The Independent Police Complaints Authority has institutionalised complains and set itself up as a quasi-court system out of our sight and a law unto itself. Who or what monitors it? To whom or what is it responsible?

The courts are the body for all criminals cases and the police should always be put before the courts not an insider body that might protect them or believe them not their victims.

All police and public official whatever should answer to open courts in exactly the same way as the rest of us. There is no case for giving the polics special privileges in law or in society.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important in order to prevent the occurrence of tyranny and violence against the individual in police and state custody. It is important to prevent a police elitist force emerging by default.

Society is not to be subjected to random violence, accusations, on-the-spot convictions and tyranny on the streets. The police must be fully answerable to the public.

There are now too many cases that have not been satisfactorily investigated and we suspect the the police complaints system is responsible for this complacency and special treatment that is taken for granted by the arrogant and secretive police and Home Office establishments. Enough is enough!

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