child which is absolutely disgusting! Social services have done nothing but destroy my family, my mother lost her 3 daughters my sister’s to my sister’s father i haven’t seen my sister’s for 3years as i was living with them everyday of my life which is why my mother lost her head and went down a bad road so i went into foster care. I feel as if I’m the only one, there’s so many children having children who get to keep there babies, some that ain’t even ready to be parents. They are always taking good parents kids off them it’s wrong! Me myself i can’t believe it’s a law that they can take people’s kids away it’s not human nature it’s tourture. I really do wish that some of you respond to this. It would really help. Thanks Lucia:)

  73. My daughter and son were forcibly adopted. Its been 5 years and it kills me every single day. I cannot describe the pain, grief and stress that it has caused and still causes me. people say that over time it will get easier , but it never gets easier you just have no choice but to live with it. Knowing that i may see them again is what keeps me going. I want to be able to tell them myself that I love them so much and that they were always wanted…. I would never in a million years have given my babies away. Its important to me that they know this and if I dont tell them, who will? Social services sure as hell will not. I do not have faith in social workers to make the right decisions, and over time I have met some very cold, inhuman ones. No compassion, empathy or warmness in their lack of heart watsoever its like dealing with a robot

  74. My 2 youngest were removed for forced adoption on 28th September 2016.

    The l.a tried twice in proceedings to take them and got refused. They were told if psych backs l.a I would loose them. I met psych. Her first response was she believed my children should have been removed at the first hearing and could not see why they were not. I knew then I had lost them. I wanted to run. I really did. Yet I had to think about my other kids. 3 with dad and 3 long term foster care. They said run and save the youngest….. I couldn’t leave them…. my youngest paid the price.

    My mum was in care.
    I was in care.
    They tried to get my eldest at birth almost 16 years ago and lost.

    They helped my ex steal my kids.

    They refused help when asked.
    They lied in reports that were put into court and immediately changed the court agreed care and contact order to suit their own agenda.

    I want my kids back.

    1. Go to a go advisory organization like Justice For Families or Parents Against Injustice immediately and ask for a McKenzie Friend to represent you, or recommend a good solicitor.

  75. Hi everyone I’m going frew a lot at the moment the social work are trying to force an adoption on my son and unborn daughter the pain its caused is undescribable , I’ve spiraled into severe depression because of these corrupt workers who say that there they’re to bring family’s together yet there ripping mine apart honestly don’t know how much I’ve got left in me to fight but one thing I do know I love my kids unconditionaly and no matter what happens my heart will always hurt for my kids and I’d go to hell and back for them

  76. I think it’s a brilliant idea STOP FORCED ADOPTION NOW. if forced adoption is stop will parents get there babies back from adoption

    1. Your right there it’s not fair on all the children and the law should be changed …Let get M.P to change the law make them do something for children and there parents and get social services to help them not rip them apart enough is enough

  77. Why don’t someone write to the papers of go to the Meyer or someone very high that can help us because it’s not fair my heart is breaking in two

  78. What we should do is write round the house of commons and put it forward to them to stop it

  79. I think it would be a good idea as are such fliers and all ways threatens you with court proceedings my grandaughter has lived with me since she was born all social services say is the mother might go bk to her old ways she use to take drugs over 6 years ago and because of that it gets thrown back in her face thay done a assessment on me and my husband but come bk negative because my son had days of school 10 years ago and my husband is x alcoholic 6 years since he drank alcohol plus lies that have added it’s so wrong to keep bringing up the past thought the future is more important and that are happy for my grandchild to live hear whilst that are trying to find a way of removing her

  80. Hello My family is currently going through Forced adoption at the moment. my son who is 3 in a couple of weeks, they took him saying I was an earth mother, I breastfeed too much foisting my breast on him? he would jump on my lap and help himself.
    my house was not clean enough. yet they took my 14 year old and put her with her dad whos house is dreadfull?
    even though its spotless. I fell December 2015 and smashed my knee ( apparently I was faking) spent a month in hospital and had to relearn to walk.
    yet I still did everything for my children. instead of putting housework on to my children I highered a cleaner. but they said I left the care of my son to my 14 year old.
    The \”independent social worker\” came into my home and threatened me screaming at me and was so close that my friend who was there at the time was worried for my safty.
    they said I cannot have witnesses in court, intimidated my sons nursery so they wouldn\’t come to court. the judge took all their statements as gospel even though they contradicted themselves in every other paragraph?
    the social worker keeps coming around to my house to gloat.
    she goes to my daughter seems to upset her. my son who is in fostercare just wants to come home.
    my daughter is distressed so am I we have hit nothing but roadblocks useless solicitor and now have to represent myself.
    and blocked at every turn. But I will never give up until he is home safe with us. as soon as she can my daughter will come home.

