People in violent relationships tend to financially penalised if they secure a conviction against the violent partner – this strategy aims to counteract that.

The Social Invention:
Most instances of domestic violence are those where the male is violent towards the female. It is also the case that where the male is the main financial contributor then removing him from the scene can leave the woman and her children (if there are any) financially vulnerable and in many cases, in dire straights.

There should be a requirement in cases of domestic violence that the court is given the full details of the financial circumstances of the family. The objective should be that where a conviction is secured the victim of the abuse is in no worse situation financially.
This may mean seizing assets or paying the victims out of the public purse – money that would have to be refunded by the abuser.  Legal Aid should also be an automatic right for the Victim in matters of divorce and ancillary arrangements – particularly when the Offender is in receipt of full legal aid for the same matter!! 

Why is this idea important?

The object of this idea is to encourage victims to report such instances without fear that they will lose their homes, their only means of financial support and have to run up HUGE debt in lengthy legal costs of divorce and ancillary matters.  In fact, Divorce should be automatically granted to the Victim if so desired.

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