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Rescind the laws against duelling

Comment 13th July 2010

To rescind the laws against duelling.

Why does this matter?

What I would hope is to restore an alternative to the corrupt practices and illogical and peverse results that exist within the legal system that we are all now saddled with.

It may be worth remembering that the legal profession only took off when duelling was banned. Resorting to the law to obtain redress provides results that are too slow, far to expensive (often bankrupting the innocent party) and, in any number of cases, quite simply wrong and on average one could obtain equal (or prehaps better) justice on the toss of a coin. In many cases I would consider the possibility of injury or fatality to an individual as actually being kinder than the anguish handed out to and destruction of a family or whole community at the hands of lawyers and the judiciary. If the risk of injury or death simply can not be contemplated in the modern world (despite the wholesale mayhem that regularly appears in the news) then why not "trial by coin".

I submit that there needs to be a quick , simple to understand method that gives a definite result in disputes that otherwise only serves the legal system. I am not saying that such an alternative would be mandatory but that it should be available. We might even end up with a more honest and polite government and society.

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