I'm exceptionally tried of seeing poorly spelled signs with misquotes and bumbling attempts at historical references from right wing nutters.

Why is this idea important?

As well as saving the public from the terrible grammer and false history, it should also educate them about the black people, jews, muslims, immigrants and refugees that have formed our country and helped us get where we are today.

In key with promoting tolerence it may also be beneficial for these people to learn about the strife that many refugees face in their home countrys, and to learn about some of the atrocitys we have caused as a nation, dated from the recent invasion of iraq, the support of isreal going back to taking slaves from africa, colonial england and victoran society.

spoken grammer and english would also be helpful, too many times have I heard "I'm not being rascist but…" followed by exceptionally rascist comments.

finally I think some infomation about the global economy (import – export) and the amount of empty homes in the uk would also be beneficial.

I would pay higher taxes if i didn't have to listen to so much rascist dribble from people who should know better (including many MPS)

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