    1. You can call witnesses.

      Go to one of the advisory organisations above to recommend a good solicitor or MK..

      sit down and write your own clear statements, as solicitor’s ones are usually too wishy-washy and file them with the court

  81. So who do I need to speak with as far as the lot of us on here that wish to put a stop to this how and when can we band together

  82. The is one important thing people here and others should realise when they are campaigning.

    There is no supply of children for adoption by the huge adoption industry of adoption agencies and their advocates, and families wanting to adopt, as single mums now keep their children instead of giving them up “voluntarily” for adoption.

    So they have to come from children in Care, it’s the only source of supply.

    Now children are assessed for adoption whilst a Care Order is being sought, as the Plan for the child.

    This is the origin of Forced Adoption.

  83. So scared my grandchildren are going to be adopted .Have been assessed to have them,but been told we are not going to be approved . We are all so worried. It is breaking my heart

    1. I was as clueless as most of he stories here. I also thought that the social workers were there to help and keep us all together. Nobody in my family have ever had anything to do with social workers. They want to put my grandson up for adoption. I have never felt so helpless, as a parent you try to protect your children no matter what age they are and I feel that I have completely let her down.

  84. Hi we have just gone through this last week in a family court we have had nothing but trouble from day one where we was told by professionals we were not allowed to watch tv while the child is in the room and they have given misleading information through out our interaction with professional and they have made every person in my house hold to choose between the child and every adult the social worker behaviour was misconduct throughout shouting at my wife when I came home from work and not only that my wife was called a peadophile by these people because my wife was abused as a child they also said that my wife would be an abuser because she was abused as a child where do these people get there information from when we went to court for our first hearing they told my solicitor that my wife had not talked to the child for 4 months and then she was asked to move out for six months the child was placed under a in trim care order in Dec and has been there ever since and while the child has been there she has suffered a black eye 4 months of nappy rash and the carer stood on her hand while bringing in shopping when we went to court for the final hearing and we brought up the behaviour of the social worker and we was told by the judge we were illusionary and the child was put up for adoption which is wrong we never emotionally neglected that child nor was the care inconsistent like they made out all the professionals ganged up on us and had the child removed due to corrupt reports put in to social workers

  85. Who knows Who. Trying to get legal help is really hard. Most legal companies are in the pockets of local authorities, i found the corruption spans into NHS on into childrens services bussiness side. Fake names being used , locum social workers of no fixed abode. The set up of fostering agencies many stink to high heaven with fraud. The county of kent is a disgrace with the child stealing trade. Just like Sutton and Merton, and the likes of Greater Manchester another one and there is much more, Essex, Swansea, most of Wales, I could go on and on, thats what your up against a corrupted army of thousands in the child care system. Charites involved. Religion involved. Exsample, Child trader believed fake name used. Mrs Margaret linda Derera, shes just one of many. Dorcas children ltd is such a corrupt full of ID fraud directors from south africa yet they have got away with their corruption taking your children. Ms Dorcas Londres social worker, can anyone tell me where she was born or her uk background address , no family it seems so Who’s Who? Dorcas Moyo social workers two of them, different dates of birth but believed to be the same persons. Imigration scam of many i susspect, but these people are in the system taking out of the NHS and taking your children out of thier loving homes.

  86. i went all the way through the courts to no avail as i did not have legal representation. i did get to the royal courts of justice in london so i fought tooth and nail for my daughter but i believe strongly that who ever you get as legal representation should be out of the area in which the social workers operate as i feel they are all linked. after being told i had a good chance of keeping my child it was dashed very quickly when they all had discussions in a private room before my court case where i was unable to listen in and the attitude of my solicitor rapidly changed like he had been brainwashed by them. my heart goes out to all families that have been treated the way i was as it destroyed my family and killed my mother of a broken heart. these animals need to be caged for the lies they tell to traffic our children. i want to know why do they not do this to the animals that do abuse their kids and do drugs and drink etc. is it because they are scared to tackle such people? mmm i wonder! i love my daughter and always will and i miss her and not a day goes by where i still feel so unjustly treated by a network that is supposed to help keep families together! thats bullshit all they want to do is tear them apart. never let them in and get lawyers out of the area like london as they will thrash kent social services! i just wish i knew that then and i wish i had the money to fight them. all i know is i did my best as i won 3 interim orders against them taking her and i served social services 7 times with appellants notices which i have to say felt amazing at the time as they were not expecting me to get as far as i did on my own. human rights lawyers are the way to go forward now and start sueing them and gather as much proof as possible to use against them! good luck all and stay strong!

