Whether or not the House of Lords should exist at all is one question, but the most objectionable thing is that various cronies of the various political parties, many of them never elected by the public any more than were the hereditary peers, have been installed in the House of Lords in recent years.


The thinking appears to be get as many of your political ally cronies in there as possible, to outnumber and outflank the existing hereditary peers, who so often have put the block on appalling anti-freedom laws, such as hunting bans, etc.


The result is that whichever party gets the longest session in power gets as many of its cronies in as possible, to thereby pervert the last line of defence of the public from the madness of whichever government decides to put forth extreme, unpopular or anti-freedom policies.


Though this is not the place to suggest total abolition of the House of Lords, or a new system of creating Lords, it is certainly the place to point out that this totally undemocratic sneaking in of all sorts of dubious persons – no need to mention names – of whatever hue (they all seem to favour ERMINE in the end) is an appalling insult to the public, thoroughly undemocratic, and whatever mechanisms/laws/rules which allow governments to put their favourites and cronies in the House of Lords must be repealed/abolished in the public interest.

Why is this idea important?

This is important, because we’re supposed to be living in a democracy, aren’t we? So we simply cannot tolerated all these unelected individuals becoming Lords/Ladies/life peers, when the public has never given them any mandate whatsoever to hold those very important and influential positions of power in the upper chamber.


To continue this practice is both elitist and anti-democratic, and many of those who have accepted these roles with no public mandate, have effectively sold their souls to the devil, sometimes betraying long held political principles in the process.

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