Please look at Transec and get it to work with BALPA [British Airline Pilots Association] and stop treating pilots like the number one threat to aviation. The liquids regulations don't apply to crew outside the UK. The staff are much more polite and less jobsworthy abroad. In the UK the staff are often rude and overzealous. Many of the regulations are total nonsense and totally fail to recognize that the pilots are in a unique situation being locked in the flight deck. What is the point of taking liquids off me when I have the controls of the aircraft. I go away for days at a time, am unable to 'check bags in' so I am stuck with my little bag of liquid products for the duration of the trip. What is the point of taking a fork off me when I get given one on the aircraft. Please get Transec to listen to the pilots and exhibit common sense. We are not the enemy and have a vested interest in a secure air transport system. Many pilots are ex military. Some have a DFC and have fought for their country.

Why is this idea important?

It is driving the professional pilots in the UK to distraction. Distraction in professional pilots is not desirable.

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