  87. Ive changed my life and the judge noted that but denied my appeal on the date I conceived my baby who 8months. He did not ask if baby born early he justcounted back 40weeks which was when my court case was for them to take my 5 year old who keeps saying he wants to come home. They manage to lie and worm there way out of everything even able to accuse and do court reports without actually meeting you. One big fix stop forced adoption at first it was voluntary and my solicitor who I trusted didnt explain what I was signing s20 and didn’t even turn up 2 court. All fixed to make money

  88. Year of parents pain losing their children posted on this sight, so sad the goverments carry on stealing children, but bet your bottom dollor not thier own children or grandchildren being stolen

  89. I am in favour of this . Having dealt with Social Services I believe individual Social workers are given too much authority and allowed to make important decisions which in far too many cases ,are the wrong decisions .

  90. It needs to stop. They trying to adopt my son of cause of domisce violence. Ive lefted dad. N the judge said he can go on my pasted. I’m so scared I don’t want to lose my son. Thy shouldn’t be aloud to adpot children of unless the parents give permission. STOP FORSED ADPOTION…..

  91. Solicitors are useless and milk the legal aid system, i’m a well known and famous author, i’d keep my name anonymous for now as i’m appealing, I fund my own case, many thousands of pounds with one of the best lawyers, however the “potential of future emotional harm” is being used as a tool to steal children, it has no merit in real law and breaches human rights of parents and children, a war criminal namely Tony Blair that was responsible for the deaths of children in Iraq with an unlawful war killed children, using the same soldiers suffering with PTSD then serving our country lose our own children due PTSD.

    Tony Blair brings in the Potential Future Emotional Harm” as law through parliament, it cannot be proved or disproved however in my case of PTSD and an author, I lost my children.

    A great father that lost his children and they been forcefully removed and up for sale and going to be trafficked by this corrupt government.

    Bridgend County Borough Council has the highest rate of forced adoptions, see google Bridgend Forced Adoptions!! a real eye openers.

    Each child is sold for £30,000 (not including the foster parents get tax free thousands of pounds a months for my three children).

    The system is seriously corrupt and if your on legal aid you have no chance !! people need to protest in their thousands unless your prepared to scream and shout you will be ignored … like myself

    It’s time you help each other stage a massive protest every day outside parliament until we are a heard? are you prepared to fight for your kids!! action speaks louder than any words

    Thank you

    see facebook storm parliament !! protests join, protest

  92. My daughter was taken in 2015 under false allegation of mental health and pseudo photographs – no charges were ever brought and it was a crock of shit to be honest…. The police put on my DBS 6 months after the initial arrest that i was a danger to myself, my child and other children…. I have had 6 years of harrassment and bullying of certain services due to family connections. I have been evicted 3 times in the last year and am having all areas of my life blocked and access to my child and finances etc stopped – i have a court order in place stating i can see my daughter once a month – cafcass removed all over night contact and fortnighlty visitation along with being treated like a sex-offender at a supervised visit.. there is also evidence that i was sectioned with my knowledge and constant claims that I am sick or mentally ill which is false… I have a degree, have several businesses to run (which i am constantly stopped in undertaking) am trained in mental health and counselling as many other things – I have lifeskills at nearly 50 years age so can smell corruption, harrassment, bullying and co-hersion at 10 paces…. i help and advise others free of charge but am at my wits end with it all – they tire you out, slam gagging orders and services collude together to make you to be something you are not… i have a past, like a glass of wine or two after working hard but the lengths these insidious, vile and corrupt services go to after mistakes are made is disguisting- i will put my name to any cause that benefits the well-being of our children and takes down these arsXXXX whom cause so much trauma and damage to families which will carry on generation after generation x

  93. I am truly gobsmacked at all these stories and my heart goes out to anyone going through the court process at the moment or social care involvement x

  94. Hi my name is stacy cook and im goong though the same thing my daughter jad an accident and social servoces took her to the hospital for a full medical but social services wen in fist and yhen they accused my husband for beating her and then went to court social worker told lies and so did other professionls and the judge turned a blind eye and my kids are being adopted based on lies and they give everyone else a second chqnce but us we have learnt from out mistakes but i find the system os all wrong they take kids away from there parents for nothing and there are kids getting beaten to death i stand with all of u

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