I thougth that CRB checks were to protect children from paedophiles. I know someone who had a caution for having a small amount of cannabis at a music festival as a 18 year old. This was a mistake, and he has learnt a hard lesson as he has been penalised for this in the jobs market even though he has gone onto get a Degree and does not have a drugs problem at all. Is it necessary for this and other minor cautions to go on record? The police should be able to use their discretion a bit more and give one off offences a 'ticking off' without it blighting their lives and ruining their chances. The majority of youths make a mistake and learn form it, they should not be criminalised.

Why is this idea important?

Teenagers should be allowed to make one mistake without being criminalised, every one learns from mistakes.

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  1. I totally agree with this as I have been young and had two warnings, one for criminal damage and another cannabis warning, I have now got a degree and done a post graduate course and want to teach. I feel this strain of a CRB check and its always overshadowing me. The worst thing is the police officers tell you ‘its fine it won’t be on your CRB’.

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