Conduct a national Mindscape Survey of dominant values and worldviews…I expect it to show a UK Moral Majority on many moral issues like abortion, homosexuality, euthenasia, drugs etc that seem to have been liberalized over the past 40 years. Let those who CONSCIETIOUSLY support these liberalizations move to "pink/redlight,etc constituencies" by VOTING WITH THEIR FEET and forming local majorities for passing LOCAL bye-laws. Not the present system where small pressure groups impose their deviant views on the the majority citizens of our supposedly democratic system by securing NATIONAL legislation.

Why is this idea important?

Civilisations rise and fall on their moral values and authentic worldviews. Britain became great because of its Judao-Christian heritage…which also gave rise to its great respect for freedom and human dignity. It is not freedom without form or boundaries but a BALANCE OF FREEDOMS that has given us succesful application of the ideal. The Canton system is another practical outworking of a "balance of freedoms" that can accommodate drastically conflicting values and lifestyles…and at the end of the day demonstrate the contrasting results of  adopting different social choices !

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