The GDC is no longer representative of the vast majority of General Practitioners made up as it is from a majority of  laymen (who know little or nothing about dentistry) Achedemics (who know less) and only 2 or 3 part time practitioners who have any experience of Primary Care. The profession would not be in it's present parless and demoralised state if it had some sort of positive leadership. Why do we allow what was a respected profession to be pushed around by the government and any overpaid civil servant looking for something to justify his meaningless existance when the government is moving heaven and earth to get dentistry out of the NHS with as little muck sticking to them as possible. The government elects the GDC and we are mad enough to pay for it!

CQC is at least paid for by the Government , though no doubt in years to come the costs of this teetering administrarion will be passed on to us. 

Why is this idea important?

Abolishing a tier of administration is not a practicality. Look at  Wales no one wanted the Welsh Assembly (apart from the politicians) but  they kept holding referendums until they got the vote they wanted.  So now we have a third tier of parasites.

3 Replies to “Abolish either CQC or the General Dental Council”

  1. I cant believe that general dental practitioners have to pay for the GDC to “regulate” dentists. Thats like a slave paying the whipmasters salary. It should be paid for either directly by the government or by all tax payers

  2. Gdc should be abolished. It a vindictive body that bullies hard working dentists allowing malicious allegations from the public to humiliate and destroy careers. It is completely on the side of complainants who in the eyes if the gdc can do no wrong. It is better to be in front of a court than the gdc at least then the dentist will have human rights protected and the pt is exposed to risk and consequence if the allegations are not proven

  3. Very good idea. We do not need both of these bodies. Either one or the other. If you add the NHS and Health and Saftey Executuve then that is four regulatory bodies to govern one profession. What a joke!
    Dentistry in the UK is the joke of the world.
    Over regulated, low fees and patients with self of entitlement with high expectations but a deeply ingrained reluctance to pay for it even when they are wealthy.
    Good luck in getting quality Dental students in the future if this is all there is to offer them.
    Congratulations on ruining a great profession.

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