In light of the growing demand from the electorates in many countries to outlaw cultural or religious practices that the majority find offensive, discourteous or innapropiate in a western culture, this discussion should be placed in the hands of the electorate to vote on rather than leaving it to MP's at westminster. We live in a multicultural society where allowances are made to accomadate different cultures BUT there should be a limit of that tired old phrase, freedom of expression. Society does NOT allow total and absolute freedom of expression to anyone as we all have to adhere to the preferences of the majority in any western society.  That used to be the principal of democratic states however a very small minority within Britain as well as Europe have used our generosity in F of E to use it for a radical cause celebre.

I suggest that where contentious issues like full face covering in public, polygamy, forced marriages and practices like the mutilation of female genitalia are tacitly condoned under so called F of E rights, it is beholden on the UK government to get off the fence and strike down anti-social or illegal practices.  Additionally if there are already some laws that cover parts of these issues, we the people need to see those laws actually be imlemented.

To this end it would seem a refendum should be held on these cultural issues that 66% of the country finds offensive, and leave the choice of laws that are needed to rectify this unsatisfactory situation to be decided by the electorate as a whole. MP's at westminster do not carry the moral high ground here as its the man & woman in the street that is most affected by these alien practices.

Why is this idea important?

Failure to address the growing hostility between the majority and that very small percentage of radicals will inevitable result in the moderates within that ethnic group becoming even more isolated and blamed for the practices of a very small group. It is beholden on the government to do whatever is necessary to help integration but after 13 years of pandering to the extremists under Labour, it should be blatantly obvious that rolling over in the name of diversity is counter productive. Secondly, there is plenty of anectdotal evidence that the moderates that have integrated or tried to integrate and mix their culture with Britains culture, have come under fire from the extremist in their midst. None of these ethnic minorities want to live in countries like Saudi or Iran but the messages sent by the extremists in Britain is exactly the same as the Islamic clerics in those hard line states.

The British government unless it grabs this thorny issue and deals with it forcibly is not only letting the majority down, they are also abandoning the minority moderates to an uncertain fate within their communities.

Lets see some government proposals that can be put in a referendum for all to see and vote on and then they can honestly say the people have spoken.

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