Censuses encourage billions of pounds worth of tourism to UK by overseas family historians, encourage millions to engage in research and self education and to become interested in history for the first time in our lives. Family history research generate           educational endeavour, family pride and community cohesion.

Far better to pay for the 2021 census by making the 1921 census available 5 years early, and by transcribing and keeping access rights to this in UK, instead of selling the rights to this lucrative census to American companies as has happened in the past.

It is absurd for the 1921 Census be subject to a 100 year closure when the 1911 Census was released early.  The choice of 100 years closure is entirely arbitrary. 95 years is perfectly adequate: many other historic documents are released far sooner than this.

UK could make billions from early  release of the 1921 Census

Why is this idea important?

Censuses encourage millions to engage in family history research and self education and to become interested in history for the first time in our lives. 

The invaluable research tool of our Censuses (1841 to 1901 released so far)  have         generated a huge family history community with great pride in our families, in their values and achievements. By encouraging family history research,                               Censuses encourage community pride and cohesion.

Abolition of the 2021 Census is opposed by millions of us in the family historian community, for whom censuses are vital databases. Our descendants should have access to these historic records just today's family historians do.

Censuses are one of few means of ordinary people researching our family histories. Without them, poor people's descendants will not be able to research us, their ancestors, in the way that contemporary family historians have been able to use prior censuses to research our ancestors.

That over 20 million family historians accessed the 1901 census (which includes about 5 million British family historians) in just the few days following its release testifies to how important censuses are to family historians and the popularity of family history.

Censuses have hugely important educational and research value for people of the present and future: governments as well as individuals.

We have a moral and historical responsiblity to maintain and look after these vital records.

UK could make BILLIONS from the 1921 census!

Why should only the rich and enobled (like David Cameron and NIck Clegg!) have family histories?

Please save the Census: the poor's Debrett's.

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  1. dont ban the 2021 census iv been trying to find my dad on the 1911 cesus but he is not on there so im was looking forward to the 2021 census thats if i live to see it i would like to see my dad on it and so my brother and sisters it means a great deal to us and probley lots more pepole that are trying to do reseaching there family TREES to so please DONT BAN IT???????????????????????

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