I've always been baffled by why known Peodophiles are allowed to roam the streets. Slaps on the wrists, ineffectual supervision orders, community punishments and a pointless entry in the sex offenders register seems like no protection for the public at all. Why can't these people not be taken of the streets for a very very long time as the public would want ? Whilst it is tempting to imagine institutional sympathy for nonces among the legal and social welfare professions I suspect the answer lies elsewhere. Perhaps with costs savings or a misclassication and trivialisation of the crime because no one dies ? Whatever the reasons the current system is not working.

Perhaps the answer lies not in the criminal justice system, but in the mental health system. Why are they not sectioned or declared incurable and  mentally ill. I don't think many would argue that Peodphilia is mental afflication rather than an a crime of circumstance. Treat them as Mad more than Bad and get them off the streets for good. As no one can cure a Peodophile they won't be coming back into circulation, end of.

I know this opens a can of worms as far a civil liberties, etc goes, the mental health system is not  intended as a punishment mechanism, etc; but the reality is Peodophile reoffend time after time, it is a mental disorder. For this one crime we need to take a more honest look at how it is dealt with. Stop pretending that 6 month in jail makes them a safe and fit person to re-release into society, they can't be fixed, stop trying to fool the public that they should walk amongst us.

Why is this idea important?

Why should children be put a risk because the legal system treats Peodophiles as a care in the community project. The Sex Offenders Register is just a book, it won't step in to save the child in their hour of need. The only true protection for the public is to have them incarcerated for life, use the mental health laws if the criminal system is no longer fit for purpose.

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  1. The problem with your idea is that “pedophile” is not the same thing as “child molester”. You’d probably be surprised to learn that a common estimate for the percentage of pedophiles (meaning they have a primary, though not necessarily exclusive, attraction to children) in the population is 1-2% of men (Source: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/jan/03/paedophilia-bringing-dark-desires-light). I don’t think it’s reasonable to incarcerate a whole hundredth of men. I assume you mean “child molester” when you say “pedophile”. If so, I’d implore you to research Circles of Support and Accountability, a loosely affiliated group of networks which form support and supervision groups around released sex offenders. A Canadian study found the program to reduce sexual recidivism by 70%, meaning child molesters can be “fixed”. Thus, 70% of the child sex offenders you would have permanently incarcerated could be “treated” successfully through this means. Furthermore, one could prevent original offence by spreading the knowledge that there is help like CoSA available for pedophiles to help them resist their temptations.

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