The BBC TV licence fee is an obstruction to civil liberties and people in this country are falsely led to believe they have to pay it to watch any TV. Wrong! It is only required by law to watch LIVE TV as it is broadcast. What most people don't know  to the benefit of the BBC is that a licence is NOT required to own a TV, Watch DVDs, play games from a console, or watch online TV that has already been broadcast. The sad thing is the BBC has perpetuated a myth that everyone has to pay and sends its bully boys, the TVLA into harassing people into paying it  and sending nuisance mail on a monthly basis insinuating that the person living at address that hasn't paid the licence must be breaking the law and therefore treating them as criminals before they even know the circumstances. Furthermore, from what I have read on many websites they continue to harass people even after having been informed that a licence is not required. They accept the explanation but then the following month continue to send out the monthly red letters bullying people into paying, often succeeding with the vulnerable.

Why is this idea important?

The fee only goes to the Bloated Broadcasting Corporation. Some people wish to watch other channels which do not receive a penny of this fee. Why should I be stopped from watching these self supporting channels just because I have failed to pay up to the BBC? it is an infringement of civil liberties and denies me access to free trade and information as I am therefore denied access to the advertising and other avenues all because the BBC does not let me watch the other channels before it gets its fee first.

If Mr Sainsbury was to leave a stack of beans on my street and they went missing the next day, He can hardly have the right to complain and ask me to pay for it. That is why he sensibly invests in buildings, security and cameras. In any other walk of life if I did not want unsolicited goods I have the right to keep them if someone keeps sending goods I did not order. Same should go with the BBC they need to live in the real world and stop harassing single mothers living on estates by sending bully boys TVLA people out in vans, clipboards and twirly aerials, when will this madness stop? Which other company that considers itself as a professional entity has customer service akin to this?  They should invest in encrypting their channels ( I am sure they have the funds) for viewers willing to pay for it and leave the rest of us alone instead of ramming beans down our throats backed by legislation. 

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  1. I pretty much agree with all of this. It makes no sense to charge people for something they MAY happen to use. Even though we don’t pay a licence in Australia, this is a topic I’ve been reading about ever since I went to England on holiday.

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