Review Parking Legislation

Why is this idea important?

This whole area needs revamping:

The whole systme should be changed from a money making exercise with out sourced traffrice wardens put under undue pressuer to meet undisclosed targets.

This can be don as follows:

1) Minor infringement that can be attributed to mistakes should be issued  warning on the first ocassions, for instance:

Not completing parking card or permint correctly

Slight overstaying say 30 minute leeway

Slight infringment on parking space

Ticket wrong way up due error

To name but a few. There are persistent offenders but these will be found out by having a national database.

2) The whole "gottcha" culture has to stop, we are all human beings and error prone. We are all in this life toghter and it should not be them and us.

3) Put the onus on councils to solve parking issues not make money on draconian parking legislation.

The car is here to stay whether it is petrol, fuel cell or electric, people want their personal freedom.

David May

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