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Raise The Driving Age Back To 21 Again.

1 Comment 9th July 2010

By Raising The Driving Age Back To 21 Again 

this will stop the ever increasing number of cars  on our roads we have every year.  It will also

elliminate a lot of wear and tare on our roads,  less accidents and fast and abusive driving

due to immaturity. 

Polution would definately be reduced in many vast  areas of our lives, (the

Green Party can jump on that one)  obviously the reasons are too numerous to mention but to

name just  two more  very important ones  Our Health, the outside of Buildings etc.

Why does this matter?

I think its important because people under the age of 21 are much more immature, after all a car can be dangerous in many ways but an irresponsible driver due to immaturity, well,  then I think the car can then become a lethal weapon.

For Example:

1. Drinking and Driving.

2. Exceeding the speed limits, especially in our residential roads (hence the necessity of speed ramps).

3. The excessive use of mobiles phones whilst driving although there is a law in place their immaturity ignores this.

We all know the list is endless  but these are just three.


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One Response to Raise The Driving Age Back To 21 Again.

  1. B says:

    What an inept article….facts and statistics?

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